The thin sheen of sweat on Edward's body plays well with the dim lighting in the darkened room, highlighting the shadows and angles of his sculpted torso. I held on tightly to his shoulders as his body moved above mine. I let the sensations wash over me as I briefly closed my eyes, my heart thumping in time with the rhythm of Edward's body in mine. Otherworldly pleasure was coursing through my body, limiting me to only emit moans and gasps of my gratification.

"Are you alright?" Edward rasped against my ear, his hips stopping its movements against mine.

I nudged my hips to tell him that I want him to continue moving, but he remained still above me. "Yes. Oh God, more, Edward."

He smirked at me before practically driving his pelvis towards mine, so deep that my breath was snatched out of my lungs. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled my torso up, pressing our naked chests together. I panted against his ear as my peaked, tight buds rubbed against the coarse hair on his chest, increasing the pleasure that was rushing through my body. My legs wrapped around his hips to bring him deeper inside me, his groans sounding loudly in my ears as he filled me to the hilt.

"Oh, God."

"Yes," I moaned, my eyes clenching shut as the sensation overwhelmed me.

"You feel so good, baby," he groaned, his face screwing up in pleasure.

"Oh," I gasped, my fingers gripping the hairs on his nape as I felt myself reaching the precipice of my climax. "Oh!"

Intense pleasure exploded behind my eyelids, my mouth opened in a silent scream. My arms were still wrapped around Edward, our chests still pressed together. My heart was wildly beating in my chest, matching Edward's. I felt him still moving above me so I tried to languidly rock my hips, hoping to bring him the same pleasure he had just given me. Edward continued moving above me, his hips thrusting deeply and steadily. My whole body was shaking from the aftershocks of my orgasm, tremors running down my legs as I held onto Edward.

His breath was starting to come out in short pants against my ear and I redoubled my efforts, my hips meeting his thrusts to bring him to his own orgasm. He rammed himself deeply one last time, his arms falling beside me as his body crashed on top of me. His shallow breaths were the only sound in the room, his arms lying limply at my sides as he nuzzled my neck. I raised a hand to rub down at his back, my fingers drawing lazy circles on his skin as I waited for him to regain his breathing. After a while, Edward pulled himself up, his arms encircling me as he rolled us to our sides. I tucked myself against his chest, my arm moving to wrap around his waist.

I felt Edward kissing the top of my head, and no matter how many times he's done this, a smile still blossomed on my face at the sweet gesture.

"I love you," he said as he pulled me tighter.

"I love you, too."

I placed a kiss against his chest, right where his heart was, and closed my eyes. Snuggling closer, I repositioned myself until I was comfortable. That night, and for every other night that followed, I fell asleep in the arms of the love of my life.

If I thought before that waking up in Edward's arms was the best feeling in the world, I was sorely wrong. It was waking up in Edward's arms gloriously naked. Our bodies were pressed closely together, arms and legs entwined in a tight embrace to fight the chill in the air. The moment I opened my eyes and saw him sleeping peacefully beside me, this huge grin spread across my lips. Gently, I brushed my fingers across his cheek, feeling the sweep of his long eyelashes against his skin. Edward didn't stir, although he did release a deep sigh as his arms brought me closer to him. I watched Edward sleep for a while, still feeling a bit of disbelief that this beautiful man was all mine.

The past year has been very good to us and I'm already looking forward for more. Edward and I may have not agreed on some things and that we still have some more to talk about but it wasn't anything that could cause a rift between us. We're still learning to just be Edward and Bella, and it may take some time before we would be able to finally be free from the professor and student relationship spectrum, but I figured that it wouldn't matter how long it might take us to figure it all out as long as we're together. The familiarity and attraction between us when we were held inside the four walls of a classroom would always be there, but there's also something more. We're in love, simple as that. How we started didn't matter, at least to us, anyway.

As if he heard my thoughts, Edward slowly opened his eyes and grinned crookedly at me. "Good morning, love."

"Good morning," I said, leaning closer to press a closed-mouthed kiss against his lips.

Edward hummed as his arm wrapped around my waist, the skin-to-skin contact spreading the warmth under my skin. I rested my head against his chest and closed my eyes, matching my breathing with the even beats of his heart. I could spend the rest of my life here, just lying in Edward's arms. Soon, I find myself being lulled to sleep. I let the colors dance behind my eyelids as my consciousness leaves me. My dreams were in the form of unintelligible shapes with swirls of bronze and vibrant greens, the kind of green that was the exact shade of Edward's eyes.

When I woke up again, I was alone in bed. My arm reached out to Edward's side to find that the sheets were already cold. I sat up against the headboard and pulled the sheets to my naked chest, my eyes squinting against the sunlight streaming from the windows. I looked around the room to see that our clothes from the previous night were strewn all over the floor. Slowly, I moved to the side of the bed to pick up Edward's discarded shirt. Pulling it over my head, I picked up our clothes and placed them on the lone chair at the corner of the room.

