Harry Potter and The Shadowed Light

Chapter 31


Kingsley smiled before he remembered why he wanted to talk to the young man in front of him, "I wished to speak to you to pass along my concerns," he said


"Yes. I do not know what is going on between you and the headmaster, but I can tell something is and I just wanted you to know that if you ever need me I am willing to aid you to the best of my ability."

Harry was shocked, he hadn't really interacted with Kingsley, only in class and that incident with the book, but he had noticed the dark-skinned man watching him occasionally.

"Thank you, sir," Harry said.

"I know you probably won't, but I wanted to offer you my aid anyway."

"Harry," Luna's soft voice broke the serious atmosphere, "we need to get going Harry, if were to make it to the carriages on time,"

"Don't let me keep you Mr Potter," Kingsley said, sending them both nods before moving on down the corridor.

"Now that was interesting," Harry muttered as he took Luna's arm and started walking towards the castle doors.

Pushing the possible reasons for Kinsley's pledge out of his mind Harry focused on what was to come. He had a soul mate to make whole.

June 21st, 1992, The Hogwarts Express

Harry allowed his magic to flow and gently surround his friends as they sat in their compartment on the train. He had wanted to give them this chance to relax as he didn't know what would happen once Tom was back. He hoped that Tom wouldn't re-start the war in the same way he had previously. Harry didn't want senseless violence, nor for his friends to be forced to grow up to quickly like he had had to previously.

Eventually however the calm Harrys magic had created faded and Harry was drawn into their conversations, allowing for his magic to return to him.

"So Harrison, do you have any plans for the summer?" Pansy asked.

"I do," Harry said, "I will be bringing Tom back."

Hearing this the compartment fell silent as everybody thought about what that would mean. They had all spent time processing everything Harry had told them about 'Tom' but they still couldn't quite believe it.

"Are you sure that you want to do this Harry?" Neville asked hesitantly after a few moments had passed.

He had come to terms with the thought of the Dark Lord returning but he still had some reservations. He didn't want another war, and a small part of him felt like he was betraying his parents. However, he trusted Harry, his friend, his first true friend, who had stood by him, supported him and helped him. If Harry said that this time would be different and lead to a better future, then he would stand with him.

Harry sent his friend a sad smile, "yes, I'm sure. I know the risks and I'm prepared for them, but Tom will return."

Hearing Harrys ominous words, the group once again fell into silence, them each considering what the Dark Lords return would mean to them personally.

"Does my father know of your plans?" Draco asked.

Harry smiled, "he does, he is good ally to have."

Draco nodded his head slowly, before a look of realisation took over his face.

"That's why he talks to you like an adult and acts like he does around you!" the blonde said suddenly, having worked out why his father treated Harry with the respect he did.

Harry nodded, he hoped this would help Draco with his jealousy. The boy was growing up and Harry was shocked at how mature he was being in comparison to his old self, but still Harry could sometimes see the hurt and envy Draco tried to hide.

"You've been planning this for a while, haven't you?" Blaise observed.

Harry nodded, "I have."

"I still don't understand how you've managed all of this Harry," Pansy said.

Harry just smirked, "I know,"

The dark-haired girl let out a huff of frustration, "you're not going to tell us, are you?"

Harry let his smirk fall, he did trust is friends, but he couldn't have the information getting out. The more people who knew the more likely it was that the information would be discovered. "I can't," he said, "just trust that I did most of it with help,"

The twins sensing Harry was uncomfortable quickly spoke up, breaking the slight tension that had appeared in their compartment.

"Such a mysterious Lord-"

"-A powerful, mysterious Lord-"

"-A charming, powerful, mysterious Lord,"

Harry snorted at his, "yes I'm certainly charming," he said dryly.

"You are according to 'Witch Weekly' polls- You're Europe's 2nd most eligible bachelor under 17," Blaise said without missing a beat. The fact he knew this not shocking anybody as the boy truly did know the gossip about everybody in Hogwarts.

"Only 2nd?" George mock gasped, "outrageous!"


With that the tension was broke as everybody started to laugh, even Neville, whom Harry knew was struggling the most with the news Tom would soon be returning.

