Who wouldn't want to be Boxed-In with Tiva? The Sparks fly with our favorite duo. ~ Gwen

It all started with getting stuck in a shipping crate, and the crate had been moved and was now on the road, full of nothing but DVDs and fake money...Oh and two NCIS Agents. Or, technically one NCIS Senior Field Agent and one very annoyed Liaison Mossad Officer. "Tony if you say any type of movie reference one more time I swear I will kill you!" The irritated Israeli exclaimed as she threw a DVD at him. To which Tony ducked then picked it up. "Ziva, this is the great escape." Of course the statement went right over his partner's head. "Yes Tony, escape, that is what we are trying to do. What we have been trying to do since we got in this piece of..harrah, cold metal box!" His eyebrows rose as he held the flashlight in her direction but not in her face. "Okay I don't know what that word was but I'm pretty sure you just swore." Ziva huffed but then both agents had to grab onto the cargo crates as the vehicle moved. "Whoa!..Yikes!" They both said until they could regain their balance. Ziva signed and walked over to a wall, leaning against it with arms crossed as she looked out the little circled vents at the top near the ceiling of their moving prison. "We're gonna get out of here...you know that, right?" She looked to DiNozzo as he spoke to her more gently, breaking the silence. Ziva nodded with a sigh. "I know we will Tony. The question is when and how bad." Tony looked to her. "Gibbs will find us." Ziva shrugged, gesturing with her head and her hands as she talked. "Oh he will find us, the only question is will we be alive or delivered in body bags." He came forward now. "Hey..Ziva, don't talk like that. We're gonna make it. I promise." Ziva swallowed and hung her head. "I don't mean to despair Tony. I was just saying the possibility. If we are not found, I will be willing to accept my fate." Tony stood very close to her now, gently he put his hand under her chin, lifting up her eyes so they were locked with his. "Well I'm not." He said fiercely and with determination, but it was also quiet. As she stared at him and he to her, their faces got closer, closer..."Augh!" "Whoah!" Their giant cold box jolted again as it moved around a bumpy curve, causing Ziva to go toward Tony and he ended up falling backwards, landing on his back in a heap as she was on top of him.

Tony groaned as they lay there together then looked to her as she pulled back, just a little so her eyes could focus on his face and he hers. "Well, here we are on the floor again, with me on top." He looked at her and licked his lips. "You know, if it were an entirely different situation, and if it was warmer in here, I'd say, we could be having a little fun." He said as he got his breath back. Ziva just chuckled. "Well I know a way to make it less freezing in here, even though this is not a freezer, per say...but then afterwards I don't know how it would effect our bodies." Tony looked at her, a grin soon coming to his lips and a brightness to his beautiful green eyes, only moving his hips the slightest, to which Ziva just looked at him. "That was not an invitation Tony." The poor man gave a sad puppy expression. "Are you sure? Sounded like it to me." He tried to sound hopeful as he glanced around. "And if you think about it, for 1: we're still going to be stuck in here for a while, and 2: it is a little safer staying down here on the floor so we don't fall and hurt ourselves." Ziva tilted her head sideways a little as she felt her legs rubbing against his, glancing around before returning her gaze to her partner. Albeit annoying partner sometimes, but when she thought about it, he actually was kind of cute. Her expression changed and she shook her head. What? Where did that come from? He looked to her, still smiling. "I could still hurt you while you lay like this." Tony contemplated that then looked to her. "...True. Or perhaps you want to because you just want to see my manly physique once more before we possibly..you know, kick the bucket." She looked to him and rose up so she was in a sitting position, their bodies rubbing and Tony ended up taking in a breath but he kept it controlled so she didn't see the slight, smallest hint of pleasure as when she moved. She had, in fact, grounded against him.

God even without that she was intoxicating, making him want her, the memories of the undercover op always coming fresh in his mind of their time, under the covers, sweaty, moaning and steamy...but he didn't know how she felt at the moment of the possibility of sex. They barely knew each other. He was sure if he was wrong about where she was at, she could do away with him in seconds. But yet it didn't feel wrong because she was always so close to him, like now, or even touching him in some small way. A trace of her hand across his back or shoulder, gently touching his hand..."Just a moment before you were saying how sure you were that we were going to be alive, now you're saying the opposite..kicking be bucket." Tony looked to her as he was brought out of his thoughts, composing his expression. "I'm not saying that, I was just..I don't know." He shook his head, why did his mind always have to go there, to that time? They stared at each other, then Ziva broke their glance and looked around, pulling her arms around herself. "It is getting chilly...maybe we, should, at least, lay together." DiNozzo couldn't hide his grin. "For warmth only." She warned when she notice him open his coat fully..and the very slight bulge in his pants, not that she hadn't noticed that earlier. He nodded. "Survival 1-O-1 to stay warm. You should take off your coat too, then that way we'd have two coats to cover us..or use one as a pillow." Ziva nodded but took a breath, hesitant as she then just shook her head about whatever he might think about her at the moment and do it. "I do agree, but we should not sleep, no matter how much the warmth may tempt us. We need to keep our heads and be on alert."

Tony nodded. "Well, we can lessen that a little if we go more towards the back." Ziva thought then nodded, shivering more from having taken her coat off in the first place. "Alight Tony, but not too far." The agent nodded and she followed him, grabbing her flashlight and they went deeper into the shipping crate until they were 7 ft from the back as there were crates in the way. He then took off his coat and laid it down, then Ziva went beside him after tucking her pants into her socks for more warmth. "Wipe that smirk off your face." She said to him but it wasn't as ordering. She said it as if she was just telling him to roll over. Tony grinned. "Come on, admit it, you wanted to be so close to me." He said as they faced each other on the floor, also pulling Zivas coat over them and they used their arms as pillows to rest their heads. Ziva looked at him. "I have seen enough." Tony looked at her a moment. "You sure?" "Stop it." She warned more sharply, already feeling the heat start to come back to her body. "Mmm, it's a little warmer now." DiNozzo nodded. "Yeah, it getting..cozy." Ziva just gave a knowing smile and then glanced about as Tony then yawned. "Mm, you're right about the heat making one sleepy." To which Ziva nodded and stretched her arm out a moment then put it back under her head. "Well if you want, I don't know how much longer we are going to be traveling in this box, but you can sleep now and in an hour or half hour we can switch. Tony thought then nodded. "Sure, I'll set my clock..half hour?" He fished it out of his pants pocket as Ziva nodded. "Okay, done." He glanced around before setting his head on his arm, his free hand carefully going and resting on the side of Ziva and she looked at him as Tony took note of how she didn't shy from his touch, not even stiffen against him as their legs were constantly touching each other to some extent. "I'm gonna try and sleep, but, wake me if you need me." They stared at each other a moment, their faces getting closer than they already are, and then, it just happened...they kissed. Eyes closing, Tony gently cradling her to him as their body heat did rise some. After a couple moments they pulled apart.

And little did they know that ever since they went undercover as master assassins, their need and want for each other had come through. The kiss was soft and gentle, and the most true they had ever shared despite only knowing each other for a short time since Ziva joined the team. Sure there was the rules, among other things. Can something like this happen that fast? Well it obviously can, the reader has just eye witnessed this, probably hoping for even a little more...well you get it. Not saying it was a big step in their relationship as in terms of possible hook-up togetherness. But that kiss, the first, true kiss they shared in this moment, was going to be the beginning of something between them. A spark, a turn of the head, light in the eyes, a driving and longing passion for the other. Soon, in some years to come, little did they know that this beginning of their turn towards each other would grow into something magical.

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