Harry Potter and the Shadowed Light

Chapter 40


"you plan on what? Replacing your followers with people under this potion, surely the guards will notice when Bellatrix goes from raving mad to sobbing?"

"I have a plan for that, charms and compulsions, as well as releasing a deadly strain of wizarding flu. All of the imposters will succumb, and if a few others do as well then its no massive loss. The ministry won't look into it as they will be too busy celebrating the death of such monsters."

Harry took a deep breath and counted to ten slowly in his head, Marvolo had clearly been think about this for a while if he already had everything planned out, a thought which hurt him as he thought they had agreed to tell each other everything.

"You've clearly though about this for a long time."

"I have."

"I won't stand in your way, but I won't support you in this, not fully. I can't," Harry could see the pain is words caused the older man, but he refused to stay and listen, turning he quickly walked out of the room. Not even noticing how his eyes filled with tears, too focused on the magic of his mate that seemed to cry out with longing as the distance between them grew with each hurried step.


Sirius Black knew that the likelihood of him surviving attacking his sons Partner?Boyfirend?Soulmate?The Dark Lord were slim, that did not however stop him from imagining it, in great detail. The fantasies getting more and more creative as each sob shook the precious bundle that he currently cradled.

"Ssssh darling, don't cry," he repeated, as he continued to rock the small teen in his arms. Harry had stormed passed him and through the floo, leaving everybody in the room shocked. Sirius however was the first to recover and had promptly followed his son home, only to find him curled up sobbing.

Harry couldn't seem to control himself as the tears kept coming, he wondered briefly about the severity of his reaction, but the thought soon disappeared as another wave of anguish hit him.

"I… I… just w-walked… away," he eventually managed to say, the words without context not doing anything to help Sirius understand.

"It's okay pup, take your time, I'm here and I'm never leaving you."

"I, I shouldn't have left, bu- but… h-he wants to get is followers out… out of Azkaban."

Sirius sucked in a breath, hands stilling before he forced himself to relax, "I take it that this is something you disagree with?"

Harry took a moment to breath and try to force his tears to stop, "she killed you last time, Bellatrix I mean, she killed you and then she laughed about it."

Sirius fought to keep his face from reacting to the words, he did not like to think of his death, especially seeing how much it affected his son, "I'm okay Harry, I'm right here, alive."

"I know, but I can't, I can't see her without seeing you fall, without remembering the pain I felt when you…" he couldn't say the words again, they died on his tongue.

"Although I am loath to admit this as my relationship with her was never the best, she is not the Bellatrix you knew," Sirius said, tightening his hold when he felt Harry go to move away, "I know that saying that doesn't change your memories or perspective, but you cannot hold against her actions she has yet to do. Blame her for what she has done, she isn't innocent, nor do I think she's sane, but she's not guilty of everything you hate her for."

Harry couldn't believe that out of everyone it was Sirius who was able to speak so rationally, "you think she deserves freedom?"

Sirius bit his lip, since finding out everything from Harry's previous life, to Dumbledore's manipulations, he had been revaluating a lot of things, "I don't know. I think that she deserves to suffer for her crimes, but I can safely say she has done so in Azkaban, that place, that place is hell Harry, being there… being there for so long is punishment enough."

"He says it's his duty, that they pledged themselves to him so he must save them."

"He's not wrong pup. Their actions, although atrocious, were done in his name. He deserves to free them, even if its to punish them, for they are reflections of him. Their actions are his, just as their lives belong to him."

Again, Harry felt unmoored at the wise words, wondering where his dog-father was as this man was too serious.

"I know, but he's changed. He's not the Lord they swore to, they offer us nothing but potential problems, it's too risky."

Sirius grinned, although it was weak, "what's a little risk?"

Huffing Harry pulled away, "I don't understand why he can't see why this is such a bad idea, we don't need people like Bellatrix."

"Perhaps not, but he is their lord therefore he has a duty to them. A duty that you will come to understand yourself one day from what I've seen."


Marvolo felt the bond between himself and his little raven quiver with emotion he couldn't quite name, but suspected was heartbreak. The sight of emerald green eyes filling with tears played on repeat in his head, tearing away at him. He had known his little mate wouldn't be happy with the decision he had made, but he hadn't realised the true extent until he had seen the tears in his eyes.

