Chapter 1: A Day On The Streets

I was walking down the streets of downtown zootopia a city where you can do whatever you want in your life… well, that's what my 5th-grade teacher always said along with my parents said to me and my little sister. Well life doesn't always turn out like you plane, like i never planned on graduating high school early at the age of 13 or going out with my best friend's basically my brother's to get something to eat and hang out and have fun on a Friday like we usually do, just to come home to my family killed by home invaders at the age of 14 and become an orphan.

I'm a 17-year-old wolf of zootopia walking alone down the streets of downtown. Surviving on the streets of zootopia isn't easy especially in a city like this. I got money from my time in the military, you can enlist at the young age of 16 here with parents permission. But I told the recruiting officer about what happened to them and how I have no other family to do it and he accepted me and I was on the bus to boot camp the next day.

My best friend's dropped out of high school and followed me into the marines. They all were thinking about doing that for awhile, I guess me actually joining made them make up their minds real quick. All of them said 'that if one of us is in the military we join with him because we are brothers and we stick together always.' they said that on the bus to boot camp. We passed the training and was deployed to the front against the reptiles on the islands of lock isles. The war between the mammals of zootopia and the reptiles of the isles had been going on for 85 years before it ended by us taking their capital.

That was just another front on a massive war, there was the western front and then the southern front. The southern front was against the reptiles, the western was the country Xozia. The battles that were fought, it made you forget what you were fighting for.

I pulled out one of my photos out of my pocket to see which one I would pull out, to find out that I pulled out the picture of Tyler and me with a few other of our friends sweaty and hot in our football gear and uniforms. All of us laughing and having fun, a few of our teammates were in the pack celebrating our win against our rivals and I was in the center of the photo looking happy with a big smile on my face, with everyone's hands on my shoulders. It was a tied game four seconds left on the clock the horn blew as the play was unfolding if we made this touchdown we win the game.

It was a pass and it was over my head but I jumped high into the air and caught it with one hand and bullying the ball into my chest I hit the ground still inside the end zone. The crowd went insane at what they saw our team came running over screaming oh and yeah. I rolled to a stop and I was sitting on my ass looking around like 'what happened? did we win?' look. Well, that's how Tyler and our coach explained later on that day.

I was lifted on my teammates shoulders. The crowd was still ecstatic at what they just saw cheering clapping going insane the band played the school's them fight song. Later that day the picture was taken before the whole team went out to Pizza mut to celebrate.

I put the photo in my pocket. I walk in front of a store that had T.V's in its window title playing the news. ZNN was telling the news of today, The other one was showing whether. I saw my reflection in the window's glass. I almost didn't recognize myself, My gray fur had dirt and was a little knotted up. I had my old military cap on with a skull on it with crossed rifles, the skull had a military helmet on it and under the skull, it had writing, Semper fi.

I was also wearing my destroyed old jacket that still fit but it was getting worn out. I had my guitar with me as well the one thing I kept other than the pictures from my family. I had a military tactical backpack along with a duffle bag that was given to me from the military, it had my name on it and the company I served in. Jack Fenix marine corp, 101st rifle battalion, C company. I also had my green camo pants on.

As I walked I saw an old aardvark walking down the street ahead of me. She turned the corner and tried to cross the street but the cars wouldn't stop for her. I walked up to the old lady who was mumbling under her breath from irritation. I coughed to get her attention and she turned to look at me. "Can I help you across the street way," I asked and before she could even say anything I pushed the button to cross and the lights went red for us to go across.

"Oh thank you, deary. You are so kind." The old aardvark said with a smile on her face.

"It's no problem," I said. When we crossed the street we went our own ways.

I took a few steps and crossed an ally and someone grabbed me from behind. I yelped at the sudden grab and force, I was then thrown into a wall. When I got my sense back I looked up to see my attackers as a white fox, a tiger, and a brown bear. The fox came closer, "give us all you got kid." he said confidently. I reached for my guitar and handed it to him as he went to grab it. I quickly spun it around and swung hitting him in the face with the guitar, then I quickly turned hitting the tiger before I spun around to the brown bear and swung. Only for him to catch it, He yanked it out of my hands and broke it.

