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Throughout the course of my existence, I have been the witness to many events. I say existence, for in this world of humans, I do not possess a life. I am a vampire, one of the un-dead, and it is said that we of the dead blood do not have claim to a soul, that ephemeral spirit that gives life to all goodly creatures under the sun. Our star's light has always been associated with goodness, with all that is righteous and honorable, therefore, one must conclude that whatever it is that cannot stand the rays of the sun is evil and treacherous. Or at least, this is what the humans believe, specially the human priests. But I have found through the long years of my incarnation that humans have always been afraid of the night.of the darkness and all that is hidden within it.

I have been banned from the rays of our star for as long as I can remember, and I must say that I have encountered many creatures of perverse origin in my nighttime travails. But also, I have come to find goodness hidden in the blanket of dark; small stars shining in the velvet blackness, creatures of the light that have honoured us evil beings with their kindness and gentleness, deciding to live their life out here in the darkness as well. It is when I think of this that I come to wonder where humans' belief of only evil living where there is no light came from, for I am sure if they were to venture into my world they would find how wrong they are.

But I tarry. It is not my place to judge that which is good or evil. Throughout my existence, I have come to learn that truth is never what one thought it was. For truth has many faces, and depending on one's mentality, one can shift the meaning of truth to suit one's purpose, or one's belief.

There is one truth in this world, however, and that is the fact that the people of my kind are fading. Our numbers are dwindling with the passage of the years, and I am afraid that one day, we will be no more. It is due to this that I write these words now, so that one day, a record of our passing will be kept and the ones that will come after us, be them humans or other such, will have some legacy of our knowledge. But recently, I have come to seriously doubt that, for humans have the tendency to destroy that which is in their path.

Long ago, this Earth was a place of green, of life. One could fly in the nighttime sky and all that could be seen were forests for miles. Old and tall trees, clear and cold rivers, blue and flowing seas. How did all this come to be the apocalyptic world in which we live in today, you may ask?

War is the answer I give you. War and mass destruction. Humans have little tolerance for that which is different from them, including their own race. They waged war on one another for many years, destroying, burning and killing everything that lay around them. Our planet trembled under the harshness of humans; Mother Earth groaned and shifted, huge mountains rose from the earth to tower above all, until the lay of the land changed completely. It was only then that the wars ended. But now, where there were forests and seas, deserts lay. And what once was rich and beautiful is now dry and cracked. The humans brought on their most feared apocalypse.

We vampires were affected by all this. Many of us fled to the "City of the Stars" in distant space to avoid being destroyed in these wars. But most of us used our powers to lay hidden and protected ourselves from the grotesque havoc that plagued the planet. We watched as human beings killed themselves, diminishing their numbers to shockingly small figures.

It was then that a regression of technology occurred. And what was once known, was lost. Knowledge was burned in the fires. In that moment in time was when we vampires flourished. We came out as lords of the Earth. We rebuilt our castles and took hold of the lands. We were never as numerous as the humans, but we had our power. Innate power to control everything that was around us, power to do amazing things.things that could only be called supernatural. But most of all, we had power because of the fear we emanated. Wherever there was a vampire, fear was it's main weapon. We gained respect out of that fear, and many of us gained in wealth and control. But with all this came an exaggerated bloodlust from my kind. A bloodlust which, personally, I am not proud of, for it was our own downfall.

By driving fear into the hearts of humans, we lost whatever alliance there might be between us forever. Instead of approaching them with friendship and trust, we approached them with death and deceit. How many vampires delighted in tricking a man or a woman into their traps, and then drink their blood in a grotesque way? I admit that the bloodlust can come in a very demanding and urgent way, and it can even come as a sensuous need. But never have I had a drink of blood after playing with my intended prey, and never have I taken pleasure in torturing a poor soul to death. These are principles that go back to the very origins of my kind, but that have been forgotten throughout the ages, reduced to mere hearth tales. So, as a human bleeds a pig for one of their religious rituals...so does a vampire bleed a human. Both are customs for which I hold very little respect for.

But our realm of terror lasted only as long as it could have. Humans have always had the gift of fertility, and their numbers rapidly increased. Being too numerous for us to handle, they swiftly turned against us. Human beings have always had an incredible intellect and creativity in designing weapons of destruction, and now, they utilized this ability to wipe out vampires off the face of the Earth.

We were persecuted and hunted. The hunters of the night turned into easy prey when they were cornered and trapped into the daylight. Our numbers fell. With huge bounties on our heads, a new class of humans emerged: bounty hunters. We run from them whenever we can, for when it comes to destroying another living creature, humans possess great cunning.

This is were we now stand. The great Houses and Families of vampires have all nearly fallen. The few of us that remain have had to come up with ways to survive, with ways to face the coming avalanche. We either fight...or flee. This is an encroaching argument that has come upon us, dividing many of our people. I only hope that we come up with an answer, and soon.

For the day is approaching when we will fly in the night sky no more, when we will eventually fade away. In hope of this not happening, I write the words you now gaze upon, so that maybe, in a shimmer of hope, someone with an open mind will read this and come to share with understanding all that which we creatures of the night once lived...all that we vampires once were.

Vit├ęz Lengyel

Baron of Arkenia

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