Hello everyone, before I begin with the story I wanted to inform you about the new characters and give you a little description:

The main character is Catherine Abrington, she is 19 years old, I'm not gonna tell you about her personality or her back story, you'll figure it out reading on.

Catherine has curly dark red hair, she keeps them short, just above her shoulders, so they don't bother her in training or battle. Her skin tone is darker than average, she has freckles on her nose and cheeks, her eyes are a dark shade of green.

Catherine's best friend is Eliza Wright, she is an extremely shy girl unless you know her really well, she is hardly able to talk to people normally. She is nice and sweet but she can also be ironic and funny.

She has black hair, they are a little wavy and she keps them in a pony tail so they don't get in her way, she has really pale skin so when she blushes, which is really often, people can see it a lot… Her pale skin also makes her big blue eyes pop up.

Last but not least is Gray Zerchias, he is Catherine's and Eliza's friend, he used to be in their trainee's squad, they have always been really close. Gray is a really great soldier, agile as cat and strong as a lion, he can be really protective, particularly in battle. He joined the survey corps just to meet Levi, who's always been his role model and hero.

Gray has black messy hair, they often cover his eyes, his eyes are light brown, his skin tone is a little lighter than Catherine's. (he makes his appearence in the second chapter)

Okey, so these are the new characters, I might add others later, but they are the most important.

the first chapter is like an introduction, I still hope you'll like it… Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I've checked millions of time but I'm Italian so my english probably isn't the best… Sorry.

Hope you enjoy the story :)


Second day in the Survey Corps, we just finished visiting the Head Quarters with a member whose name I couldn't remember and he asked me to bring some paper work to the commander's office.

Erwin wasn't there, so I just left the papers on his desk and headed to the exit, as I opened the door carelessly I felt something blocking it, so I tried again, pushing harder, but it wasn't opening, ralization hit me like a truk slowly after, the door opened fully and a super pissed soldier was staring at me. I knew who he was, I had a friend who was a little obsessed with him and I had heard a thousand stories about him. Levi Ackerman, humanity's strongest soldier... My life was about to end.

It was understandable since I just slamed the door in his face, twice.

I froze as he kept staring at me, I started sweating cold, waiting for him to react but he didn't… he just kept staring at me with his little evil eyes.

"Captain L-Levi… I'm so sorry!" I said, shaking. "I-I would never do that on pourpouse, I swear!" He stepped closer, I was so dead. I closed my eyes, expecting the worse.

"Just get out the way, brat." He simply said, my eyes widened, was that it? He wasn't going to kill me in some horrible way? I sighed in relif and stepped aside to let him pass.

"Thank you…" I whispered as he passed.

"Tch." He just gave me a quick look and got in the room, I got out as fast as I could.

I started walking to my dorm with the quickest pace I could manage, I was mortified and all I wanted was to disapear, it was only my second day in the Survey Corps and I already messed up.

I didn't even know why I decided to fight the titans, I was good with the 3D manoeuvre gear but I wasn't brave at all. I had always been a coward, I even joined the military because of my cowardice, to run away from my past and my problems.

I still had no idea of why I decided to join the Survey Corps though, I decided to follow my instinct instead of my brain. I felt as if the people needed me and I wanted to protect the good people within the walls, but how could I do that if I couldn't even protect myself? I was skilled in training but I knew it was going to be different against the titans.

When I finally arrived to the dorm I shared with my best friend and two other girls that were there before us, I opened the door super slowly so that I could be sure not to hit anyone with it.

"Hey Cath." Said Eliza as I walked in, I was expecting to see her there… She was in the 105th trainee squad with me before we both joined the Survey Corps, she was one of my three room mates, she was one of the people I cared the most about, we became really good friends in no time.

"Hey." I answered, trying to smile, but I was still upset about what happened with Captain Levi.

"You look like you've just seen a ghost, what happened?" She asked with a worried look on her face.

"I… I just fucked up big time." I answered. She looked confused but patiently waited for me to continue. "I'm not even sure how I'm still alive right now…" Her eyes widened.

"What the fuck did you do?" She was truly tensed and worried, I loved that about her, she always cared so much.

"I slammed the door in Captain Levi's face." She stared at me for a little longer before bursting into laughter.