A hesitant knock echoed through the room.

"My Lord," Lucius called out, his voice drawing Marvolo's attention.


The blonde lord entered the room with Severus following close behind, both men looking uncertain.

"My Lord is everything okay?" the blonde asked after a few moments of hesitation.

Marvolo sighed and motioned for the two men to sit, both looking more than slightly uncomfortable.

"Harrison is upset with me," he said, finding a measure of satisfaction in how uneasy they looked hearing those words.

"My Lord?" Severus eventually said, his tone a question after a few moments of silence.

"He disagrees with my plans for our brothers and sisters in Azkaban."

Severus sighed, his initial reservations towards his lord's return had been put to rest yet he too worried about releasing those imprisoned. Still his lord was nothing if not persuasive and his plan was solid, Severus could see it working.

"Did you explain it fully?"

"Not in explicit detail but enough that Harrison knows the plan."

"What will you do?"

Marvolo sighed, he didn't know what to do… he wanted to curse something… to go find his mate and demand he stop feeling such sadness, such emotion… he wanted his little raven here with him, happy and safe.

"I will let him calm down; I can feel he is still upset."

Severus sighed, "My Lord if you would, allow me to go to him… I think I can explain the plan fully for you without making the situation worse."

Marvolo snarled internally, how dare his follower think he would do better in regard to hismate, he should curse him, no kill him, make his beg for mercy… blinking those turbulent thoughts away, he turned to Severus.

"Why would you think that?" he asked, with a tone conveying his displeasure.

Severus gulped, "I too initially held reservations, I think I can empathise with him and make him see that this is for the best."

Marvolo hummed, he could see the logic in the actions. Still, he didn't like it, but he was self-aware enough to realise it was the fact that he didn't want anybody else comforting his mate that he didn't like, not so much Severus's plan itself.

"Very well, you may go," he commanded, "but Severus, if you make the situation worse you will regret it."

Severus stood and bowed, simultaneously relieved and worried.


Severus didn't quite know what to expect when entering Grimmauld Place, but an almost frantic animagus was not it. Sirius looked wrecked, his grey eyes wild and hair in disarray.

"What are you doing here?" the Black Lord hissed quietly when he noticed the visitor. The volume, Severus realised, was probably due to the sleeping young wizard laid out on the couch. Whom, judging by the tear tracks on his face, had cried himself to exhaustion.

"My Lord told me what had occurred, I thought I would come and see if I could help Harrison."

Sirius growled at that, "Come to grovel like a dog for your lord?" he scoffed, lashing out as he was still wound up from hearing his son's earlier cries.

Severus sneered, "I think we both know who out of the two of us is the dog."

Sirius went to respond, a scathing reply on the tip of his tongue, when a sob like breath caught his attention.

Harrison woke to hissed whisperers, before grey eyes filled his vision.

"Harry, sweetheart, are you okay now?" Sirius whispered, hands hovering anxiously over his body.

Harry nodded as he sat up, his eyes and face felt crusty, and his head was throbbing.

"I feel better, I apologise for getting so worked up," he said, waving his hand to cast a refreshening charm over his face.

Sirius shook his head, "you don't have to apologise pup."

Still, Harry scowled when he thought about his reaction, he had been so... uncontrolled…

"Your dog-father is right, you did nothing wrong Mr. Potter."

Hearing another voice Harry turned his head and finally noticed that Severus was also in the room.

"As I had just explained to your father, I am here because I thought I could perhaps shed some light on the situation you have found yourself in."

Harry nodded, "I shouldn't have left like I did, I should have at least heard him out. But I couldn't, I just felt overwhelmed and betrayed. It was too much; I knew if I didn't leave, I would have done or said something I would have regretted."

Severus tilted his head, "I wonder," he muttered seemingly to himself.

"Oh?" Harry asked.

"My Lord is, without question the sanest he has been in a long time. Yet I wonder if your connection perhaps attributed to your… shall we say, emotive response. You are, I have noticed, not usually prone to extreme reactions."

Harry tilted his head, in his last life he had experienced visions and pain from the horcrux within is scar. It was possible, he supposed, that as Marvolo rebuilt his occulmency shields and regained his former power and skills, that his control could slip and as a result his emotions could influence Harry's own.