My feet padded against the floorboards as I followed the scent of coffee in the air. Upon entering the kitchen, the first thing that caught my eye was Edward standing with his back turned to me. I quietly made my way over to him, smiling as I sneaked up on him. From where I was standing, I could see that he was beating eggs into a large bowl while a separate bowl of flour and milk sat on the other side of the counter. I watched as he mixed the eggs with the flour, the straining muscles on his forearms eliciting a soft moan from me.

I walked closer to see Edward's mouth lifted into a smirk, his eyes drifting to the corners to peek at me. I closed the small distance between us and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Hi," I mumbled against his back.

He twisted around slightly to look at my face, his smirk still firmly in place. "Hi yourself."

"You should have woken me to start on our breakfast," I told him, pinching his side lightly.

"It's fine," he said, "Besides, you looked so peaceful that I didn't want to disturb you."

I placed a kiss on his back before wedging my head under his arm to peek at the bowl in front of him. I swiped a finger across the pancake mix and brought it to my mouth, the burst of slight sweetness assaulting my taste buds.


"What?" I giggled, licking at my finger.

Edward narrowed his eyes at me and pulled at my hand, the popping sound of my finger retreating from my mouth was the only sound in the kitchen. Edward turned to fully face me and placed both of his hands on my waist. We stared at each other with huge smiles on our faces. Edward started to lean closer to my face so I closed my eyes, waiting for the kiss that he'll give me. Instead of a kiss, I felt a wet sensation being smeared on my nose. My eyes widened and I shrieked in surprise.

"What the hell?" I asked, dabbing a finger to my nose.

The bastard guffawed loudly at his antics, his arms sliding from my waist to clutch his stomach.

"That wasn't funny," I grumbled, eyeing him.

"Oh, trust me, it was," he breathed out between chuckles.

I eyed the batter and stepped closer to the counter, hiding the bowl from his view. Edward quirked an eyebrow at me as I moved away, his eyes following my hand as I slid it up my thigh. With his eyes intently focused on my right hand, I moved the other behind me and trailed it towards the bowl. Edward licked his lips as my right hand disappeared under my shirt, the fabric bunching up around my wrist as my fingers danced along the skin on my hip. My other hand was finally in the bowl and I dipped my fingers in the pancake mix, smiling sultrily at Edward as I watched his green eyes darken.

I took a couple more steps away and Edward followed as expected. I hid the grin on my lips by looking down at my body, seeing how the way my shirt rode up should have left very little to the imagination. Before I could move, Edward's feet suddenly came into view and I didn't have enough time to react before he was hoisting me up on the counter behind me. I squealed as the cold marble hit the skin of my naked thighs, my legs wrapping around his waist on instinct. My hands unconsciously moved to his hair, unintentionally smearing it with the pancake mix.

"Oops," I mumbled as I withdrew my hands.

"What— "A hand reached out to touch his hair and as soon as the tip of his fingers touched the pancake mix, his eyes flew to mine. "What the fuck?"

"I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, my fingers gripping his wrist. "I didn't mean to put it in your hair."

Edward frowned at me as he tried to get the batter out of his hair. I tried to help him the best I could but he batted my hands away.

"I just wanted to smear it on your nose like you did to me," I mumbled, looking down to my lap. "I'm sorry that I got batter on your hair."

"Hey," he said softly, lifting my face with a finger on my chin. "It's okay. I'm not mad at you or anything."

"Really? I mean, I got pancake mix on your hair and it could be hard to remove or-"

"It's just hair, Bella," he said, chuckling a little.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Edward told me as he moved closer between my legs.

I gulped audibly as he pressed his hips against my center, my naked skin meeting the cotton of his pants. Edward trailed his nose on my neck before placing a wet kiss on my pulse point. I gasped as I felt his tongue on my skin, my hands reaching up to grasp his hair. I tilted my head to give him more access, my torso leaning back against the counter. Clenching my eyes shut, I felt his fingers dancing up on my thigh towards the skin beneath my shirt. I tried to open my legs wider but his hands clamped down on them, holding them in place.

I pulled back from him and looked at him with a questioning gaze.

Instead of answering, Edward simply reached behind me and grabbed the bowl, placing it on the other side of the counter. I watched him move as he repositioned me on the surface, directing me to scoot back on the counter while my legs dangled on the edge. Edward stepped between my legs again and gathered me in his arms. Our lips met in a passionate kiss as I let my hands wander down his back. I grasped the hem of his shirt and urged him to pull it over his head. Edward didn't waste time in disposing mine, throwing it over his shoulder as soon as it came over my head.