"Well done! He's a douchebag anyway." She said ironically and giggled cutely . "But… what did he say? Was he angry?" She got back to beeing serious.

"I don't know… he just told me to get out of his way, he didn't look too mad." I said. "He'll kill me in my sleep, won't he?" I shouted, covering my face with a pillow.

"Well.. don't worry, it's not your fault, you probably just didn't see him…" We both laughed at the joke, I truly found it funny but I wasn't too happy about people laughing about his height. He was humanity's hero and people mocked him just because of his height. I was just a inch taller myself.

"So, what time is it? I'm hungry." I asked, my stomach was actually starting to ache from how hungry I was, some of our superios showed the new recruits around HQ, sorting us in dorms so training hadn't started for us yet but we didn't have time to eat.

"The clock is behind you, it's half past seven, you should change, we're late already." I looked down, I was still wearing my uniform. So I quickly changed into a normal black t-shirt and gray leggins as Eliza kindly waited for me.

We started walking towards the mess hall.

"So, are you ready to meet all of the other suicidal people who chose the Survey Corps?" I asked, it was our first time gathering with them, I was a bit nervous but nothing compared to my friend.

"Yeah… they're all our superiors, it's gonna be so embarassing!" She burried her face into her hands, she was the shyest girl I ever met, she had such a hard time making new friends, but once you are able to make way into her heart all the shyness faded.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll fit in, Gray is going to be there too." I smiled, she smiled back at me. Gray was also in the 105th trainee squad and a good friend of ours, we hadn't seen him much since we joined the Survey Corps because we weren't sharing the same dorm… They put us with a gloomy girl named Mikasa and an awesome one called Sasha, we hardly knew eachother yet but I liked Sasha a lot more than Mikasa, she was funny and friendly. Mikasa was just too quiet.

"Ok…" She said, unsurely.

We finally got to our destination, I looked around, trying to find Gray but he didn't seem to be there. I sighed.

We went to get dinner and sat down next to each other, after a while I saw Sasha sitting in another table looking at us while talking to some bald guy with a huge grin, she waved at us. The guy next to her looked confused, so she started talking to him, I assumed she was explaining that we were her new room mates. The guy smiled and took Sasha by the arm, leading her to us. I saw Eliza blushing violently. They soon reached us.

"Hey! I'm Connie, nice to meet you." He shook my hand and then Eliza's.

"Hi, I'm Catherine, but you can call me Cath." I said with a polite smile.

"I'm Eliza.." I almost laughed at how softly she said it, she seemed like a totally different person!

"Sasha told me you just joined and that you don't know anyone, so if you feel lonely, feel free to come talk to me." He smiled. "See you around!" He said and left with Sasha, who greated us with a smile. I couldn't tell if Connie was Sasha's boyfriend or a really good friend but I already loved them toghether.

"We already made a friend." Said Eliza with a soft smile. "And he's cute."

I laughed, she would always get so excited about everything, I loved her personality.

We started talking casually while eating and halfway trough the meal we got interrupted by someone sitting in front of me, when I looked at his face I panicked, I looked at Eliza hoping she would help me but she was too nervous herself to say anything.

"Calm the fuck down, I don't bite, brat." His stoic blue eyes glared right trough me. "I'm not so happy about having to sit here eather, don't worry." It was Captain Levi. I looked around, every other table was full… that's why he was here.

"C-Captain…" I started sweating and feeling dizzy, what was he doing to me? I was so nervous, it wasn't normal for me. He looked so intimidating, I felt as his piercing eyes could see trough my soul.

"What?" He asked.

"I…" What was I going to say? It was so damn embarassing. "I'm sorry about today." I said sincearly.

"It doesn't matter, it was an accident." I felt so relieved, I couldn't believe he was just going to forgive me like that. I gave Eliza a quick look, she was looking down on her plate, avoiding any eye contact with him, she just wanted to vanish.

"So… you're not going to kill me?" I asked.

"I'll leave that to the titans." I looked down, did he really want me dead already? I was doing great to get my superiors to like me. "So… I'm courious, why did you two join the Survey Corps?" He asked, his penetrating little eyes were on me.