Severus continued, "there is a lot not known about the bond between soul mates, and although my Lord is regaining his sanity more with each passing day, I wonder if perhaps being in close proximity to him is affecting you."

Harry could help but be impressed with the man's reasoning, he didn't know about the horcrux Harry held, but still came close to the truth, "you may be right professor. Still, I should apologise to him, I can't believe I just walked out, it must have hurt him."

Severus swallowed his urge to scoff, his lord even having feeling that could be hurt was till a notion that made him uncomfortable. "I am sure my lord has already forgiven you if you did upset him, I doubt there is anything you could do that he would not forgive."

Harry nodded, allowing a thoughtful frown to appear on his face, "not that I don't appreciate the sentiment professor, but was there anything else you wanted?"

"My Lord mentioned your reservations. I thought that perhaps I could help waylay them."

Harry nodded, he still felt that breaking death eaters out of Azkaban was a risk, especially with Dumbledore shouting that Marvolo had returned to anybody that would listen, but he supposed Sirius and Marvolo had a point, for all that he wasn't the same man, Marvolo was their lord.

"Do you think he should do it?" Harry asked, he had always respected Severus's mind and honestly wanted to know his opinion.

Severus wasn't shocked by the question, and although he still held lingering doubts that caused momentary hesitation, he chose to answer the question honestly, "initially I didn't believe it was a suitable course of action, however after hearing my lords reasoning and plans I do believe the risk is minimal when compared to the gain."

"The gain? There is no real gain. I am sorry if you once liked them, but the people you knew are no longer there, they may have once been formidable and useful, but those who have languished in Azkaban for so long are now nothing more than crazed husks," Harry responded hotly, then thinking about the Lestranges who cause Neville so much grief added, "not that some of them were much better before they were sent away."

"Without treatment that would be true, but given the correct potions, care and time not everybody imprisoned is beyond hope."

"You think the Lestranges have hope?"

"I think that to write them off is hypocritical, especially you of all people."

The words hit Harry hard, he went to respond but found himself unable to do so... Snape was right, he was being a hypocrite. He had forgiven Marvolo for killing his parents, even going as far as to come back in time. Yes, Bellatrix and the others had done terrible things but who was he to judge when he did not have the full picture.

Seeing that his words had hit home, Severus continued, "I know there isn't a place for them in my Lords plans, not currently, but all of those imprisoned are so because they refused to denounce our Lord. Yes, their actions in the past may have been extreme, especially in the cases of the Lestranges, but they have devoted themselves to our Lord. None of them would ever do anything to jeopardise him, even if it meant changing tactics. Bellatrix might struggle, but she would do anything for our lord."

Harry couldn't help but sigh, "it would seem I have an apology to give."

"Would you like to know more about the plan?"

Harry shook his head, before standing and making his way towards the floo, "no thank you, I would rather get the details from Marvolo," he said, "but Severus, thank you."

After his body had disappeared from view in a flash of green, Severus felt himself relax slightly.

"I'm surprised you would advocate for those imprisoned," came a voice belonging to a man that Severus had forgotten was in the room. Turning Severus saw Sirius was now sitting in one of the tall chairs by the fireplace sipping on what appeared to be whiskey.

"I have decided that if I am to accept my lords return and embrace it then I have to do so fully," Severus said as he slowly walked towards the other seat.

Sirius nodded, waving his wand to conjure another glass in offering, an offering Severus gladly accepted.

"I'm not judging you; you were right in what you said."

Sipping his drink, Severus regarded the lord opposite him, "I am surprised you are taking it so well; I know you and Bellatrix had a… destructive relationship."

Sirius snorted, "we fought like gryffs and snakes you mean."

Severus rolled his eyes, "quite."

Grinning at the reaction, Sirius nodded before turning sombre, "Bella was always going to be an issue, even as a child she was uncontrollable, it just got worse when she discovered the dark arts; She lost herself to them, lost what little sanity she had. I don't doubt you can work miracles with your potions, but I do doubt how much they will help her. I won't lie and say I love my cousin, because I don't, we have never been close, and after her fall into the dark arts the chance of us ever becoming close died, but if you can help her, then I want you to. I have already lost so much; I would save what little family I have left if I could. Call me a fool, but I want to believe that his plan will work, and that we can succeed."

