Hey guys, this is actually quite a complicated story. So at first it's a really cliché and annoying Annabeth goes to Goode-style fic, but gradually throughout the fic it gets more twisted and dark (be prepared for the plot twists. This can be explained by the fact that I started writing this two years ago and let my friend read it. She very quickly became my co-writer. As she had not read fanfiction at the time, she didn't know all of the clichés. Plus she thought that it was boring, so pretty much threw the whole story off the rails of the typical cliché fic. And then it sort of continued.). Another thing you need to know - this is a pre-written fic, so updates should be fairly regular, but I probably won't be able to incorporate suggestions. The netire thing is about 80k words so your in for a long haul.

- AHermioneH and StormSunfire

If I owned this, would Rick Riordan be smiling because he has our souls?

This story starts just before SoN and the main part is after BoO

Elizabeth Myers POV

"Why do you think Principal Bryant has called us to assembly?" I whispered to my best friend Annabeth Chase. She flicked her blonde hair away from her eyes. "I don't know. Must be pretty serious though." I nodded in agreement.

"Students, I would like to inform of some grave and serious news."

The hall filled with whispers of speculation as to what Principal Bryant was talking about. Annabeth nudged me. "Told you."

"SILENCE! As I was saying, we are running out of money due to the size and selectiveness of our school. But the local city council have offered us the opportunity to merge with a local high-achieving high school. We have picked our partner school to be Goode High School. A co-ed highly academic school that was just perfect for our merge. Now one of their teachers, Mr Blofis, will now be speaking to you."

A man that looked around forty, or so, stood up to the microphone. "As Ms Bryant mentioned, I am Mr Blofis, an English teacher at Goode and I am happy to say that these premises will still be used and that the seniors and juniors will go to school on these premises, while freshmen and sophomores will go to school on the Goode High School premises." His soft brown eyes were constantly scanning the crowd… that was until he saw my best friend, Annabeth. They widened when they saw her; I couldn't see what my friend's eyes were conveying, but I assumed that it was something good or relieving, because soon the teacher's expression was back to being relaxed. "I'm very much looking forward to teaching all of you and hope you have a great time learning in the Goode High - Court House Partnership!"

"Thank you Mr Blofis for that delightful speech!" Principal Bryant was back at the stand now. "These changes will be in place from the start of next year. I would also like to say I hope you all have a good summer, because this is the last time we will be together as a whole school before the end of the year. Thank You Students!

The next week passed quickly with Annabeth muttering under breath often about Leo, Percy, and Stupid camp, where the Hades is it? I had no enlightenment to the subject of these mutterings. I have to admit my best friend was weird, she disappeared a lot during school time; but apparently she cleared it all with Miss Gardner, a teacher who seemed to come from the same place as her. Wherever that was. She said she had family issues. I have to say she had a lot of those. Miss Gardner insisted that she had a big extended family, but I could never understand how he knew. I mean, unless she was family? But they looked completely different, and although I knew extended families could look different but not that different.

Now a word about Annabeth before we get into this whole story. Annabeth, in looks, was what boys would call hot. She had honey blonde hair that was curly like that British actress who played Cinderella… What's her name? Ah, yes. Lily James. Annabeth had startling grey eyes like clouds on a rainy day. She was lean with a tan that was definitely natural to boot, but she never seemed to take part in any sports. But don't judge her by her hair; Annabeth was the smartest girl in the school, smarter than even Samantha Lee, a senior going to Harvard. Her eyes were constantly analysing the surroundings; determining who was friend or foe. She had two younger half brothers on her dad's side and a half brother on her mom's side called Malcolm, who had picked her up a few times.

Anyway she always mentions this summer camp, but always says I can't go because I'm not ADHD and dyslexic. Don't ask.


Time Skip to post-BoO

In September, I was one of the first students back on campus. I ran to the office to find out my dorm assignment this year and I was glad to know that I was with Annabeth again. I was also with a 'Hazel Levesque' and a, I gasped when I saw the name 'Piper McLean' surely she wasn't related to Tristan McLean? Was she?

I entered the dorm room, hoping that I would be the first one; but no, lo and behold Annabeth, Hazel and Piper were sitting on their beds laughing about something to do with a boy called Frank. "And Percy was just staring at Frank, waiting for him to do it. And Frank's face when he realised what we wanted him to do was just priceless!" The girl with the cinnamon coloured hair rested her head against the Native American's shoulder. "I miss that big, fuzzy panda man."

I cleared my throat. "Who's Frank?"

"Oh, Hi Ellie!" Annabeth waved, beckoning Hazel and Piper to come over. "These are Piper and Hazel. They're from my summer camp." Oh, the summer camp I'm not allowed to go to.

"So, did you guys go to Goode?"

"No. Actually it's my first time in New York. I used to live in LA though." Hazel smiled as if this was an inside joke. I looked at Piper expectantly. "I didn't go to Goode, I was also living with my dad in LA." I looked at her in feigned curiosity, I'd figured out by then that she was Tristan McLean's daughter but I decided to let her tell me, if she wanted to, that is. "So, do you know anyone at Goode?"

"Um, we know one dude…" Piper looked at the other two. "Do we know anyone other than Percy?" The other two shook their heads. "So we know one person, unless anyone else transfers."

"So…" I was grasping for a subject. "How was your summer?"