Bow-chika-bow-bow! I am finally doing the sequel to 2k12 vs. 2k3! (Read that first, if you haven't, otherwise you won't understand much about tjis one) It's been way too long, I know, but I forgot about it for a while! Remember, italics are 2k12, and bold is 2k3! At the Battle Nexus, it's just normal text, along with the astral plane! I'm gonna try to remember to do the author's note in bold italics for this story, so if I slip up, tell me! Enjoy!

Leo yawned as he awakened. He stretched and went to the bathroom, then went to get some breakfast. Cereal, of course, since he couldn't really make anything else, honestly...

On his way to meditate in the dojo before training, he knocked on his brothers' doors. signalling that training was in a half hour. He heard three groans and smiled, the went to the dojo.

He wasn't surprised to see that Splinter wasn't there, as he was on a retreat for a few days. He sat down and cleared his head, and slipped onto the astral plane.

Leo walked around for a little bit, admiring the beautiful scenery that never ceased to amaze him. He gasped suddenly when he saw a bunch of weird portals that looked like they were made of water. He looked at the writing above one of them and saw that in a bunch of different languages, it said 'Past Battle Nexus.' Curious, the denim-eyed turtle looked in.

In the portal, there was a big guy that was half-covered in purple-brownish hair and the other half just a blue body charging at the Mikey from the other dimension. Forgetting that it was the past, he panicked and tried to jump in and save the poor kid. But a liquid-looking arm stopped him. He looked at the body belonging to the arm and saw a liquid looking guy with a mask that had a frowning face on it. "Um, hello, floating sir. What's happening down there?" the turtle asked the floating man, who was sitting Indian-style like it was nothing.

"That, young kappa, is the Battle Nexus Championship. Beings from different dimensions and worlds come together in a battle of honor. That orange-clad kappa, the one that you were looking at, is the current champion, even after an exhibition match."

Leo's eyes widened and he looked back down, just in time to see the other Mikey defeat the creature. "Would me and my brothers be able to participate?" he asked hesitantly, dragging his toe on the ground a bit.

"Of course, young kappa! Everyone is welcome! Make sure you get there by 3 days from now."

"How do I get there?"

"Follow this chant after me. *mumbles chant, which I can't exactly write*"

Leo nodded and repeated it. "Hmm, that's a little familiar. Thanks."

The floating man nodded sagely. "Before you leave, young kappa, take this. You will need to draw this exact pattern on a wall and then mumble the chant to get there. Understood?"

Leo nodded. "Thank you, sir." He bowed, then left the astral plane.

Leo beamed brightly as he looked at the calendar in the dojo. The Battle Nexus was in 3 days! He finished his kata that dismissed him from training and waited for his brothers, who also seemed a bit jumpy. Splinter was meditating in a corner.

As they all went to the living room, Leo couldn't stop smiling. He might actually have a chance to win this time!

His brothers noticed their leader's giddiness. "You good there, bro?" Raph finally asked, flipping the channel after a brief struggle with Mike, who harrumphed. It was a trailer for a new show that was called Space Heroes.

Leo blinked in recognition, remembering it from the other world. Mike seemed to want to watch the trailer. "Man, they've been talking about this show forever! I really want to watch it!"

Leo, forgetting his giddiness momentarily, rolled his eyes. "It's not that good."

His warm-clad brothers' eyes darted to him, while Don just hid behind his mug of coffee, remembering Leo having told him of his experience in the other world. "How have you seen it?" Mike asked suspiciously.

Leo realized his mistake and tried to cover it up. "I was on YouTube and saw an episode. It's not there anymore; I checked," he lied fluently, having learned a bit about it from keeping character in the other world.

Don sighed silently and went back to his laptop.

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