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In the afternoon, they're playing a game of cards in the library when Rip interrupts them. There were no missions today, so the team was enjoying their day off, which mostly included watching movies for Nate, Amaya and Ray, tinkering on the ship for Rip, Mick and Jax and reading for Stein. Leaving the crook and the assassin.

She'd spent a lot time training, and during those hours he would read a book or join Nate, Amaya and Ray in their movie marathons so he could make fun of Ray.

The hours where she wasn't training, however, were mostly spent playing cards with him.

"Sara, if I could have a word with you please?"

Leonard would usually use moments like this to make snarky comments to Rip, but the expression on his face tells him to hold those comments in.

Sara glances at him for a second, her eyes full with worry, before settling on Rip. "Um, yeah sure." She puts down her cards, stands up and follows Rip out of the room.

He doesn't follow her, figuring that it's probably some captain-related subject they need to discuss, and instead goes to the brig only to find the rest of the team waiting there, with concerned looks on their faces.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know…" Ray looks more worried than the others, scared even. "Felicity got in contact with us. Told us she needed to talk to Sara."

He doesn't exactly know who Felicity is - of course, he'd heard stories of Team Arrow, but he hadn't met any of them - but he knows that they wouldn't use the expensive and complicated communication system without a proper reason.

"About what?" He asks.

Ray looks at him, a pitying look in his eyes. "About Laurel."

Leonard doesn't say another word to him, just turns around and stalks away to find Sara.

He goes to the library first, but only finds Rip there with a haunted expression on his face.

"What happened?" Leonard demands.

Rip gestures to the screen, which now only has the notification "Call ended" on it. "A friend for Star City called. They thought that Laurel was alive, but it's her from another earth." He quickly informs the crook.

Leonard can tell there's more to the story, but doesn't push the subject. Instead he goes to Sara's room, knowing that whatever it was, if it's something related to her sister, it's enough for him to worry.

He asks Gideon to open the door to her room, and the AI does, thankfully. Despite his career of choice, he's not really a fan of sneaking into people's places, especially if it concerns people he cares about.

He finds her sitting on her bed, with tears streaming down her face. She looks up at him and the moment her eyes meet she lets out a shuddering breath before leaping into his arms.

He's taken back by the action, but he refuses to let it show in any way, instead wrapping his arms around her and cradling her head. He might still be adjusting a little to physical contact, but he'd be damned if he'd show her any of that and not be there for her fully.

So he holds her while she cries, his shirt being soaked with her tears. Once she finally catches her breath, she steps away from him and wipes the hair out of her face. "Sorry about that." She whispers, refusing to meet his eyes.

"I might have to get a new shirt, but it's fine." He assures her.

The corner of her lip quirks a little at the remark and she looks back up at him, her eyes rimmed red from the tears.

"Wanna tell me what happened?"

She sits back on the bed and Leonard sits next to her, their sides touching just a little.

"Felicity, she um," Sara takes a deep breath, "She called to tell me about Laurel. She's back, but-" Her eyes fill with tears. "It's not really her. She's from another earth and she teamed up with this evil speedster to kill Barry, before moving to Star City to help Prometheus, who has been trying to kill Oliver."

"That doesn't sound like your sister." Leonard replies, moving to rub circles on her back. He's heard all the incredible stories about Laurel Lance and all the good she's done, both as a lawyer and as Black Canary.

She shakes her head. "It doesn't. It's not. It's not her."

"But she still feels like your sister." Leonard continues. He thinks about Lisa, and he can't imagine how he must feel if she died and an alternate version of her would suddenly be standing in front of him. Of course he'd be happy to see his sister, but at the same time, it wasn't really her, was it? He'd feel so conflicted about the entire situation, it would most likely break his heart.

"Yeah." Sara agrees. "She wasn't just evil, you know. She's lost everything, in that universe."

"In the other universe, I did go on the boat with Oliver, but neither one of us made it back alive. So she moved to Central City to get away, became a metahuman and was forced to join Zoom's army."

Leonard perks up at the name, having heard about the creepy speedster through his sister.

She sniffles and Leonard wraps an arm around her, pressing a kiss to her temple.

They stay like that, her wrapped up in his arms for a while, but are eventually interrupted by Gideon, informing them that a new mission requires their attention.

"You ready?" He asks.

She smiles a little at him, appreciating how worried he seems. "Yeah."

That evening, Sara doesn't come to visit Leonard. He isn't sure whether to be happy about this, because this probably means that she hasn't had another nightmare, or disappointed, because she'd been there the last couple of nights and they had both slept better than they had in years.

He ends up feeling both of these things.

After he'd stayed up later than usual, secretly hoping for her to show up anyways, he climbs out of bed and leaves his room.

He hesitates in front of her door. Maybe he's read this all wrong, and the sleepovers were really just nothing more than not wanting to be alone, and now she doesn't need him.

He takes a deep breath, then whispers 'fuck it' under his breath and opens the door to her room.

She's curled up in bed, buried under several blankets to block out the cold of the temporal zone. One eye perks open and when she sees it's him, she smirks.

"I've been wondering when you'd show up."

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