Judy had spent over two weeks thinking about the offer Nick had granted her, and after going over the pro's and cons of the entire situation at hand the doe had finally made a decision. Standing from where she sat perched at the end of her bed the doe made her way into the living area, grabbing her coat she hurried to leave her shabby place of a house to head to the police station. Just before she could do so a loud a chilling knock sounded at her door (something Nick had helped put together with pieces of wood and nails), followed by the unfamiliar voices of men who shouted, "ZPD OPEN UP!"

The doe froze in terror, using her shaky paws to open the door, as men suddenly burst through roughly grabbing the bunny, and holding her paws behind her back as they began to mutter to her, her miranda rights. Judy did her best not to squirm in fear of being handled even more roughly as she looked on in confusion.

When the main Officer, a rather portly margay finished reading her rights she managed to clear her thoughts away enough to ask a question, she hoped would be answered.

"I-what's going on? I don't understand- what did I do?" At this point all the Officers who knocked on her door seemed rather bored no longer wearing angered expressions but rather annoyed ones.

"You, Judith Hopps are under arrest for the murder of Finnegan R. Lister." The doe jerked with both shock and surprise, as she realized what she was being accused of. And then, the realization of the name being said kicked in, and the doe quickly spoke up.

"Wait! But I- No! he's still alive I just talked to him a few days ago, a-and I know, I know I would never hurt Finnick, much less murder him. He was the only family I had!"

It was then that she was shown videos and pictures, of a bunny who looked a lot like her stabbing the elder fennec fox with a dagger and running off.

Before she could say any more, she was lead out of her house, the margay reminding her that anything she said, could and would be used against her, in the court of law. The doe could only whimper as the police cruiser doors shut, her amethyst eyes hoping to see a red fox come to her rescue. When he didn't she sighed and leant her head on the window, closing her eyes as tears cascaded down her grey cheeks.

"I'm telling you I didn't do it. Get that through your thick skull!" Judy growled. The bear known as Officer Bearestein merely chuckled before placing his paws on the table and leaning forward his hot breath hitting the doe in the face.

"You don't get to tell me what to do, I'm the boss here. You got that rodent!" The bear threatened mouth opening to show the bunny a set of sharp teeth. Judy gave herself credit for not punching the absolute hell out of the larger mammal, choosing instead to nod stiffly at the Officer before looking down.

Just as the bear smirked at leaned back to ask her more questions the door to the interrogation room was thrown open a ruffled yet familiar fox making an appearance.

"Thanks, Jack. I can take it from here." The fox spoke to the bear who gave a glare one last time at the rabbit before leaving. The fox felt his tail bush in anger at the way the bear was speaking to the doe and was glad he'd got there in time. Turning to face the gray rabbit he was welcomed by the sight of a crying bunny.

"Hey, hey. What's wrong?" He questioned and immediately wanted to smack himself because honestly what kind of a question was that. Thankfully the rabbit said nothing instead leaning into the vulpine who'd come to give the lapine a hug his arms rubbing her back in soothing motions to comfort her.

"I don't know why bad things keep happening, I was just ready to turn my life around and then this just- and oh my God! Fin is dead, he's dead because of me! Why? Why is this happening?" The doe stuttered, her voice reaching hysteria. The fox stroking her ears sighed as he gave her the best reply he could.

"I can't answer that, because I don't know. But what I do know, is that I'm going to be here to help you every step of the way, until we find who's doing this you're going to stay with me." He told the doe, taking comfort in the fact that at his words the bunny moved closer into his side.

"I just want this to stop." The doe muttered with a heavy sigh her shoulders drooping along with her ears. Nick felt his heart sink at the rabbit's sorrow, his ears lying down flat on his head as his paws tightened on her trying to secure her in his hold.

"I know, fluff. I know." Judy was the first to pull away causing a tang of disappointment in the fox but he knew that a chance of them being caught showing affection with one another would cause suspicious and the possibility of having the fox taken off the case.

"Alright, now tell me what happened from the very beginning of the day. I don't want a single detail left out fluff. One simple detail could help us find a clue to the killer." Nick spoke grabbing a recorder from his pocket and setting it on the table.

Judy nodded rubbing her paws together before starting the retelling of her day.

"I happened to be getting ready to head over to your place, when the police arrived. Before I could even open the door, they shouted for me to open up and then they just entered. I remember the rhino grabbing me roughly and proceeding to read me my rights when I got the courage to ask what was going on," the doe paused, her eyes starting to water ,"They told me Finnick had been killed and that I was the one responsible."

Nick nodded, listening intently as the rabbit paused once again taking a deep breath before continuing on her eyes unfocused seeming to be lost in thought.

"I told them, I didn't do it. And that he couldn't be dead, I had just talked to him. Then they pulled out their phone and showed me a video." The rabbit couldn't hold back her hurt voice as tears spilled.

"It showed a rabbit holding a dagger and stabbing Finnick three times." Judy spoke, brows furrowing in bewilderment.

Then she looked up to meet Nick's eyes her own filled with fear.

"And the thing is the rabbit looked exactly like me Nick. A complete replica. But, but it wasn't me. You gotta believe me, Nick!" The rabbit suddenly looked on the verge of hysteria, paws gripping the table tightly.

The fox ended the recording looking around to make sure no one was around.

"I know, and I do believe you. But," he paused, Judy's ears drooping slightly at the hesitation ,"I technically can't be on this case, since I'm what they consider 'involved' with the suspect. Which is why, I will be going on a 'vacation' and since I won't have my badge during that time since I'm taking a break from work, I can dig around a bit, for some clues." The vulpine explained, his emerald eyes mischievous.

The doe let her ears spring up at the news before she realized the unfortunate part of that plan.

"But what about me? Where will I be?" The fox stiffened at this not making eye contact before he muttered.

"You'll be held, until you are discharged of the crime and someone can prove you are not guilty." He explained.

The rabbit sighed expecting that answer before she stood, holding up her cuffed paws.

"Lead the way, slick." Nick stood up as well, feeling pity for the bunny. Although he was quite relieved that it was he who was doing the job of taking her to a cell. Passing Clawhauser on his way, he handed the recording to the portly cheetah to hold while he led the gray bunny to the cell rooms.

As he unlocked the door and let the bunny go in, he felt a strong sense of confidence.

Making sure the rabbit was inside and the door was locked, he then spoke up.

"I will get you out of this."

The doe looked up, her amethyst eyes sparkling with pride.

"I know you will, slick."

The complete level of trust in her voice, left the fox with a smile as he walked away determination lighting his emerald irises.

"I got you, carrots."

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