With our naked chests pressed tightly together, the stiff peaks of my nipple brushed against the soft hair on Edward's torso, drawing out a low moan from my throat. I scrambled to fuse my mouth to his again, our tongues both fighting for dominance. My legs were still tightly wrapped around Edward's hips, the only thing separating the hardness in his pants from my flesh was the thin cotton of his pajama. My hips grinded to the rhythm of our mouths; seeking, domineering. I let the warmth of his kiss engulf my whole body.

Edward was gripping my hips tightly in his hands, his fingers no doubt leaving marks on my skin. I don't mind, in fact, I look forward to seeing the bruises in the shape of his fingers come morning. I hoisted my feet to the band of his pants, tugging at the fabric until the fabric inched down on his hips. Edward removed one hand from my hip and helped me in pulling down his pants, his hard-on tapping on my center. I moaned at the contact and brought both of my hands to his erection, my fingers squeezing him tightly. Edward leaned his head on my shoulder and groaned, his warm breath hitting my breasts as his eyes screwed shut in pleasure.

I continued with my ministrations, my fingers gliding over the length of him. I swiped my thumb at the head, smearing the drop of liquid there. From my periphery, I could see the bulge of muscles on his forearms as he gripped my hips firmly. Squeezing his rigid length, I started to stroke him when Edward suddenly pried my hands from his erection. He held my hands in my lap, his breathing coming out in short pants.

"What's wrong?" I asked, my brows furrowing in confusion.

"You first," he mumbled before leaning forward to trail kisses on my face.

I felt his hands dancing on my skin, his fingers barely touching me as he reached the apex of my thighs. My breathing grew ragged as he closed in on his destination, my fingers gripping the counter's edges, my knuckles almost white from the exertion. His thumb brushed against the clit, almost sending me to my orgasm. He smirked at me as his fingers proceeded to explore my wet folds. I moaned and whined as Edward rubbed and fondled me between my legs, my hands grasping tightly at his arms as I teetered on the edge.

Gently, Edward pushed a finger inside me. I could feel my muscles clenching him tightly, my harsh breathing loudly reverberating across the kitchen. He added a second finger before pumping them thoroughly, the wetness seeping out of me helping his strokes. Lowering his head, Edward pulled a pert nipple in his mouth and softly bit on it. I moaned loudly at the sensation and let my head fall back as I let the pleasure take over. Edward tortured me with his fingers as I writhed on the counter, my body slick with a thin sheen of sweat.


"Does it feel good, baby?" Edward rasped, his eyes intently focused on his fingers inside me.

"Yes!" I moaned loudly. "Oh, God!"

"Do you want more?"

"Please," I pleaded, my eyes clenching shut as I felt the rush of warmth spreading through my body. "More, please, please. More, Edward."

His thumb moved to my engorged nub and rubbed it in circles, making me cry out as the pleasure spiraled out of me. My moans of pleasure were the only sound in the kitchen as spots of color danced behind my eyelids. My whole body was shaking as aftershocks of my orgasm rippled through my body. I opened my eyes to see Edward standing above me, his eyes dark with lust. I pulled him towards me and kissed him deeply.

I could feel his desire as he pressed his hips between my legs, his rigid member leaking. I repositioned myself on the counter and opened my legs wider to give Edward more access. Without any more prompting, Edward pushed his member inside me to the hilt. My breath stuttered in my throat at the fullness, my muscles contracting around him as we stopped to stare at each other. Edward pushed my hair out of my face, his fingers caressing my face.

"I love you," he whispered.

I smiled up at him and pulled him closer to press a kiss on his lips. "I love you, too."

Edward hitched my legs around his waist before rearing back, his length almost pulling out of me completely before he pushed forward again. I tightened my grip on him as he continued to thrust his hips, his movements hard and deep. I panted in time with every plunge, my arms snaking around him to wrap around his neck. The pleasure was insane and I could feel the heavy amount of moisture seeping out of me. His thrusts never faltered and I could feel that his orgasm was approaching with the way his back muscles stiffened under my fingers. Edward suddenly changed his angle, his member hitting me deeply and his pubic bone brushing against my clit with every thrust. Without any preamble, my climax washed over me, leaving me a breathless, moaning mess as Edward chased his.

"God, Bella," he groaned lowly as he pushed inside me erratically. His hips were relentless as he danced on the precipice of his ecstasy. With three more thrusts, Edward froze above me as he released inside me.

I brushed my fingers down his back as his orgasm washed over him, his uneven breathing in time with the turbulent beating of my heart.

We lay still for a while, just catching our breaths above the counter. After a few more minutes, Edward placed a kiss on my lips before pulling away. He tugged on my arm to pull me into a seating position. I smiled goofily at him and he laughed, his body shaking with the action.

