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Hell Releases, losing Sanity.

By Sisilaya


In the last chapter:

"Don't think I'll hold back woman.. I want to know what you're like when you're driving to the –edge-"

Kaoru grabbed the sword and unshealted it, holding it by the hilt. Her hand were trembling like hell. God she was frightened to death. Facing off battousai?? The problem was that he even looked serious, -very- serious. Was she going to die like this… would this be the end? No! this couldn't be happening.. Shaking she got into a defense stance, using her own Kamiya Kasshin style. She would find out now how good her family style was.. but she had the feeling again Battousai it didn't matter what style you used, you'd be pummled into the ground anyway.

Looking at Kenshin she widened her eyes as he had suddenly vanished into a blur..


Chapter 8:  Beast of Blood

Senketsu ni somaru mirai no toki ...hageshiku modaeru honnou

(The future dyed in fresh blood... my tortured senses)

Place of silence, moving shadows

Crimson eyes are strangely gleaming in the darkness

Madness starting to awake

Playful desire starving of blood

Get down limitless night

Beast of blood

Along with the scream from the death throes

Sharp claws are shining brighter

Dually obscene breaths continues

And rips apart the silence of the night

Crossing the uplifty night

Get down limitless night

Beast of blood

kokyuu ni karamaru chi no kaori ga koukotsu no yoru ni tadayou

senketsu ni somaru mirai no toki... hageshiku modaeru honnou

kokyuu ni karamaru chi no kaori ga koukotsu no yoru ni tadayou

(The scent of blood intertwined around my breath,

Floats about the air on this night of esctasy

The future dyed in fresh blood... my tortured senses

The scent of blood intertwined around my breath,

floats about the air on this night of ecstasy)

Beast of blood

No fear, no sadness

Lofty life is tasting loneliness and eternity

And near by the target with no more life

Red drops on my greedy lips

Falls down on the freezing ground

Get down limitless night

Beast of blood

Spills blood on me 'till it fills my body

Kokyuu ni karamaru chi no kaori ga koukotsu no yoru ni tadayou

senketsu ni somaru mirai no toki ...hageshiku modaeru honnou

tsumetai karada ni hotobashiru yokubou o akai chi de uruosu

kairaku no sakebi hibiku yoru ni ...surudoku myaku utsu honnou

(The scent of blood intertwined around my breath,

Floats about the air on this night of ecstasy

The future dyed in fresh blood... my tortured senses

The desire gushing out of the cold body is wet with red blood

Screams of desire resound on this night... my senses throb sharply)

Kokyuu ni karamaru chi no kaori ga koukotsu no yoru ni tadayou

senketsu ni somaru mirai no toki ...hageshiku modaeru honnou

(The scent of blood intertwined around my breath,

Floats about the air on this night of ecstasy

The future dyed in fresh blood... my tortured senses)

Beast of blood

-- Beast of blood, by Malice Mizer.

Kaoru looked around her frantically, her mouth half open with her eyes wide as adrealine was getting the best of her. Her delicate hands were holding onto the hilt of the katana so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. After all, Kenshin's god like speed was legendary. And to tell the truth, Kamiya Kasshin style would only let her get a shot at Battousai if she was lucky, -very- lucky. It seemed the 'a sword to protect' theory was starting to backfire at her. Why the hell had she never started practicing with real swords she cursed at herself now, hadn't she learned anything when Gohei had cut her bokken in two?!

It now came to her that kenshin had vanished atleast 10 seconds ago… she had spaced out from fear. Just great, one more of those mistakes and she was going to lose her head. Holding onto the katana tightly she frowned and got into a stance. It was then she felt a movement of air behind her and a warm breath against her neck not much later. A low whispering but mocking voice came up behind her.

"Scared yet, puppy?"

She whirled around, swinging the blade towards his head with all the force she had in her, her ebony coloured hair swinging through the air. But all she got in response was a clanging sound of metal, and two flaring amber eyes boring into hers. He had managed to block her sword without too much of a hassle, his left hand coming up to cup her face.

"You're still holding back my dear Kaoru, if you keep that up this is going to be your downf-"

His amber eyes suddenly widened as his skin turned a shade paler. Bending down cradling his crotch with his hand, he had let his concentration slip so Kaoru took the advantage of giving him a nice knee to where it hurts most.

Hopping backwards and out of his range she held the sword infront of her while in a Kamiya Kasshin Ryu stance. Her mind lit up, she had actually managed to hit him! Her confidence growing back as she stared at Kenshin-…no Battousai. She just had a self cheer up when it all came crashing down on her again..

