A/N: I can't resist! This story will follow more of Jamie and Eddie as they navigate this undefined thing they've found themselves in. ;)

The unrelenting pressure of the headboard against her head would be painful if it weren't for the shuddering pleasure brought on from Jamie's head between her legs. His tongue works a slow, cruel rhythm that he matches with the stroke of his finger inside of her.

Eddie reaches back, a shaky moan of appreciation escaping her, and presses on the hard wood framing her bed. She needs something to anchor herself because he's about to make her lose it.

She feels her pulse throb, swirling deep and that urge for release tugs at her.

Reaching down, she grasps his brown hair between her fingers, biting her lip, but it doesn't restrain her desperate whimpers.

With a hungry moan, he moves in, tasting her deeper, his shoulder nudging her thigh out further and it makes her back arch off the bed.

She grabs the sheets in mounting frustration, so close. But her body won't let itself go.

The pressure of his tongue makes her dizzy, nearly falling apart.

And then everything disappears.

With a startled gasp, Eddie's body jerks. She blinks her eyes open in the darkness and they adjust to her quiet bedroom.

She bolts upright amid the mess of sheets and blankets and makes a panicked assessment of her surroundings. Beside her, the bed is empty. It's just her. And the only sound she hears is the thudding rush of her heartbeat in her ears.

Her nerves firing on all cylinders, she swallows hard and tries to ignore the dull, aching pulse that was on the verge of shattering in her dream, but now just simmers with its lack of release between her thighs.

With a heavy exhale, she falls back on the pillows, flings an arm over her eyes, and dreads that looming 5:30 a.m. alarm, knowing she'd have to spend a day in the car with the man her subconscious craved so badly, it took over every nerve of common sense in her body.

"Do you know what butternut squash looks like?" Jamie asks, looking down to study his phone.

Eddie sits beside him in the passenger seat of their radio car while they idle parked in midtown.

All she can do is look at him. Scrutinizing his face, she feels the unease on her own, seated there, absently gnawing on the end of the straw stuck in her styrofoam cup.

"My sister told me to pick one up for Sunday dinner." He explains. "Are those different from regular squash? I don't even-"

"I had a sex dream about you."

Casually, he glances up from his phone, his mouth still open from his squash dilemma. Then one interested eyebrow quirks and Eddie sees the corner of his lips starts to flick upward.

He reaches out, sets his phone down in the console, then interlocks his hands and sets them on his lap. With a smug patience challenging the cringing look she gives him, he simply looks at her and waits for more.

She crushes the straw some more, destroying the plastic in her restless angst which she can feel creasing her brow.

"Butternut squash is bigger," she mumbles. "And they're brownish."

He nods, blinking a few times, his jaw flexing every time he mashes his peppermint gum between his teeth. "Care to explain the thing you said before?"

With a huff, she glances away. "Ugh." She can't shake how real it felt, almost to the point where she wonders if he really did go down on her last night and it just fucked up her memory.

Softly, he laughs while she searches for her words. "Judging by your face, I take it you were underwhelmed."

"Eh," she croaks.

Jamie eases his head back and echoes her mediocre review. "Eh? What, it wasn't any good?"

Eddie simply closes her lips around the end of her straw until the slurping sound of her nearly empty drink fills the space between them.

He smiles at her and she notices the way his gaze flicks to her mouth. "So what were we doing?"

She tilts her head. "It was a sex dream, Reagan. What do you think we were doing?"

"I mean, there's a variety of…" He spreads his hands and focuses his gaze out the front windshield. "Activities-"

"Activities!" Her face crumples, she can't help it.

Lifting his shoulders defensively he contends, "I don't know how detailed things got."

"I just feel weird looking at you… when I've seen your dreamself naked."

"Well I hope my dreamself didn't disappoint your dreamself, is all I'm saying."

She glances at him out of the corner of her eye, a little twitch threatening a smile on her lips and leans her head back against the headrest. "I'm sorry I brought that up on the job. But it was going to make me weird all day."

"Oh good, I'd hate for you to start acting weird-" He deadpans and he's met with a smack from the back of her hand on his stomach.

With an impatient sigh, she glances uncomfortably out the passenger side window. "Let's go back to talking about squash. Or somebody please snatch a purse or something."

"12 David, be advised…"

Jamie cocks an eyebrow at the sound of the dispatcher's voice, relaying to them the details of a 911 complaint.

Relieved, Eddie straightens up and reaches for the sirens switch as he pulls off the curb.

"It's your lucky day, perv," he teases and she's left to drop her face into her palm and hope it never comes up again.