Severus nodded, "then we shall be fools together."

Sirius smiled a small soft smile, allowing himself a moment to enjoy his drink and the company he was in.

"Who would have ever thought we'd end up here."

Severus snorted, "I would have hexed somebody for suggesting such a thing even a year ago."

"What, you've never had a dream about being snuggled up to me next to a fire?" Sirius teased.

"A nightmare perhaps."

Laughing Sirius drained his glass, "so cold to me Severus. Here I though we were starting to get along."

Rolling his eyes Severus did the same, relishing in the burn the alcohol provided. He didn't want to linger on the part of himself that warmed at the words, nor his own thoughts on how the lord before him made him feel, "don't get ahead of yourself mutt," he responded, internally pleased when the words caused Sirius to laugh with unrestrained passion.


Harry didn't see anybody when he entered Malfoy manor, though he did call an elf to inform Lucius of his arrival, though he doubted the blonde lord wasn't already aware of who came and went through his wards.

Knocking on the door to Marvolo's rooms, Harrison entered without waiting, not surprised when he saw a wand directed at him.

Marvolo quickly pulled his wand away when he saw just who had come into his room, "Harrison," he greeted, surprised his little raven had returned so quickly and begrudgingly grateful to Severus.

Smiling Harrison walked into the room fully and sat down near his soul mate, "Marvolo," he greeted.

The lapsed into a strained silence, both wanting to speak but unsure of what to say.

"-I'm sorry-" "-I apologise-" they spoke at the same time.

Again, silence followed, until Harrison broke it with a cut of giggle, causing Marvolo to smile.

"I shouldn't have walked out on you," Harry said earnestly.

"No, I should have told you my plan as soon as I started to think of it," Marvolo disagreed. He wasn't used to thinking of anybody else, he was the Dark Lord but he realised now Harrison wasn't anybody else, he was his soul mate.

Harry hummed, "I think that we both need to work on this 'being together business'. Its new to both of us."

Marvolo nodded, "did Severus explain everything?"

"No, he did however get me to realise I was being foolish. When he offered to explain I said I would rather hear it from you."

Marvolo smiled, a small quirk of his lips, when he heard that, "I have had Severus testing both the flu strain and vaccine, he is confident he had perfected both."

Harry nodded, "Who are you going to be giving out the vaccine too?"

"My followers and allies, Severus will also dose the children at Hogwarts while Lucius is going to get as many ministry officials as possible. I do not want to cause a pandemic, the vaccine for us is a precaution. I don't foresee the disease spreading off the island as the wards around Azkaban will lock down as soon as they detect any viruses. Once I have those who I want out, I'll have my spy on the island infect the decoys. As soon as they're dealt with I'll have Severus release the vaccine to the public. As a potion master he will undoubtably be commissioned by the ministry to find a cure as soon as the virus is detected."

Harry nodded, there were still problems he saw in the plan, but he knew how meticulous Marvolo could be and didn't doubt he had contingency plans in place, "what do you plan to do with them once they're out?"

"I will have them treated, those that can be rehabilitated will eventually be set up with new identities, distant cousins etc… They can re-join us, fight for our cause and have a chance to live their lives. Those who can't be rehabilitated can be returned to their families, with reduced access to their magic in some cases."

Harry nodded, he could accept that, "what about Pettigrew?"

Marvolo frowned, "I will leave his fate up to you."

Harry "if he survives the virus, leave him in Azkaban."

"You don't want him out so you can get revenge?"

Harry pursed his lips, the idea of having the rat before him, withering in agony and begging was tempting, more tempting than he'd like to admit. It was for that reason that he said no.

"He's not worth the effort. Let him die like the rat he is."

Huffing a laugh, Marvolo saw the look of desire in those emerald green eyes that he had come to love, the hint of bloodlust, mixed with insanity. It was a look many Blacks developed; it was a look he wanted to see more of.

"If you're sure."


Harry fought not to twitch as healer Maeve circled him, muttering under her breath in gobbledygook.

Sirius however didn't have his restraint, "he's okay right? I mean the potions are fixing the damage?"

