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Vegeta walked through Beerus's castle at a slow pace, his mind was wondering about the deal he had made with Whis, the destroyer God's attendant, to be trained he had to accept the position of God of Destruction when the time came, he didn't really like the idea but in order to catch up to that clown kakarot, he needed the training, that was a couple months ago, now the Z-Fighters were recovering from the aftermath of the return of the cold hearted tyrant that haunted everyone; Frieza, once the most powerful being in the known universe, or so he thought, he never knew that behind the scenes there was an even greater being pulling the strings, The God of Destruction Beerus.

Beerus? The most powerful being to ever exist or was he also just following an even greater power than his own? These thoughts plagued Vegeta's mind, ever since he accepted the deal, if he had to be the God of Destruction one day, would that mean following a higher power or doing what he wished, he couldn't really tell from the laid back destroyer deity, Beerus always seemed to be doing his own thing but was sometimes stopped by the strange blue being that accompanied him, he would not let Beerus do certain things that would endanger the universe's existence even if it meant he had to knock out his master.

"Vegeta!" Yelled a happy voice that the prince immediately recognised as Kakarot, he turned and looked to Goku with a look of expectancy, like he is asking "What do you want?" Goku picked up on the expression and answered. "Lord Beerus has a brother!" Said Goku as Vegeta raised his left eyebrow. "And?" Asked Vegeta, he really wasn't in the mood for a useless conversation.

"His brother is the God of Destruction of Universe 6, and I managed to convince them to hold a tournament!" Said Goku practically jumping up and down as Vegeta just continued walking, he wasn't interested in a silly tournament, especially if it didn't mean anything he had better things to do with his time.

Goku pouted. "Come on Vegeta you know this makes you excited" Said Goku with eyes filled with hope that his rival would fall for it, as Vegeta turned with a smirk on his face. "You can enter the tournament alone and win, adding me in would just be overkill, besides you don't send in the strongest fighter of your universe until it really matters" Smirked Vegeta as he saw Goku look at him and smirk. "Why do you think I'm asking you to go first?" Retorted Goku with a grin.

Vegeta smirked and continued walking. "Have fun Kakarot" Said Vegeta with his back turned as Goku dropped the smirk and ran next to him with puppy dog eyes. "Come on old buddy old pal, do me a solid" Said Goku, Vegeta just raised his eyebrow before answering. "No".

"Why?" Whined Goku as a voice answered. "Because Vegeta has other duties and besides Goku, you asked for the tournament, so it's only fair that you find people who actually want to be in it" Said Whis, Goku frowned but nodded. "Fine…" Before he lit up like the fourth of July. "I'll just ask Gohan, he has been training with Piccolo since the whole Frieza incident" As he put his fingers to his head and vanished.

When Goku left Vegeta looked to Whis with a questioning expression. "What other duties do I have?" Asked Vegeta as Beerus answered. "Well besides your duty to me, you will gain another" Said Beerus as Vegeta kept quiet and waited for an explanation.

"Vegeta it seems our deal has bore fruit, you shall be the next God of Destruction of Universe 14, sadly your time as my student is over, you are still a long way from reaching the power of God of Destruction but that is a small detail, your power will be raised to that level automatically, or you could keep the power you have now and work for your power instead?" Asked Whis he already knew the answer but he had to ask anyway.

Vegeta stood quiet, he never thought that Whis would come to check on their deal so fast, but he had to admit, being a God would definitely be a….experience, if that would be the right word.

"But to reach the God status you have to die unfortunately" Said Whis as Vegeta's eyes widen slightly. "Die? Why?" He had to ask, he needed to know why he would die, he looked to Whis expecting him to answer but Beerus did.

"Because as of right now you are a mortal that just has the power of a God" Said Beerus as he started to pick his ear. "When you die you will be brought back as a God, and you will no longer be a mortal being that is trapped by time" Said Beerus and Whis nodded.

Vegeta stood quiet, he was thinking and man was he thinking hard, as he was about to ask something Whis beat him to the answer. "Your wife will unfortunately not be allowed to accompany you, as she is a mortal being and is not legible to pass to another universe, neither is your son, You will not be allowed to return to this universe unless Lord Beerus allows it but if something happens to your universe while you are away, you will be put swiftly to death along with Lord Beerus" Said Whis.

"So you would just show up there and kill me and then kill Lord Beerus?" Asked Vegeta, the idea was starting to sound more like a prison. "No, I am not allowed to kill a God, the Omni-King, the God of all, would pass judgement on you and turn you into nothingness" Said Whis as Vegeta once again raised his eyebrow.