Harry rolled his eyes, "I should get new friends," he grumbled good naturedly.

Luna giggled at this, "but my Lord, we will be such good minions."

Ignoring Luna and her jabs, Harry once again allowed his mind to wander to the things he still needed to get into place. He had a few things he needed to set up before Tom retuned in two days' time, most importantly was his meeting with Ragnok at Gringotts.

May 14th, 1992, The Owlery, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


It has been too long since I last saw you my friend, but I trust that this letter finds you in good health and that your mind is still as sharp as your blade.

As you know from my previous letters, the ritual for Tom's return is due to take place on the summers solstice, so if magic wills It, I shall soon be reunited with him. It is this that I am writing to you about, I know I asked months ago but I wished to check on the progress of setting Toms new identity up, and inquire if you needed my help.

I shall never forget the aid you have given me. The support from you and your nation has truly been a blessing.

May magic grant you power over your enemies,

Harrison James Potter-Black

Harry had sent the letter so that he could finalise the plans for Toms return as he knew that it would be useful for Gringotts to have the base work down for Toms 'legal' return before he was resurrected. Harry had thought long and hard about the best way to go about Toms re-entry into society and had decided to falsify a will to ensure Tom regained his former vaults, thinking that would be the easiest option.

The harder part was coming up with Toms new identity. He knew Tom hated his name, but Harry didn't, so Harry was struggling with what to call Toms new persona. Not only that, Harry was also struggling as he wasn't sure how old Tom would be after the ritual, would he look like his true age which would be around 66, or would he be younger? The soul shards appeared to be young and would Harrys adolescent blood have an effect on the ritual? These thoughts kept circling in his head and made creating an identity difficult.


I thank you for your words my friend, indeed it has been too long.

We at Gringotts have created the documents needed for you and I believe that you should come and see them once you have returned for the summer. I do believe you will be happy with the results.

I am glad that your plans have come to fruition and that you will soon be whole, perhaps then Maeve will stop fussing about you. How you managed to charm her I don't know, he despises everybody, even me.

I anticipate that I shall see you soon my friend, so that we may finalize any details for your mates return and talk of your plans for the future.

May your enemies cower before you,


June 21st, 1992, The Hogwarts Express

Seeing the scenery start to change, Harry realised that they would soon be pulling into Kings Cross station. Standing, he gently levitated his trunk down from the overhead carriers, causing his friends to look up at him.

"What are you doing Harry? We've still got some time left,"

"I know Nev, there's just something in my trunk that I meant to lend to Luna for a few weeks."

Opening his trunk, he allowed his magic to flow and found the book Dumbledore had placed amongst his possessions, he also found a few hidden compulsions placed on his clothing. He had deliberately not warded his trunk so that Dumbledore's minions would be able to plant the book, and found the fact that the man couldn't resist planting compulsions as well to be ridiculous. If his trunk has been warded be doubted that even Tom would be able to break into it.

Pulling out the book Harry scanned it with reverence, not quite believing he was holding one of the rarest Tomes in the world. He couldn't believe Dumbledore would risk using it in one of his hairbrained schemes, not only was it priceless but the knowledge it contained was beyond comparison. The fact the man had given it to Harry was incomprehensible.

Shaking his head at the headmaster's stupidity, Harry quickly went about warding the book to keep it not only hidden but safe from theft and damage. His ward would also make impossible for the book to show up on scans, meaning it wouldn't be found by anybody but Harry and those he keyed into the ward. Finally, he placed an untraceable glamor over the cover, before handing it to Luna who looked at the book with admiration.

"I will keep this safe My Lord," she vowed, before gently placing the book into her carry bag.

"I know little moon," Harry replied. He trusted Luna, she knew the importance of the book.

Having felt Harrys magic when he was warding the book the others all lent closer to catch a glimpse of what he was doing.

"What book is that?" Draco asked, seeing the glamoured cover but not seeing what it had been previously.

"Mortem Magicae," Harry replied.

"WHAT?!" the Slytherins all shouted out at the same time, confusing Neville and the twins as they hadn't heard of the book.

"How do you even have a copy of that book?" Blaise asked.

Harry smirked, "a gift from the headmaster."

"A gift?"

