"General Budo!" A soldier uttered with a salute as he approached. A hooded figure silently followed him like a shadow in the darkness.

"What is it?" Budo, whose trained eyes could pierce even the pitch black night, noticed the small shadowy figure following his foot soldier.

"This man would like to speak to you" he said as he stepped to the side to introduce the figure.

The great general turned around and walked to a nearby steel combat dummy. He released one punch to a peg, which triggered the mechanism to retaliate with a peg from a blind spot. Budo parried with a punch with all his strength, and thus it would seem he was practicing his barrage of high-speed punches.

"Is this a matter of battle?" the general continued his onslaught.

The soldier responded. "No, sir. However, this man is-"

The general released a punch to the dummy's middle portion, sending it away in pieces. "Haven't I made it clear that I am not to be disturbed unless the subject matter involves battle?" The man, with fists still smoking from his attacks, took heavy walks towards the soldier. "I would be fooling myself if I said I wasn't humiliated by my last defeat. That event practically dishonored my entire lineage. However, the good Emperor has given me time to at least get stronger to protect the Empire before my execution."

The soldier could only stare at what had just happened. Half of the Empire's strongest duo is revealing an emotion that would have never been discovered without literally and figuratively prying open the door to his training area. Of course, foot soldiers would never want to betray their general's trust and risk their lives by opening such a door. Indeed, it would be suicide.

"As I await my inevitable demise, I could only redeem myself by becoming stronger for the sake of the Empire. It's infuriating to think that there are now people in this world like him. Someone whose strength seems so overwhelming, you'd think it unfair."

The cloaked person tapped the soldier's back. The man motioned him to stop responding, which he did.

The man stepped forth and raised his head to look at Budo's eyes, which widened due to surprise. "Then don't you think we should go confront him, General Budo?"

The man held the edges of his hood and pulled it, revealing smooth green hair and a young face to complement the man's fragile and small frame. General Budo immediately fell down on his knees and bowed his head as an act of both formality and gratefulness. "Your Highness…"

The Emperor grew turbulent as he tried to raise Budo's well-trained body to no avail. "Stand up!" He finally ordered.

"Why did you enter these grounds, Emperor? The Night is already this late. You deserve that slumber to gain energy for your next decisions-"

"I know that already." The Emperor said as he scratched his cheek. "It's just that this is a time when I can surely decide for myself."

"What do you mean…Your Highness?" The Emperor sighed as he preserved an air of seriousness.

"First off, starting from now on, once I am clad in normal clothing, you will not do anything to honor me, alright? That involves bowing, kneeling, and calling me Your Highness, and that's effective immediately. That is for you too, foot soldier!" the man pointed to himself for confirmation. The Emperor nodded.

"Okay." Budo relaxed his muscles, but he couldn't do it fully since his honor for the Emperor is simply ingrained to his character. "Then what should I call you?"

The Emperor pinched his chin as he thought deeply for a pseudonym. "I guess Otho would suffice."

"I see. Then, Otho, why are we doing this?"

Otho walked to the damaged part of the training area. The massive hole breached by a certain demon cyborg was still being filled up and fixed. "Do you remember when you introduced the council of advisers, General Esdeath, and me to this Saitama?"

"Yes, Your Hi-…Otho." Budo's slip of tongue went noticed by the Emperor. However, Budo's immense willpower maintained the seriousness of his face. "I am sorry for inadvertently bringing a rather offensive man to your presence. However, I truly thought he could be part of the Empire's forces."

"I see. Well, the reason you're still alive right now is that I am assigning a task to you that is related to him."

"What could that be?" Budo swallowed. If the Emperor would ask him to hunt Saitama down and kill him, then he'd be dead in either case. It had a 100% rate of failure and it would end up with either Saitama easily splattering him to the walls or the Emperor ordering his disembowelment. Such was the effect of his near death experience against the Demon Cyborg. His confidence as a General of the Empire had hit rock bottom.

"I want you to find Saitama…"

'So it was the former…haha, it's befitting for a General to die in battle anyway'

"…and lead me to him!"

General Budo's eyes shot towards the Emperor. "Your Highness, that plan is reckless! We cannot have you meet such a dangerous man. If the Emperor of this Empire is killed, it's all over-"

"Didn't I tell you to call me Otho?" the Emperor pouted. "I will have to make your punishment even worse if you keep crossing me."

