"And when you say I'm not okay,

I left my phone in the cab,

Now you can't get me,

I'm only gettin' started,

I won't blackout...,"

-Blackout; by Breathe Carolina

Violet had found herself working at an inn for the past week and a half, hoping to get enough money to last the next couple days. She'd told the owner, an elderly woman named Janie, that she wouldn't be able to work permanently, something Janie understood. Thankfully, Janie was also generous enough to give Violet a room to stay in for the duration of her work, which was something Violet felt a tad guilty for accepting considering the elderly woman didn't want anything in return.

"You remind me of my daughter," Janie would say. "You've got her smile, maybe that's why."

The compliment — if Violet was willing to call it that, in her opinion — always made the young woman feel anxious. Violet had never met Janie's daughter, so she wasn't sure what to really think of that.

But one night, while it was especially slow, when Violet had nothing to do, she decided to go out for a little bit. Of course, she wasn't going to just leave without telling Janie first. Walking over to where the elderly woman stood near the front of the inn, Violet gently placed a hand on her boss' shoulder.

"Oh, hello, Violet," Janie said, a small smile on her face. "Is there something wrong?"

"Would it be possible for me to go out for a little bit?" she asked. "I won't be out long, I promise."

"Of course, darling." Janie gently patted Violet's forearm. "I don't think there'll be anyone else for the night. Have fun."

With a smile and a thank you, Violet quickly went over to her room, changed into more appropriate clothes and then took out a dagger she hid under her bed and strapped it on her thigh. Taking a deep breath, Violet made sure she looked presentable before taking some money and leaving.


There was a bar — a very small one, but it was fairly popular in the village — near the edge of the village that Violet frequented on occasion. She knew the bartenders fairly well and they knew her well enough to get her drinks without her asking.

"How're you tonight, Vi?" The bartender, a small green-skinned man with squinty yellow eyes looked at Violet as she sat herself down at the bar.

"I'm good I guess," she sighed. "How about you, Chaz?"

"I'm about as good as I can be," he sighed. "You want the usual?"


When a shot of whiskey was placed in front of her, Violet gave a small nod of thanks. She didn't drink the shot right away, she just sat there for a moment to just let herself relax and think. After about two minutes, Violet picked up her shot glass and quickly downed the whiskey inside. She felt the familiar sensation in her throat as the beverage went down, a sigh escaped her lips afterward. By the time she called Chaz over for a refill, the usual background noise stopped, causing Violet to turn around and see what was going on. A man was standing at the entrance of the bar, his face obscured by a hat he wore, a long white robe — that was how Violet saw it, at least — looking like the only source of clothes he had plus a blade strapped at his side. As the man started walking toward the bar, the eyes of everyone in the bar followed him. Violet turned her head away from him and downed her second round of whiskey.

"Can I help you?" Chaz's tone was harsh and gruff, something Violet had heard before when he was helping certain other customers. But it sounded a little different while he spoke to the man. Chaz sounded venomous, his yellow eyes narrowed to slits.

Violet's gaze went to Chaz, whose intense glare remained on the man.

"Hot water, please," was the reply, his voice quiet.

Chaz's eyes seemed to narrow even more. When he went to heat up the water, Violet couldn't help but glance at the man again. He hadn't lifted his head, so his face was still hidden beneath his hat. Violet could see that he was youngish looking and seemed rather soft-spoken. Throwing some money on the counter, she stood up and took a second to stretch before turning to leave. Before Violet could even make her way to the door, a large amphibian looking monster blocked her way. The monster looked like a mutated toad, with two tusks jutting out from its jaw, causing its jaw to stick out. Its beady brownish green eyes looked at Violet almost condescendingly. The creature only wore tattered brown pants and a filthy shirt.

"Where do you think you're going?" he — given the monster's voice sounded very masculine — exclaimed, a thick British accent lacing his words. His voice was thick and gravelly, making Violet grimace slightly.

"Out," Violet responded, keeping her voice as neutral as possible. She had faced plenty of monsters and thugs in her life, and the one in front of her was no different.

"Don't you know who that man is?" the monster croaked.

Turning, Violet went over to where the man stood, taking a kettle of steaming water to the furthest table in the bar. Every eye was on him, watching his every move until he sat down. "No and I don't care."

The toad monster's eyes widened a little, his lips twisting into a sneer. "I've seen you around here a few times," he rasped.

"Why don't you get to the point."

The toad monster's face twisted into a scowl. "You've got plenty of money on you, don't you?" he exclaimed. "Why don't you give me the money you have, that way once he's out of the way" — he nodded to where the mystery man was sitting — "I can have a little more than the rest."

"He's got a bounty on him?" Violet asked, hoping to keep her voice even.

"Of course. Aku's out for his head."

Violet's eyes widened. That blasted name rang in her ears, her blood starting to boil in suppressed anger. "Aku, huh?" she muttered.

"So why don't you give me your money now before it gets ugly." A gun was taken out of the back of the monster's pants, aimed at Violet's chest.

Looking at the gun aimed at her, Violet pursed her lips. She knew she wouldn't be able to get her dagger out without getting seriously injured, so she'd just have to figure something else out.

"So are you gonna give me..." He was cut off by Violet quickly gripping his outstretched wrist, trying to hold back a grimace at how slimy his skin felt, and twisting it hard enough for the gun to fall to the ground. There was a quick pained cry at the motion from the monster before Violet quickly took out her dagger and shoved it into the monster's shoulder and cutting upward. Static and oil spewed from the wound, causing the toad monster to cry out in pain, his other hand gripping the open wound. Before he could do anything else, Violet shoved him back, the monster hitting the door violently before the door gave out. Once he hit the ground, he wasn't moving.

At that point, the entire bar started an uproar. The man with the bounty on him had removed his hat — showing that he was pretty young — showing his face twisted into a scowl and his dark hair pulled into a bun. All the other customers had started an attack on him, and he wasted no time taking out his blade and attacking them all at once.

Thankful no one saw her take out the toad monster, Violet used that opportunity to leave. Not before grabbing the gun she'd forced out of the toad's hand.


Violet was hoping to get as far away from the bar as possible, but she found it wasn't as simple as that. Violet managed to get a couple feet from the bar before all the screaming and shouting that was heard inside stopped. Despite her best efforts not to, Violet turned to see what had caused the sudden silence. Had they all collectively defeated the man? Was Aku on his way over?

"If Aku's on his way over, then you'll get your chance to destroy him," a small voice in the back of her head exclaimed. "That's what you've wanted, right?"

Looking down for a moment, Violet found herself contemplating whether or not she wanted to make her way back to the inn or wait to see if Aku would really show up. The more she thought about it, the more she started to realize that, if she were looking at it from a more logical standpoint, Aku wouldn't waste his time travelling to some rundown village. One of his machines would come to take the man away and give everyone their reward.

Scowling, Violet was just about to turn and continue her way to the inn before hearing the bar's door slam open. It was the man, the one Aku wanted. His clothes were somewhat tattered and he had some hair in his face. But that wasn't what Violet was paying attention to — it was the growing bloodstain on his shirt that caught her attention.


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