Authors Note:

I haven't written a story in years, but after viewing others write about Overwatch (my current obsession), I've decided to give it a twirl myself. Obviously, the story and timeline are different for some characters than others, I plan to give others their same oragins while remaining true to the original content. Only the story is owned by me, I do not own the characters of Overwatch in any shape or form. I hope you all enjoy some feel good fluff and angsy, drama and suspense for this story, cause it's a comin'!

Chapter 1:

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Another morning the same as before, the sun rose from beyond the horizon, just above the stretched miles of rooftops where the night sky once observed, now dissipating to bring on the new morning. The mixture of orange and red burned brightly as the shining star made its presence known to the world once more. Every morning the same as before, Jack Morrison already up and awake from his slumber to greet the day, looking past the blinds of his window to smile at the rising sun, relishing the colorful beauty only he knew and grew familiar with. His time as a soldier shifted his mornings to start roughly around 5 am; beyond the time normal civilians woke for their day. Jack never minded the early hours; to him, it was a reminder that he was alive and well, a luxury he could cherish unlike many of his comrades who have fallen in the years gone past. Having lived the life of a soldier since before adulthood, training for many years to obtain the respect and admiration of others he's worked alongside with has taught Jack to cherish every moment he breaths, and he intended to do so. A stir caused the elder veteran to shift his gaze to his bed, a figure turned towards him still fighting off daylights arrival. Tucked tenderly in the thin lined sheets was Jack's hope for a better future and eternal love, the Swiss born medic and fellow operative and lady of healing, Angela Ziegler. Her blond locks nestled down her frame and laid on her chest peacefully as her body merely recuperated from a long shift at the hospital. She is still known to this day as Mercy, the angel of tenderness to those in need of aide. As the rays of light began to illuminate their room, her complexion glowed as if the God's themselves blessed her with eternal beauty. For a woman her age to love a man of Jack's age and stature, the withered soldier counted his blessings with each kiss he was granted to place on her soft lips in declaration of love and devotion. No matter how many times Jack stared, he was always breathless by her mere presence. Alas, the glance this time would be short lived, the soldier needed to start the day for his household.

A chore he gladly took up upon a retired life of killing and beating at his body with rigorous training and discipline. Silently, he snuck out of his room, closing the door ever so gently before padding across the hardwood floor of their second story home to proceed downstairs to the open kitchen. Turning on the lights, the granite counter tops reflected the lights and shinned with all their marvel as the soldier grabbed his favorite apron. Smiling to himself as he placed it on with a hushed chuckle, "#1 Dad" as a birthday gift from his family, he wore it with pride every day he cooked. Another day, another army to feed, and Jack was the man to accept such a challenge. First came the pancakes, handmade from scratch, Jack as gotten a hand at not making such a mess as he had before when he first started making a chow hall sized feast. Two bowls full ready to be cooked; bacon and fruit ready to be fried and cut, eggs to be boiled and scrambled, and toast to be prepared with butter and fixings. Jack had his work filled, but he always accomplished his tasks with time to spare. This morning was no different for him, just another day to welcome the world with his family. Roughly a half hour later, the feast was prepared and the table set for all the mouths about to fuel their bodies for the day.

"Alright" Jack clapped his hands, proud at the sight of a large meal for an army he has created.

"Time to wake up the little ones". With that, the retired soldier made his way upstairs once more, reaching the top step he made a right down another long hallway where four doors remained slightly opened on both sides of the hallway. Entering the first door on the right, Jack slowly opened and entered the messy room of his adopted daughter, Lena Oxton. The high energy, high spirited bunch of their litter already stirred in her sleep as the sun now illuminated her room with gusto and vigor. Jack's soft steps towards her bed caused a stir in the young girl, who appears to be roughly 15 years of age. She was one of the oldest of their adopted children. Jack kneeled and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, prompting Lena's eyes to slowly open to focus on the grey-haired veteran. "Hey there my little Tracer, good morning. It's time to get up for breakfast". Jack smiled; Lena smiled and yawned, wasting no time to sit up and rub her eyes before focusing on her surrogate father.

"Mmmm…morning luv". Lena yawned as she began to unravel herself from her blankets, wearing a yellow and brown matching pajama set. Though sprightful and energetic; Jack knew she was more responsible than she appeared outside of her bouncy nature.

"Morning to you as well, go get cleaned up and help me with the others please. Thank you." Jack smiled as he rose once more to go to the room across the hall. Lena yawned once more before making her way to her bathroom, Jack opened the door to a western themed room encased in darkness thanks to the blackout curtains. Moving towards the window, Jack quickly opened the curtains to let whatever light would reach this side of the house. His actions had meaning, even the slightest beam of light seemed to stir the figure sprawled out on the wooden bed, and the noise to follow.