"He planted it on me, hoping that it would be discovered and therefor get Sirius into trouble. He shall be so disappointed when it's not found, and he realises he's lost his only copy."

"What's so bad about the book?" Neville asked.

"There are less than 10 copies of this book left in the world. It contains rituals and spells that predate even the founders."

"That doesn't sound so bad."

"What Harry didn't say was that this book is banned in not only Britain but most of Europe and America. The spells and rituals are all dark. They're mainly necromantic and blood based," Pansy said factually.

"Oh. Why do you want it then Harry?"

"I am a dark wizard, but even if I wasn't the knowledge this book contains should still be acknowledged and appreciated. I may not be a necromancer, but I have no issue with the art and I find blood magic to be very useful. Just because they're classified as dark doesn't mean they're evil, after all my mother did use a blood ritual to save my life when Tom attacked, sacrificing her own life and magic for me."

"So, they're not all evil?"

"Not at all," Harry replied, "what matters is your intention. You can harm someone just as easily with a light spell as you can with a dark spell. Britain's classification of magic is so biased it's ridiculous."

Neville nodded his head, his face showing he was considering Harrys words and what they meant for him. The twins similarly had looks of wonder on their faces, but Harry didn't have great concerns about then as he knew they were naturally magically neutral and tended more towards dark when pushed.

Arriving at Kings Cross, Harry felt his friends lingering near him, reluctant to go off towards their respective adults. He wondered if it was his magic that was drawing them to him, he could feel it pulsing restlessly behind his shields or if they knew that no matter happened, life wouldn't be the same again.

"Have good summers," he said to them, his voice carrying clearly even over the ruckus surrounding coming from the other students them.

Sharing looks between them, Harrys friends all seemed reluctant to move.

Seeing this Harry smiled, "I swear to you I will keep in touch and keep you all informed."

"I'm so happy for you my lord," Luna said, bouncing over to Harry and throwing her arms around him before leaning in and whispering, "it's only the beginning, but I trust that you will end up winning this game,"

Unsure of what she meant at first, Harry soon noticed the direction of her gaze and found that he was being watched closely by Molly Wealsey. Her brown eyes narrowed as she took in his and Luna farewell.

"I never did like losing much," Harry said, before walking to where Sirius and Remus stood.

Grimmauld Place, London

"So how was your final term pup?" Sirius asked as they entered the house.

Harry however took a moment before answering as he handed his trunk over to Kreacher. The house elf practically shaking I his joy now that his true master was here, he disliked serving the mutt and his wolf but would continue to do so if it made his little master happy.

With his trunk gone Harry sat down with a sign, "it was fine. Dumbledore once again tried his hand and failed, and I received an interesting offer of alliance, or at least aid."

Hearing this both men felt their interest piqued, "alliance?" Remus asked, waving his wand to get a pot of tea started.

"kingsley Shacklebot,"

"Kings?" Sirius repeated.

"You knew he was teaching, correct?"

"Yes, but I never thought he would offer you something so blatant," Sirius said, "I knew him back when I was still an auror, when he was just starting out. I can't say I know him well but I know he's not a man who would commit to an alliance with the dark."

Harry allowed an eyebrow to raise, "since when am I the poster child for the dark side? Offering me aid doesn't make him dark."

Snorting, Sirius rose an eyebrow to match his sons, seeing this Harry continued…

"He is an intelligent man, I think it's because he saw how far Dumbledore had fallen that he came to me, he doesn't like or know how far the man is willing to go to get what he wants. I doubt Kingsley would ever be a follower of the dark but I could see him as an ally. He has strong beliefs and morals, not to mention he is an auror of considerable skill. Once he sees that the dark is different this time I doubt he would object to much,"

"Look at you, gaining followers and alliances," Sirius joked but Harry could see the hint of panic in his eyes.

"I am not Tom, and it will be different this time,"

"That's good, did you know it's hard to get blood out of the carpets?" Sirius joked before his face suddenly turned serious, "talking about your soul mate, are you sure you're ready for this Harry?" Sirius' sudden switch shocked Harry but he felt a smile blossom over his face at the thought of being with Tom soon. He had felt restless in recent weeks; his magic was harder to contain and his control over it was quick to slip if he wasn't careful.