"But, Otho…" Budo recoiled as he thought of bringing sense to the child's decision. "You must rethink this…"

"I'm not going to change my mind. I'm going to meet up with Saitama, and you will be my spy and guardian in the ordeal." The Emperor said firmly with his chest puffed, as if assuming authority.

"But…I do not understand…" Budo trembled at the possible fall of the Empire due to the Emperor's rashness. "Are you, perchance, wanting to take revenge on Saitama for his comment on your status as the Emperor?"

"Yes." The Emperor walked to a nearby bench and rested. "It might seem a bit naïve for me to do so, but I truly want revenge on this man."

"In my honest opinion, Otho, you will fail." Budo said boldly to the Emperor. Otho kept silent. "I have made countless remarks about Saitama. Again, he is well beyond anything or anyone the Empire has ever seen. Esdeath and I, the strongest duo, cannot even faze him with our attacks. I have experienced him punching through a Super class Danger Beast with the same deadpan manner as one would have when bored. We are nowhere near his level, even if that warmonger Esdeath says otherwise."

"I am perfectly aware of that." Otho nodded. "However, I do not speak of such an unproductive revenge as violence. Instead, I want to show him how even someone as young as me can be the strongest leader."

The Emperor stood from his seat and displayed an aura of confidence. "In one way or another, I will use my skills to convince him to join the Empire. No matter how physically strong and fast he is, he is still beneath me. I swear it to the First Emperor's name."


A stream of water silently flowed down a slightly steep slope. The afternoon sun painted the forest canvas with a tinge of red and orange. Although the light of day still reigns supreme, it seems the dark sacred night is already staking its claim. A gust of wind swayed the leaves of the trees as a Borhino, a special class danger beast, dashed through the forests. Every tree trunk it bumped into completely bent or broke. As it traversed its territory, a tall humanoid with a staff-like weapon leaped from tree to tree above the monster. On the side, a cyborg sped through the forest with the boosters on his arms while trailing the beast. The apex predator has been marked as prey.

Susanoo leaped from a tree trunk to another in front of the Borhino, which did not give in to the two warriors' spirits. Susanoo, using all his leg strength, leaped to the Borhino's head.

"I will show you the power of the Wolf Fang Mace" he said as he raised the blunt part of the staff towards the Borhino's head. He twisted it quickly to form a helix-like air shield in front, which allowed him to speed up mid-air. The head of the Borhino and the staff's blunt end connected. The impact made the forest grounds vibrate.

"Nice job, Susanoo!" Genos said as he pulled back his right elbow and activated his elbow booster. He sent his lower right arm flying underneath the Borhino's belly. It wrapped the danger beast's body six times before Genos' palm slammed the danger beast's head to the grounds.

"It's down!" Genos shouted as he activated his shoulder boosters and accelerated to the Borhino's belly. Susanoo followed by leaping to a nearby tree and jumping towards the other side of the belly. The two delivered a strong punch that left a deep imprint on the beast's skin. The Borhino whined at the incredible attack before succumbing to the internal bleeding brought by the ribs piercing his organs. The special class danger beast has been hunted.

"Master Najenda will be pleased." Susanoo said as he noticed Genos retract his lower right arm back to its socket.

"You…are you truly not an Imperial Relic?" Susanoo crouched and pierced the skin of the beast with his staff for field dressing.

"I am a cyborg." Genos responded as he inspected his arms. Susanoo remained silent. "Oh, do you not know what a cyborg is?"

Susanoo smirked. "I'm sorry. Can you enlighten me with the term?"

"A cyborg is a human whose body has mechanical elements implemented on it. These mechanical elements can allow a person's life to be extended or improved by giving them engineered strength."

"Then you have human parts as well as mechanical parts?" Susanoo closed his right eye as a spurt of blood gushed from an artery. Susanoo clicked his tongue as it had dirtied his clothes as well.

"Yes, although information on which parts are still biological are currently undisclosed by both me and Dr. Stench." Genos scanned Susanoo's body with his eyes. "It would seem you have powerful energy radiating within you as well. However, your body's components…don't look human at all."

"Of course, they don't. All Imperial Relics are danger beasts, you know? At most, this body is completely that of a danger beast's mixed with alchemic sorcery."

"Then, you don't remember anything since you've been created?" Genos' question halted Susanoo's dressing of the Borhino.

"Indeed." Susanoo turned around while still in a crouched position. "Ever since my creation, all I remember are my masters' faces, household chores, and killing techniques. No more, no less."