"What's so funny?" I asked him while trying to hide my own smile.

"You have a very charming post-coital smile, baby," he teased.

I ducked my head to hide my blush from his gaze and he laughed louder. "Shut up."

"I'm sorry, baby," he stepped closer, nuzzling my hair. "You just looked so cute."

I wrapped my arms around his torso and hitched my legs around his waist. With me clinging tightly to him, Edward walked us back to the bathroom to shower.

Edward and I rarely spent the night separately at our own apartments in the twelve months or so that we've been dating. I don't think that it was a conscious decision on either part, but I think I can count on one hand the times I've slept in my place for the last three months. We haven't really talked about moving in together, but with the amount of my clothes hanging beside his inside his closet, one would think that I've already been living with him for some time.

Placing the laundry basket beside me, I dumped its contents on the bed. I started to sift through Edward's undershirts, folding them in a neat pile. I let my mind drift away from me as I finished folding our clothes, my hands working on autopilot.

Edward and I have had a good year, professionally and personally. He was able to go back to teaching once everything has been settled and has been offered a permanent position in U-Dub's College of Engineering. I've also been doing well at work, having been recently promoted to Network Engineer. All these changes have shifted our relationship, and although our schedules have been hectic lately, we still find time to just be Edward and Bella. Our relationship has also been at an all-time high the past year. Not to say that we didn't have any issues, but we were able to talk it all out before it became something big. We both sat down and talked about the things that have been plaguing me since the beginning and we've also addressed Edward's concerns. Basically, we both lay it all down on the table and picked at all the details. We've finally come to the understanding that we want the same things, and if things somehow don't work out, we would try our hardest to fix it before giving up.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice the sound of keys jingling at the front door, nor did I hear the sound of footsteps walking towards the bedroom. Strong arms wrapped around me from behind and I jumped in surprise, the clothes on my lap flying everywhere. Clasping a hand to my chest, I turned to see Edward stifling a laugh behind me.

"Hello," he murmured, placing a kiss on my shoulder.

"Edward, what the hell?!"

"Well, you looked to be so deep in thought I didn't want to disturb you," he said, his eyes twinkling with mirth.

"So, you decided to give me a heart attack instead?" I asked incredulously. My heart was still beating wildly in my chest, but now for different reasons. Edward has just come in from work and he looks so good.

"Of course not, baby," he quipped, kissing my cheek.

I leaned back against him as my heartbeat evened out, my hands splaying on his thighs as I relaxed fully onto him. Edward rested his chin on my shoulder as his arms around my waist tightened, bringing me closer to his chest. The warmth of his body was a welcome distraction for my thoughts.

"How was work?" I asked him after a few beats of silence.

"Same as always," he murmured, nuzzling my hair. "Although there's this kid that just gets on my nerves every damn time."

"Oh no," I mock-gasped, turning to look at him from the corner of my eye.

"It just annoys me that he acts like a know-it-all," he grumbled, the vibrations running down my neck.

"You'll be fine," I said. "The term's going to be over in four weeks anyway."

"God, four more weeks of that Newton kid," he whined.

"Poor baby," I laughed, patting his cheek.

Edward playfully bit my neck and when I tried to pull away, he grabbed my left hand and held me firmly in his arms. He began playing with my fingers, specifically, my bare ring finger. His fingertips softly rubbed the spot where a ring should be, my heart stuttering in my chest as I watched him quietly. I know that it's too soon for that, but I can't help my heart. Not when I know that Edward was it for me.

"What are you thinking of, baby?" Edward quietly asked in my ear. His breath washing over the side of my face caused goosebumps to rise on my skin.

"What?" my brain has turned to mush in the few seconds that Edward focused on my ring finger. I turned to face him, my legs wrapping around his hips. The arm that was wrapped around my waist moved to my back while his hand still held my mine firmly in his.

"Because I'm thinking," Edward leaned forward, his lips brushing across my jaw, "That you should move in with me."

I pulled away to look at him closely, my eyes searching for the usual teasing on his face. I found none.

"You're serious?"

"Yes," he firmly told me.

I nodded at him, my eyes moving to his hand, which was still playing with my finger.

"I want to wake up next to you every morning and fall asleep with you in my arms," Edward said, a smile playing on the corners of his mouth. "I want to come home to you every day, and have you come home to me. Bella, will you move in with me?"

"Yes," I grinned, my hand cupping his cheek as I pressed a kiss to his lips. "Of course, I'll move in with you."

Edward kissed me with such passion that it was a miracle I didn't burst out in flames right in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself to his lap. Our mouths moved languidly against each other until the need for air overrode our desire. Edward moved his lips to my neck while I panted in his ear.

"And someday soon," he whispered, his fingers caressing my ring finger. "We'll have that for the rest of our lives."

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