"I am. I need to go and see Ragnok soon to set about the final touches for Toms legal return but I am ready."

Remus nodded and sent Sirius a look that made the animagus sigh silently in defeat. The wolf inside Remus could feel the peace coming off Harry, for months he had sensed how Harry was becoming increasing restless, yet now had felt the youth feel truly at ease and knew it was because Harry and Tom would soon be reunited.

22nd June 1992, Gringotts bank, London branch.

Harry walked confidently through the bank, ignoring the eyes which naturally fell on him. His magic was fluctuating beneath his skin wildly, drawing the attention of those sensitive enough to feel it and making him appear larger than he was.

Quickly entering the back halls, Harry followed the familiar path to Ragnoks office, greeting the goblins he passed with respectful nods. He had asked Lucius to meet him here, and wasn't surprised when he entered the office to find the blonde lord already sitting.

"Harrison," Ragnok greeted, smiling with too many teeth and making Lucius flinch internally. Seeing this Harry held back a grin, the sight of a goblin smiling was truly terrifying.

"Ragnok my friend, it has been too long," Harry said, crossing his arm across his chest with a fisted hand and bowing slightly.

"Lucius, thank you for coming," Harry said, taking a seat next to the blonde.

"I would do anything for my lord,"

"Yes, what I need is your expertise in wizarding laws,"

The blonde nodded and watched as the goblins laid out what they had prepared for Harrison. What they could do fascinated Lucius, the documentation was flawless. Without hesitating he jumped in and together they worked out any kinks he found with the goblin forgers, until the end results were completed.

"What set shall you be using?" each identify created was faultless but they varied in ages and status.

Harry hummed as he looked through the different identities. "All of them potentially, or just one."

"My lord?" Lucius questioned, not realising is use of title.

"I can't be sure how Tom will return or what his physical body will be like. Each one of these identities could potentially be used."

"You don't know?"

"The ritual was vague and the previous participant had not delved as deeply as Your Lord, I can't know for sure if that will affect the result."

Lucius allowed himself a moment to think on that, the youngest of the identities was just 18. He couldn't imagine his lord as every being so young, then again, he could hardly picture him as human and not the snake-faced tyrant he had served in in youth. He hoped that what Harrison had promised was true, and that when is lord returned the dark would finally be lead out from the shadows.

"You can be there tonight if you would like," Harrison said, drawing Lucius from his thoughts.

Blinking at the offer Lucius nodded, he could hardly believe the honour he was being bestowed.

"Yes, of course. Thank you, Harrison."

"I would like it if you would bring Severus as well. I don't know how Tom will be when he returns and Severus I know has at least some medical training."

"Of course. I know he will be pleased to help with our lords return."

Harry hummed at that, he knew that Severus like Sirius had some doubts but he hoped that seeing Tom return would be enough to persuade him that it would be different this time. That it wasn't the return of the cruel master he once knew but the person Tom could have and should have been.

Grimmauld Place

Returning home Harry could practically taste the magic in the air, the final stage of the ritual was almost ready now all he needed to do was wait for the correct moon position to come about before he could complete it.

"You okay there, pup?" Sirius asked as Harry restlessly paced back and forth, seemingly not noticing his movement.

Blinking, Harry sent a smile at his father, "yes, I'm just nervous."

Sirius nodded and for once looked solemn instead of mischievous. "You know its okay to be nervous, right? And even if I'm not 100% sure about him I'm with you no matter what, I will always be here for you."

Harry sent him a grateful smile.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Sirius asked.

"I'm afraid that nothing will change. That even sane, Tom will return and be just as bad if not worse than my memories. I fear what Dumbledore will do next, what will happen to those I love, I can't bear to lose anybody again Sirius, I don't think I could handle it. If this doesn't work out how it's supposed to I won't survive, I can feel my magic getting restless Siri and at times it's almost too much to keep it contained, I'm so tired of it all..." Harry said, seeming to deflate as he spoke, almost as though admitting it out load made it worse.

Sirius held back his gasp at how harry seemed to deteriorate in front of him, seeing the dark circles under Harrys emerald eyes suddenly stand out in sharp contrast to pale white skin.