"That is…tragic." Genos uttered.

"Do you remember anything?" Susanoo smirked.

"I lived with a poor but happy family until a mad cyborg killed them. I was reborn as a cyborg." He said in 20 words. Internally, he was glad he could still follow Saitama's golden precept.

Susanoo's smirk grew melancholic.

He sighed.

"It must be nice to have such love-filled memories to keep for yourself instead of stone cold battles."

Susanoo took the prepared game and carried it on his shoulders. "I would like to gain some memories like those sometime soon with my comrades."

Genos smiled. "Perhaps you should."

He paused as he thought of the words to follow. "well, with them, anyway."

"With them? What do you mean by that, Genos?" Susanoo stopped on his tracks.

"Master Saitama and I are planning to move from the base. We will no longer be living with Night Raid."


"W-What?" Tatsumi blurted out loud as his head got smacked by none other than Mine. "Why don't you shut up for a minute!"

Because of the fight against Dr. Stylish, the assassin group had temporarily settled in a secluded part of the forest with tents as their shelter. Tatsumi, Leone, and Lubbock have recently returned from their expedition to Lubbock's bookshop.

"So that means…Saitama…"

"Yep. He left just a day ago with Genos and their things." Mine responded.

Tatsumi seated himself on the wooden chair. "That's…certainly odd. I can't think of a reason why he would leave."

"Maybe it was because he failed as a security guard." Leone snickered. "Of course, I'm not blaming him for stopping that attack. They were too many."

"I don't know about that." Mine dropped to her seat with her arms crossed. "I thought he was just really bored."

"Eh? Why would someone be bored with an assassin group?" Tatsumi asked as Lubbock entered the tent. Upon glancing at the defenseless Leone who sat on her chair in a very relaxed position, he decided to tiptoe his way behind her own chair.

Mine waved her hand. "Who wouldn't be? At night, we're always on the job. We spend daytime on either preparations for our next task or training. All of that wouldn't really suffice for a man as powerful as him."

"I get your point." Lubbock said as he dived down on the bestial woman's back for a special massage. Of course, Leone quickly stood up, ending Lubbock's attempt with a backrest to the chin.

"Stupid pervert." Mine remarked with her signature tsundere face, without the dere of course.

"Weeeeeeell" Lubbock stood up instantly with him covering his bleeding gums with a handkerchief. "Thaitama traynd infneetly fathter dan uth duering treyn'ng. Bai da tiem we fnsh, he'd be shpin' reddy." He said naturally with all his muffled voice. *Saitama trained infinitely faster than us during training. By the time we finish, he'd be shopping already.

"Yeah, that is true, although I really think you should really stop talking and tend to your injuries first." Tatsumi said. Lubbock raised a thumbs-up before running out of the tent in humiliation.

"I think leaving out of boredom is a possible reason, but if it was a reason, it'd only be part of it."

Najenda puffed out a cloud of smoke as she leaned on a tent post. "Believe it or not, he really did leave out of boredom, partly. Besides boredom, he said he was stressed by all the drama and tension that was happening around him. That last attack by Dr. Stylish was probably the last straw for him."

"He was stressed out by that?" Mine yelled as she stood from her seat. He took Pumpkin, which rested near a group of bags. "Now that's just insulting to us who actually does work. The nerve of him! I'm gonna bring him back and let him taste what stressful actually means, that baldy."

As Mine went to the tent's exit, the wielder of the one-hit kill sword Murasame stood in her way. "Akame?"

"It's better for us to let him be." Akame said as she blocked Mine's path.

"W-what do you mean by that, Akame?" Tatsumi said as he also stood due to her controversial statement. "I don't know about you, but Saitama was a great inclusion in our battles. What would've happened if he wasn't around during Dr. Stylish's invasion?"

"That naïve side of yours is showing, Tatsumi." Najenda said as she approached Akame's side. "If Bulat was here, he would've punched you again."

"B-Boss…" Tatsumi remembered when he was last punched by Bulat during Sheele's final words.

"We would've pulled through with all we've got because we're Night Raid. We are the angels of vengeance for the fallen innocents of the empire. Don't forget that, Tatsumi." Najenda crossed her arms and took a confident stand. "Saitama wasn't part of Night Raid. He never wanted to be part of us in the first place. Through our observations , I've concluded that Saitama can never be a member of Night Raid."

Tatsumi went silent as he realized his dependence on the hero.