"Mep" I muttered before running down the alley as the fox and the tiger was sitting in pain and got up to get me. I knocked over boxes and trash cans to slow the thieves down. The tiger and fox just jumped over the obstacle while the bear just ran through them. I ran out into the streets and ran down the sidewalk. That's when a police car came screaming down the street, they stopped and a gray rabbit jumped out of the passenger seat and a fox jumped out of the driver set, they both held up the standard she tranquilizer handguns.

"Get down on the ground" the rabbit ordered. The thieves weren't behind me but I heard them. The fox fired his tranquilizer then the rabbit fired. The darts came straight at me like I hoped they would. I slid as the darts went over me, my head was on the ground I was on my back looking as the thieves just rounded the corner and were hit. The fox got it in the neck and the tiger the chest, The bear also feel down and was out like a light. I was still viewing it upside down because of my head on the ground and me still on my back. I heard someone walk and stop right next to me. I look up to find both the fox and rabbit standing over me pointing their dart shooters at me.

I slowly put my paws up halfway with a sorry smile on my face. The fox lowered his dart shooter and gave me a hand up I accepted the offer and got up with his help. "I'm officer Wilde and this is my partner officer Hopps."

"Now can you tell us what happened?" officer Hopps asked.

"Well I helped an old lady cross the street and when I was done we split up and I walked by an alleyway and was grabbed and pulled into," I explained to the officers. They nodded and Wilde walked up to the thieves his head tilted and looking down at the thieves. I guess he was just calling for backup to help transport the thugs.

"Well, are you alright?" Hopps asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," I said a little sad "They broke my guitar tho."

"Oh I'm sorry." she patted my arm. "Do you play and sing?" she asked a little interested.

"Yeah," I said shrugging my shoulders. That's when another police car drove around the corner and stopped in front of Wilde and Hoppes car and a lion and polar bear jumped out of the car.

"Hey, Delgado!" Hoppes said waving to the lion. "Hey Jim" she waved to the bear. Both of them waved back. She looked me like she was examining me and smiled. "Well I think we need to take you in for a check up first, Then you can go home," she informed me. "Nick we need to head back to the ZPD!" she yelled out to her partner. He nodded and headed back after telling the other officers something. We all got into the police cruiser and left the scene.

"So kid what's your name?" Wilde asked from the driver set not taking his eyes off the road.

"Jack, Jack Fenix," I said. Hoppes' ears twitched like she hired something, unusual.

"Where you from?" Hoppes asked.

"I'm from here. Born in Wolfden by accident and raised in Zootopia," I said just looking out the window.

"What do you mean by accident," Wilde said looking in the rearview to see me.

"I was a planned kid, it's just we were visiting family when I was born early, four weeks early I think." I said scratching my head trying to think if that was right.

"What were you doing all alone in that part of town," Wilde asked looking back at the road.

"I was just walking around," I said. In a way I was, I don't sleep in the same place every night.

"Do you have any family around?" Hoppes asked looking back at me.

"My parents no there out of town" I lied they looked a little appalled at the idea of parents leaving their son alone as they go on vacation. I noticed so I decided to lie even more. "I need a phone so I can call my grandmother and Grandfather." I lied.

"Oh ok well we're almost there. After your checkup, you'll be free to call them." Hoppes said looking back out the window smiling happily that I have a family to look after me. Wilde looked a little more serious and more like he knew I was lying. "How old are you Jack," Hoppes asked still looking out the window.

"17," I said plainly. I was still looking out the window watching the traffic and the citizens walking around from place to place. Going about their normal lives, the sun warmed the street and the city with its warm light. I was so distracted I didn't notice that the car took a turn and came to a gentle stop.