The female goblin finally finished and took a step back, ignoring Sirius and focusing her small black eyes on Harry, "You're following the regime I gave you?" she asked, voice clipped.

"Yes," Harry assured, he had followed the advice to the letter, knowing it was the best thing for him to do.

"Good. You can stop your scar treatments; the skin is as recovered now as it will get. Moany are completely gone and the rest faint enough that I am pleased. If you experience skin tightening or discomfort return to me for a reassessment. Now on to your potions. Your nutrient potions can also be reduced, twice a week, by the summer I feel that they could reduce to once a week, but we will check then. Because of your childhood malnutrition I do not believe you shall ever be off them completely, but we can reassess that as you continue to grow."

Harry nodded, a part of him had expected the news but still to be told he might never be off potions was a blow, a part of him he wanted to go back and rip the Dursleys apart, but he squashed it, forcing himself to occlude.

"Thank you, healer," he said, nodding his head in respect.

"you can put on your robes," she instructed.

Nodding, Harry took his shirt and outer robe from Sirius, who looked both relieved and furious, a strange combination. He had ignored the Dursleys, never considered getting revenge before but now he couldn't shake the desire. He had tried to move on, forget about them, but knowing that he may also have to take potions thanks to their treatment of him brought back all the memories he had buried in the past. Why should they get away with their actions?

Sirius could see the dark look on Harry's face growing, "you okay pup?" he asked as he followed him through the tunnels.

Harry hummed, still considering his action, he could tell Madam bones he wished to press charges, she would no doubt be thrilled with the idea but that felt lacking to him. They were muggles, they would be thrown in muggle jail yes, but what punishment was that?... or he could tell Marvolo, he knew his mate, knew he still struggled and needed an outlet for his darker urges, telling him would result in their deaths… eventually. The idea sent a thrill through him, his magic strumming at the idea of being set loose, of finally getting revenge.

"I will be," he said softly, not realising his eyes were almost lowing with unholy fire as he settled on a decision.

Sirius gulped as he saw and felt Harry's magic, it was easy at times to forget just how powerful he truly was, yet when he let loose like this it was impossible to deny.

Finally, they came to the door Harry had been walking towards. Knocking Harry smiled as he entered and saw his friend. King Ragnok's office was as it always was, filled with paperwork and weapons, but seeing it made Harry smile.

"Hello old friend," he greeted, nodding his head in respect.

"Harrison," Ragnok greeted, repeating the gesture.

"I was pleased when I saw your latest article about Dumbledore," the goblin commented once their greetings were complete.

Harry smirked, Rita was truly urning her keep, her latest article was truly a masterpiece.

Hidden histories: Grindelwald's lost lover

By Rita Skeeter

In a recent investigation, I, Rita Skeeter, journalist extraordinaire and seeker of truth, went in search of Dumbledore's past and instead found myself lost in tales of forbidden love and dark and deceitful murder. That's right, our very own headmaster and beloved defeater of the former Dark Lord Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore, was in fact Grindelwald's former lover!

"It was a truly informative read," Harry replied, wishing once again he could have been a fly on the wall when Dumbledore read that particular article.

Ragnok let out a bark like laugh, "I am eager to see what he will say in his defence this time."

Harry sneered, "I'm sure he will weasel his way out, he always does,"

"For now," Ragnok said, his disgust with the elderly wizard clear to see, "now, not that I don't take delight in your presence, but I doubt you're here for a catch up, so what is it I can do for you Harrison?"

Harrison cringed, feeling guilt for a moment but continued, "Marvolo has plans for his followers in Azkaban therefore we will most likely require your services in creating identities for them eventually. I can't give you the finalised list of names, but I thought you would appreciate the heads up."

Ragnok nodded, "I see. I appreciate the forewarning."

They spent a few more moment catching up before Harry and Sirius left, returning to Malfoy manor.

Stepping out of the floo Harry made his way to the couch, Draco was waiting for him there.

"How did it go" Draco asked, hoping for the best.

"I'm now only required to take nutrient potions twice a day."

Draco nodded, he knew that was an improvement, "that's good right?"

"It's better. But healer Maeve is unsure if I will ever be off them. the damage they did is extensive."

Draco felt his face drop, "oh…"

Sighing Harry sent him a sad smile, "don't worry about it dray. I am a lot better now, the healthiest I've ever been."