"You're right…I guess it was kind of counterproductive…"

"Boss… I want to know" Tatsumi said as he looked at Najenda's eyes with yearning eyes. "I know that you have your reasons, but I want to know why we shouldn't convince Saitama to join Night Raid. I will accept any reason you give. I just…want to know."

"I see. Take a seat." Najenda said as she herself sat. She heaved from her cigarette and puffed another cloud of smoke. "He's the most powerful man I've met. In fact, in all my years serving in the Empire and the Revolutionary army, no person has potential as overwhelming as his."

"Is that not an exaggeration, Boss?" Tatsumi said.

Najenda smiled subtly. "I'm afraid I'm not. He has a punch that can pierce the skies. He has speed that is beyond comprehension. It's beyond anyone I've seen. In fact, there is only one true contender against Saitama's strength: The Ice Commander herself."

Leone raised her arms and reached her back. "Yeah, I agree with that one. My instincts keep sending danger signals to my brain every time he punches, even when the punch isn't directed to me. Only Esdeath could trigger my bestial sense that much."

"If what you're saying is true" Tatsumi said as an idea popped to his mind. "Saitama might be the key to defeating Esdeath and the Empire as well"

"I thought so too." An expression of melancholy curled Najenda's face. "However, that isn't the case."

A sense of confusion arose from Tatsumi. How could someone, who she deems powerful enough to stand against the Empire's strongest, not be the key to success in this war? It's baffling to think that the obvious isn't actually the case.

"The problem isn't his power. That much is obvious. However, through our observational reports, two critical criteria weren't reached."

"Criteria? I don't remember anything like that when I became part of Night Raid!"

"I know. However, these standards are particularly ingrained to an assassin's mind. You fit the bill perfectly." Najenda chuckled.

"Then what could someone like Saitama have lacked?"

Akama responded. "Simplicity and Morality"

Tatsumi's forehead creased. "I…don't understand."

Najenda took her cigarette from her mouth and ticked it above the ashtray. "Saitama isn't naïve. That much is certain. His small gestures all have the exact amount of conviction and reason in them. However, Saitama's judgment is...overwhelmingly mundane. He's practical, yes, but predictable. If Saitama fought Esdeath today, she would have outmaneuvered him with her superior techniques and skills with the ice."

Akame began talking next. "Saitama referred to himself several times as a hero who protects rather than kills. Have you noticed the way he fought against Dr. Stylish's henchmen?"

Tatsumi shook as he realized what she meant. "Was he…the one who knocked them unconscious?"

"Exactly, we were the ones who had to finish them off. However, we don't know how many of these foot soldiers were there to begin with, so we have no idea how much were killed. Due to his decision to let them live, our secrecy is compromised."

Tatsumi could only look on with his jaw opened.

"He might have worked efficiently as a security guard for Night Raid, but once we're discovered, it's useless. There hasn't been any repercussions as of yet, but if we continue that, we're going to fail. Don't you remember Aria?"

Tatsumi grit his teeth and clenched his fists as flashbacks of Aria's deeds against his friends flooded his brain. "Of course I do. I would never forget. I would never forgive."

"As long as villains like Aria are let loose, we cannot deliver justice do the innocents who fell prey to their cruelty. We cannot simply abide by that!"

"Anyways, we're still going to send a Revolutionary army member to monitor Saitama's actions to see if he isn't going to send information to the Empire." Najenda sighed. "However, in the end, his simplistic war against monsters, as he calls the danger beasts, is simply not fit for our battle against the Empire."

"The morals of a selfless hero cannot bring down a corruption-riddled Empire"


"So…where exactly are we going, Genos?" Saitama asked as he watched the demon cyborg carry a massive full backpack with ease.

"The chief of the blacksmiths in the village said we should just go straight ahead. It's near the edge of the village, so you can enjoy your solitude in hunting monsters. The village is relatively near to the Capital as well, so accessibility isn't an issue." Genos said nonchalantly.


"Oh, they are the ones who repaired my cable arm and armor. As payment, I gave them the location of the metal. The metals were apparently very rare and they said it would feed their families for generations to come. In their gratitude, they had a new cottage built."

"Damn, they're happy, huh." Saitama smirked. "Well, we don't need a massive cottage built for us. As long as we can live in it, it's fine."

"I've got that covered, Master." Genos said as he stopped dead in his tracks. He dropped his bag and opened a special compartment. After he sunk his entire lower arm within the pocket, he pulled out a piece of paper folded in fourths. Genos unfolded the paper, revealing the master plan of the cottage.