"You've been wearing a glamour?" he asked, voice conveying both shock and hurt.

Harry shrugged half-heartedly, "not really, my magic has been fighting the effects of being without Tom for so long and trying to keep me going. I think it may have been hiding some of the physical side effects but I haven't consciously been putting a glamour on."

"Well, you suddenly look like death kid."

Harry smirked but it had not real fire in it, "I know that I don't look like death."

Sirius rolled his eyes, "funny," he deadpanned.

"I try."

Severus and Lucius arrived together and were not surprised when they entered the receiving room and saw that Remus stood there waiting for them.

"Good evening gentlemen," the wolf said softly.

Severus nodded curtly, he had let go of his anger towards Remus but still held a slight bitterness towards him that no matter what he just couldn't seem to shake. Severus put it down to the incident with Remus at Hogwarts been the cause of his fear of werewolves, a fear he still to this day had.

"Is everything prepared?" Lucius asked after saying his own greeting.

"Yes, Harrison has seen to everything being ready."

"How is he?" Severus asked, he had honestly come to care about the boy since getting to know him and seeing that he was nothing like his father had been.

"He's nervous. He hasn't said anything to me but I think he and Sirius talked about it."

"It's only natural. His life is about to change, all of our lives re about to change," Severus pointed out.

"I'm sure he has prepared for this," Lucius said

"I have," came a soft voice drawing their attention to the two who had entered.

Harry stood next to Sirius is soft grey trousers and open white robe, his hair was free and his feet bare.

"I've had Kreacher prepare rooms for Tom to recover in, however I think that when he is strong enough he would be best staying with you Lucius," Harry said.

Lucius nodded his head, "of course, I would be honoured to help my lord,"

"Why?" Severus asked.

"Dumbledore is in the process of trying to get the house searched for dark artefacts. I don't think it would be wise to have your lord here for that, especially when Dumbledore's search turns up empty. The old goat will be very displeased."


"Yes, he's misplaced his copy of 'Mortem Magicae', a first edition copy."

Both Slytherins felt their eyebrows rise, expressing both their shock and appreciation at how Harry had turned Dumbledore's manipulations round and prospered from it.

"You have a copy of that book?" Lucius asked.

"I do."

Seeing the calculated look in the blonde's eyes, Harry didn't try to hide his smirk, he had heard of how hard the blonde lord had tried to get his hands on the rare book.

"It is hidden well?" Severus asked, always practical.

"Of course. I know how bad it would be if it was discovered that I had a copy of that book, not that they would ever believe it was mine, no Sirius would be blamed which I know was Dumbledore's goal all along. He can't have his precious weapon for the light being blamed for having a dark arts book."

Sirius snorted, "you can tell the old coots getting desperate. It was a poorly thought out plan on Dumbledore's part. We have an entire library of books that are banned or illegal however the aurors wold never be able to penetrate the wards surround them to actually discover them."

Harry nodded his head, "still to be safe an associate has it for now. When Tom is more recovered I'll probably give it to him."

After spending a few more moments talking with the two death eaters Harry felt Kreacher's magic building before the house elf popped into the room.

"Master Harrison, it is time for you to enter the ritual chamber now,"

Harry stood and re-centred his magic that had lashed out at the reminder of how close he was to having Tom with him.

Feeling Harrys magic the others in the room shuddered. It was so alluringly powerful and pure yet it held an iciness that sent shivers down their spines and remined them that beneath the angelic appearance Harry sported there was a wizard who was not to be trifled with.

"I wish to be alone for the ritual however once it is completed I will sent a Patronus for you, Severus I trust you have brought any potions you think will be necessary?"

"I have,"

"Are you sure Harry?" Sirius said remembering Harrys concerns and how he looked when his magic stopped hiding his fragility.

"Yes. I don't know how Tom will be when he returns and I don't want to overwhelm him,"

Lucius and Severus sent each other looks of mild disbelief, they couldn't picture their lord being overwhelmed.