"The God of all?" Asked Vegeta. "Yes Vegeta, the being that towers over the multiverse and has more power than everyone in creation, so no I will not allow you back unless the king himself authorises it" Said Beerus with a serious expression.

Vegeta nodded slowly. "You will be taught everything you need to know about being a God by your assistant, when you go to universe 14" Said Beerus as his face went serious. "Beware universe 14 is a universe of deceit and creatures of nightmares, most are weak….actually all of them are weak but if you let your guard down those weak beings will destroy you" Said Beerus as he turned and put his hands behind his head. "But it has been good having an intelligent fighter around, be strong and the next time we meet…..we will be equals, maybe not in power but in status" As he vanished leaving Whis behind.

"So Vegeta, will you take the power or achieve it on your own?" Asked Whis as Vegeta looked at him. "I will work for my own power, I will not accept hand me downs, I have gotten so far on my own and I will go even further, until I reach Lord Beerus himself and surpass him" Said Vegeta as Whis nodded.

"Your Attendant will be the one to kill you and bring you back so that she can establish a link with you" Said Whis. "Go home, spend time with your family, I will come in one year to come and get you, enjoy it while it lasts Vegeta, Family will be a very fond part of your memories, it will be years until you see them again or if you ever see them again" Said Whis as Vegeta slowly nodded, he couldn't believe that he might have to abandon his family just like kakarot did after the fight with Cell but he would be gone…permanently.

"Shall I take you home?" Asked Whis, Vegeta just nodded, he had a lot to think of.

Time flew by really fast, too fast for Vegeta's taste, he had participated in the tournament against universe 6 and lost against Hit and even saw who the Omni-King was and how….not intimidating he looked, but by the reaction Beerus and Champa gave after the Omni-King showed up, he knew not to mess up or even talk out of line unfortunately Goku failed to realize that he was talking to the God of Gods and the Omni-King soon left vowing to hold another tournament with a select few universes.

After the tournament however Vegeta was furious with himself, he had gotten used to the thought of him becoming God of Destruction Vegeta and having lost to a mortal was just shameful, he saw the look of disappointment in Beerus's eyes, if Champa knew that he was going to be a God of Destruction he would have laughed, Vegeta might have been mortal but he was going to be a God soon and his power wouldn't rise to the title and if there were mortals that could defeat him that would bring great shame upon the title God of Destruction, so Vegeta locked himself in the Time Chamber with Whis, he would come out at the end of the day and just walk right back in, he did that for a month straight, no one spoke to Vegeta, they were worried about the prince but he wouldn't talk to them, none of them knew that Vegeta would be leaving soon, they had asked Whis but Whis just replied with "Vegeta must be embarrassed at his loss and wants to be stronger", he had planned to explain in the last month and the last month was fast approaching.

Vegeta stepped out of the time chamber looking exactly the way he did before he went in, his base form was easily ten times that of his Super Saiyan Blue form and he had his tail swinging around behind him, his power was on another level, Goku didn't know this but Vegeta is easily capable of besting him in a fight now, whether Goku used Super Saiyan Blue or not, when Vegeta took a step forward the power coming off of him was so strong it cracked the surface of The Lookout and his power was always at the same level of when he fought Frieza on Namak, his aura was just that overwhelming even when it wasn't active but Whis assured him that this would disappear, it would only be a side effect of coming back into the real world after being cooped up in the time chamber for so long, and true to his word Vegeta's aura stopped destroying objects as he got closer to them.

Vegeta was satisfied he had reached a power that he felt he could even defeat Beerus with but he wasn't ready to test it, after all he hasn't seen the destroyer since that day he was told he would become a Destroyer.

Time flew by and the time came, everyone came to see Vegeta off, Bulma was in tears as Vegeta spoke to her and gave her a soft kiss and he looked down to Trunks, Trunks was trying to be strong for his mother's sake, Vegeta dropped low so that he could make eye contact with his son. "You are the man of the house now, you will look after your mother and protect your home, stay strong and never let Goten beat you, in life, in power and even in love….my last words to you, I love you my son, I could not have asked for a better snot nosed brat" Grinned Vegeta as he played with raffled his son's hair. "I am proud of you" Said Vegeta as he hugged his son.

