Chapter 12

Diamond Skies

Using his index and thumb to rub the crook of his eyes, Jack weighed heavily on the recent incident as he tried to remember every little detail that he could to further assist on finding out who this "Sombra" woman was. Her information was accurate, more than what was available to steal from Gibraltar before the attack happened in his neighborhood. Regardless, it was a loose end he was not too happy to have floating around unchecked. The veteran soldier sat alone with Winston in a small conference room, the night wore on, and still the soldier was running on low physically and mentally. Winston was speaking as he worked on his computer, however, Jack was nowhere near at the level of attention as he would have liked. The words seemed to blend together as he tried to concentrate with all his might. Thinking back to everything seemed to throw the man into a complete disarray, far from his normal demeanor. The sliding door of the conference room opened and shut just as quickly, heeled clicks tapped on the ground as they grew closer, stopping directly behind the seated soldier. A delicate had placed itself on Jack's shoulder, causing the man to violently shake out of natural reflex response, Jack's arm spastically knocking over his half-filled cup of water onto the table. Looking over his shoulder, the man could make out his wife, Angela, looking down at him with sorrow in her eyes. Winston stood and observed his friend's reaction.

"Jack?" The gorilla spoke, Jack simply waved his hand as he picked up his now empty cup and stood from his chair.

"I'm sorry, still unwinding on this end." Simple and to the point, everyone knew it was enough of an answer. Angela reached into her lab coat to grab a small handkerchief, quickly cleaning the spill on the table as Jack stretched, silently thanking his wife for her assistance. "We were waiting for you Mercy, what took so long?" The withered veteran spoke softly.

"Jesse had a panic attack, right as I was about to make my way to the meeting. He's stable now, but Gabriel stated it was roughly 2 hours before he finally tired himself out enough for him to become anywhere near calm." Jack's eyes widened at this news, as Angela had previously stated to Gabriel not too long ago, Jesse hasn't had a major panic attack in years. Looking over to her husband, she could see the clear distress look of concern. "Gabriel is currently with him in the medical ward, he's being supervised. I didn't want to leave myself, but I was already running late, as you can tell." Through tragedy and exhaustion, Angela was still able to manage a comforting smile to her husband. He returned the same expression as they both sat down next to one another, holding their hands as their fingers intertwined with one another. The sliding door opened once again, more members of the core Overwatch roster entered one by one. Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Ana, Zarya, Roadhog, Mei, all came through as expected. Even Widow Maker made it on time, having finally arrived from her re-con mission and taking Gabriel's place as second in command of BlackWatch.

"Thank you all for coming, I don't need to remind everyone of the events that transpired. But, let's get the basics out of the way. Yesterday at 14:34 hours, our system was hacked and information as taken before Athena could shut down. Unfortunately for us, they obtained information on Soldier 76 and Mercy's safehouse to look for the Shimada brothers. That information was leaked to Talon, unfortunately, while we were trying to reboot our systems and warn of the possible danger, they were able to strike without warning regardless in the late hours of the same day." Winston spoke as he paced around the conference table, looking down at his reports on his clipboard, adjusting his glasses periodically. "Thankfully, we had already stationed several agents for safeguarding, but the assault was too vast and vicious. Overwatch and BlackWatch made it to the scene around 0100 hours the following morning to retrieve survivors and expel the enemy from the area. Unfortunately, there were heavy civilian casualties. Estimates come to the triple digits of those missing or deceased. We're showing so far 460 to be dead, bodies confirmed. 70 still missing, our agents are still searching for possible bodies or going through contacts for verification." Winston made it back to his seat at the head of the conference table, sitting down with a heavy sigh. Jack tightened his grip on Angela's hand, seeing his wife close her eyes and shake her head slowly. The couple has yet to get any sleep or clean themselves after the incident and arrive at Gibraltar.

"Was a swift and brutal assault. No one was spared, it was a nightmare my friends, we barely made it out ourselves." Reinhardt rubbed his bandaged arm softly, stopping when Ana placed her hand atop of his. It truly was a nightmare and battle ground once reinforcements arrived, many from both sides fell that morning. Ana made her shots count, knowing Fareeha was in possible harm's way and her friends was enough or her to put all her skills to good use. Every shot hit their mark, there was no hesitation when pulling the trigger of her rifle. Torbjorn and Zenyatta grouped together when they were outnumbered and managed to come out of battle unscathed before the cavalry arrived.