Harry slowly stopped funnelling his magic into the glamour he had placed on the locket around his neck, the locket he hadn't removed since he had gained it from Kreacher. It was Harrys belief that the presence of Toms horcrux so close to him was one of the things that had kept him going for so long. Removing it Harry felt a tug at his magic and a wave of exhaustion hit him, it wasn't the horcrux draining him but his own magic fighting to stay near to his soul mate.

Taking a breath to try to stop the shakes suddenly racking his body Harry placed the final horcrux into the rune circle and waited, feeling the magic in the air. With a wave of his hand he light the candles precisely when he felt the energy levels spiking and knew that the time had come.

"Magicae matrem suam, det mihi ad sanandum potentiam et victus est quod perdidi," he chanted, in perfect replica of the words he had spoken when he started the ritual over yule.

"Vitam, mortem, irae et amor, sana qui pereunt."

Finally, Harry pulled out the vial of his blood that he had used as sacrifice and opened the vial. Although the blood level was lower than it had been, not surprising since Sirius had used it in the previous rituals, Harry could still feel the power coming from it, wild blood magic.

Allowing his magic free Harry directed the vial over the horcrux and tipped it so seven drops hit the locket.

"Sanguinem libenter dedi, sana et revivesco."

The effect was instantaneous, Harry felt his magic strike out and rush out from him before it returned tenfold. Unable to do anything against the vast pressure Harry allowed his eyes to close and hoped he wasn't screaming as he felt like his body was being ripped apart and put back together simultaneously. Harry could see nothing and hear nothing against the blood pounding in his head.

Finally, after what could have been hours or simply seconds he sat up, conscious of how his body ached however his magic, for the first time in months didn't fight against his occlumency shields.

"Well that sucked." He muttered to himself.

"Apologies master, I didn't think to warn you of the discomfort,"

Jumping slightly at the monotone voice Harry turned his head wincing at the pain the motion brought, "Death," Harry greeted.

"Master," the timeless being said, bowing in way Harry felt was mocking but didn't know why.

"Why are you here, I didn't summon you did I?" he didn't know, he could have very well called out for death in the haze of pain the ritual brought.

"Io master, but wouldn't miss this, the magic you are playing with is in my domain. Your soul mates return is with my blessing."

Harry hummed and tried to find the will to stand up, however a pained groan soon filed the air and with-it Harrys pain disappeared. Standing and stumbling slightly, Harry approached the form huddled in the centre of the rune circle.

"Tom?" Harry asked, his voice hesitant yet it caused the hunched body to wince.

Seeing the expanse of skin on display Harry noted abstractly that Tom was naked and blushed when he realised he was staring. With a wave he summoned a robe he had placed in the room earlier in preparation.

"Tom can you hear me?" he asked again.

"Where am I?" a scratchy voice asked.

"Grimmauld place-" Harry said

"The ancestral home of the ancient and noble house of Black,"

"Sure," Harry said, surprised at toms recall of that random fact.

"My head," Tom said, sitting up and piercing Harry with a red eyed glare that was less hostile and more pained and confused. "I have memories but they're mumbled, what has happened? Why am here? Who are you?"

Harry winced at the tone and with caution he sat down, fighting the wince as he felt his strained muscles protest.

Looking at Tom Harry saw he looked to be in his early 20's which wasn't surprising since the horcruxes where all young, the youngest being 16 and the oldest 30. This was probably the middle age of them all. He had dark brown hair that was longer on top and was falling slightly into one eye, eyes that where, Harry noted ruby red. Although it was hard to be accurate Harry could see that Tom was tall and from the looks he had given fit, lean muscles covered his pale body.

Realising he had been silent for more than a few moments as he scrutinised the man in front of him unashamedly Harry withheld a wince, "My name is Harrison."

"Harrison, Harri- Harry," a light seemed to go off in Tom's eyes and he stared off into the distance with dazed eyes or a few moments.

"I'm going to send a patronus for some aid, some of your followers are here. Severus Snape is with them, he has potions that can help you." Harry said, drawing Tom out of his daze.

"You're my soul mate." Tom declared sounding exactly like the soul shard Harry had interacted with. Possessive.

"You can remember? What can you can remember?"

