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Deep in the depths of the Undernet, multiple streams of data were gathering at a single location, forming a huge mass of data. After a couple of minutes, the data started to take a more humanoid shape, forming a NetNavi.

The navi had spikey blond hair, pronounced whisker-marks and crimson red eyes with slit pupils, while cladded in a black jumpsuit with orange lining at the sides, orange gauntlets and boots, a black helmet with orange lining along with an crimson visor over his eyes and a NetNavi symbol on his chest that had a red whirlpool on it.

After taking a moment to examine his person, the NetNavi started walking around the Undernet with no general destination in mind.

'Who am I, what am I, what is my purpose,' the NetNavi thought to himself as he continued walking.

Not long into his walk, the NetNavi heard a voice behind him say, "Now this is interesting, it's not every day that one of our kind is born."

Immediately stopping upon hearing the voice, the navi turned around to see a Vampire-themed NetNavi staring right back at him with interest. This NetNavi had light blue skin red eyes with yellow sclera and pointed ears, he wore a dark blue jumpsuit with purple armor on the upperpart of his body, both the jumpsuit and armor had white markings, golden decoration that was on the armor as well, white three-toed boots and a red & purple NetNavi symbol in the shape of a bat.

"Who are you?" the NetNavi asked the Vampire-themed one.

"I am ShadeMan, though I would like to know who you are young one," the now named ShadeMan replied.

"I don't know, I don't have a name," the NetNavi replied solemnly.

"I see, if you want I can give you name and a purpose young one," ShadeMan offered.

"Really?!" The NetNavi asked with his eyes gaining a bit of light at the chance of having a purpose for living.

"Of course young one, after all we Darkloids do have to stick together," ShadeMan replied with a smile before began walking off with the young now identified Darkloid following him.

-A few years later-

"I have to say ShadeMan, I am very disappointed with the Darkloids. Both SavageMan and FlashMan lost to same NetNavi and Net-Op with SavageMan losing to them, twice while FlashMan lost to them despite using the power of a Darkchip. I'm starting wonder if I made the right choice with recruiting you and the rest of the Darkloids," A mysterious shadowy figure stated to the Vampire-themed Darkloid.

"I understand your concern, which is why I'll be sending my most power subordinate to steal a very valuable piece of data from Scilab," ShadeMan replied with a calm tone.

"Are you sure that your subordinate is up to that task? After all we've just attacked them with SavageMan recently, so they'll be far more on guard than before," The Mysterious Man said with some doubt in his voice.

"Don't worry, this Darkloid was once my personal apprentice with his power far exceeding my own. Not only that, but I can also tell that he hasn't even reached his full potential," ShadeMan replied with complete and total confidence.

"If he is as powerful as you say he is, what is stopping him from turning on us?" The Mysterious figure said with worry in his tone.

If the Darkloids had someone that powerful with them, then it could be only a matter of time before they turn on him. He'll have to do everything in his power to ensure that they stay loyal to him and him alone.

"It's because I am the one who saved him and gave him a purpose," ShadeMan calmly replied as he lifted a hand and leaned his face into it.

"Very well then, but I would like to meet this former apprentice of yours," the Mysterious man told ShadeMan, wanting to see this Darkloid for himself.

"Very well then, you can come out now, Naruto," ShadeMan said as he looked behind him.

Out of the shadows was the same very Darkloid that ShadeMan met a few years ago, though this time he had an orange cloak covering his body (1) and his eyes were no longer lifeless and empty, but instead full of confidence, determination and screamed of power.

"You called Sensei?" Naruto asked, ShadeMan.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that anymore, you have long since surpassed me Naruto. The only reason why I'm still the leader of the Darkloids is because whenever I offer you the position, you declined," ShadeMan said with a groan as he face-palmed at the fact that even to this day, Naruto still refers to him as sensei.

"Anyways Naruto, this is our benefactor. He's been having doubts in us recently and I would like to have you show him that is faith in us isn't misplaced. Our sources in Scilab have told us that they our working on a piece of data that can allow NetNavis to come to the real world without the aid of a dimensional area (2), you are to steal it and bring it to us to see if we can recreate it," ShadeMan told his former pupil.

"It will be done," Naruto replied with complete confidence that he will be to acquire the data.

"Very well, then. Take this in case you need an extra power-boost during your mission," the Mysterious figure said as a Dark Chip appeared in front of Naruto.

"I refuse, to use a Dark Chip. I'll be acquiring the data with my own power, not with a crutch," Naruto said with a sneer as he threw the chip onto the ground and crushed it with his foot.

"I forgot to tell you that Naruto looks down on the use of Dark Chips, viewing them as nothing more than a crutch and refuses to use them. But it doesn't matter, I have complete faith that he'll get the mission done, whether it's with his own power or with the power of a Dark Chip," ShadeMan said with a calm tone, as the mysterious figure glared at Naruto for refusing his offer.

While it is true that he looks down for the reasons that ShadeMan explained, there is actually another reason why Naruto refused to use a Dark Chip, a reason that kept secret even from his master. Naruto has noticed that ever since they started using the Dark Chips, the rest of the Darkloids have begun changing. They were becoming more vicious, dark and most of all evil with every time they used the Dark Chips. That is the main reason why Naruto refused to use a Dark Chip, so he won't suffer the same fate that the very people he once called friend have been suffering from.

"Very well then, see to it, that you succeed in this mission Naruto, and since I'm in such a generous mood, I'll allow you to keep the data once we're done analyzing it," the figure said, before cutting his connection with the two Darkloids.

"I don't trust that man, Sensei. There is something off about him," Naruto told Shademan, as he continued to stare at the area where the communication screen once was.

Letting out a sigh at Naruto addressing him as sensei, ShadeMan turns to the younger Darkloid, before saying, "I understand your concerns Naruto, but if we want to finally be able to step-out the shadows of the Undernet and see the Cyberworld as a whole, we'll need his backing."

"I understand, but that doesn't mean that I like it," Naruto said, before logging out to prepare for his mission.

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1. The same cloak that Bass wears, only it's orange instead of brown.

2. A piece of Rush's data, to further research on how to manifest NetNavis into the real world.

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