Three brothers in the heart of Venice was how it all started. The death of their grandfather was not one that left them in the streets though, in fact they lived well.

Not so much rich, but that did not bother them. They liked their life of comfort over the vast riches they did not need.

"I hear there is a new person moving in tomorrow," Feliciano said, wrapping his pasta around his fork. He was the middle child of the three, at twenty years old. Some could say he was dispsier of the trio, but his brothers passed it as him just being too optimistic.

"Oh, a beautiful bella?" Marcello asked interested. The youngest of the three yet possibly the most normal. The young eighteen year old was a flirtatious young man though, just as any other Vargas.

"No, a hear it's a man all the way from Spain," Feliciano replied.

"Then I'm not interested," Lovino said lifting his wine glass. The eldest and as far as some were sure of, the most pessimistic. To some, he was known as rude and spiteful, but some could say otherwise.

While one man could say he is the rudest person ever, another could just as easily say he was a good man. He was twenty three, with the temper of any southern Italian.

"I think we should go over and welcome him," Feliciano said.

"Great idea!" Marcello said with a clear smile. Lovino only sighed and shook his head. "Go ahead. I'm staying home though."

The two brothers looked at him and shook their heads. "Are you sure? I think it would make us seem like good neighbors," Feliciano said.

Again Lovino objected and Feliciano sighed. "Well, it's just you and me, Marcello. I know! Let's take something for him to eat," he suggested.

"Or we can make some sfogliatella," Marcello suggested. Feliciano nodded in approval. "You make the best sfogliatella, fratellino," he praised and began to ramble as he often did.

Lovino rolled his eyes and finished his pasta dinner before picking up the plates to wash. A new male neighbor was not of his interest after all.


The afternoon sunlight bled through the opened cracks of the curtain and Lovino layed in a comfortable slumber. That is until his door flew open and Feliciano ran in, jumping onto his bed as if he were a child.

"Fratello. Wake up! He's here! He's here," he said excitedly. Lovino groaned and tried to push him off, only to get pulled out of bed and pulled towards their small balcony.

Marcello stood looking outside, a mixing bowl and whisk in his hands while wearing a flour stained apron. Lovino looked outside to see a young man with a deep tan carrying boxes out of a truck.

He had chocolate curly hair and was tall as far as they could tell. "Oh, he is handsome," Marcello said taking in his looks. Lovino rolled his eyes and watched the man begin to take the boxes into the home across the thin alley way.

"Let's hurry up. We can go over after we have everything ready," Feliciano said pushing Marcello back into the large kitchen. Lovino rolled his eyes and watched the two go about the kitchen. He sat down and watched them, occasionally tasting the different foods they prepared and being smacked away by Feliciano.

"It's a good thing the restaurant is closed today," Feliciano said. "I guess. I would have slept in longer if you didn't wake me up though," Lovino muttered.

Lovino owned an old popular Italian restaurant left behind by his grandfather, called 'Roma's delight'.

He had to admit he was very in fact proud of the restaurant. Had it been Feliciano that inherited the restruant, he had turned it into one of those popular new Cafés.

But Lovino enjoyed having the restaurant as is. With a variety of Italian foods, good wine, delicious deserts and his two brothers helping him, he felt he couldn't have better. He wouldn't dare admit that to his little brothers though.


Lovino entered the kitchen to smell wonderful food and his younger brothers arranging it neatly into a platter. "Are you sure you don't want to come?" Feliciano asked as they walked through the door.

"Si. Now get out of here," he told them. "Okay. Well after we drop it off, we're going into town to buy more ingredients, okay?" Feliciano said.

"Just go," Lovino muttered, causing Marcello to laugh. "Okay, we'll see you later," he said closing the door.

They walked towards the other home and knocked, waiting for the neighbor to open the door.

The man opened the door and they both looked up to the handsome man. "Hola," he greeted with a smile. "Ciao! We're your neighbors, we live here and own this restaurant," Feliciano said with his bright smile and pointed behind him to the closed restaurant.

"We just came to say, benvenuto in Italia," Marcello said, also smiling brightly. The man was captured instantly by their bright personalities and smiled his own bright smile. "Oh, gracias! My name is Antonio," he said.

"I'm Feliciano and this is my fratellino Marcello. Our brother Lovino couldn't make it though," he said.

"It's nice to meet you," Antonio said.

"Oh, we brought you a welcoming gift. With all the moving, I'm sure you're much too busy too cook some dinner," Feliciano said lifting the small basket filled with different foods and a bottle of wine.

"Wow! It looks amazing! Gracias" Antonio said taking the basket. "Would you like to come in and have some dinner together?" He asked opening the door wider.

"Unfortunately, we have to go to the market before it closes. Some other time," Marcello said.

Antonio gave a small pout before smiling again. "I see. Well I really appreciate this. It means a lot," he said. The two brothers bid him goodbye before leaving.