Trunks couldn't hold back the water works anymore and cried his heart out. "I will father, I will, I love you too" As Vegeta stood up and walked to Goku, they stared each other down for twenty seconds straight before Goku spoke. "Gonna miss having you around, don't know when I'll see you again, or if I will even be alive at that time" Said Goku as Vegeta extended his hand to which Goku grabbed. "Thank you…." Said Vegeta as he contemplated whether he should say this or not. "Goku…for sparing my life all those years ago" As Vegeta and Goku gave each other a bro hug before Vegeta turned to Gohan. "Guess it's time to say goodbye to the boy turned man" Said Vegeta as he gave Gohan a firm hand shake. "Take care of your family Gohan, train so that you can protect them and take up my place" Said Vegeta as Gohan nodded before wiping away a small tear, the older Saiyan really made a lasting impression on the younger half breed, kind of like the Saiyan uncle he meant to have but instead he got Raditz.

Vegeta turned to everyone. "Well I guess this is goodbye, I would never have admitted this but I guess I might actually miss you low lives" Said Vegeta as Krillin grinned. "Oh Vegeta, you know you love us" Said Krillin as Vegeta just grinned and gave the bald man a nod of respect which he nodded back, the next Vegeta looked to was Piccolo who was leaned up against a tree, Piccolo looked to Vegeta and gave a short wave with a grin before saying. "See you around Vegeta, the next God of Destruction" Vegeta nodded walked next to Whis and waited he nodded once to everyone acknowledging his last and only true friends, it was a rough patch compared to the time when they all feared him but now all he saw was sadness in their eyes as their friend and comrade left, everyone watched as white light enveloped Vegeta and Whis and the prince was gone.

Time moved relatively fast as he travelled to the new universe. "You will be educated in that universe about their rules and power, as far as I know, the power they use is something called Reiatsu, it is almost exactly like Ki" Said Whis as Vegeta nodded.

"So when will I take the role as God of Destruction?" Asked Vegeta. "Once your attendant sees that you are ready" Said Whis, Vegeta nodded once again.

When they reached the edge of the universe Whis stopped and tapped the edge and watched it open and reveal a short women dress nearly exactly like Whis but she did not have the ring that Whis had around his neck, her hair was completely down and one side was held back by her left ear, Vegeta would have mistaken her for a human with Whis like fashion and light blue skin.

Whis gave a short nod before talking. "Wink, it's good to see you again" Said Whis as she nodded. "Like wise Whis, I take it this is my future God?" Asked Wink, Whis gave a small nod. "That is correct, he will not take the power given with the title" Said Whis as Wink looked at him and said. "Do you think it is wise to do so Whis? We might just need another God of Destruction soon" Said Wink as Vegeta looked to her with steel in his eyes. "I do not take hand me downs" Said Vegeta as Wink smirked. "At least he has fire" Whis shook his head with a light smile. "No, he doesn't need the power, he is powerful enough to carry the title and burden as the destroyer God" Said Whis as Wink nodded. "I will take you at your word Whis" Smiled Wink kindly as Whis put his hand on Vegeta's shoulder. "This is where we part Vegeta, it might be a couple centuries until I see you again" Said Whis with a sad sigh.

Vegeta looked to Wink and nodded to Whis. "Let's go" Said Vegeta and floated next to Wink, she gave Whis a final nod and turned and disappeared with Vegeta in a flash of purple, Whis stood still just standing there. "Well Vegeta I guess you have a new journey ahead of you" Said Whis as he turned and disappeared in white light.

Next thing Vegeta saw was a big room with glass stairs going up to a throne chair that had deep red cushion like seat and elegant looking walls in the back. "This will be your throne room" Said Wink and Vegeta just stared at the throne room, on the outside he looked like he didn't really care but on the inside he was loving this, the throne room looked amazing and the floor was white marble and the walls looked like clean cut crystal and the ceiling looked like a master artist came and worked on it for years, chiselling each part of the ceiling and when his eyes wondered to the middle of the ceiling there was a big chandelier hanging from the middle, it looked like a bunch of clean cut diamonds with a couple rubies and emeralds here and there.

Vegeta nodded in acknowledgement as Wink looked at him with a smile. "I made it myself, I didn't really know what you would like so I just studied your background and made it so that it would suit your personality" As Vegeta nodded. "You did a good job" Said Vegeta as he got over the throne room and looked to Wink. "So when do I start?" Asked Vegeta as Wink smirked. "Now!" As she fired a high speed beam that pierced his heart and Vegeta fell died immediately.

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