So basically, for those who follow me on tumblr, I have a gifset series that revolves around the idea of Logan having raised Laura since infancy after the X-Men infiltrated the Transigen. With this in mind, I thought it wouldn't hurt to play around with the concept. Let me know your thoughts and maybe this can become a thing. (Those who are interested in looking at the gifsets, I can't add a link because FFN is rude, look me up under flutteringphalanges)


He's not sure what's worse, the numbness that has suddenly overcome his body or the nausea that threatens deep within the pit of his stomach to shoot burning, bile laced vomit out. Maybe a little of each. Or all of that and more. Whatever the case, Logan could not pull his gaze away from the sight that stood before him.

From a glance, the small, metal cage resembled that of an animal trap. Something a gardener might set out to nab a pesky creature like a raccoon or squirrel. But the creature that wriggled within, its cries meek and pitiful, was far from anything one might stumble upon. A baby.

The infant was all but naked, sporting only a diaper as she squirmed on her back. She was pink, face scrunched as she cried out, her wails sharp daggers that penetrated mercilessly against his eardrums. The strong smell of rust and metallic material met the mutant's nostrils as he stepped closer. A scent he unfortunately knew all too well.


The thick, yellow band that went around her ankle only served as a label. X-23. That was her only identification. No name. Nothing more. Just X-23. And yet, there was something about her that extended so much further than that. Something that linked the little being before Logan to himself. She was his daughter.

He had only learned of his parenthood when Charles had discovered it right before the agreement to infiltrate the research facility. He didn't believe it. He didn't want to. But here she was. Screaming. Writhing. So little. So small. So completely, utterly helpless.

Wolverine stood absolutely still, drawing in a breath as he stared at the infant. He couldn't move, or just didn't bother to try to. Shock. Anger. Fear. He wasn't sure what he felt right now, or really what he should feel. The baby's cries fell on deaf ears as Logan remained hovering over her enclosure, unable to snap himself from this vegetative state.


The voice jolts him back to the conscious world as a hand touches his shoulder. He wheels around, claws extended in defense mood when he comes face to face with Ororo Storm. She takes an immediate step back as Logan retracts his claws, too disoriented to apologize.

"We have to go," she said, a hand on his shoulder clearly intended for bringing him back to focus. "We have to get the baby out of here."

"Yeah," he exhaled, closing his eyes for a moment. "Yeah, alright."

He doesn't move when Storm goes to try to get the baby out from her prison. The sound of the cage rattling against the table causes the infant girl to shriek even louder. Looking in desperation towards Logan, she nods towards the lock that prevents her from freeing the baby. Logan would most likely be the only one to open it, at least until they got back to the mansion. But the poor thing didn't need to be put through even more trauma by having to stay in the damn thing during the flight back.


The other mutant comes back to his senses once more, seeing at once what the weather manipulating mutant was asking of him. Quickly, he drew his claws through the lock, the metal making a loud crack as it hit the floor. Without a second thought, Storm scooped up the baby before she and Logan both began to run.

Many voices seemed to be coming through each corridor, which were of his friends or his enemies was unclear to Logan. They continued to hurry, his eyes briefly flickering over to the infant in Storm's arms. Her tiny frame was nearly invisible by the way Ororo's clothing draped over her. So small. So delicate. Too vulnerable.

Focus. Focus. Goddammit, why couldn't he focus?!

He nearly stumbles and falls when they sprint up the ramp of the Blackbird, the entrance closing behind them. There is a wave of young, new mutants that are crammed side by side among the other X-Men. All of the children they had managed to retrieve from the research facility. Christ knows how many were lost before hand. But that question and more were the least important things on his mind.

Storm squeezes beside him right as the jet lifts off. Logan knows Jean and Scott are watching him. Hank too when he isn't tending to the other kids. Charles reading his mind. But all he is able to do is numbly stare at the baby by his side. At how her wails have become small hiccups. At her dark brown eyes and hair, or what little there is. And he cannot help but feel the nausea and numbness twist inside his gut.

So tiny. So small. His.

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