Lovino had taken a peek out the balcony to see his brothers talking to the Spaniard. He rolled his eyes and went to take a shower. As hungry as he was, he didn't really feel right having dinner before his brothers.

He got out of the shower and went to the window with a glass of wine to enjoy the night air. Time went on and he began to wonder where Feliciano and Marcello were, then again Feliciano likes to take strolls so he brushed it off.

He decided a little music would lift his boredom and retrieved his mandolin before crawling out to sit on the window sill, a glass of wine beside him, and one leg over the small balcony where flower pots sat with various herbs and tomatoes.

He lightly strummed before going into the tune for 'Arrivederci Roma.' The song often left him remembering his life in the Southern part of Italy. He had moved there as soon as he turned seventeen. He was enjoying every part of it, until the death of his grandfather. He hurried over and stayed to take care of Feliciano who was a canoeist at the time, and Marcello who was still in school.

He pushed the thought away and closed his eyes, imagining his old home as he played.


Antonio carried the final box into the corner where he was sure to get to it later. It was just his knick knacks and books, he figured he would do it after dinner.

He turned to the small basket and lifted a plate of pasta with a paper on how to heat it up. He followed the directions and took the wine with a grateful smile. He loved wine after all.

He picked up the bread and set a side before lifting a type of bread he hadn't seen before. He took a bite, tasting the sweet cream inside and melting in delight.

When he opened the oven, the scent of delicious pasta made his mouth water and he cheerfully served himself, very thankful for his new neighbors.

He sat alone and took a bite, melting in the amazing taste of actual Italian food. He then frowned and the food suddenly became not as delightful when he realized he sat all alone.

Eating alone was not something he was used to. He always had his family around, but now they were so far away. He felt a tinge of loneliness and sighed, grabbing his glass of wine.

He lifted it to his lips before a sound caught his attention. Music. Intrigued, he walked over to the open window where he saw who he assumed was Feliciano playing.

It wasn't until the man opened his eyes slightly that he realized it wasn't Feliciano. He assumed the darker sky just made Feliciano look darker, but this man was actually darker in skin tone and hair color.

He had a more burgundy hair color compared to Feliciano's auburn and Marcello's red hair. His eyes were also a seeming cross of Feliciano's hazel and Marcello's green.

Absolutely beautiful, was the only way for him to describe them. This must have been the brother they mentioned. Lovino, if he remembered correctly.

He smiled to himself, being a music lover himself and watched the man silently as he closed his eyes again and played with a passionate expression.

Lovino ended the song and reached for his glass of wine. He raised it to his lips and drank it before his eye caught a figure in the open window, only a few feet away. He turned wide eyed to see the new neighbor smiling at him.

He turned a soft red at the realization he had been watching him. "Wow, that was beautiful," the man complimented.

"Che diavolo! Da quanto tempo sei stato lì in piedi?" He sputtered out. The man gave a confused expression which told Lovino that he did not speak Italian.

"I'm sorry?" He asked. "I'm sorry if I scared you. I just heard some beautiful music and had to see for myself," he said with a soft smile.

Lovino didn't respond, only stared at his large, dark green eyes. They stood out so much with his tanned skin and chocolate colored hair.

"My name is Antonio. I'm you're new neighbor," Antonio said. "You're Lovino, right?" Lovino nodded slowly and turned to his empty glass, looking for an excuse to get away.

"Hey! Would you like to have dinner with me? It's just me, so.." Antonio trailed off and watched the Italian turn a soft red.

He figured he was the shy type but he would liked to have to company atleast. "N-no. I'm waiting for my brothers," he said in a soft tone.

For starters, Antonio noted his accent seemed thicker than Feliciano's and Marcello's, but perhaps it was because he had a much deeper voice than they did. "Oh, I see," he said. He looked at his empty glass of wine and grabbed the bottle from not to far away.

"Then how about a refill?" He asked holding the bottle of wine and smiling.

Lovino hesitated before holding out his glass. Antonio smiled brightly at this and leaned over to fill his glass.

"Grazie," Lovino murmured as he pulled the glass back in.

Just then he heard two familiar voices walking below them. He turned to see Feliciano and Marcello walking with bags. He sighed in relief and quickly moved from the window.

"Oh, your brothers are back. Well it was nice meeting-" Antonio looked up to see Lovino no longer at the window. "...You.." his smile fell and he went inside to finish dinner.

Lovino sighed and sat out of view from the window. He frowned at himself, not knowing why exactly he found himself at lost for words with the man.

Perhaps it was his strong green eyes that entranced him, but he didn't want to speak to that man again if he could help it. The door opened and his brothers walked in.

"Fratello, hope you didn't finish the sfogliatella!" Marcello said as he entered. "Of course not, idiota. I'm not that gluttonous," he snapped, making Marcello laugh as usual. He loved how his brother acted at times. It was always a sight.


Translation :

"Che diavolo! Da quanto tempo sei stato lì in piedi?" - what the hell. How long were you standing there?

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