Warning: sexual situations, violence, and language.


He stood at the altar, still standing tall. He hadn't moved from that spot for over three hours. Not one step forward. Not one step backward. His face was aimed at the cross overhead where the minister no longer stood. The Bible still opened to that fateful page. Everyone had left. Even his best man. His stature looked solemn and sad. Tokiya Mikagami never loses. Ever. The two seemingly ominous silver rings gleamed; mocking him in all it's glory, bathing in the candlelight. He didn't want to face the door. Afraid that she would never come-that the doors would never swing open with a Fuuko whining about how she was late all the time. But the doors never opened. Feeling the anger pulsing through his veins, Tokiya's blank expression crumbled as he yelled into the night, throwing the two rings onto the ground. The white and red roses of the church looked at him sadly with all the burning candles furiously burning away the night. He walked off of the red carpeted-floor and out of the double wooden doors. With a slam, the doors closed for the last time that day.

***2 years later***

Dressed in a business skirt and a blazer, the purple haired woman took off her sunglasses. Black high-heeled shoes clapped against the hard pavement of the busy street of Tokyo, where everyone busily scurried towards the food stands or the big five-star restaurants. No makeup covered Fuuko's face and she put away her sunglasses in need of something to quench her thirst. She wasn't the bouncing high school teenager anymore. She was a businesswoman and a successful one at that too. Walking into the known restaurant in the country, Fuuko was

instantly greeted with a waiter.

"Your name Miss?"

"Fuuko Kirisawa." The receptionist looked surprised momentarily.

"Right this way Miss Kirisawa. Kurei-sama awaits you," spoke the bewildered man. Following the short bald man, Fuuko found Kurei sitting at the lavishly decorated corner. Smiling pleasantly, Fuuko looked downwards before giving him a seductive look. Placing herself across from Kurei, she thanked the waiter for his service.

"I've missed you," Kurei chuckled, "it's been a month that we've been apart."

"I've missed you too, Kurei-anata. What took you so long?" Food was being dished onto their table.

"The man wanted to prolong his life, but death eventually found its grip." Fuuko looked away, yet kept her smiling figure in front of him. Crossing her hands together, she watched silently as Kurei poured the one of the finest wine into two glasses, "what's wrong? You're abnormally quiet. Are you not happy to see me?" Shaking her head, she smiled sheepishly.

"It's just some things at work have been stressing me out lately," she lied.

"You know I could always fire and hire more diligent people for you, Fuuko. Better yet, you don't have to work at all. Just stay home and relax," Kurei suggested starting on his carefully steamed fish with white rice and Chinese vegetables.

"No. It's okay. I like the busy life. The employees are fine. It gets boring at the mansion," Fuuko emphasized, hoping Kurei wouldn't fire any of her co-workers.

"I'm only going to stay here for a two days. I need to go on another business trip. You are, of course, always invited, Fuuko." Looking up from her dish, Fuuko looked a tad astonished.

"Only for two days? Why in such a hurry?" Inside, Fuuko was really glad he was leaving so soon.

"Some issues have come to my attention that I need to get rid of. Personally." Kurei looked at his watch, "Lunch is over. I'll see you at home tonight." Standing up, Kurei gently kissed Fuuko on the cheek.

"I'll see you tonight as well." Fuuko whispered. Heaving a sigh, she picked up her purse again, heading towards the double doors with her sunglasses intact and her head held up high.

Working eight hours straight was how Fuuko balanced her time after lunch at one pm. sipping some Starbucks coffee, she continued typing the annual report due every month. She never procrastinated; after all, it was only the second week of May. A pile of applications for positions in the corporation was set to the right side of her desk, where the printer continuously produced the documents that were to be delivered to every employee tomorrow morning in detailing the new ideas. Yawning, Fuuko leaned back into her chair, proofreading the contents of the page.

"I guess that's enough for day," Fuuko glanced at the clock: 9:00 PM, "Guess it's time to return." Grabbing her black leather briefcase, Fuuko walked out of the 60th floor. Stepping into the elevator she pressed G, waiting for the elevator to give her that queasy feeling in her gut as it went downwards. Her slick silver BMW awaited her arrival, as she unlocked the alarm. Driving home, she noticed a creamy white envelope in the passenger seat addressed to her. Pulling up the driveway of her mansion, she opened the letter:

                                                                                        May 12th, 2002 Fuuko,

It's been two years and you still haven't answered me. I know you live there. I see you on television every day with Rekka-kun and I'm sure you know that Tokiya watches you too. I wish you'd call me. Why did you leave him there, Fuuko? Wasn't he enough? You loved him. I know you did. You hated Kurei, so why did you turn your back on Tokiya for your enemy? Tokiya's gone missing since last year as well. We've lost contact of him. He no longer lives in that home you guys bought two years ago. It's out on the market as of now. I haven't lost faith in you yet, so I'll continue writing to you until you come back. Everyone misses you here.

                                                                                        With lots of love,

Fuuko glared at the letter like it was poison before crumpling the paper up and throwing it into the courtyard's trash. Walking up the stairs, Fuuko's eyes began tearing. She could never contact her best friends. Ever. It was her only way of saving them and Tokiya. The butler greeted Fuuko as usual, before she went up more stairs to wash her face. She noticed another body in her bed as she crept inside. It was Kurei soundly asleep. She still never got used to the idea of having him in the same bed with her. Closing the bathroom's door, she pulled off all her clothes and clambered into the shower. Letting the hot droplets of water hit her back, Fuuko remembered Tokiya's face. Where did he go? Was he still safe from harm? She turned off the faucet, placing a robe over herself. Drying her hair, she remembered all those times he'd always hug her at night. Walking back into her room, she noticed Kurei was no longer there.

"Fuuko." A husky whisper filled her ears before feeling Kurei gently nibbling her earlobe, "I've missed you badly."

 "Kurei.?" He hugged her from behind before licking her neck and jaw line. With a tug of the knot in front of her robe, it came undone as he massaged her breasts earning a moan from her. He lifted her up and walked towards the feathery bed, before kissing her neck again, suckling it. He moved downwards, sucking on her right breast while roughly rubbing the other. Fuuko gasped as his right hand went lower towards her inner thighs. His lips met hers fully right when he slipped his two fingers up her clit. Her arms around him tightened while he dove his fingers in and out of her, making her buck her hips along. He pulled out his fingers, making her whimper. Taking off his pants, Kurei passionately kissed her, giving her all his attention whilst her hands roamed around his chest. He placed himself directly between her legs before plunging in and taking in all the ecstasy of her tight walls. Driving in harder and faster, Kurei could almost feel her climaxing with him. With a groan, he exerted his seed into her. Something rang in his head and he thought he hallucinated it. But there it was again.