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Once the girls were sent to a prison dimension and their swords were lined in the Nexus Museum (where Shredder's helmet was?), as they could do no harm without someone wielding them, all of the turtles, Usagi, and the Splinters all stood in the arena as the Daimyo stood on his balcony.

"All Battle Nexus audience members! These Hamato Clans and their ronin friend have defeated a great evil! The Mayaku had swords that could control beings just by being looked at! That figured that out and helped defeat them!"

Leonardo waved his arms around and jumped, trying to get the Daimyo's attention and confusing the crowd. "Daimyo! I need to say something!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Daimyo smiled, signaling for the Gyoji to let the terrapin up on the balcony with him. Leonardo cleared his throat, then announced, "But it was the Daimyo who freed me and Leonardo from their control and defeated them!"

The crowd cheered loudly, and the Daimyo smiled at Leonardo. "Thank you, Leonardo," he said, giving Leonardo a bone-crushing hug.

Leo struggled to breathe. "You're... welcome... Daimyo... Can't... breathe..." he gasped.

Daimyo chucked and let the hard-breathing turtle down. "I apologize, my friend."

Leo let out a breathy laugh. "It's fine, Daimyo. Thank you once more for saving me."

"Yes, of course."

Daimyo then sent the young terrapin back down to the arena. "Now, let the final round of the Battle Nexus Championship begin! Because we are down one competitor, it will be a three-way battle! The last one remaining in the arena shall win!"

The crowd cheered again, louder this time, as the Splinters, Usagi, Mikey, Mike, Don, Raphael, and Raph were transported out of the arena and onto the balcony next to Daimyo, taller ones in the back, as Leonardo, Leo, and Donnie all stood against each other. Leo and Leonardo glanced at each other and nodded in a subtle way, silently agreeing on something.

"Begin!" the Daimyo boomed.

Leo and Leonardo each charged at Donnie, who squawked in surprised at the four katanas coming at him. "That's not fair!" he exclaimed as he blocked two of them with his staff and tried to win a battle of strength against LEONARDO. He was soon on the ground with a katana at his neck. He smiled in defeat as he disappeared.

Leonardo and Leo stood against the other. "That was mean," Leo muttered to his counterpart. Leonardo chuckled. "You agreed to it, too."

Leonardo then charged at his counterpart. Leo smirked and blocked the katanas, kicking the bigger turtle in the stomach and hardly losing any leverage. Leonardo was sent a few feet back and smiled sadistically at his opponent. He let out a yell and charged to Leo's right, but then at the last second went to the left and kicked the smaller turtle in the side. Leo grunted and swiped at Leonardo with his katana, barely touching Leonardo's plastron. Leonardo flipped out of the way of another slice and jumped over Leo, kicking him from behind. Leo stumbled forward, but he had a bit of an advantage since all of the other times he'd fought he'd had a headache, and that was how everyone had seen his fights. He stood still, facing Leonardo, who knew something was wrong here... But nonetheless, the bigger turtle charged at Leo. At the last second, Leo dodged out of the way, tackling Leonardo.

Leonardo chuckled. "Good one."

"Thanks," Leo breathed.

Leonardo then smiled and kicked Leo off. Leo stood up where he'd landed before Leonardo could put a katana at his neck. He had learned quickly that any sort of weapon at a vital spot meant you lost, or if there was a fatal blow coming at you. He jumped as high as he could when Leonardo came at him and landed on the bigger turtle's shoulders. Leonardo let out a confused noise and tried to grab Leo, but the smaller turtle was soon on his hands on Leonardo's shoulders, having a better grip now.

Leonardo chuckled at the smaller ninja's antics. "How much time do you spend with Mikey?"

"A bit. How could you tell?" Leo snickered, bending so that he kicked Leonardo in the carapace. Leonardo flew forward, but landed on his hands and flipped back to his feet, facing Leo.

The latter chuckled. "Your Mike does the same?"

"Brother, you have no idea!" Leonardo exclaimed with a smile, charging at Leo once again.

Leo put his hands out, a trick Splinter had recently learned, focusing all of his energy on Leonardo's plastron. The world seemed to slow as dust began to collect around Leonardo, and he was sent into the barrier that blocked them from hurting anyone in the crowd.

Leo chuckled. "That actually worked!" he breathed. But Leonardo wasn't done yet. Despite the pain in the back of his head, the bigger turtle charged at the surprised Leo again. The smaller turtle being unprepared, he was kicked in the side. Both were covered in bruises and foot-prints by now, but they were too high on adrenaline to care.

The pair now stood about 10 feet from each other, breathing heavily. The crowd was almost too shocked to breathe. Sweat poured down the opponents' faces and arms. They charged at each other one more time, serious looks on their faces. This was going to be the last strike, they were both sure of it. Their katanas met, but Leonardo's strength out-forced Leo's, and the smaller turtle was on the floor, katana at his neck. The latter smiled. "You did well, Leonardo," he said as he disappeared.

Leonardo gasped. No way was this happening. He'd won the Battle Nexus Championship! The crowd went wild, and he smiled and waved at them, katanas sheathed.

He disappeared and reappeared in front of the Daimyo. He bowed deeply. The Daimyo bowed back. Leo's and Leonardo's families, plus Usagi stood behind Leonardo. Leonardo rose, although his head was still bowed, and a small wreath of leaves was placed upon his head. The Daimyo reached behind himself and handed Leonardo a blue statue-like object that were three stacked squares, each one smaller than the one below it. He smiled in gratitude as Splinter and Hamato Splinter went off to the side to talk to the Daimyo.

Mike came up directly behind Leonardo and patted him on the shoulder, a goofy grin on his face. "You definitely deserve it, bro. If I still had my trophy, you could put this one next to mine!" he exclaimed. Leonardo chuckled.

Leo stood in front of Leonardo, bowing. "You did great, Leonardo!" he congratulated after he'd gotten back up.

Leonardo bowed back. "You did well, Leo," he said, quoting Leo from earlier.

"You never really had a chance to win this trophy, and I'm glad you got it," Leo remarked.

Raphael barreled into his brother's back, wrapping his arms around Leonardo's neck uncharacteristically. "Now we ain't gotta hear Mikey braggin' 'bout bein' champ anymore!" he laughed. Leonardo nodded, expression serious. Mike pouted.

Don fist-bumped his brother. "Great job, Leonardo."

Splinter came from where he was talking. "My sons, you have made friends with Hamato Splinter's sons, yes?" he inquired. His sons nodded. "Donatello, you still have that portal stick, correct?"

Don nodded.

"Daimyo has agreed to teach me how to get to our counterparts' world, if that would be acceptable. Your father had already given permission, so I only need yours," Splinter said, directing his attention to their counterparts.

"Heck, yeah!" they all exclaimed.

"Then it is decided. Leonardo, I shall teach you the technique, as well, and expect you to tech your counterpart."

"Of course, Master," Leo agreed, bowing.

But out of the corner of his eye, Leo could see Leonardo winking at him, and realized, even if he hadn't won the Championship, he'd still gained something else.

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