"Thanks to my knowledge of every nook and cranny of your apartment, I may be able to recreate its style and comfort. Of course, the blacksmiths said they would ask the village carpenters to include some of their styles while maintaining the blueprint of the ho-"

"Woah woah woah woah woah, they do not need to go that far." Saitama said with a creased forehead.

"I see. Master Saitama is a simple man. I will ask them to destroy it and rebuild once more" Genos said as he began walking to the village alone.

"Genos, that's enough. That's way too embarrassing. It's fine!" Saitama yelled out to stop the cyborg from his plans.

"But master, if it's not to your liking, then I will…"

"Stop right there." Saitama said, making Genos halt abruptly. "It's very impractical to just start from scratch when we already have what we need. We just need to live with what we currently have, you know what I mean?"

Saitama's thrift-centered words of wisdom struck his loyal disciple's ears. "I see. Master Saitama, thank you for your teachings"

Elated by these words, Genos immediately took out a notebook from the same pocket he took out the blueprints. He opened it and scribbled down Saitama's words, the interpretations and analyses of these words, and the application of these words to his own development as a hero in a conquest for strength. Of course, Saitama never meant anything other than the denotative meaning of his words, but what else could he do other than to watch his disciple improve himself through his own methods, albeit deceivingly crediting it to him.

"Ah, who's he?" A bearded man walked towards the duo with a beaming smile. The man had a fairly toned body revealed through his black tank top. A white bandanna tightly wrapped his hair as a makeshift headgear, while he was clad in loose grey pants with a similarly colored jacket wrapped around his waist.

"Genos, my mochocho!" the man exclaimed as he increased his pacing. As he heard, Genos closed his notes and turned to see the hard worker.

"Blitz, I thought you were in the mines around this time." Genos said as he replaced his notebook and the blueprints within the comically large bag.

Blitz laughed boisterously. "Don't be silly, Genos! I can't just leave our most valuable investor to his new home without so much as an introduction"

"Damn he's lively" Saitama said as he watched Blitz pat the uncomfortable cyborg's back a dozen times.

"So? Where the hell is this master of yours?" Blitz said as he used his hand as a visor and looked far away, despite the master actually being present behind him. "Truth be told, I'm both excited and a bit nervous to meet him. From what you said, he seems like a big, powerful, noble man with immense integrity. To me, he's the epitome of manliness!"

Genos' eyes beamed as well. "You're correct! I would have called you out due to the redundancy of your words, but I would think saying a word twice isn't enough to refer to Master Saitama's greatness"

Saitama pinched his nose bridge as an expression of irritation rose from his face. "These fanboys…"

"Ah, this is Master Saitama" Genos pointed behind Blitz. Saitama, who still held an annoyed face, faced the lively man who turned around.

The two stared at each other, as if both were unimpressed.

"T-Then, shall we go to the house?" Blitz said as he went to the direction of Saitama's new home.

"Where the hell did that enthusiasm from before go to?" Saitama thought as a vein popped in his head. The journey to the home was short and silent for Saitama. Blitz kept talking to Genos and eerily avoided Saitama's attention by doing so. All he could do was follow the hard working man while enjoying the breeze of the refreshing cool air flowing throughout the slightly dense forest. "This is kinda nice, actually" Saitama says as he took his time gazing at the peaceful scenery of the early morning in the forest.

"Aaaand here we are!" Blitz's immense voice broke as he threw his arms to present the new house. In front of Saitama and Genos was a small humble cottage that is completely styled with medieval taste. Overlapping umber wooden planks sat on top of the oak foundation of the structure as a roof. Oddly cut slabs of stone comprised every inch of the building, especially the chimney and the walls, except for the windows, the main door, and the door to the balcony, which were all framed with oak lumber. Indeed, its exterior finish is extremely cozy.

"We've done a marvelous job, haven't we?" Blitz said with a smile from ear-to-ear. "It's a perfect representation of our village's style, too!"

"Yes." Genos transferred his gaze to Saitama.

'He's expecting a response, huh?' Saitama thought as he cleared his throat. "It's…a nice house."

As he heard Saitama's compliment, Genos smirked. "I'm glad you like it, Master."

