Love Conquers All

Chapter 3

By ArtikGato

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Author's Notes: Here we go! Chapter 3! Just so you know, Chapter 1 was 'Snake Venom', and chapter two was 'Love, Jealousy and Betrayal'. This chapter is a continuation of 'Love, Jealousy and Betrayal', (because I think a few of you would murder me if I just stopped where I ended Chapter 2....). It is, of course, Inu x Kago, but there is also a bit of Miro x Sango in here. Oh, and beware of major sappiness! If you don't like happy endings, then don't read. This is how I want the series to end, by the way. Review!! I'm thinking about making the next chapter another lemon. Should I? Anyways, on with the chapter!! And thankees to all who reviewed!!!

Inuyasha sank to his knees, exhausted. The clouds of death had finally dissipated, coinciding with how far Inuyasha could run. He put Kagome down on the ground in front of him, and used his hands for support to keep from falling over.

            "Are you all right?" Kagome asked.

            "I will be," he said, taking a huge breath. "Phew...I thought those clouds would never go away," Kagome nodded, and turned back to the huge circle of destruction and death behind them.

            "Naraku is dead, right?" she asked.

            "Yes...he is dead. The clouds were just a side affect," Inuyasha replied.

            "Right. His body couldn't contain the dark energy since he wasn't alive," she said. Then a thought struck her. "Hey, do you think Miroku, Sango and Shippo are all right? The campsite wasn't very far from where we fought with Naraku," Inuyasha stood up, having caught his breath.

            "I don't know. I hope they're all right," the hanyou replied, still breathing a little hard.

            "Hey, are you all right?" Sango asked, as Miroku sank to his knees, holding his wrist in pain. Shippo jumped down off of her shoulder, concerned.

            "I'm ok...I've just never taken in that much evil energy before," he said, letting go of his hand and standing up.

            "What do you think caused it?" Shippo asked.

            "I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count," Sango said, looking in the direction that the energy had come from. Nothing but blackened earth from the ashes of the trees and plants remained for miles. Behind them, the dead forest extended, until finally dissipating almost half a mile behind them. A small patch of grass that they were standing on was the only proof of life for miles and miles around.

            "It was probably Naraku. No one else could release something of that magnitude," the monk replied. Sango nodded.

            "D-do you think Kagome and Inuyasha are ok?" Shippo asked. Sango smiled.

            "I know those two. I'm sure that they found a way out of this just like we did," she said.

            "I'm willing to bet that they caused this, too," Miroku replied. Sango shook her head.

            "You're probably right,"

            "Are you sure that the shards are this way?" Inuyasha asked.

            "Positive," Kagome replied. Then, she cupped her hands around her mouth. "SANGO!! SHIPPO!! MIROKU! KIRARA!!" she called. Inuyasha crinkled his nose. He tried to smell the air for them, but all he could smell was the dust and ashes that the two kicked up into the air as they walked back through the destruction.

            "This is getting us nowhere," Inuyasha stated the blatantly obvious. Searching for the jewel shards in this mess was like looking for a needle in a haystack. The only difference was that Kagome could sense pretty much where they were. But, the hanyou was willing to bit that the shards had been blown to the four corners of the Earth with the evil clouds of destruction.

            "Hey, look up ahead!" Kagome said, ignoring Inuyasha's earlier comment. Inuyasha looked past her, and saw a crater in the ground, in sharp contrast to the flat area around them. The clouds of destruction had not only killed the plants and animals, but they had flattened the land. Ant hills and mountains alike were vaporized in the clouds of evil.

            'I'll bet that's where Naraku was," Inuyasha said, as they jogged up to the crater. They peered over the edge, and gasped in surprise. Crater was an was more like a pit. The crater cut deep into the earth, like a bomb had exploded at the bottom of it and the blast had only traveled upward. Inuyasha wordlessly grabbed Kagome and put her on his back like they were 'flying'. He jumped into the pit, free falling down into the earth, which turned into stone the farther they fell. He landed effortlessly at the bottom, and Kagome climbed off of his back. She knelt down, and picked something up.

            "Well, here's a start," she said, holding up a large chunk of the Shikon Jewel.

            "Wow, that's almost half! With the shards we already have and this, the Jewel should almost be complete!" Inuyasha exclaimed. Kagome nodded, and took her piece of the jewel off of her neck, holding them both up to compare. There was a flash of pink light, and suddenly the two pieces joined together.

