So.. Half of this chapter was written by me and the other half by EllaRoseEverdeen. Try and guess who wrote what.

Kratos Iven Emsby

(District Four)

"Hello unfortunates," the voice said, an extra layer of malice in her voice. "Today you'll be voting BEFORE the challenge. You will not know why you are voting until you have voted."

I scrawled down Twinkle's name. I didn't know why but I hoped it wasn't something bad. Twinkle and Saph were my biggest threats, all three of us being careers. I missed Four. The salty sea smell and the taste of fish.

Instead of being read out, the voice forced us to drop our notes into a box.

"Twinkle Ashton, Samson Cache, Laura Jackman, Jacob Hundra, Anastasiya Vasiliev, Kane Riccio and Christopher Michael." The voice said. Please step forward.

All of them stepped forward, looking terrified. Instantly they were picked up in tubes and a screen opened up. I recognised the sight immediately.

Each were on a platform and in front of them was a cornucopia. It was smaller than normal but all of us understood.

They were in the real games now.

"However," the voice said, making me jump. "You aren't off the hook at all. You will complete the challenges until only one remains. The winner of the games and the winner of the challenges will compete in a contest. The winner will be crowned the victor."

She didn't say it but we all knew what would happen to the loser.

"Stand in a line, There will be two saboteurs for this challenge." she said.

It was time for the next challenge.

Saph Ire

(District One)

After the voice picked out the saboteurs, she begins to explain. "As you can see, around you there is a lot of hair and in that hair are green and yellow bows. Sometimes the green bows are good and sometimes they're bad. You have to guess right 3 times to get through."

4 people who want to win and 2 people who don't. The odds aren't in our favour.

"What do we do then?" asked Gemma. None of us knew.

Eventually Embry just picked a random bow. "Correct the voice said."

"Last time the yellow was safe so should we go for green?" Asked Kratos. No one objected and Astaea reached forward.

"Wrong!" The voice said gleefully.

Gemma Reese

(District 5)

It was hard using my power because no one really told a lie when they were guessing. Now though, I had been picked. One wrong and one right.

"The right one is yellow so make them grab a green bow,"

I didn't know how to do this. "Last one was green and it's so inconsistent it don't change again will it?" I suggested. My logic was bad but hopefully no one would notice.

Someone reached forward.

"Wrong!" She said "Take a break Gemma. The correct one is green but let's hope your partner gets your group to go for yellow."

The voice was trying to trick me into going passive. I bet she Dessie the same thing to the other.

It didn't matter, everyone was discussing but I didn't know how to be part of the discussion. In the end they went for yellow anyway. My heart lifted.

"You have failed!" The voice said, "Saph will be reading out the votes."

Flare Elmsworth

(District 9)

"3 for Embry, 1 for Saph, 1 for Gemma and 1 for Kratos."

Me and Astrea were the only one who didn't get voted for. Crazily, it felt nice.

"Saph, Gemma and Kratos will all pick a straw. The shortest straw loses."

Saph had a 6 inch straw, Gemma had a 7 inch one and Krato's was 5.

"Embry and Kratos will not be leaving. I can now reveal the saboteurs were Gemma and Embry."

Embry Calliston

(District 8)

I didn't want to die.

But everyone left and it was only me and Kratos. We looked at each other, not knowing what was going to come.

Suddenly, the hair grabbed me and wrapped around me. I heard this is what it felt like for caterpillars but I wouldn't become a beautiful butterfly.

I was going to die.

For a while Kratos was screaming but he stopped. I guess he died first, but it wasn't like I was doing well, everything was becoming fuzzy, at first black dots appeared, but then I couldn't see. I felt my body losing its tension before simply feeling nothing at all.

The bloodbath

Twinkle Ashton

(district 2)

Unlike most, I was glad to be in the arena.

Standing here, on this pedestal. It was what I was trained for. I was the only career in here. The strongest. The fastest.

I was ready.

Ever since I was a little girl, I had been trained for this moment. This EXACT moment. They whipped my brain, turned me into a mindless drone. A career, because that's what I am defined by here.

I'm just a career.

A word with no value. But I don't want to be a career anymore.

I want to be a victor.

Not a mindless drown, not a career, not a doll of the Capitol.

A victor of the Hunger Games.

And now was my chance.

Samson Cache

(District 5)

I hoped whoever voted me was here beside me. Standing on the pedestals which, should have been a few inches back for everybody to have equal length to the cornucopia.

The horn full of goods was smaller this year. But there only were a few of us. Including a career. She was the worst of the careers left, maybe besides the boy from 4. But this girl was here, so to me she was much scarier. Twinkle, I think her name was, was standing 2 pedestals to my right, looking confident. Next to me stood the girl from 7, and on my left was Jacob, the boy from 6.

The clock above the cornucopia had already started counting down. I hadn't noticed until now and I realized there were only seconds left. In 30 seconds, I might die. I tried to recall what my mentor had told me. He didn't know about the twist. Would he want me to go for it? Something about the bounty of supplies was drawing me in.

My eyes peek up at the clock and I see it's down to 10. 10 seconds. The career was positioned to run towards the cornucopia, not a surprise.

The girl from 7 looked like she was going to run towards the marble ruins that surrounded us.

We read a book in school once about Ancient Greeks. They were said to use architecture like this. But it was only brief, just because ancient civilizations were a required lesson in 5 because the Egyptians invented the wheel. I would much rather learn about that then wind turbines. Jacob also seemed like he was going to go for it, and the boy from 12 was the only other person left positioned forward.

As the gong sounded, I ran, as fast as my legs moved. I seemed to be in last place. The girl from 2 in first, than the boy from 11, 6, and me. Always in last.

Weapons sounded. I briefly looked up.

And if I had looked up a second slower, I wouldn't have seen the spear that entered my chest. Thrown by Twinkle Ashton. District 2.

As I died, she stood above me. Looking… almost depressed. The last thing I noticed is that her eyes were slightly slanted.

Jacob Hundra

(District 6)

I had always liked running back home. Just little jogs though. I liked the feeling of the wind. It felt nice.

This time I was sprinting. I didn't want to be killed first because I knew my chances were low of surviving.

I make it to the cornucopia and grab the first weapon. Unluckily for me, it was a bow. My worst weapon. I see Samson fall to the ground, collapsed in a heap


Samson Cache

The neat freak

District 5


Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlights, people
Living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to the feelin'
Streetlights, people

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Samson was a cutie. He almost made it half way and its a shame he didn't. A better author could have developed him more... but I'm not a better author. Thanks Apollostjames :) (why am I sending you a smiley, your tribute just died)


Kratos Iven Emsby

Confidence itself

District 4


It's the eye of the tiger
It's the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor
Stalks his prey in the night
And he's watching us all with the eye of the tiger

You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it

Kratos was cool. He wasn't crazy, he wasn't reluctant to because a career, he wasn't from a super rich family. District four is always hard for me to write as it lingers between being a career district and a normal district. Anyway, thanks for Kratos Hungergamestribute12.


Embry Calliston

Ice king

District 8


So light 'em up up up
Light 'em up up up
Light 'em up up up
I'm on fire

So light 'em up up up
Light 'em up up up
Light 'em up up up
I'm on fire

They say that the Games are a living hell. I'm cool with that, I like living hells.

Embry was fun to write. My favourite moment was weirdly when he was reaped. Can I have favourite moments being the author? I DONT CARE I DO SO HAH! SUCK IT MUM!... I mean... Embry could have won but he also could have died early which made him fun to write.