The arena had a very simple design. A circle 30 feet in diameter had been dug out into the dirt. Left barren and empty for the contenders to fight in. A single twelve foot high wall wrapped around the arena giving rise to the seating that lay above. Layer upon layer of hard stone seats were packed full of excited spectators.

Onyx stood five feet from the coliseum's wall her right hand tightly gripping her sword. Her small muscular frame stood poised and at the ready, a throwing dagger in her left hand ready to be ejected. The fighters had not been told whom they would be facing during the match but Onyx took only a second to look over her opponent and formulate a strategy.

He stood five feet from the wall opposite Onyx leaving a good twenty feet between them. Though the man was only two or three inches taller than Onyx he absolutely dwarfed her in stature. He was at least twice her size weighing probably 270 to even 300 pounds. Despite his immense weight the man held little fat to his body, being made mostly of muscle and scar tissue. Onyx knew immediately she would stand no chance in overpowering this man and that she would have to use her small size and superior maneuverability to defeat him. Her eyes traveled down to his hands, each one gripping a set of three steel claws fastened to an H shaped handle. The sharpened blades along with the man's bulging muscles would likely be able to tear through Onyx like wet paper.

The man took his time to regard Onyx and to formulate a plan of his own for the battle. Before he could act Onyx was in motion. Her left hand flicked out flinging the dagger towards her opponent. The giant was too slow to completely dodge the projectile and it sunk into his left shoulder. Before the man could even register the pain from her dagger Onyx was upon him her left hand again gripping the dagger and pulling it from his flesh. Using the man's surprise Onyx cut in with her right hand her sword's blade biting into his stomach. The man's toughened muscular stomach proved difficult to cut as Onyx's blade barely made it a couple inches in drawing a trickle of blood as she removed it. Onyx chambered her right leg violently pushing it against the man's stomach agitating his wound. The kick wasn't nearly powerful enough to push the behemoth from where he stood but it served it's purpose in propelling Onyx backwards just fast enough to avoid the swipe of his claws. The swing still caught a trailing braid of her hair tearing the lock from her mane.

As the man's weight carried over into his swing Onyx dashed forth circling behind the man and inserting her dagger into his back. The giant picked up his right leg into a forceful back kick smashing into Onyx's ribs and sending her sailing back into the arena's wall. The impact wasn't quite powerful enough to break any of her bones but Onyx could definitely feel the impact in her chest and back. The assassin wasted no time returning back to behind the man before he could even turn around, one hand gripping the first dagger in his back and the other slipping around his neck to puncture his throat with a second dagger. The man convulsed throwing Onyx off him his hand flying to the hole in his neck from which his breath was escaping. Gathering his last strength the juggernaut charged at Onyx putting his full force into a single powerful swing. Onyx braced her sword against her shoulder to catch the man's claws and absorb his blow. Though she avoided the bite of the claw's the strike still had enough force to dislocate her shoulder and knock her off balance. Onyx grit her teeth suppressing a scream as she forced her arm back into it's socket. The juggernaut collapsed on the ground in front of her having expended his last strength and the fight was over.