"We're here," Wilde said parking the car in the parking lot in front of the ZPD building. We all got out and I walked to the front doors and waited for Nick and Judy who were talking about something.

"Carrots he's lying to us!"

"What! Well how do you know?" she asked a little curious on how he got the idea.

"Um… hello ex-con-artist here," he said. "I know when people are sincere about something or they want to come back with some friends and teach me a lesson!" he finished.

"Maybe you're right, but he's a teenager who was just threatened by thugs and we're keeping him waiting let's go," Judy said with a demanding tone.

"Okay okay," he said holding up his paws.

They walked up to me with smiles well Wilde had more of a half awake gaze. "Let's go!" Hoppes said opening the door. The trio walked to the counter where the receptionist was sitting. It was a chubby cheetah. "Hey Clawhauser," Hoppes said filled with energy and happiness.

"O M goodness! Judy, Nick, how are you two doing and who's the new friend?" he said pointing his claw at me.

"Oh, this is Jack. He just needs to use the phone and get a check up." Judy explained letting me walk up to the desk.

"Oh here you go," he said putting the phone closer to me before going to another officer. I picked up the phone and dialed a random number that came to my head. It was met with the robotic voice saying the number doesn't exist. I hung the phone up on the receiver and turned around to face the two officers Nick's face was the same while Judy's ears were straight in the air.

"They didn't answer. ah well... I'll just walk there. I'll be on my way." I said pointing to the door, I was kinda hoping to avoid the check up, but as I walked by them, my stomach growled loud enough I think the whole department heard it. Nick smiled,

"Let's go get some dinner and then we'll take you home," he said smiling. Judy smiled and agreed.

"Don't you two have work?" I asked.

"Yeah but we're only on patrol. We can do whatever we want, we just have to stay within a populated area and keep an eye and ear out for trouble." Nick explained to me.

"Okay." I said accepting their offer for food.

We went to zubway for some sandwiches. "That will be $10.," the cashier said in a nice tone. I opened my wallet to find a lonely $5 dollar bill in it.

"Shit," I muttered under my breath. Judy must have heard it with her hearing and paid for it. "Sorry officer Hoppes."

"Please call me Judy," she said smiling up at me. We sat down and enjoyed our food. It didn't take long for them to fill the nice 'silence'.

"So what school do you go to" Judy asked. She was enjoying her sandwich.

"I'm graduated," I said. The two looked surprised.

"But you're only 17," Nick said wide eyed.

"Yeah, I take a test one day, mandatory test. We had to do and they said. I out tested it so they said 'i didn't have to go to school anymore' so I just stayed home fixing things and helping around the house." I said. They looked impressed by that knowledge.

"Well I'm surprised," Judy said wide eyed.

"How come you're not that smart Carrots," Nick said teasingly.

"Because I'm smart, just not smart in your way," she said as here come back. Nick pretended to be hurt before kissing her on her forehead.

"Wait, What!? You two are dating?" I asked. I was just about to take a bit of my sandwich to.

"Married actually," Judy said holding up her left hand showing a ring. Nick with a matching one.

"2 years," Nick said with a smile.

"Wow, you to make a nice couple," I said. Finishing off my sandwich.

"We should get going," Nick said looking at his watch. I looked at mine and was surprised at the time 8:27.

"We should get him home before your grandparents get worried," Judy said getting up to go. I just stood up with them and got ready. Wow, they're so worried about me I saw their worried looks when I told them about my parents and they tuck the time to feed me, Bonus. We went to the car and I gave them 'directions' to my grandparent's house. It's my old home the one I grew up in.

"Okay, thank's for everything!" I said before leaving the car.

"No problem Jack. You have yourself a nice night." Judy said.

"Yeah take care of yourself kid," Nick said. They drove off down the road and I waited till they were gone before I walked around for awhile, I went into an alleyway to sleep. I put my stuff down and checked the area before I went to sleep.