            "Wha?" they both exclaimed in surprise. The pink light glowed steadily brighter, engulfing them both, until it became a bright white light. Kagome blinked, and looked at the jewel in her hands. It was whole again! She almost couldn't believe it. The light subsided, and they both blinked to regain their sight.

            "Inuyasha..." she started.

            "The's complete..." he said. She nodded. She swallowed, and looked at the floor. Inuyasha could see unshed tears in her eyes. But why?

            "Kagome...why are you crying?" he asked her. She started to shake.

            "Inuyasha..." she started, and looked up at him. He felt like his heart would break at the look on her face. "Once the Jewel is used, I can't come back here," she said.

            "Of course you can! If you want to come back, I'll just go and get you-"

            "No. I don't know what my purpose was here in the first place, but I have the feeling that now that Naraku is dead and the Jewel is complete, my purpose here is done. And after that, I won't be able to return," she said. She was crying now.

            Inuyasha started to say something, but she beat him to it.

            "But...I love you...and I don't want to leave," she said, and tried to say something else, but her tears were choking her. Inuyasha just couldn't bear to see her crying any longer. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, letting her cry into his kimono. Two tears of his own escaped from his eyes, landing on the stone floor below. He hadn't allowed himself to cry in such a long time, since the death of his mother.

            'No, I have to be strong,' he thought, and shook away the tears that so desperately wanted to come.              

            "Kagome," he whispered to her, "It'll be all right. We'll make this work...some how," She pulled away from him slightly.

            "When I was stuck in the well that time after that big battle with felt like my heart was going to break. And that was only a week. But an eternity..." she started. He put a clawed finger up to her lips.

            "I know," he said, looking down with empathy in his eyes. "That week felt like an eternity to me too," he admitted. Then he stepped away from her, and took the completed Shikon Jewel in his hands, holding it up.

            "Shikon no Tama, I know you can hear me," he started, a look of determination on his face. "Listen, I know it's not your department to grant wishes-" he started.

            "What are you doing?!" Kagome demanded. He ignored her, continuing.

            "Well, just grant this one! Make it so that the Bone Eater's Well will always keep it's powers, so that Kagome and I can both travel through it, even after you are gone and our purposes are served!" he said. As soon as he stopped speaking a bright pink light emitted from the jewel.

            Silly hanyou said a voice, laughing. Kagome and Inuyasha opened their eyes, and found that they seemed to be standing on crystal. A woman was standing before them, dressed in a pink kimono. Around her neck was the Shikon no tama, on a cord that seemed to be made of crystal as well.

            "Who are you?" Kagome asked. The woman laughed again.

            That is none of your concern. Inuyasha and Kagome heard the voice, but the woman's mouth did not move. She was speaking to them telepathically.

            "Are you the Shikon no tama?" Inuyasha asked.

            More or less. And you two are the mortals that reunited the jewel.

            "Yes, but I am also the one that shattered it," Kagome replied, guilty.

            Do not blame yourself for that, Kagome Higurashi. It was destined to happen.

            "How do you know my name?" Kagome asked.

            You were a keeper of the Shikon Jewel. I know all who are keepers of it.

            "So you knew Kikyo?" Inuyasha asked.

            Yes. Sort of. She protected the Jewel, but she also used it. Anyway, she is not of importance right now. What is of importance is your wish.

            "Can you grant it?" Inuyasha asked.

            Yes, but I sense that you have another wish, possibly more wanted than this one.

            "Well...yes. I want to become a full demon. But...not if I have to lose Kagome," Inuyasha said. The woman laughed, startling the couple.

            Do you not think that, with all of the immense power of the Shikon Jewel, that I can only grant one wish?

            "Y-you mean you can grant them both?" Kagome asked.

            I can grant as many as you want, so long as you are pure in heart and intentions. said the woman. Inuyasha and Kagome stared at her, and then smiled, and turned and hugged eachother for joy. All of their troubles would soon be over!

            "All right, then make the well retain it's powers, so that both Kagome and I can use it until the day that we die. And..." Inuyasha started, and blushed at this point, "If we happen to have children, umm, well, y'know..." he said. Kagome let go of him, and turned to the woman.

            "I think you know what me means," she said. The woman nodded.

            It shall be done.

            The two just grinned triumphantly. Inuyasha's blush faded, and he suddenly became serious.             "Also, could you make me full demon...but not evil like some of the other demons," Inuyasha said. The woman nodded again.

            Anything else?

            "Can you tell us if our friends-Miroku, Sango and Shippo-are still alive?" she asked.

            They are.

            "Then, could you make it so that our friends can go through the well too?" Kagome asked. The woman nodded.