"Still that those muggles could hurt you so bad…" the blonde trailed off, he had been taught to be wary of, and fear muggles, and this just justified those fears to him.

"They won't get away with it," Harry replied, voice hard.

"Oh?" a soft voice said drawing their attention. Sirius it would seem had gone and announced their presence and now, both elder Malfoy's, Remus and Sirius had joined them. it was Marvolo who spoke, his face a mask of fury, indicating they had heard what Harry had said.

"I want them to pay," Harry said, eyes meeting Marvolo's.

He didn't know what they showed, but Marvolo's face slowly transformed, eyes lighting up with madness for a moment as he smirked darkly.

"Then they shall pay my little Raven," he promised, voice like silk.

Draco gulped as he felt their magic rising, he had never felt such power before. It was intoxicating, consuming and so dark.

Sirius took a breath as the magic slowly dissipated, "are you sure this is what you want pup?" he asked, not judging but clarifying.

Harry looked at Sirius and saw no judgement, "it is."

"Then I will help you," he promised.

The others all shared looks, no judgment just acknowledgement, they would all help however they could.


Returning to school after Yule, Harry felt different, maybe it was because they finally had plans. But he felt like life was moving quicker now, they had made their first move. All that waited was Dumbledore's response.

Sitting with Neville on the train Harry waited for the rest of his friend to join him, Draco had wandered off to find Flint, mentioning something about quidditch.

"how was your yule?" the blonde asked, he was different this time around; More confident and self-assured.

"it was good. I spent time with everybody and visited the healers."

Neville sent an inquiring look.

"I'm only on nutrient potions now," Harry explained.

Neville smiled, "that's great Harry."

Smiling at the earnest response Harry listen to Neville explain about his holiday, truly pleased that his friend was so much happier this time around. The others joined them as Neville spoke, all filing inn a sitting, or in the case of the twins lounging. Once everybody was there, harry withdrew his wand and set up a privacy ward. Re-joining them once it was cast, Harry smiled fondly as Luna sat back against him.

"I have some news," he said, the others all looked tense when they heard the words, although they supported him, he knew they had fears and reservations, with was fine as they were children who had no place in wars. Draco though, already knowing it sent him a reassuring smile, while Luna beamed at him.

"Marvolo has started to make his move. He is going to be secretly releasing his followers from Azkaban."

The news had mixed reactions, but Harry mainly saw shock and fear, "they will be treated and assessed but some of them may eventually be given new identities and lives."

Neville had paled at the words, no doubt thinking of his parents.

"Some however will never recover enough to be safely reintroduced to society."

"The Lestranges?" he whispered.

"The latter I think," Harrison assured.

"I knew something like this would happen eventually but its still shocking to actually hear it," the blonde boy said.

"I understand if this is too much," he said, repeating what he said when he first told them.

"No, we knew this," said Susan surprising Harry as she had been the one person who struggled the most.

"Yeah. We can't say we're happy exactly, but we knew what we signed up for," replied Fred, George nodding empathetically next to his twin. The others all nodding their agreement as well.

Relieved Harry sent them all grateful smiles, "I know that you all have some doubts, but I am so grateful for your trust. Please know that one day all of this will be worth it."

Luna smiled, "So worth it My Lord," she said reverently.


Fury raced through him, as he set loose another blast of fire, he had been receiving howlers periodically ever since Skeeter started her smear campaign. Yet this latest article has clearly set people aflame as he had received over a dozen since this morning. When he got his hands on her he would make her suffer for spreading his business. He didn't care that she hadn't told any lies, no, he what bothered him was that she thought to damage his reputation.

Waving his wand tot get rid of the ash, Albus paced in his office. This latest expose in the profit was going to cause serious problems. Already he had people questioning him in secret, but now they were openly doing it. No this wouldn't do, not at all. He needed to get his hands on skeeter and stop her. She couldn't be allowed to spread such news.

