A/N: this is completely unedited and slightly messy, but i just needed some fluff after that episode.

slightly based on the song "Hearts Don't Break Around Here" by Ed Sheeran.

They've been playing this dance for far too long.

Bickering all the time, their flirting having become so bad that even the most ignorant members of the team have picked up on it. Yes, even Stein.

But when faced with their feelings for one another, they both run.

Neither of them have talked about any of the things that have happened between them.

The flirting, growing closer before the Oculus.

Me and you.

The Oculus.

The kiss.

The after the Oculus.

Him being corrupted by the Legion.

Him hurting her.

Her making him remember.

They've been dancing around all of it, both too scared to reach across the ocean that has been created between them and reach out to the other.

Both too scared of drowning.

They see each other first thing every morning, making each other coffee and breakfast. They look out for each other during missions, and on the rare occurrences where there are no missions, they play cards and talk. About everything but that.

And he'd be lying if he said it didn't bother him. He'd be lying if he said that every time their hands touched - no matter how briefly - he didn't feel the urge to hold hers. He'd be lying if he said he didn't miss her.

They spend every waking minute with each other. She's the last thing he sees before they both go to their separate bedrooms. To their separate beds.

He wakes up in the middle of the night, several months after he canme back to the team. His eyes are still closed, but he can hear the soft tip-tap of Sara's feet on the cold metal floor. He can't stop the soft smile spreading on his face, knowing that if the former assasin didn't want him to hear her, he wouldn't.

"Len?" she whispers.

He rolls on his side, facing her and opens his eyes, raising an eyebrow.

"What's the problem, Canary?"

She smirks a little at the nickname, but her expression quickly falls. She bites her lips and looks down at the ground. "I…" She sighs. "Nevermind. It was stupid coming here, sorry for waking you."

They might have avoided feelings since the Oculus, both for their own reasons, but she's here, and it feels like the break from their cycle that he's been waiting on for so long. He wants more with Sara, more than friends, than flirting, and although it absolutely terrifies him, he finds that with her, he's willing to try.

"Hey." She's standing just close enough for him to reach out to her from his bed and grab her hand. "What's up?"

"I…" She looks up at him, and only now can he see the tears in her eyes. "I had a nightmare."

He shifts, sitting up a little and feeling the tingle that's sent down his spine when his skin hits the ice cold air in the waverider. He looks at Sara, standing there in a thin pyjama shirt and shorts, with bare feet and he can't imagine how cold she must be.

He's still holding her hand, rubbing soft circles on it with his thumb. "About what?"

"Laurel." she replies shortly, biting her lip.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He looks back up at her, and sees a vulnerable look in her bright blue eyes that he saw only once before. Memories of the Oculus fill his head, but he closes his eyes and urges them away.

She shakes her head. "I just didn't want to be alone."

He lets her hand go and crawls back into bed, then pats the space next to him. "Come here."

She smiles softly and crawls into bed next to him. He reaches out and wipes away a few stray tears from her cheek. "Thank you." She whispers.

"Of course." He whispers back.

She curls into him, placing her head on his torso and wrapping one of her arms around him. He pulls the blanket up, covering the both of them with the soft and warm material, and grabs the hand that is wrapped around him.

He kisses the top of her hair and whispers: "Goodnight, White Canary."

"Goodnight, Captain Cold."

He listens to her steady breathing, until he's sure that she's sleeping peacefully before he closes his eyes and lets sleep take over.

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