"Yes and no… my mind, my memories they're jumbled. I need to meditate and sort them, nothing makes sense. My plans, my goals, ambitions, everything is so skewered…"

Harry nodded, "do you remember Severus? he and Lucius are two of your most loyal followers,"

Tom seemed strained as he tried to make sense of the mess that was his mind, "yes," he eventually said.

"Do you want me to summon them?"

Tom seemed to realise his position and his apparent weakness. With a sneer he attempted to stand and Harry watched as he struggled before managing, albeit on shaky legs.

Pulling the robe more securely around himself, Tom looked around the room with interest, however he knew he was moments away from collapsing and he refused to do so in front of somebody else. Seeing a sturdy looking chair, he walked towards it with long strides hoping that his quivering legs would make it across the distance.

Harry watched this and was Harry the chair he had summoned send to appease Tom.

"Tom?" he asked hesitantly as the man collapsed into it.

"Why do you call me by that filthy muggle name?"

Harry held back the harsh wince that threatened to overtake him. True he didn't like muggles but he dint hate them like tom did, "it's your name, I refuse to call you my lord like one of your followers."

Seeing the fire in the young green eyes Marvolo nodded, he could see his mate was not a follower, no he was a lord in his own right, albeit one in the making. However, he didn't want to be known by that filthy muggles name, he was better than that man would ever be. He was the dark lord.

"No, you would never bow and scrape to anybody, my Harrison." He said silkily "however I would rather you call me Marvolo."

"Marvolo then." Harry agreed, the whole conversation was surreal to him. He didn't know what to expect from Toms return but I hadn't been this, however he saw the possessiveness in tom's eyes, fighting with the softness that would appear and the confusion and knew he couldn't blame To-No-Marvolo for it.

Waving his hand Harry softly said the incantation for the patronus charm, "expecto patronum."

However, it wasn't his usual stag that appeared but a sleek panther that prowled around the room, coming close to Tom and giving him a rumbling purr before returning to Harry and awaiting his wished. Seeing the cat made hurry's heart give a slight twinge, he would miss prongs but it didn't surprise him that his patronus had changed, he had changed so much from being the golden boy of Gryffindor.

"Please go to Sirius and tell him and the others that they may come in now, Severus please bring extra strength pain relieving potions." He said to the cat before watching it prowl off.

Tom watched his mate in fascination and only now realised how young the boy was, he was still a child. The thought made Tom wonder briefly about his own appearance before his attention was snapped back to Harrison. He had just cast the Patronus charm, not he had just cast a wandless Patronus, a wandless corporal Patronus, ad he had done so easily it was like the boy was breathing… just who was his little mate?

The one with the power…

Born as the seventh

"Please not Harry!"

Shaking his head from the stray thought that he didn't yet understand he noted the boy's appearance. He was young yes, but not as alarmingly so as Tom had first thought, his slim and petit build had first made Tom think the boy was still a child but he would guess Harrison was at least in in second or third year of Hogwarts. He had pale gold skin, and black hair that fell into waves around his shoulders, but what was most striking where the piercing green eyes that were now bring into him. He could see faint scars on the bys body, which did nothing to ditract from the beauty of him but only added to the allure.

"You can cast without a wand?" he said finally, breaking away from his assessment, he could see the boy was beautiful or at least he would be but at his current age Tom felt no romantic notions towards him.

"Yes," Harry said, he had been struggling not to squirm as Marvolo had divested him with his eyes.

"Just who are you, my Harrison?"

"He's my master," Death said causing Marvolo to turn his head sharply and on reflex reach for a wand that wasn't there, Harry however jumped before rolling his eyes.

"Death," he said chiding himself slightly for forgetting about the being's presence. How he had done so he didn't know as the aura Death gave off was stifling.

"who are you?" Marvolo hissed, being taken by surprise as he didn't think there was anybody else in the room.

"I am what you fear most, Tom Marvolo Riddle. I am the last thing people see, the silent shadow-"

Harry rolled his eyes at this and cut off Deaths poetic speech, "this is Death, the embodiment, guardian, being, whatever you want to believe."

Marvolo had gone shock still and white as he stared at Death in horror before his panicked gaze found Harry.

"I think you have some explaining to do my little mate." He said, although Harry thought it sounded more like a threat when those red eyes latched onto him.