With tom back he needed people to listen to him, to believe in him and fight for him. He was the lord of the light, their champion. No, he needed to get rid of skeeter, that was his priority for now. Harry could wait for now; the brat wasn't doing anything too damaging at the moment and loathe as he was to admit it neither was Tom. Oh, he didn't doubt Tom was behind Skeeter but so far Voldemort had been suspiciously quiet. No, getting rid of Skeeter was the most important thing, with her gone the people would stop questioning him and eventually remember who their hero was, they would realise Tom was back and beg him to save them. Harry would realise his mistakes and then he would be able to sweep in and mould his perfect little sacrifice. Yes, it would be perfect. He just had to find Skeeter and crush her.


With only the leaving feast left tomorrow, Harry's year would be done. The plan for Azkaban was now underway, there had been reports of the outbreak, and although some had been worried about a possible pandemic, It was quickly contained to the island. There weren't any whispers of foul play, nor were people suspicious. It was as Marvolo said, people didn't care about the prisoners. Still, he did wonder what life would be like this summer, the prisoners where currently at Malfoy manor, so he didn't doubt he would interact with them. Lost in his musings, Harry jolted as Luna threw herself down next to him on the sofa.

"I need some of your hair My Lord," she said without permeable.

Harry lifted an eyebrow, ever since the start of the year when Dumbledore almost ensnared him; he had been even more paranoid than usual. Even though the headmaster was seemingly stuck on trying to 'out' Marvolo and finding skeeter, who had gone to ground, Harry hadn't allowed himself to relax.

"And why do you need some of my hair?" he asked.

"I need to be you for a little while," the blonde said, absently twisting her hair and looking around their common room.

With another searching look, Harry made up his mind and let his magic loose, plucking a single piece of hair from his shoulder length black curls. The ring Marvolo had gifted him made it impossible for his hair to fall loose on its own, therefore protecting him.

"You understand the level of trust I'm giving to you?" he asked, even though he knew she would.

Luna took the hair with a look of reverence, "I do my lord," she said, putting the hair into a silver vial that she had seemingly pulled out of nowhere.

Looking at her Harry narrowed his eyes, "you're not going to let yourself get hurt again, are you?"

Luna looked away, "trust me?"

Harry reluctantly nodded and stood, "let's go see if the hellions have anything fun planned for the feast tomorrow."

Luna got up, following her lord, she would protect him. He was the first person who saw her for her; he never judged her and had always accepted her. He was her first true friend; her lord and she wouldn't let him fall.


Marvolo pinched the bridge of his nose as he read the healers reports in front of him. For most of his faithful the results weren't as bad as he feared, but some…

A tentative knock drew his attention, Lucius appeared, looking for ruffled than normal, "my lord," he greeted.

"What is it, Lucius?"

"It's Bellatrix My Lord, she's managed to harm the elf assigned to her. It's the third one this week."

Marvolo felt a tick developing, even without her magic the witch was causing him problems, "I see."

"You told us to report to you any problems," Lucius said, eyeing him warily.

Fighting to stop himself from curing the blonde who was only following his own orders Marvolo squeezed harder, hoping to relieve the growing headache, "how are the others recovering in your opinion?" he asked, reading was one thing, but Lucius had been visiting them daily with his wife, who had taken to trying to help Bellatrix. Although it would appear her effort were in vain.

"The twins are recovering well, Rabastan seems mentally stronger while Rodolphus physically seems fitter. Mulciber is still catatonic. Rookwood is responding to treatment surprisingly well, while Dolohov seems to be struggling to remain in the present. Bellatrix is as I said struggling, physically she is responding but her self-control is gone, her moods are swinging between violence and mania rapidly and her grasp on reality is limited. Travers has still yet to awaken."

Marvolo nodded, out of them it would seem he would only have three followers to reintroduce, less than he hoped but better than nothing. Still the problems Bellatrix was causing were a concern, especially with Hogwarts term ending. He didn't want her causing his little raven any problems. He had visited them twice since recovering them but he didn't have time to go more often and his presence seemed to set Bellatrix off even more.

"That's good." He said, "now about the elf, authorise them to use force if necessary, to protect themselves against her."

Lucius was shocked, "My Lord?"

"If Harrison finds out I let her harm the elves assigned to help her, he won't be happy, so allow them to protect themselves."

Lucius struggled not to gape, "yes My Lord," he replied.

"Now if there's nothing else I need to finish these before the boys return tomorrow."

Nodding the blonde lord left, shocked about how much his life had changed in the space of a few years.