"I don't know if I can do this anymore Fin." The bunny sighed, she put the joint to her lips and lit it as she blew out the smoke and her frustrations. The fennec at her side, grunted and turned to look at the doe.

"Well, ya hafta. Ya know, tha' job ya have at tha store ain't payin' enough. And unless ya' want to live under a bridge, tis' is tha only way." Finnick shook his head, as if he was telling the bunny this for the first time. She knew money was tight, this time around. And even though it was only herself she was providing for, it still cost a lot to find a decent house and still manage to buy herself clothes and food. Not to mention, paying rent. All in all, the bunny had a lot to lose, and unfortunately the only job that paid a good amount was one that required sex with strangers.

Judy Hopps was a prostitute.

It sounded nasty coming out of one's mouths, the words tasting bitter. Heck, it was nasty. But it was life, and the life that Judy Hopps grew accustomed to. Sure, the bunny didn't ask for this life. Sleeping around for a quick buck, but it was all she had. She grew up in an orphanage for half of her life, and though the orphanage was run down at least it provided clothes and food, well at least it did. Until, Judy turned eighteen and suddenly the orphanage decided 'Hey, you're old enough to take care of yourself. You don't need us. So, get the fuck out' and Judy was back to being alone, on the streets. She managed for quite awhile on her own, till she found Finnick. Or rather he found her, crying in an alley behind a dumpster because she was hungry and homeless. The fox took her in, and soon he was introducing her to Jax a one eyed puma who was the owner of a prostitution ring. The puma was immediately intrigued by the bunny and told her she would make a lot of money if she worked for him, to which seeing as she had zero other options she agreed. The puma welcomed her with open arms, and that was how she became Amethyst. Hardly anyone ever called her Judy unless it was Finnick, whom refused to call her anything else. She was simply known as Amethyst, and oddly enough the name seemed to grow on her.

The bunny was startled out of her thoughts when something pushed against her leg and she looked to see Finnick, motioning for her to go inside. Sighing, Judy stubbed out her cigar and followed after the fennec. The went inside the club, and parted ways Finnick heading to his place behind the bar to serve drinks while Judy headed to the dressing rooms, getting ready for another night on the streets. She went inside her dressing room, throwing her pack of cigars down and heading for her vanity. Sitting down, she began her regular routine. She made sure to keep the makeup natural, and grabbed her fur powder placing it on her cheek bones. She chose a dark crimson lipstick along with big lashes mascara. As soon as that was done, she headed to her wardrobe to grab an outfit. Choosing a short black dress, Judy placed that to the side and picked up her black lace stockings. SLiding them up her long legs, Judy slid the dress on next and made way to grab her heels. She placed them on and once satisfied with her look, she exited the room. Heading to the front of the club, Judy walked past Finnick giving him a wave. She made her way to the corner of Bearestein and Foxtrot and waited. She had already memorized the plan, Jax had given her. Remembering, especially which customers to look for, that carried the most cash. Judy waited a bit, deciding to mess with her phone while she waited for any potential customers, and soon she heard the sound of a car engine. The bunny looked up from her intense game of Moono (Uno) and spotted a small dark red sports car. Judy grinned, quickly masking her face to a flirty smirk and she made her way to the car. Bending down, so her bottom was sticking up and her breasts were popping out, she tapped on the window. It rolled down, and Judy was met with the face of a fox. His grin widened at her, and she looked to meet his dark emerald eyes. Judy licked her lips and spoke up, keeping up the act.

"Hey handsome. Looking for a bit of fun?" She asked. The fox grinned, nodding and she smirked back. "The names Amethyst." Opening the unlocked door, Judy hopped in, she turned to buckle in her seat belt. Speaking without looking at the fox. "So, what will it be. Full deal, is $150 dollars, blow-" She cut herself off when she turned to see the fox, his paw up and a gleaming police badge in her face.

Judy groaned hitting her palm on her face as the fox spoke up.

"Well 'Amethyst', You're under arrest for prostitution."