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Anastasia Dursley nee Malfoy

***Halloween 1982 Malfoy Castle

"Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby!" the future of the Malfoy line was practicing his Elf technique with a Beater's bat on the floppy eared creature easily double his size

Dobby was under Master's standing orders exactly how to react. He was to cry out, back away, allow the Young Master to hit him, and repeat. Always ensuring Young Master was completely safe when out of either Master's or Mistress' sight.

"Draco, stop playing and come. Follow me to your Father's office." Commanded Mother.

Narcissa Malfoy swept into her husband's private sanctum and other than allowing her Son entry took absolute command of the room "Lucius, I am delighted to announce our family is due to get a little larger by about mid-June."

"Ahh…most excellent." The recently minted head of the Malfoy Family was pleased "This could lock my claim on the Black line. Yes, yes indeed. I can begin quietly spreading our having heir to both Malfoys and Blacks. Nothing too blatant of course. Merely a proud papa showing off his good news. You should be seen shopping, buy blue naturally."

Toddler Draco offered a limited toothy grin and exclaimed "Bay beee!"

***May 30 1983

"AHHHHHHHH!" Mrs. Malfoy's voice could be heard through much of St. Mungo's "I will freeze Lucius' bits off the next time I see him! Where is that rat!?"

The attending Mediwitch replied in a soothing tone "Your husband is with the Minister, we were told. I'm sure that's very important to the Ministry. He'll be along just as soon as humanly possible."

"WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" a set of lungs that threatened to outdo Mum announced themselves to the world.

The Healer performed a couple simple cleaning and drying spells and presented "Welcome your new witch Mrs. Malfoy."

"A girl. We were expecting a boy, like Draco." The mother took the child with something less than absolute joy "Nevertheless witches have their own value."

The Mediwitch noted "We certainly do." She disregarded the patient's lack of excitement.

"You have a daughter, Lucius." Narcissa told her husband, coolly, as soon as he arrived. Some 3 hours after the birth and almost 8 since the onset of labor.

Husband eyed wife with disfavor, inspected the infant critically "Little can be done. As we cannot change a child's sex, we must make the most of it. She appears healthy, well formed. I expect House Malfoy will get some benefit. My ancestor Lucius' wife was named Anastasia."

"A worthy Pureblood name." the mother granted "And Walburga from the distaff line. High standards I expect she will live up to."

The father allowed it with a nod "As soon as you are well, we will introduce her to her big brother. A formal announcement will be in order. An appropriate pose outside the hospital as well." And thus the Malfoy clan publicly showed off its new member.

***September 1 1986

"NO! I DON WAN YOU TA LEEF!" three-year-old Anastasia screamed in protest as her brother donned his dragon-print schoolbag. She tugged on his sleeve.

Big brother Draco was totally in love with his little sister. He indulgently picked her up, leaning back to balance their combined weight and sloppily kissed her forehead. "Don't be like that Annie. Mum don't like it. I gosta goto school. I'll still be home at dinner."

"Weawy? Still pway wif me?" the little girl sniffled.

Draco smoothed over her same exact shade of hair and promised "Course. I love my baby sis. We'll play with Dobby. Dobby!"

"Yes young Master." The House Elf popped in, cringing.

Draco stood importantly, now about the same size and commanded "You watch Anastasia or you'll feel Father's cane. You hear me?"

"Oh yessir yessir!" ears flopped all over the place as young master departed with Mistress. And so, young Ana giggled as she played the game with the Beaters' bat her big brother taught her.

The Wizarding World had some of the events as Muggles, among them was beauty contests. The top of Pureblood society used such things to show off their marketable daughters. Narcissa Black participated in such until her father found suitable alliance with Abraxas Malfoy and starting in 1988 her daughter was introduced to the circuit. The child made appropriate acquaintances with girls such as the youngest Greengrass, a potential mate for her brother. But was instructed to spurn any redheads, be they Bones or Weasley. Little Ana loved the attention and celebrity. She won in 1989 and 1992.

***September 9 1991

"Stinking Saint Potter!" 8-year-old Ana spat, angrily flinging the scroll of her beloved brother's letter across the room "Wait'll I get there! I'll hex him THROUGH a wall! No one rejects a Malfoy offer!"

Mother was pleased "A decent, proper, young lady. You managed to express your temper without a vulgar display of accidental magic."