"I have one question though" Saitama asked as he gazed at the environment surrounding the house. The clearing in the forest reached an estimate of 200 meter radius before being marked by a short wooden fence. Several fruit-bearing trees were planted in this clearing. "As I thought…"

"What do you mean, sir?" Blitz said with a deadpan face to Saitama, who winced at the reaction.

"This clearing in the forest is a bit too large. Not only that, but it seems the trees in this land has fruits sold at a valuable price." Saitama remembered his first trip to the Capital. Indeed, each of these fruits would sell greater than 12 normal fruits at the hellish market Saitama entered before. In fact, remembering the prices made Saitama wince.

"Ah, that's true. The truth is, this place is one of the most fertile areas in this village. Majority of the village's funds come from exports of the fruits here." Blitz smirked at Genos. "However, when Genos came around and brought an ore of that unknown mineral, we focused our attentions from hunting and gathering to mining that mineral. After that, we heard that the Empire was interested in buying our metal. Can you believe that? Now, exporting the metal sends us enough money to survive!"

"I do not need unnecessary praise." Genos said in a straightforward manner. "I simply thought it would be a waste to have knowledge of valuable and rare metals like those, when I merely required a small amount for the armor."

Blitz laughed boisterously as he patted Genos' back even more violently than before. "That's why I like you so much. You're such a humble guy!"

"Well, it's all up to you then." Blitz said as he threw the keys to Saitama, who caught it thanks to his perfect reflexes. "Genos, if you ever need any more repairs or if you want to make the house a mansion, just ask."

"Understood." Genos said as Blitz left the lot to meet his co-workers in the Mines.

"What do you think, Master Saitama?" Genos awaited his master's response as Saitama held his chin. "This entire land was gifted by the miners as thanks to the metal ore I found, but I'm sure if they knew of your own feats, they would've treated you with much more grandiose."

"I don't really care about that." Saitama said with an ominous smile as a nerve popped from his head. "I just thought that the guy was rude and all. Is it because I'm caped baldy?"

Saitama turned around and began to walk away from the cottage. "Master?"

"Don't follow, Genos. I'm just gonna blow off some steam, is all. Besides, it's not like I'm gonna punch the Earth or anything."

Yep. It's not like Saitama could destroy the Earth in one punch or anything.

"Good Morning, Sir!" a voice uttered before Genos could even follow his Master's footsteps.

A gust of wind shifted the bangs of the woman's vermillion, bob-cut hair. Her outfit's sleeves and skirt swayed to the cool breeze. She wore a solemn but confident expression that reeked of integrity. She naturally bowed as her first greeting to her new master.

"Who are you?" Genos asked as the girl straightened her posture.

She brushed the unnoticeable dust on her dull, worn, brown apron and flashed a thousand watt smile as juxtaposition to the Demon Cyborg's serious demeanor. "Why, I am a newly hired laborer who will maintain the fruit bearing trees of this land, good sir!"

The woman walked to a nearby basket and bended her knees to lift it off the grass. "I was told that most of the female harvesters of these fruits were growing older each day. That's why when the area was given to you, most of them, albeit slightly worried for the trees, were overjoyed that their burdens were lifted for the time being.

Genos activated his mechanical sensors in his eyes. The woman showed natural movements as expected of any other stranger in the marketplace. The ensemble of brown apron, gray gloves, beige long sleeved shirt, and black long skirt that she called "The fruit harvester's uniform" seemed very mediocre as well. Nothing stood out from her. Well, at least from a commoner's eyes.

However, Genos is so far from a commoner that we can compare his eyes alone to that of a cybernetic hawk eye while a normal person's is an insect's. He's S-class, after all, and from the lineup in the S-class, we can attest that they were far from normal; human, even! To everyone of his world, the S-classers are more of monsters.

"You lie." Genos said straightforwardly, which took the woman by surprise. "Every movement you make may seem normal. However, in my eyes, your every movement looks scripted and predictable; Fluid yet cautious."

"Oh my~ What do you imply, good sir?" She says as she swayed her right hand, as if feigning ignorance. Genos creased his forehead.

The woman paused as the smile on her face seemingly dissipated as she caught Genos' glare.

"I see." She said as she bowed once more. "Then let me introduce myself once more."

"I am Kumi, an undercover soldier from the Revolutionary Army. I was tasked by Night Raid to keep an eye on you to prevent any leakage of information whatsoever." She smiled again. However, her smile was certainly more ominous. It would certainly send shivers to Genos' spine, if only he wasn't a cyborg.

"I am in your care~"