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The night was calm. Noctowls hooting. Everyone was asleep... except one pink-haired girl. That girl was none other than the Team Rocket member, Jessie, with her magenta hair let down, a style she rarely was in, but one she preferred over her usual look.

But there was a something bothering her. The thought of something no one who knew Jessie personally would ever think of. The thought was James. Ever since that incident happened, she knew she had something in her heart for him.

5 months earlier...

"James, JAMES! What in the world is taking you so long?!" Jessie's voice boomed in the room as she was standing in her most casual look. "I am taking my first actual bath after roaming around Kanto and Johto for TWO YEARS Jessie, atleast let me enjoy this." James replied hastily.

"I'd say Jimmyz right Jess, we ain't washed ourselves since those twoips and that Pikachu." The cat Pokémon's voice emerged from near the window sill, eyes still admiring one Meowth similar to Meowsie.

"I guess you have a point Meowth, but he's been in there for THREE WHOLE HOURS. As for the 'not taken a bath in two years' babble, might I remind the countless times we fell in lakes and rivers?"

"Well alright Jess, wait for thirty more minutes and I'll be out okay!"

"Another THIRTY minutes? Ughh, finee." Jessie's voice showing clear frustration. She went to sit on her favourite couch, one which she hadn't seen since what she thought were ages. After what felt like an hour rather than a half, James walked out of the bathroom.

"Hey Jess, I'm done. Your turn now." James said, while still trying to see if his towel was wrapped around properly. What he noticed though, was Jessie, eyeing him up and down.

When Jessie had looked up, she was surprised to see James. Well not James, the person, but his body. A body the kind she fantasized about in middle school, biceps not too small not too huge, his abs not prominent but you could tell they were there. Though that's what made Jessie feel uneasy.

'Why am I feeling like this about James?' was the first thought that hit her. Though something else questioned from inside her 'Why did you never notice him in these seven years you have been with him?' The obvious answer being... There was none. They had become comfortable enough to change outfits or change into drag sometimes next to each other (with backs turned obviously, to avoid the embarrassment of seeing a teamnate naked) but she never thought to pay attention to James when he was shirtless during those times.

"Jessie?" James finally spoke up with a surpised look on his face as he had never seen Jessie space out. Or even, stare at him like this, if she was indeed staring at him.

"Huh...w-what?" Jessie snapped out of her trance.

"Don't you want to go wash yourselves?" James said quizzically.

"Huh... Oh yeah... Sorry, I-I'm going. Try to dress-up in the bathroom before coming out next time you indecent dumbo." Jessie's voice turned stern as quick as she stared at him.

"I didn't wanna get my clothes wet!" James tried to reply, but Jessie walked in the bathroom before he could finish.

"So, Meowth, was it just me or was Jessieacting really weird when I came out the bath?" Meowth, totally oblivious to what had happened or what the question was, replied "Sigh, she could be in loovveee~"

James' eyes' widened at the reply, his brain already overthinking the situation "W-What?! Y-You mean Jessie's in love with... me?"

Still lost in love, Meowth did break out of his spaced out stares outside to reply, "Ehh what? Naww, I was talkin' 'bout dat Meowth outside, smilin' whenever she catches me stares."

"Well, I suppose someone's in love atleast" James sighed, Meowth truly was useless when in love.

Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opened a little, and a hand peeked out of the gap.

"Hey James, mind passing me my clothes?" Jessie asked, clearly sounding calmer than before.

"Sure thing, Jess."

A few hours later...

The infamous trio were roaming the corridors of the new Rocket HQ, built in a secluded area after an unexpected explosion that apparently happened when an incredibly strong Pokémon escaped the old compound.

Jessie, James and Meowth were trying to navigate the way to the cafeteria, one which seemed like a maze in this new place. "Hey Jimmy, how far are we? My stomach is as empty as a Snorlax"

"I don't know Meowth. I can't find the way there."

Suddenly, a girl with orange hair excitedly popped out the corner "Hey Jessie! And Hellooo James!"

"Hi Cassidy! And uh Botch." "It's Butch." replied the girl's teammate, clearly annoyed.

"Ah yeah, my bad Butch." James corrected himself. "So, what are you guys doing here Jessie? Failed again or did you find a rattata for the boss?" Cassidy said with mocking tone in her voice, one Jessie had become used to at this point.

"It's none of your business Cass. By the way, weren't you guys in jail?" Jessie said sounding confused and surprised.

"Oh didn't you hear, the boss bailed us out. He said we were one of his more successful partners, can't risk us you know"

"Wait, the boss bailed you out? He hasn't done that before with us" Jessie said, upset. "You see Jessie, we are boss' favourite members, that's why. Right Butch?" "You're right, Cassidy"

"Hey Jessie, I think I found the cafeteria." Suddenly, James who wasn't even paying attention to what the girls were arguing about, exclaimed from the back. "Oh yes, how could I forgot about dear James." Cassidy skipped over to James and asked with the most flirtatious tone she could "Say James, you wouldn't mind if I took you to my room to talk for a sec?"

Jessie nearly jumped over hearing what Cassidy said. James and Cassidy alone, in her room? No. She can't let that happen. 'But why? Why can't I? Cassidy is just a friend. It's not like, I care whatever she would do with James, right?'

"Of course Cassidy, but make it quick? My tummy is reallyy empty right now." James naively replied, with the most innocent look on his face, no idea as to what this might lead to.

"Oh don't worry about that, I just have to tell you something okay!" Cassidy exclaimed with a sly grin on her face, one that made Jessie worry.

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