"What about the girl? She couldn't have older than her early twenties or so. Any more word on her?" Jack spoke up, Angela looked at Winston as well, hoping to have more information on that woman before she vanished. Winston cleared his throat before speaking.

"The name "Sombra" doesn't give us much to go on, but from our undercover sources, she is a renowned hacker. Her specialty is information warfare and blackmail. Her body count isn't widely known, but I doubt she is a cold-blooded killer. By the interaction you had with her, she seems like the type of person to have a one up advantage over her enemies, or friends. Even with the description provided, she's not one to leave much of a trace to be followed after."

"However…" Cold words spoke as everyone looked towards Widow Maker. "Reaper and I have encountered her from time to time, and every time she escapes. She may be frail, but she is not to be taken lightly. She plans in advance, and always has a plan to escape." A whispered slew of French curse words spilt from Widow Makers lips, anyone elusive enough to escape her sights was more of an annoyance than the woman wanted.

"Problem is, she cannot be trusted. Will base be safe for use? For children to stay?" Zarya asked, looking around the table at the faces of her peers wondering what they were all thinking. "Gibraltar was temporary for little boys to heal and transport, but this is no home for such a large family." Everyone sadly nodded at the Russian wrestler's words, every bit of it was true, even Roadhog gave a grunt of disapproval. Jack rubbed the back of his neck deeply before speaking.

"We have another safehouse out in the country side, lots of land, woods and small community that we can blend in unnoticed. Almost rural, but they're current on the education standards, have all that we need with a short drive, hospital and amusement for the teens and kids alike. We would need to go as quickly as we can. I would hate for them to disrupt Overwatch and Blackwatch operations during their whole summer off. I don't know, this isn't a place for kids to stay permanently."

"I would not allow it, this is no place for children, and you're retired Jack. Or has that slipped your mind?" Mercy pipped in sternly.

"Angela, given how things are turning out, we can't be resting easy while our friends are constantly on guard over us. I pulled my fair share for the years before retirement, it won't be back getting into the fold again." Jack replied, everyone watched their interaction without saying a word, everyone aside from Torbjorn.

"It would be great to get ye back in the fight with us Morrison. Mercy has a point though, you've done enough as it is." The Swedish mechanic stroked his bread idly. "Establish your home and make sure the kids are situated first, then we'll talk about getting you back into action." The members jumped when a strong hand came down onto the table, shaking the standing contents.

"He will NOT be returning!" Angela raised her voice so everyone could hear her words clearly, everyone stopped and paused. Even Widow Maker raised an eyebrow at the sudden show of rage from their field medic. "He has done enough for this organization, I've picked up the slack like everyone else has, we don't need to always rely on Soldier 76 to come and take that burden off our shoulders."

"No one is saying now, but we will need Soldier 76 when things become as they are now. Think on it." Widow Maker spoke, Angela shot her a death glare of pure rage, but the effects did nothing to the cold-hearted sniper. Winston cleared his throat once more, gathering the attention of his team mates once again. Angela would hear no more as she stood from her chair and left the conference room in a rush, Jack stood and followed close behind his wife. The conference door sliding close leaving the others in silence. Ana spoke to break the silence.

"Thing are a little, tense, I understand. But we should not just expect Soldier 76 to always be available. We've heard for years how he's like to start a family and settle down, like anyone would. But, he is committed to his duties. He finally has that and we just shoved more trouble onto his plate when offering the Shimada brothers to stay with them. He cannot always stand my friends, we need to do our part as well." Everyone nodded at the sniper's words, no one seemed to have a counter argument. Zenyatta lifted his head slightly, receiving a sensation from his orb he left inside the children's make-shift fort. Without excusing himself as usual, the Omnic monk floated towards the door and made his exit as well. Angela stormed to her room with Jack close behind, discarding her lab coat on the floor as she fumed. Her husband locking their room door quickly before attending to his wife. Outside their room; shouting and harsh words could be heard from the corridor. Angela was mostly the cool-headed mother figure of the group and family. Her angry moments were some of the worst when push comes to shove, and she was a fury to not be taken lightly, in battle or not. Jack did his best to temper his wife's rage, but all efforts seemed futile as exhaustion and frustration won the battle.