            It can be done.

            "Has Miroku's hand healed?" she asked. The woman nodded.

            It is nothing more than a scar, now. The curse on him and his family has ended now that Naraku is dead. Kagome thought for a second.

            "What about Kohaku?" she asked.

            Sango's brother is sleeping peacefully under the watchful eyes of two farmers a few miles north of here. Naraku is now dead, so his control over him is gone. Kohaku is now a normal boy again.

            "Terrific! Okay, this is my last request, can you bring him here?"

            But of course. The woman replied. She turned to Inuyasha. Anything else?

            "Nope. Just those, four wishes. I think we can handle anything else on our own," the soon-to-be-no-longer-a-hanyou said. The woman bowed to both of them, and they returned the gesture politely.

            Good-bye...for now. And have a good life. You deserve it.

            There was a flash of light, and Kagome and Inuyasha found themselves back at the bottom of the pit. The Shikon jewel was no longer in Inuyasha's hands. The two blinked to adjust to the absence of light. Kagome turned to say something to Inuyasha but shrieked in surprise.

            "What's wrong?" he asked.

            "You have a tail! And blue marks on your face!" she exclaimed. Inuyasha blinked, and swished his poofy white tail so that he could see it.

            "'re right! That means I'm a demon now!" he exclaimed. The two hugged for joy, and Inuyasha once again scooped her up in his arms, and jumped out of the pit. There was a flash of light, and there was Kohaku, sleeping peacefully on the ground near the crater, blissfully unaware of what had happened. Inuyasha put Kagome down, and picked up the slumbering child.

            "Which way are the others?" he asked. Kagome took a moment to sense them out, and then pointed to the East. Inuyasha smiled.

            "Let's go," he said, and swished his tail a little in a triumphant way.

            'Sesshomaru can no longer call me a bastard hanyou, and Kouga can no longer-' he stopped dead in his tracks.

            "Kouga," he said. Kagome also stopped.

            "Oh no! That's right, we forgot all about him! The cloud of destruction must have-"

            Have no worries. I'll consider that another wish. Said a very familiar voice in their heads.

            "Hey, are you still here?" Kagome asked.

            In a sense, I'll always be with you. But I can still grant wishes and talk to you because my presence hasn't faded away yet. Besides, I knew you were gonna forget something. So, you want Kouga brought back to life, unharmed?

            "Umm...yes," Inuyasha said, surprising Kagome.

            All righty, it can be done. And I suppose you want this area back to a forest?

            "That'd be nice. Thank you!"

            It shall be done. Now, if you have any other'd better think of them fast.

            With a flash of light, they were suddenly surrounded by the lush forest that had been there before, and they suddenly heard a groan off to their right. They looked at eachother and rushed over to find Kouga, holding his head in pain, and just sitting up.

            "Kouga! Are you all right?!" Kagome asked, kneeling beside him.

            "I just had the strangest dream that I was in a white light, and there were lots of weird looking people in robes telling me that I had to put on a robe and a strange glowy circle thing on my head..." Kouga muttered. Then he turned to look at Kagome.

            "Oh! Hello Kagome!" he said, and started to glomp her like he always did, but stopped himself. He gave her a small smile.

            "What's up?" he asked. She suddenly hugged him, surprising him.          

            "I'm so glad you're alive, Kouga!" she exclaimed, and stood up, standing beside Inuyasha.

            "Kagome," Kouga started, clasping her hands. She abruptly pulled them away from him.

            "Don't get the wrong idea. I love Inuyasha...and I always will. But I love you as a friend. I'm sure that there is someone out there that will love you the way I never can," she said.

            "Well said, Kagome. Thank you for caring about me...friend," the wolf demon replied.

            "Come on, let's go find the others," Kagome said.

            "Yeah, 'cause this kid isn't light," the no-longer-hanyou replied, swishing his new tail.

            "Hey...uh...since when have you had a tail?" Kouga asked, pointing at Inuyasha's furry new appendage. Inuyasha looked smug and proud.

            "Since I became full demon!" he replied.

            "A few minutes ago," Kagome added. Inuyasha fell over, twitching.

            Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara were walking through what seemed to be an endless expanse of dirt and ashes. Shippo had since turned into a balloon to avoid stepping in the dust. Miroku, in the lead, suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

            "What is it?" Sango asked, stepping up beside him. She gasped. There was a pink light rolling toward them in waves. Behind it, trees and grass and other things were appearing out of thin air. Shippo and Kirara also stood awestruck, beside Sango.

            "Okay...this is different," the demon exterminator said.