***May 30 1994

A watershed moment in any young Magical's life. Of course, Ana was a witch. How could she NOT be? With her bloodline? No, today was nothing for her to fear. Only delight awaited today. This would be the last year she would be separated from her beloved brother on her birthday. They would now be at Hogwarts together. Teach that rotten Harry Potter to mess with the Malfoys! At long last!

Nothing of the sort happened. Father gave a cold glare and announced "I am going to the Ministry, possibly Hogwarts." Then he stormed out.

"Papa…is something wrong? We missed my birthday dinner." An upset newly minted eleven-year-old Ana appeared in the family room hours later. Angry voices had drawn her, even from her room. The words weren't clear but her parents NEVER spoke to each other that way.

Lucius Malfoy was not known for displays of affection but he did have his moments. This was certainly not one such, he regarded his offspring with contempt and sneered "Every magical has incidents of accidental magic. I do not remember one from you."

"Mama always said I was very controlled." Ana defended herself in a weak tone. That anger, she realized, was directed at her. That beautiful blend of Malfoy and Black genes flinched, because with looks came the brains. Ones that warned Ana of danger "Please tell me what's wrong?"

Like a volcano, Lucius erupted "A squib is USELESS to this family!"

"I AM NOT A SQUIB!" the youngster yelled back, deeply upset.

Calmly, coolly, Narcissa interjected "You most certainly are, my dear. Your father confirmed it with the Ministry and Hogwarts' registration book within the past hour. Your time of birth has passed, no owl is coming."

"oh" was all Ana could reply, meekly.

Lucius slapped the couch he stood beside stinging his hand "I will not have it in my house Narcissa! Come here girl!" he grabbed her by the wrist and disapparated.

"Ow! Daddy, that hurt!" she whined as they reappeared. A forced, rushed magic travel could be unpleasant. A child could experience pain.

Lucius glared down at her and snarled "Silence girl! Address me as Mr. Malfoy should you have reason. That is all you need know me as for the duration of our acquaintance." He dragged her along around the corner, up a few cement steps and through a heavy glass double-door.

"Good evening sir. And welcome to St. Brutus." The receptionist greeted with a scripted speech "Our normal business hours are 9AM to 5PM. I am sure we can find a compatible child to add to your family."

Lucius had nothing but contempt for the foolish Muggle, though didn't express it that way "Young woman, I did not attain my place with charity. I am here to divest myself of this defective creature. I can safely assume you have the necessary paperwork."

"Seems like a perfectly beautiful child to me." She complimented the girl, earning a small grin "In fact, I could swear that face belongs on a magazine." The intercom buzzed and she spoke into it briefly, listened.

There was only one administrator on duty at this time of night. St. Brutus was the place known to Purebloods as the spot to turn over their undesirables. 24 hours a day someone knew of the Wizarding World and this precise situation. This middle-age man was a squib himself and most unforgiving. As he closed the office door he snarled "Another shitty parent."

"If you knew who I was!" growled Lucius.

To which he snorted "All too well. My brat brother's little playmate. You knew me as Abraxas Crabbe. First thing I did was shed that bigoted name. Recognized you on the security video, even after decades, ickle Lucy. Don't even think of trying a Crucio, or you'll die of lead poisoning to the brain."

"That's my Daddy!" protested Ana, reacting poorly to the threat.

The former Crabbe offered her a gentle smile "Such a sweet, loyal child. Should be a Gryffindor, don't ya think Lucy? Now, we know all about the backwardness of your laws. Heads rule all and the rest of that tosh. Most of the world operates much more ethically. Yes, we will accept temporary custody of Ana tonight BUT your wife must come here and sign away her parental rights as well. Sign here, initial there, there, and sign." Assorted documents were presented.

"Papa! Don't leave me! I don't like it here and I HATE him!" Anastasia wailed.

Lucius looked contemptuous "Did I not tell you address me as MISTER Malfoy! And, you boy, are lucky I need you on this occasion."

"Go, Malfoy. Get out of my office." The Squib ordered, then knelt beside his fellow Squib undisturbed by her declaration of hatred "Ana, go through that door and, well …you call them Mediwitches, but get in the habit of using Nurse from now on, alright. Off you go!"

The look from her father made Anastasia comply. It would be the last time she saw the man she called Daddy for her first decade…ever.