Instead of crawling in pain Kenshin just stood there, still in the same stance with his hair covering his eyes as his face was cast downwards, one hand still cradling his crotch. (AN: Sorry I couldn't resist! XD) A low chuckle emitting from his throat. Why the hell was he laughing?!

"Nice one… puppy…"

Amber eyes peeked out from between the masses of crimson hair, glaring mockingly at Kaoru as she slightly raised his face, the smirk on his face now visable. Throwing his head back he started cackling, his shoulders shaking madly as he let his arms droop beside him. Kaoru stared at him in disbelieve, tears started to form at the corner of her eyes… where had she gotten herself into?! Where was Sano.. Yahiko… for christ sake she'd be happy to see even Saito now!

Kenshins laughter started dieing out, his face had turned to killer-mode again, a clear pissed off frown on his face as his eyes flashed for a second. He couldn't believe he had let himself open like this… had he been getting rusty? No. The woman just got lucky, that's all. She couldn't beat perfection with her puny Kamiya Kasshin style.

"….but you'll die for that mistake. I'm done playing."

Kaoru's eyes widened as she saw him advance at her with speed that even her eyes couldn't follow up clearly. She fell backwards as she felt the back of the helt of a sword connect with her adams apple, falling down clutching her throat as she gasped for air. Big mistake, when she looked up she saw the amber eyed man looming over her, the tip of his sword scaringly close to her neck.

Closing her eyes she waited till she he would cut her throat and end it all. But nothing came. Opening one eye again she looked up at him, a smirk growing on his face as he yelled out and kicked her in the side, causing her to skiddle over the ground, scraping wounds covering parts of her body.

Getting up again slowly she supported herself on the sword while clutching her rib where he had kicked her… her rib was surely broken and it hurted like a bitch. She would have to let Megumi-san check that later… if she would ever come that far.

He stared down at the woman infront of him. Why hadn't he been able to cut her throat? What was restraining him so badly that he couldn't bring himself to do it. He had slain so many before that he would go to the 7th layter of hell for it for sure. So why hold back now. Do I still have… feelings for her? I thought I killed that Rurouni part in me.. no it has to be a mistake! I just kicked her because I want to see her suffer and die slowly… yes that's it. He crouched down into a battle stance again and placed his sword back into his shealth, his hand hovering above the hilt… they both knew what was coming now.

Kaoru took a large gasp, swallowing. This was it… this move would be her ending. But she wouldn't die standing like a bag of patatoes there… maybe she'd be able to dodge his sword. –Maybe-.  It was now or never.

He smirked as he got into his most famous stance… the stance he used before preforming his final and most deadly move, the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki (AN: In other words, his succession move). This would be it, without using the sakabatou he would split her body in two. He narrowed his eyes and started running at her, screaming.

Kaoru took this as her moment to put into action, clenching both hands around her sword she charged at him, screaming aswell. But instead of running into him he suddenly jumped up… he wasn't going to use the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki on her?!

Hovering in the air his body started to get surrounded by a pale blue aura, it almost seemed the sky got darker around them, even though it was night. His pale blue aura reflecting in her wide sapphire eyes, filled with fear as she heard him scream above her. She stood no chance against airial attacks.


She could vagualy see nine, what seemed liked pale blue energy balls charge at her with such an incredible speed that she couldn't even keep up with it. Once the energy balls connected to her body her eyes blanked over, blood coming from her mouth as it felt like her body was about to get imploded.  She blacked out and fell to the floor with a thud, her empty eyes still open.

He landed stealthily behind her as he heard her body drop to the ground. Getting up again he turned around slowly, to stare into her empty eyes.  Walking over towards her limp body she knelt down next to her, bringing his hand up to her neck to feel her pulse. It was there.. just weakly, but he could still hear her breathing lightly.

He looked up at the sky… why hadn't he used his succesion move like he intended to? Why had he suddenly changed his mind at the last moment and use the Kuzu Ryu Sen on her? Was he scared to slash up her body… feeling her warm blood drip on his skin? Taining his sword with her pure virgin blood..? He shook his head… where the hell did that came from? Looking down in the blank sapphire eyes he sighed. Shealthing the two swords to his hip he brought one arm under her shoulders and one under her knees, picking her up.

Walking back home he got got stares from people, but no one dared to say anything when they saw his amber flaring eyes and the cross shaped scar. They knew better. He sighed, why couldn't he kill her.. what had made him stop…


-- TBC


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