"Angela, please consider what we're going through and what would be best for the kids…" Jack spoke quickly as to duck on the ground, having nearly dodge a vase that shattered against the wall as pieces scattered on the ground.

"I do think about them, every waking moment. But I think about you most! Years and years of healing your wounds and seeing you under my operating table after missions, do you know the kind of stress that could do to someone you love who has to wait and see if you'll survive or not?" The blond-haired medic was fuming to say the least, her eyes holding back pressures moisture that sought release. Knowing his wife's actions like the back of his hand, Jack used his accelerated speed to push himself up from the ground and make his way towards his wife, hopefully to prevent the angered woman from tossing another item at him. Jack held onto Angela's arms firmly, staring down at his flustered wife. After a few moments of struggling, combined with Swiss and German profanities, Angela calmed down somewhat in Jack's grasp. "It's not fair…it's just not fair Jack…" The woman whispered ever so softly, the tears flowed freely now as they cascaded down her face and dropped from her chin. The elder veteran brought his wife close as they hugged, Jack could feel Angela shiver with her sobs. The soldier simply planted a kiss on her head and tightened his embrace.

"That's why I call you my Angel. Always looking after me even when things are bad, and don't think you're doing a solo job. Even when you sneeze I have all I need to make sure you're taken care of." Jack snickered softly, gaining a light chuckle from Angela as she shook her head against his chest. "Let's grab some shut eye, we both could use a recharge. I would sleep better knowing you were in bed with me." A simple nod against his chest was all that he got from his wife, both soldiers stripped to their undies and crawled into bed. Not a word was spoken, none were needed. The lights clicked as darkness enveloped the room, and the two lovers escaped to unconsciousness as soon as their heads landed on the pillows. Spooned into each other's embrace.

Zenyatta entered the room where the children slept in their make-shift fort, nothing seemed to be misplaced as the door closed behind him. It was strange to get a signal from one of his orbs of distress, but the Omnic monk decided not to gamble fate on the off chance it was important. Taking a quick scan of the room, nothing seemed out of place until he noticed the bathroom door opened across the room, Hanzo came out holding his brothers hand. Both boys look like they had awoken not too long ago, a simple bathroom break was all they required, the two smaller dragon children saw Zenyatta floating as usual and smiled. Hanzo did a polite bow of his head to show respect, but Genji simple smiled as he ran towards their caretaker.

"Master Zenyatta, good morning!" Genji piped up, full of energy and life, more than usual. Hanzo groaned slightly, still waking up from his slumber, but he was happy to see his brother moving about and becoming his old self once more.

"Good morning to you both. It's still quite early in the morning, you two should be sleeping, especially you Genji." Zenyatta chuckled as he lifted the boy to sit on his knee as they both floated above the ground, Genji kicked his feet freely in the air.

"I know Master Zenyatta, Hanzo says the same thing but I think he's being a grumpy brother." Genji stuck his tongue out at his brother playfully, earning an eye roll and head shake from the elder sibling. Zenyatta chuckled lightly before stopping abruptly, turning his head slightly to the corner of the room. Nothing the naked eye could see, but he saw it all.

"Children, go rest and we shall enjoy activities when you rise with the others." The sharpness in the monk's tone was absolute, a clear change from his otherwise calm presence. Hanzo noticed quickly, coming closer to help his brother onto the ground. The elder sibling didn't say a word as he bowed his head in respect before entering the make-shift fort with his brother calmly, yet quickly. Zenyatta's orbs began to spin around his body faster than usual, glowing brighter with every rotation. "Your actions have caused much heartache and despair amongst many; including the innocent lives were taken as a result. Coming here this morning was most unwise." The monk's body turned to the corner where he peered before, what was formerly unnoticed now made itself known as the air twisted and shifted until a figure showed bright as her outfit. Sombra decloaked herself, now in full view at the Omnic monk stared at the Latina woman donning her black and purple outfit to match her features.

