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Foggy day today, kinda hate it, can't see anything. Ruins half the aesthetics of being up here in the first place. School sucked as usual.

How am I supposed to make my drawings with all this fog? Whatever.

I saw killer, I mean Mae again today. She sat next to me as usual. She asked me what I was doing, huh, I don't think I ever told her I like to draw yet.

I asked her if she knew about that part in horror movies where the people get stabbed in the eyeball with a knife. It's truly a classic death and coolest one too because, no matter how many times it happens nobody expects it!

And she knows what I mean! I feared I would have to explain it to her. I'm not so good with explanations...I'm more doing y'know?

Anyway I wash showing her my art of it, how they use a real knife to penetrate the fake eye. Although my art is...not so good I told her I was trying to come of with special effects for those scenes.

She asked me if I was making a horror movie….ugh stupid me why couldn't I get my words right! I said no then I said yes, then I said maybe! I told her I just wanted to direct it. Maybe do the writing...and the makeup. So yeah basically I just making the movie. I probably confused her.

On that note she was impressed with my horror movie scream, or I hope she was. She kinda seemed like she was rushing a bit. When we were done with our usual she sped off the roof, in the fog I might add. That's dangerous I hope she didn't get hurt.

"Cool, cool, cool" I maybe nitpicking but saying cool three times make me feel like she wasn't so interested in what I had to say for today...nah nah nah she was just busy is all, she loves chatting with me.


I'm still bothered that she left me in a hurry. Why is that. Maybe...maybe…

Oh, maybe seeing my drawings and hearing me scream got her excited for this years' Longest Night! Of course. I'm not the problem thank goodness.

That means I need to prepare for Longest Night! Set up the skeletons, make fake blood! Sorry Mae I won't be on the roof today, I got plans for once.

DAY 10

How do you set up a effing skeleton god damnit!

DAY 11

Dad gave me the grocery list, guess I'm going shopping today. Weird, he never gives me responsibilities...huh. While I'm at it I guess I can get the recipes for my fake blood, kill two birds with one stone...I probably shouldn't write that since Dr. Hank will be reading this….I'm not erasing, too lazy. Meh!

DAY 12

The sun is setting. So I went to the roof. At times like these I love the view. The lighting of the sun in contrast to the falling of golden leaves, it paints the town in warm colors, creating a tranquil, more peaceful Possum Springs. Heh heh, I sound like I know what I'm talking about heheheh.

I saw Mae today. I ran out of this page so, yeah, next page.

DAY 12 (continue)

It's been three days since I last saw Mae, I hope she doesn't think less of me for not showing up those days. So maybe if I offer her to tag along to the railroads…

She said sure! She said suuuure! *huff* calm down Lori.

When we started walking down the tracks I told her about how one time our pumpkins laid out for so long that it just liquified. Mae said that it happened to her pumpkins too.

Lol she said that they had to mop it up, that's funny!

I also seen this time lapse video of a corpse and it liquified, I was like OMG. So I got this metal thing onto the tracks to do the same so to speak. Maybe Mae would like to see it.

Mae: "We're all goo on the inside"

Me: "Yup, ok so like, a cool thing to do is squish metal things on the tracks, I like that alot. I brought this metal dude, let's see what happens!"

Mae: Sounds cool kid.

That's how the conversation went down. I'm glad Mae is open to my ideas, I don't think I would have the courage to tell her otherwise i-if she didn't approve, but she did, I'm so happy!

The train didn't come as fast as I wanted it to come. Mae and I just laid between the tracks and stared at the orange sky. In a way, I liked this being next to her, talking to her. She's like my only friend...she gets me. Maybe the adults are wrong about her. So then we started chatting again and it went like this.

Me: "I come here at night sometimes and fall asleep between the tracks."

Mae: "Whaat? Why? That's kinda dangerous."

Me." I don't know, sometimes I get excited, and I just fall asleep. What about you Mae?"

Mae: "I have stress dreams whenever I get too keyed up."

In honesty, I didn't think Mae would tell me about her problems. I figues this is something you say to your friends you trust or your parents...does Mae trust me enough to reveal her feelings...woops sorry I broke the dialog!

Me: "Sometimes I fall asleep for like five minutes. Sometimes it's for hours."

Mae: "Lori...that is some really risky business right there. Don't make me start worrying about you."

*huff* huff* *huff* what a mommy figure thing to say. I mean...she didn't say that last part...I-I-I added it myself. It woulf be nice to hear...that? I'm not sure I want to include this part of my dialogue. I might be diagnosed as a psycho or something...but Mae said something I don't think I will ever forget. I must. I have to write this. Please Dr. Hank I'm not crazy~

Fuck I mean eff, next page. Ugh, dad is calling me journal, I'll have to finish this tomorrow, along with a new entry. G'night I guess.

(Wow, I wrote g'night to a book...hmm) hmmm.

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