"I… I just followed my instinct, I was actually aiming for the Military Police but I have a feeling that I'm in the right place now, I don't regret my decision." I answered, I couldn't decipher his face, he didn't let any emotions slip out of his expression.

"You don't regret it, for now." He said. "You've never seen a titan, have you?" I didn't answer, but I felt a strange sensation of rage swelling up inside me.

I stared at my plate but I knew he was still waiting for a reaction, and I didn't want to give him the satisfaction to see it.

"And you? Why did you join?" He asked, moving his intimidating gaze to Eliza. She looked up in shock, she didn't expect to be talked to, she blushed and thought carefully of what to say.

"Sir, I j-joined because… I want to take revenge f-for what those monsters did to us." She said unsurely, turning even more red.

"You look sick." He stated before drinking from his cup.

"I… I'm fine." She answered, looking away from him, I was feeling so sorry, I knew how hard it was for her. He raised an eyebraw.

"How is it out there, beyond the wall?" I asked. I wanted his attention to be off Eliza, she was too shy for this. He looked back at me, probably deciding if he should answer or not.

"Are you afraid?" He asked. Of course I was but I couldn't look weak in front of him.

"I don't think so." I lied, as I clanched my fist.

"Only an idiot wouldn't be. And don't lie if you're not good at it." He said, I tensed up, could he read inside of me?

"You still didn't answer my question." I said, looking straight in his eyes as if I wanted to challenge him. He didn't answer for a couple of seconds.

"Trust me, you don't want me to answer it." I didn't insist any further, that was clear enough, hell was beyond the walls.

"Why didyou decide to join the Survey Corps?" I asked. He took another sip from his cup and got back to looking at me.

"It's none of your bisiness, brat." He got on the defensive, I probably shouldn't have asked.

"I have a name, ya know." I was sick of beeing called brat.

"Catherine Abrington" he answered "and your friend is Eliza Wright."

I looked at him with a mad expression, why would he call me brat if he knew my name? And how did he know it?

"Before you ask, no, I'm not a stalker, I know it because Erwin insists I have to know the name of every recruit." He added in a bored tone.

"Hey… I think I'm gonna go, I'm done here." Said Eliza with a fake smile, she just wanted to get out of here, how could she leave me withhim? I gave her a worried look but she didn't seem to care.

"Goodbye, brat." Said the Captain.

"See you later." I told her, trying not to sound as mad as I was.

"Sorry." She whispered before leaving.

"What's the matter with her?" He asked as he crossed his arms and legs and leaned back on his chair.

"She is just shy, don't worry sir." I explained.

"Call me Levi, I hate formalities when they aren't necessary." He drank some more, and it made me wander what he was drinking, then I realized I was basically staring at his handsome features as he drank.

"Sure… Levi." I wandered if every soldier called him by his name, it felt so strange yet so good, it sounded so nice and sweet. It made me get a strange feeling in my guts.

"So, do you think you've got what it takes to fight the titans? We don't have time for useless people here, they die right away." I clenched my fist. I looked up to him and respected him but it annoyed me to get insulted and humiliated like that.

"I do have what it takes." I said, looking straight in his eyes. He gave me a quick glance.

"I told you not to lie to me, you're a terrible liar." I was speachless. "You clench your fist when you lie." I parted my lips and looked at him in shock, he was right, I did it every time I lied, it took me years to notice it and the Captain figured it out in a couple of minutes, I was stunned.

"If you're trying to scare me, it's useless." I answered with a sigh. "Why are you doing it?" I asked.

"Tch…" He looked away. "I'm not even trying to scare you, I'm just asking questions." His expression didn't change at all, he was as serious as ever.

"I might not be as strong as you but I don't intend to die any time soon." I took a sip of water, not looking at the Captain, his ice cold glare was too much pressure for me.

"Good for you." He said with an emotionless face, he was so serious all the time, I couldn't understand if I liked that he was so mysterious or if I hated it... Silence went on for a minute or so.

"You'll see on my first mission." I broke the silence, my eyes shining with emotion. "I'm not going to die and that's a promise!" I said looking straight in his eyes, trying not to look unsure. I got up from my seat.

"Hope it's a promise you'll be able to keep." He said softly, to himself.

