Chapter 18

Bragh Ait Island part 2: The City of Meeb

My convy walked down the street of the city. My girlfriend is walking with me along with Marcus Knight and Tyler close by. We patrolled the streets of the city together. Well what was left of them after the battle. Buildings and towers were in ruins as a stream of Civilians try to rebuild with the help of our military engineers. I walked along standing a little too close to my Vixen girlfriend, when a small lizard child ran up to us.

"I lost my parents and now i can't find them." the small child said.

"Oh poor thing. We'll help you find them." Christina said. I nodded just for Tyler call to me.

"Hey Bro can you help us lift this so we can check inside." He said standing next to an entrance to a burned down building.

"Sure thing." I turn back to my girlfriend. She gave me the go ahead and i walked over and helped them pull up a purned two by four. Then we pulled a more charred and burned wood out of the way. I turned to see my girlfriend and the kid to be a little further down the street and she was hugging the crying boy as civilians walked by.

My ears went down. "Hang on guys i think she might need help with a crying boy." I said as i started walking over to her. I was about half way there when rock and depry flew into my face and i was thrown back. I landed on my pack and was looking up into the cloudy sky. I was dazed and i struggled to get up but when i did i saw body parts, blood and nothing left of the crowd instead those who were near by who weren't soldiers were running as fast as they could in a different direction.

"Christina." I muttered struggling to get up "Christina! Christina!" I started to run to where she used to be when Tyler and Knight grabbed me.

"She's gone Jack!" Tyler yelled pulling me back to the house.

"No! She has to be fine!" I screamed back. I don't know why i said that know well enough that she was gone. I just didn't want to accept it. They pulled me into cover and Tyler gave me a brothers impress along with Knight while Marcus who put his paw on my shoulder before i started crying.

I shot awake in a sweat looking around my room filling my face with tears going down my face. I was wide awake and shaking. I tried to stand but crumbled onto the ground, i layed there my muzzle in the carpet as tears fell down my face and sweating. I tried getting up putting my paw on my side table I shakilly struggle to stand up. I try to walk forward but fall to my knees and i try to stand up again. With my shaky legs i try to walk to the bathroom. I was able to close the door before collapsing on the sink I shake so badly i couldn't turn the water on until a minute of waiting and i filled my paws with cold water before splashing myself in the face with it.

That calmed the shaking down a little to where i could move normally however still physically shaking. I stayed in the bathroom for what felt like an hour before leaving the bathroom to go back to my room. I opened a window just for fresh air. The breeze gently ruffled the fur on my face. I stuck my face out of the window for more air before looking around and seeing we were close to the roof of the building i got an idea. I checked the time, 12:00 AM my ears go down and i sighed.

I sat on the window seal before claiming up to the roof. I pulled myself up over the edge and was on the roof. I sat down when i realized i had nothing but shorts on and i enjoyed the cool breeze. I layed on my back looking up at the sky. I layed out there for i don't know how long. I was still somewhat distraught from the dream so i decided to get up and head back inside. I slipped in through the window and decided to put a shirt on and some pants before putting my boots on. I then had an idea that lead me through the living room leaving a note that said be back went for a walk and i found myself out of the apartment and heading down the road making my way to Hailey's house.

I walked through the city lights. I enter Hailey's neighborhood and walk down the street as I message Hailey to be met with nothing. I walked around her house and jump the fence and walk to her window. I tap on the window for a few seconds before doing it again. I stand there awhile before doing it again just for Hailey's face to open the blinds to see me there. Her face went from a mix of fear, anger, and sleep to Concern and love. She opened the window.

"Jack? What are you doing here?" Hailey asked.

"I missed my girlfriend." I lied trying to hide my tired voice. Hailey looks around before opening it completely.

"Come on." She signaled for me to enter and i slide into the house through the window before she quickly closed it. She then hugged me from behind and laid her head on my back. "What happened?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to see you." i kissed her muzzle before she threw me onto her bed before rolling me around and laying on top of me.

"I can tell your lying." Hailey said laying on top of me.

"It's nothing Hailey." I said looking away.

"See you used my name! Something is up Jack please tell me." Hailey said pressing her body against mine. I blush before i kiss her passionately. She was surprised but she kissed back as we stayed like that for a long time.

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