"Aww Jack-Jack…why you gotta ruin a perfectly go mornin' for me?" Jack merely snickered before placing a hand on the messy brown mopped hair that poked itself from the blanket. Jesse McCree, the fast talking, wild and sweetest smooth talker this side of the Texan boarder. He brought an interesting sense of fun and energy to the family.

"Because cowboy, it's the best time of day to hear you complain." Jack ruffled the bundle of hair. "Time to get up Jesse, I made your favorite this morning." That seemed the lessen the grumpy mood of the southern child as he stretched some before leaving his own bed.

"Boy howdy Jack-Jack, I can smell it from here, you ain't foolin' around." Jesse quickly hopped out of bed to prepare for the fest his stomach made known with its growl with anticipation. As Jack left Jesse's room, he could already see Tracer leaving one of the other occupied rooms, holding hands with a Korean girl her age, holding onto a handheld Nintendo 3DS as the sound of Mario already echoed in the hallway. Her head bobbed as Tracer dragged her down the hall, clearly only being awakened and lead by the bubbly Lena, gabbing about their daily activities to plan for. Jack leaned down as they both passed and planted two kisses on both their heads.

"D. VA, that's what happens when you stay up all night playing that thing." Jack smiled as he made his way to the last room.

"I wanna be the best, the best can't sleep." mumbled as the two girls made their way downstairs. Jack entered the final room in the back, almost caught off guard as he heard slight shuffling inside before the door swung open sharply and a mid, sized child crashed into Jack's stomach. The soldier balance himself quickly before looking down to see the strands of dreadlocks bounce and sway below him. The child with sun-burnt dark skin looked up and smiled, even his eyes smiled.

"You're up already Lucio? I'm impressed." Jack patted the boys head lightly.

"Yup yup Jack! I'm excited to try my new skates after breakfast…if, if that's alright with you." The Brazilian boy bounced on his bare feet with such excitement, it would be a sin to deny his request.

"Of course, Lucio, after breakfast. Better hurry before the others eat it all though." As if that was the only news to cause a gasp, Lucio darted past Jack quickly to the stairs with quick stomps, meaning once again he was hopping down the stairs in a hurry. Jack smiled as he followed suit, taking his leisure time as he entered the kitchen to see his children already hard at work. Each of them doing their own task to prepare their meals. Tracer already pouring milk into the vacant cups on the table, being extra careful not to spill a drop. Jesse grabbing random condiments to decorate their toast with, D. VA simply folding towels slowly, her body still trying to wake up as her head bobbed occasionally. Lastly, Lucio already diving portions of the food onto separate plates and bringing them to the table. Jack smiled at his little army of helpers, leaning against the doorway as he peered at their quick work. Without noticing, a pair of slender arms wrapped around his waist; almost causing the elder veteran to turn and strike, only to stop his instincts and motion when a warm, familiar body hugged close from behind. Years of training has taught Jack never to let his guard down, but years of being with Angela and the children, his views have changed, but his instincts never left. "Well, good morning Angel." Jack brightened up with a smile as he curved his back some, peering over his shoulder to see the smiling face of his wife.

"God morgon Jack, I hope I didn't scare you." Angela chuckled lightly, clearly in a blissful state as she still held her grip.

"I hope the children didn't wake you…I wanted to make today special for our new guests to arrive." Jack placed his large hand over his wives, easily covering a single hand with his own.

"You didn't have to, but I'm glad you did. The brothers will need all the help they can get to adjust to this new life and I hope we can give it to them. Especially with what happened to the elder…I hope from the file he will open-up more. But, we shall see." Angela released her grip as she made her way towards the table where the children sat, each greeting their surrogate mother warmly, and her in turn greeting them with hugs and kisses. Years ago, when Angela and Jack, known at Overwatch as "Mercy" and "Soldier 76" to their teammates, Mercy was injured severely when their squad leader Gabriel Reyes was pinned down by suppressing fire from their Omnic enemy. A proximity grenade, well hidden from sight erupted and sent the medic from her flight path and down to the battlefield. The shrapnel pierced her body armor of her suit, causing severe damage to her internal organs and reproductive organs as well. She was saved by their field tank Reinhardt; however, the damage was too extensive to not leave any lasting scars. One being the ability for Angela to conceive, which left her in a long state of depression. Jack stayed by her side since then, only longing for her from a distance due to his advanced age than hers, but he dashed those thoughts aside and has been at her side ever since, even when she returned to the field of battle. Their marriage came two years later, and their decisions to adopt a year after to start their own family. Now, they have a full house of little darlings, each with their own unique back story and charming personalities to complete the family. With two more on the way, Jack simply smiled as Angela sat at her designated spot, catching glance at her husband still leaning at the kitchen doorway. The children stopped their eating and did the same. "Jack, is everything alright?" Angela questioned, bringing Jack from his stupor.

