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Red Ranger


Summer of 1994

As I got closer the playground, I could hear the boys arguing. Edward, Emmett, and Jasper appeared to be having a faceoff with one another. Alice sat on the swings rocking back and forth with a frown on her face, pushing her long black hair out of her eyes every once in a while. Rose stood on the platform, watching the fight with her hands on her hips, looking unimpressed.

"I'm the red ranger!" Emmett bellowed, arms crossed over his chest.

"You're always Red Ranger. It's my turn." Edward pushed his glasses up his nose, scowling at Emmett.

"You can't be Red Ranger, you're too much of a geek. You're Blue Ranger." Jasper shoved him. "It's my turn to be the red ranger."

Edward stumbled slightly, catching himself before falling. He gave Jasper a push back then fixed his glasses.

"Guys, stop it, don't fight," I interrupted them.

Alice hopped off the swing. "Why don't you take turns."

"Let's vote on it." Emmett puffed out his chest. "All in favor of me?" He raised his hand high in the air.

No one else raised theirs, and Emmett scowled and dropped his arm to his side.

"All in favor of me?" Edward challenged, he glanced at me with hope; but I didn't want to choose and make someone else mad.

"How about we draw names, then no one is choosing sides," I suggested.

"Why does a guy always have to be Red Ranger, why not a girl?" Rose asked.

"Please, that will never work, I'm not following any girl leader. Alice is too small. And just look at Bella; she gets bruises all over her legs from just walking, so she can't be Red Ranger." Emmett pointed at me.

I suddenly felt self-conscious about the dark marks on my legs. I shifted uncomfortably as they all stopped to stare at me. Luckily, Rose wasn't finished with her side of the argument.

"So why can't I be Red Ranger? I'm sick of being Pink just because I'm a girl and know gymnastics." Rose used the fireman pole to slide down then stood nose to nose with Emmett.

"Fine, be Rita Repulsa, you're ugly enough," Emmett quirked.

Rose's mouth dropped open, and she looked stunned. After a moment, she kicked him hard in the shin, causing him to wince. She took a step back and glared at him with her hands balled into fists.

"Emmett!" I gasped in shock, he had never been that rude before.

"That was mean—apologize," Alice ordered.

"Say something." Rose glared at her twin brother.

"What? He's right, no one can yell quite like you." Jasper shrugged.

"You know what? I'm too old for this baby game anyway. I'm leaving." Rose flipped her hair over her shoulder.

"Good riddance," Emmett yelled at her back as he rubbed his shin. "And that didn't hurt!"

"Rosalie, come on. Mom said we had to stay together; if you leave I have to go," Jasper complained.

"You should have thought about that before you decided to agree with the jerk," Rose snapped as she yanked her bike off the ground. She straddled it and took off down the street.

Jasper groaned, giving Emmett a dirty look. "Thanks a lot."

He chased after Rose, quickly catching up on his own bike. Emmett rolled his eyes then glanced at the rest of us with a disappointed look.

"I'm going to see if Mike and Tyler want to play." He started to walk away. "You coming, Edward?"

Edward glanced at Alice and me. "What about the girls?"

"I can be Pink Ranger, and Bella can be Yellow. We can draw names for Red Ranger, and the other can be Green. Tommy is just as good as Jason," Alice suggested.

"I'm tired of playing with you girls, you only drag us down." Emmett turned but continued walking backward. "Edward, are you coming, or are you playing sissy games like one of the girls?"

Emmett didn't wait for an answer and hopped his own dirt bike leaving a cloud of dust. Edward gave me a half a glance before starting to follow.

"Wait, Edward, I need to tell you something?" I suddenly remembered why I came to the playground in the first place.

"Why couldn't you side with me and say I should be the red ranger?" He frowned and scuffed his foot.

"You're blaming me?" I asked incredulously.

"No. I just…maybe Em's right. I already get picked on for being a nerd. Maybe we should play separately more often." Edward's ears turned pink.

"But Edward…" I felt hurt by his words. Out of all of them, I had been the closest to Edward.

"I'll see you later." He ran towards his bike.

"But I gotta tell you something. It's important," I called after him.

"Later! I promise." He was already peddling away.

Biting my lip and trying not to cry, I looked around. The playground was empty. At some point, Alice must have left. Dejectedly, I sat down on the swing and pushed off the ground. I stared at the sand as it blurred under my feet as I moved. I should be walking home, but I was too tired at the moment.

I wasn't sure how long I sat there when my dad's car pulled up. He got out and headed towards me.

"Bells, we've been looking for you. Where is everyone; you know you're not supposed to be here by yourself," he reprimanded lightly. Ever since we found out, he seemed afraid to scold me.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

He sighed and was quiet for a moment. "We have to go; we can't miss the plane. Come on, your mom is waiting in the car." He stopped the swing, so I could get off.

"I don't wanna go." Tears ran down my face.

"I'm afraid you don't get a choice, kiddo," he said softly.

"I didn't get a chance to say good-bye." I sniffled.

"Why not? I'm surprised Edward left you here by yourself." Dad looked around the park in concern.

"They were too busy arguing over something stupid. Then they all left in a huff," I grumbled. "Edward didn't want to play with me, 'cause I'm a girl, and Emmett called him a sissy."

"That does sound stupid," Dad agreed, tweaking my braid. "I'm sure Edward didn't mean to hurt your feelings; peer-pressure can be hard at your age."

"Can we stop at his house so I can say good-bye?" I begged, trying not to cry.

His smile fell, and he knelt in front of me. "I'm sorry, Bells, but we really can't, or we'll miss our flight. You can call or write him later, okay?" Dad promised.

"Okay," I answered halfheartedly.

I glanced around the playground one more time before taking his hand. We climbed into the car and drove off, leaving Forks behind.

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In case you're unfamiliar with what they were arguing over, they were pretending to be Power Rangers. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in kids show that started in 1993. Typically, the Red Ranger is always the leader and is male. There's still a variation today of Power Ranger.

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