I started walking away, acting like I didn't hear that. "I will." I said as I left the room.

I headed straight to the dorms, a weird sensation was taking over me, Levi was driving me crazy, I couldn't decipher him at all, and I really wanted to.

I opened the door to our room and slammed it behind me.

"How could you?" I asked her, trying to sound intimidating, she was sitting on the bed, gazing out the window.

"I'm sorry…" All of my anger vanished when I saw how serious and miserable she was. I rolled my eyes.

"It's ok, he isn't so bad after all." I said to calm her down, she looked really upset.

"Developing feelings for the midget, uh?" She said ironically, faking a smile. I blushed.

"Of course not." I clenched my fist, without even noticing. I sat next to her on her bed. "So… any reason why you look so sad?"

"Sasha was here with Connie a couple of minutes ago, they were talking about the last mission they went on… Twenty two people out of ninety eight made it back." She brought her knees to her chest and hugged them with both arms. "I'm starting to regret my decision." She said, resting her chin on her knees.

"Don't be like that, all that training we've done… I'm sure it wasn't useless." I smiled to reassure her but I wasn't so sure myself. "It doesn't matter anyway, we can't go back, the decision has been made, there's no use in getting depressed about it now." I told her.

"How can you be so sure of yourself?" She asked, still gazing out the window. Her question suprised me, I wasn't sure of myself at all.

"I… I just believe that all the hard training we've been trough will pay off." I looked at her, she looked sadder than she was before, I was really bad at cheering people up. "And, I think that you should live for the moment, ya know?" She moved her gaze to me as if she wanted me to know that she was listening. "We are alive now, aren't we? We're here and the titans are outside the walls, we're not fighting them yet, so cheer up while you can. I don't think you want to die with the regret of not enjoying your life at it's fullest."

"You're right, thanks." She faked a smile. "It's already a quarter to nine, we should go to sleep… We've got to wake up at five tomorrow morning."

"Yeah… We should." I answered but I was unsure about it, I wasn't tired at all. "But I think I'll wait for Sasha and Mikasa to come back."

"Do as you wish, I'm too tired." Sha said with a yawn. "Can you turn off the light for me?" I did as she asked and switched it off.

Minutes passed and I was there sitting in my bed waiting to get tired but my eyes remained wide open, Mikasa and Sasha came back and were now sound asleep but I couldn't get myself to close my eyes and relax.

I was just sitting there, thinking about what I said to Eliza, how could I try to cheer her up if I was afraid too? I was such a liar… Why did I always have to act strong? I clanched my jaw. I was such an idiot, Levi was right.

I kept changing positions and moving, not being able to even close one eyelid, it was probably so late now… I was going to be so fucking tired tomorrow. I sighed.

I tried once again to fall asleep but this time I heard footsteps and voices coming from outside, I jumped out of my bed, I had a bad feeling. Who could be up so late?

I got closer to the door, I couldn't fully hear what the voices were saying yet. It was a boy's voice talking. I pressed my ear closer to the door.

"I…. The Wall….. Get Eren back…." The voices were getting closer evey second. "Not yet….. protected…." Damn, why couldn't they talk louder.

"….. Mikasa….protecting him… can't risk to be found out." I could hear them a lot better now, what the hell were they talking about? "We need to keep acting for now." Said one of the two. "Don't worry, we'll finish the mission soon enough."

"Shut up, idiot, the dorms are here." Answered the other. What mission were they talking about? I had to talk to Commander Erwin about this! "Have you forgotten what we had to do to Marco after he found out?" I gulped, that couldn't be good.

"It's late anyway, I doubt there's someone still awake." Said one of the two, he didn't sound too concerned.

"We can't risk it, do you understand that?" They were walking away from where I was, I was soon not going to hear them anymore.

"I do." They suddenly stopped talking, but I could hear their footsteps getting further away every second. I waited, I had to talk to a superior about this. Was Erwin even there? I hadn't seen him at dinner and Hanji was missing too, they must have been away for some reason. Or maybe they just weren't hungry.

A really stupid idea came to my mind, what if I talked to Levi about it? I didn't want to see him but this was a serious matter, I couldn't just act like nothing happened. Personal feelings shouldn't get in the way.