            "Should we be running right now?" Shippo asked.

            "I don't think so. Something has caused this forest to be returned to it's previous state, and obviously this will not hurt us," Miroku said. Just as he said that, the pink light washed past them, and grass suddenly appeared under their feet.

            "See, there's nothing to worry ab-" Miroku started, but was interrupted as he and Sango suddenly found themselves precariously balanced on a tree limb.

            "Perhaps you spoke too soon, Miroku," Sango said, glaring at him a little. He turned to talk to her, but that upset the balance on the tree limb, and caused them both to fall off and tumble to the grassy ground in a disorderly pile of limbs and clothes. Had she and Miroku not been 'taking baths' so much lately, she would have probably whapped him several times on the head with her boomerang because of the way they had landed, but at the moment, she didn't care. She didn't feel like caring, she just wanted to enjoy the kiss. Of course, that didn't happen.

           "Can't leave you people alone for fifteen minutes, can we?" said an arrogant voice from nearby. Miroku and Sango regretfully stopped kissing and got to their feet.           

            "It's good to see you!" called another voice. Sango turned toward the voices, to see Kagome making her way toward them through the trees, followed by Inuyasha and...Kouga?! She looked more closely. Yup, that was definitely Kouga.

            'Jigoku must be frozen," she thought, because Kouga wasn't professing his love to Kagome OR trying to rip Inuyasha's arms off. Speaking of Inuyasha, was that a TAIL?! And what's with the blue stripes on his face? Something WEIRD happened. But what's that he's carrying?

            "Kagome!!" Shippo exclaimed, and ran toward her.

            "Hey Shippo," she said, catching the tiny kitsune as he jumped toward her. Sango examined the thing in Inuyasha's arms more closely. It was a person. A child, in fact. The child had black hair, and looked strangely familiar.

            "Kohaku?!" she demanded, running up to Inuyasha.

            "In the flesh," Inuyasha replied, handing the boy to Sango. She could barely hold him, so she set him down, leaning his back against a tree. Miroku chose this moment to speak.


            And so, Inuyasha and Kagome explained things to them, first about the death of Naraku, explaining the black clouds, Miroku no longer having his Wind Tunnel, and Kohaku no longer being controlled. Miroku and Sango jumped up and hugged eachother in joy, each for a different reason. Miroku didn't have to live with his curse any more, and Sango didn't have to live with her brother being controlled by an evil monster any more. Sango immediately rushed over to where she had left Kohaku, still asleep, and gently shook him by the shoulders.

            "Kohaku! Little brother! It's time to wake up now," she said to him. His eyes slowly opened, and he blinked.

            "Sango?" he asked. She smiled, tears in her eyes, and hugged him.

            "Kohaku!! You're alive!" she exclaimed.

            "Is it really you Sango? But I thought you were dead!" Kohaku protested.

            "Me too, brother," she replied. The siblings smiled, finally reunited. Sango suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked up at Miroku.

            "It's good to see you happy, Sango," he said, a genuine smile of happiness on his face that he hadn't worn in so long.

            "Who's this?" Kohaku asked. Sango stood up, and Kohaku followed her.

            "This is Miroku. He's-" she started.

            "Just think of me as a big brother," he said, cautiously putting an arm around Sango's shoulders. Kohaku looked at them, bewildered.

            "Geez, just how long was I out for?" he asked. They just smiled. Sango turned around to look at Inuyasha and Kagome.

            "How can I ever thank you?" she asked.

            "It was nothing," Kagome replied. Sango nodded gratefully.

            "I just have one question, Inuyasha," she said. Inuyasha looked at her, confused.

            "The tail?" she, Shippo and Miroku asked at the same time. He suddenly looked smug.

            "I am very proud to announce that I am now completely, totally and fully demon!" he said.

            "Shikon no tama?" Shippo asked.

            "Of course," he replied.

            "Well guys, what are we going to do now that Naraku is dead and the Shikon no tama is gone?" Sango asked.

            "Let's go home," Miroku suggested, referring to the quaint little village by the Bone Eater's Well that they had all begun to call home. Kagome put a finger to her chin.

            "Actually, if you guys don't mind, I was hoping we could all go to my house in the future," she said. Everyone but Inuyasha looked at her, dumbstruck.

            "Umm...are you forgetting that we can't pass through the well?" Shippo asked. Kagome and Inuyasha both grinned.

            "You can now!" they both said.

            "Shikon no tama?" Sango asked, after the initial shock of it all passed.

            "Of course," they replied.