"Hola maquina, it's "Zenyatta", correct?" Sombra gave her chilling smile once more, this time aiming her modded Uzi at the floating Omnic monk.

"Indeed, and you must be Sombra. The woman who hacked our systems, the one Soldier 76 warned us about. How did you get past Gibraltar's security detail?"

"Pfff, you call that a security detail? Here I thought you were training children how to walk in line. No te preocupes mi amigo, I'm still on retainer from my current employer. The payout is higher than before, and I plan to make do with the contract agreement. Those two boys are worth a lot more dead than alive, so, I'll finish this exchange and be on my way." Sombra swiftly aimed her weapon towards the children's fort, but the Omnic Monk was prepared none the less for this altercation. Thrusting his metallic arm forward, two of his orbs shot like bullets, slamming against Sombra's wrist and the muzzle of her Uzi, causing the woman to yell as she let go of her weapon. "Bastardo!" Sombra hissed, gripping her now broken wrist and cradling it to her chest, slight rumbling could be heard in the distance, growing louder and louder as the room began to shake more visibly. Behind Sombra, the wall came crashing down as Reinhardt reached forward in his armored suit, squeezing tight onto Sombra's frame, and holding her firmly against his suit.

"We've got you now assassin." Reinhardt's voice echoed in his helmet, but his words radiating with anger and determination. "My friend, thank you for the emergency call, you are indeed wise and tactful." Reinhardt boomed, holding firm to a struggling Sombra. "Now then, you're under arrest little girl. Don't make this harder for you than it already is." Sombra scoffed at the comment and simply smiled, offering no more resistance.

"Not so easily big guy…" Unlike before with Soldier 76, this time there was a bright flash of light and poof, Sombra was gone from the room. Reinhardt looked puzzled as Zenyatta looked around the room quickly.

"She is not here anymore, possible teleportation technique. It would explain the weird signature that Winston noticed when you all arrived here yesterday." Zenyatta spoke quickly, hearing small shuffling coming from the fort's entrance. Little Fareeha poked her head out, seeing Zenyatta and her father in full suit. It didn't surprise the child one bit, but she grumpily complained about the noise.

"Papa, the sun's not even up. Go to bed…" The girl lazily spoke as she yawned, Hanzo's hand placed itself on the girl's head, yanking Fareeha back softly inside. Out in the hanger bay where the cargo ships refueled, Sombra appeared in the same flash of light close by a small circular device on the ground. Still cradling her wrist to her chest as she began to sprint inside the same carrier that housed Solider 76 and company when they were evacuated. Once inside, the carrier door began to close until the moonlight from the front window illuminated the inside. Sombra stopped in her tracks when a heavily coated Asian woman stood from the co-pilot seat, armed with her weapon as evaporated frost escaped the barrel. Quickly twiddling her fingers at the combatant, her glove began to glow followed by the sound of faint computer keyboard tapping could be heard, suddenly making the gun in Mei's hand shake and malfunction. The action surprised the climatologist a she pulled the trigger of her weapon, but nothing came out the barrel. Mei was suddenly launched to the pilot's chair with a swift kick to the abdomen by Sombra. Using her hacking skills once again, the hanger door opened automatically, a grace period for Sombra for a possible escape as she heard the clunk sound of the door hitting the cement floor, but more rumbling could be heard as something heavy began to walk up the ramp. Looking over her shoulder, the assassin could make out a very large, heavily tattooed man holding a dangerous hook and chain weapon in his hand. His breathing deep as he looked down at the intruder from his gas mask. Next to him was a pink haired beast of a woman, holding Sombra's teleportation device in one hand before clutching hard enough to break it. The Russian body builder reached with her free hand to her ear communicator.

"Winston, we have intruder. Alert Reaper, we have a present for him." Zarya spoke with confidence while cracking her knuckles, seeing Mei stand on her two feet once again with her weapon functioning properly. Sombra looked at her surroundings for an exit, but nothing prepared her for what was to come. She was trapped for once in her life. The hanger door began to close once more, leaving the inside dark once again. Outside of the carrier, loud banging and shouting could be heard as both Overwatch and Blackwatch agents surrounded the carrier. Everyone witnessing the heavy machinery visibly rumbling with flashed of purple and blue, and multiple sounds of struggling that followed.