A/N: I love this game and what it stands for. So far I've been looking up everything I could've possibly missed. Then I found out there is more to Lori M. So I here you go a POV of Lori's days. Also this contains [SPOILERS] please play the game if you haven't. May contain sinful shipping between Mae and Lori.

Miss you momma 3


Dr. Hank has me doing these stupid journals now because of my "weird obsession" of my passion for horror movies and guts and blood and stuff. Says it's a gateway to violence or some crap like that. I'm not much of an artist. I'm more of a scriptor. Maybe I'll put my thoughts down here, written form of course, prob what he wants anyways.


I don't have any problems. This is pretty stupid. Nothing I like will result in me becoming some kind of juvenile delinquent. Is it wrong to enjoy my isolation from social aspects in this god forsaken dead end town! Nothing is wrong with me. It's the world that is wrong and I am...nevermind.


Possum Springs is a joke. Everything is pretty trash. I'm starting to realize...that everything sucks. I'm gonna get outta this town someday.


The train tracks...they're my element. Helps me think. Helps me come up with ideas for like my horror movies and stuff. Just the other day my pumpkin liquified. It was pretty cool. The sound of trains going by. I LOVE that sound of the horns. Sometimes I think about hopping a train and just...going. Just gone. Like Casey leaving to live his life, maybe I'll do that.


"Hey killer", that's the first words I ever said to her. She didn't like that nickname very much. Regardless I didn't care, she was a dangerous and mean person not worth my respect. She asked me who I was. As if I'd tell her who I am, but she deserved my name at the very least.

"Lori M" I wouldn't tell her my last, keeping my identity pretty secret. Or at least that's what I thought at the time.

"So why did you do it? Did he have it coming?" She told me she didn't know, that's...not a good enough reason to put someone on the verge of death but whatever.

I told her that my mom...when she was...alive...that I was s'pose to stay away from her, in fear that she would harm me. She had nerve to say "Say hi to your mom for me she sounds lovely" I acted like it was cool told her she wasn't around. But really it kinda cut me a little.

I hope I won't see her often. I'll go to my usual spot tomorrow.



Heheh what a riot! XD


I saw her again wondering around the streets below. Then I realized she was starting to walk on the wires above ground, she's pretty nuts...then again I was sitting on a roof top. I'm glad she didn't notice me though...weeeeeell that's what I thought but then she started roof hopping and next thing I know she's next to me. Kinda staring at me with those nightmarish eyes to be honest.

Then we started to talk. The convo went something like this.

Killer: Hey

Me: Hey! It's you.

Killer: It's me. I'm gonna are killing me.

Me: Yeah it's a hike to get up here, right?

I mean it kinda is….She told me she was just getting old. 20 years. Lol I made a joke saying she was all the way old. Hope she didn't take it literal.

She asked for my age today. In truth I kinda warmed up to her a bit, even though I just met her. I hadn't thought of a reason to lie so I said.

15 in February. Then she sat down on the roof with me. Oh boy this journal entry is getting long I'm almost out of the page. I'll have to continue a bit on the back.

(continue of Day 6)

Okay so she told be she used to hang out here after school too,that kinda seems like we're alike in a way.

Me: Really? Most kids don't come all the way up here.

Killer: That's why it's so nice.

Me: Better than being at home.

...it really is...so lonely at home to be honest. Sometimes it's appropriated sometimes it sucks to be lonely.

She asked me where did I live. For once someone was interested in me? And of all people it was killer? But she was so nice to me. I told her I live on Chestnut Street out by the tracks.

Guess that makes me not a "town" person and more…like "tracks".

I might have upset her a bit when I called her neighborhood the "rich area" *huff* *huff* I really screwed that up. I feel stupid so stupid! *huff* I mean she knows what I meant right?

I mean it looks nice. Her neighborhood. It's been awhile since I acted all weird around anyone. I just got all excited.

Then we started talking about the train noise. Lol I told her bits and pieces of roof falls on me every time the train goes by heheh. I guess she had other things on her mind because she got up and said had to go. I told her I was there on the roof on most days.

I hope I see her again.

I kinda like to talk to her.


She asked me if I've seen someone messed up the mural on the tunnel walls. I didn't tell her it was me. It was so funny...maybe I am just a BIT of a delinquent. I don't have any regrets it was funny.

I don't think she'd liked that. So I lied to her.

"Very weird and bad" I told her.

She asked me if I knew WHY they did it...she's onto me.

"The whole town is full of suspects." DANG! She totally knows it was me.

More to come just wanna get what I have out there. I'll follow a 7 day format, next will be DAY is a fanfiction where Lori becomes a close friend of Mae and you're able to hang out with her more.