I waited another couple of minutes to make sure the two guys were complitely gone.

I opened the door of the room and looked around, no one seemed to be around and it was dark too, I was safe. Darkness made me feel better, it didn't scare me in the slightest, I always felt protected by darkness, I prefered night to day, everything was so quiet and mysterious.

I started running towards Levi's room, I was lucky because it was actually really close. When I got in front of it, I hesitated, what if I woke him up? He would kill me. Could this wait until tomorrow? I was having so much doubts but then I finally convinced my self to knock. No answer. I knocked again, still no answer. He was sleeping.

"Captain Levi, please open up, it's important." I said. Than I had an awful thought: if the two guys that were talking were enemies the first person they would take out would be humanity's strongest soilder.

I gasped and opened the door, I was seriously worried. Levi wasn't in his bed. I was about to get an heart attack but then I saw him at his desk, his head was rested on it and his hand was still around a glass of some transparent liquid, I could tell it wasn't water.

I let out a sigh of relief, I was so happy to know he was ok. I closed the door of the room so that no body could hear our conversation. I got closer to the desk and sat down in front of him.

I looked around, everything was so neat and clean, it was actually hard to believe that such a man could be a neat freak, I was slowly finding out more about him. When my gaze met his face, my heart lost a beat, he looked so peacefull in his sleep, I spent a couple of minutes just admiring him, he was so handsome. I didn't want to wake him up. But I had to. I got up from the chair and got next to him, I rested a hand on his shoulder and shook it gently.

"Captain Levi…" I said softly. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes and lifted his head from the desk and brought his ice blue eyes on me.

"This better be really important, brat." He said, getting up, he still looked so sleepy. I gulped.

"It is." I answered, looking away. "I over heard a conversation… Somebody in the Survey Corps is a traitor." His eyes widened, he looked fully awake now.

"What did you hear? I need to know every single word." He hurringly got something from a drawer, a pen and a paper. "Tell me everything."

"They were two boys, I heard that they are planning to do something like getting somebody back… I think the name was Eren." Levi wrote everything down.

"Fuck!" He raised his voice. "You have to tell me who they were!"

"I don't know..." I looked down and felt a little ashamed but it wasn't my fault. "But I heard three names: Eren, Mikasa and Marco."

"Stop being fucking mysterious, why did they use those names?" Asked Levi, writing down the three names.

"They said they have to get Eren back but that Mikasa is protecting him and that they have to act like they are soilers for now." Levi wrote down everything, he was fast. "Then one of them said that they have to finish a mission. After that the other got mad beacause he was being too loud, he was afraid that someone could have heard the conversation. They also said something about killing a guy named Marco because he found out they were traitors…" I stopped, waiting for Levi to finish writing.

"Nothing else?" Asked Levi, looking up.

"That's it."

"That was a lot of information… I would have never thought that someone could be a traitor, but whose side could they be on? The titans?" Levi was just thinking out loud, trying to investigate.

"Captain…" I got his attention back.

"I thought I told you to call me Levi, brat." He said.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes. "I just wanted to know… what happened to Marco?" I wanted had to know, since I could end up like that too for hearing the conversation.

"How am I supposed to know?" He answered.

"Oh… Who is Eren?" I asked.

"You haven't met him yet? Tch." He asked. "Mikasa Ackerman is your room mate, isn't she?" I nodded. "Eren Jager is the guy she's always with, he can transform into a titan." He paused for a second as I tried to picture who Mikasa hung out with. "Oh… Not the blonde guy, that's Armin Artlert." He added. I nodded.

"Well… Thanks for listening to me, Levi." I said with a smile and started walking towards the door. He caught my arm.

"Wait." I turned around to face him. "You shouldn't talk about this with anyone else, we don't know who the traitors are and they might have other allies. It's not convenient for you to end up like this Marco." I smirked.

"Is that your way of saying you are worried about me?" He blushed, that was so cute! I got back to being serious "Don't worry Levi, I don't wanna end up like Marco eather." I said before opening the door and getting out.

"Damn brat." I heard him say before closing the door.

So this is the end of Chapter 1, thanks for actually getting to this point, hope you liked it and that you will read the other chapters too :)