"Everything is perfect, nothing to worry about Angel." Jack responded, leaving his spot and making his way to the table, sitting on the opposite end to eat with his family. "Alright everyone, like we talked about last night, two more kids are coming to add to the family. You know the rules on welcoming them?" Jack began to cut into his pancakes as he spoke, Lena, of course, was the first to raise her hand as if she was in class.

"Oooo, ooo! Jack, I know I know!" Lena pleaded with anxiety. "We welcome them with open arms and open hearts, it's what we do in this house." Angela smiled as she brought her coffee mug to her lips and enjoyed the fresh brewed coffee.

"Yeah, 'n we let them know we're family. No matter what, family stays together through thick and thin." Jesse spoke up with his mouth full of eggs and bacon. Lucio simply laughed, keeping his full mouth closed as he chewed, then swallowed the contents before speaking up.

"Oh, and show them around and help them become adjusted. Because it's always scary at a new place, I know that for sure."

"That's right Lucio, very good. Now then, it's a pair of brothers from Japan, the eldest is your age while the youngest is slightly younger, 13 I believe. They're very close so if at first, they don't socialize for whatever reason, understand this is a new adjustment for them. They lost their parents recently from a very bad accident, so a new life and environment is going to be challenging to accept, just give them time and space. Does everyone understand?" Angela looked around the table, all the kids nodded furiously, each of them know personal loss, abandonment and the feeling of being alone. They were well prepared for their new siblings to arrive. "I'm glad, they'll be arriving with you Uncle Reinhardt and Aunt Ana, so you know what that means…" Angela simply smiled as D. Va finally spoke up with excitement.

"Pharah will be coming!" The news brought the Korean girl to life as she finally focused in more and ate her breakfast hastily. Tracer did the same to be rid of her meal. Jack finished his portion happily, standing and grabbing the dirty plates one by one.

"Everyone go ahead and scatter, I've got the dishes." The children all thanked both parents as they vanished from the kitchen. Angela rose and gathered the dishware as well, the two cleaned the kitchen in record time, even for them as they washed and dried, then place the dishware away. To them though, alone time didn't always need words, they worked in sync with one another just by being inches away from one another. Jack finally dried his hands after placing the last dish on the rack and removed his apron, reading the slogan once more, he carefully placed the fabric piece onto the island countertop. Combing a hand through his own greyed hair, the veteran peered at the clock. "9:30, they're to arrive later this afternoon correct?"

"Yes Jack, roughly around 4 if not later. Ana will call when their plane lands, from her message last night, everything seemed to go through just fine paperwork wise. They were a high priority to be removed from their home and placed under heavy security, it's a good thing Blackwatch was originally keeping track of the Shimada family for their underworld dealings. Who would have thought one of their leading clans would have fallen to a sudden coup? The poor boys though, I hope they didn't see the worst of it." Jack nodded at his wife's words, he remembered the Shimada clan were top priority to connections to the Omnic and Volskaya arms trade routes. It turned out their investigations didn't lead anywhere, but the Shimada clan was hiding more than their public deeds to the community showed. More concrete intel was needed before a bust, unfortunately, that took longer than expected. The clan had already been a shrouded mystery to outsiders, getting any intel on them was a god send. "Are their rooms ready?" Angel dried the last plate before placing it back into the cupboard.

"Yes, it is my love. I've gotten them both twin bunk beds in the room downstairs towards the back, underneath Lucio and Jesse's room. I would feel safer with them on the same floor as us, but we'll manage for now until we get things settled." Jack answered as he heard the footsteps of the other children go back and forth above them. Angela huffed a small laugh.

"Well, we have time before anything happens today, why don't you go take a nap? I'll take the watch from here before work tonight." Angela moved to face Jack, placing a chaste kiss on his lips, as if on cue, Jack yawned slightly and nodded.

"Thanks Mercy, an hour will be fine."

"Go on 76, I got point." Angela winked as Jack turned and made his way upstairs. Making his way to the top, Jack saw Lucio already placing his new skates on with the help from D. Va, who finally dressed herself for the day. Tracer grabbed her aviator goggles and changed into her yellow shirt and brown shorts, Jesse donned his overly large cowboy hat, and heirloom from his past. Two sizes too large, but he wore it with pride as the southerner finished tying his bandana around his neck, looking like a true western gunslinger…with an over-sized cowboy always dropping and covering his eyes when it fell.

"Hey kids, be mindful of Mercy, she has to work later tonight and we got a lot happening. So, go easy on her." Jack winked at the small group, they simply nodded as the veteran made his way back to his bedroom once again, removing his shirt and climbing into bed to doze off for a small recharge. Even as he drifted off back to his dreams, he did it with a slight smirk on his lips.