Authors Note: I have began thinking of new stories so this will be the final chapter. It may leave loose ends but... meh.

Chapter 39

5 months after the bomb incident

I walked into precinct one to find everyone staring at me.

"Either say it to my face or don't say it at all." I yell

"Bogo wants to see you!" Yells someone in the back

As I had learned over the past months, having Bogo see you before your shift is almost always a bad thing.

I walk up to Bogo's office and knock on the door.

"Enter." Comes the reply

"You wanted to see me sir?"

"Yes. Sit."

I sit

"I have to confess something, and you are the only one I can trust." Bogo says

"Okay then..." I say relieved that I am not in trouble.

"Okay. I am going to be perfectly honest and give you the basic facts. I'm gay, and I'm in a relationship with Clawhouser." Bogo says

"About time you finally told someone."I say


"I don't know about anyone else but I was pretty certain a few months ago."


"Remember that party at my place? Well, when Wolford said that Clawhouser drove you home it seemed strange. Considering that Clawhouser dosen't have a car."

"Go on..."

"Well then after he kept saying over, and you always asking for him to stay after role call, it was one of a few things to me."

"Okay then. so how do I tell the rest the station?"

"I have an idea." I say gesturing for him to follow me.

We exit the office and as I expected, everyone is focused on us.

"HEY GUYS! BOGO HAS SOMETHING TO SAY!" I yell before patting Bogo on the back and walking away.

"Uh... Well... Okay then. By the way Cameron, after this you get to be paired with Hopps for a day." Bogo says

"FREEDOM!" I hear Nick yell from below.

"Okay. I'm going to be blunt." Bogo begins "I'm gay and in a relationship with Clawhouser."

There is silence in the station for a few seconds before everyone begins cheering.

"Your welcome Bogo. Now I'm going to go get my earmuffs for my patrol with Judy."

"Cameron. Thank you." He says

"Your welcome, don't blow it because that's all the help I have for the week." I say before I walk down to the lobby continuing on with my life."