"Do you have any toothpaste left?"Michonne asked.

"No, 'cause someone's been borrowing it every day for two weeks."Rick replied.

"Carl."Michonne said.

"What? Denise says it's PT."Carl replied.

"I can't hear you. Come on out."Rick said.

"What?"Carl asked.

"Denise says this is PT."Rick and Carl said.

"You heard me."Carl said.


"It's time to change your bandage.

"And I need to borrow some toothpaste."Michonne replied.

"Okay, but I'm out of toothpaste.

"Bye, Dad."Carl said.

"I'll see you later."Rick replied.

"Come on, sweetheart."Rick said.

"You be good out there."Michonne replied.

"Yeah, we'll see.

"And thank you."Rick said.


"Spearmint and baking soda. That's my favorite."Michonne replied.

"Soon as I get it, you will."Rick said.

Meanwhile in Alexandria.

The people were split in different directions some doing their guard duties some were on repairs and the rest were working on the garden while a few were making sure the walker storage was secure.

"Daddy you okay?"Lacey asked.

"Yeah,best I can be at the moment."Hershel replied.

"There goes Carl off to see Enid."Beth said.

"Carl is lucky, I never thought he'd get shot again."Hershel replied.

"What do you mean again?"Tyreese asked.

"Actually that's how, we met Rick Lori and accidentally shot him in the chest."Lacey replied.

"Really?"Barb asked.

"Yes,he has come a long way since then though."Hershel replied.

"Hershel I was meaning to talk to you."Jeffrey said.

"What about?"Hershel asked.

"I think we should make a greenhouse on this land that way we can have stuff growing all year round."Jeffrey replied.

"I think, under the circumstances of everything that has happened a greenhouse would be the best option for our needs.

"I mapped out some of the agricultural supply places in the area.

"Even if they've been cleaned out, my bet is that the sorghum would be untouched.

"Now, that there is a criminally underrated grain that could change the game with our food situation from scary to hunky-dunky.

"I'm talking standability, drought tolerance, grain-to-stover ratio that is the envy of all corns.

"Think about it."Eugene said.

"Thanks."Rick replied.

"Come on.

"Come on."Michonne said.

"I got him.

"You think I couldn't get it?"Spencer asked.

"You could've.

"I have a sword."Michonne replied.

"Mm."Spencer mumbles.

"What are you doing out here?"Michonne asked.

"I was on guard. I saw someone was in the woods."Spencer replied.

"What are you doing out here?"Michonne asked.

"I walk after my shifts.

"I've been doing it for a while.

"You're the first one to notice."Spencer replied.

"Why the shovel?"Michonne asked.

"I'm gonna keep walking now."Spencer replied.

"I'm gonna come with you."Michonne said.

"That's okay."Spencer replied.

"Your mom told me I had to figure out what I want... for my whole life."Michonne said.

"Have you?"Spencer asked.

"I'm working up to it.

"Right now I just want to find out why her son's wandering around the woods with a shovel."Michonne said.

"Why are you still here?"Spencer asked.

"I liked your mom a lot.

"I really don't want you to die.

"So, come on.

"Let's go home."Michonne said.

"My family's dead. That's not home.

"It's just where I live."Spencer replied.

"It's more than that."Michonne said.

"Hey, enough.

"I'm fine.

"You've got a life back there, and maybe I will, too, but before I can even think about that, I need to take care of something.

"I have to try."Spencer replied.

"So let me help you."Michonne said.

"You can't."Spencer replied.

"Carl?"Michonne questioned.

"I thought I saw her that night.

"I thought I did.

"I did.

"I got her. I got her.

"So that's why I was out here.

"She left me a note.

"She said I still knew my way.

"I never knew my way."Spencer laughed.

"You loved your family?"Michonne asked.

"Yeah."Spencer replied.

"Then you know your way.

"It's home."Michonne said.

"They're gone."Spencer replied.

"I've been out here chasing you all over the woods.

"You've still got family, and you've still got a home.

"Let's go."Michonne said.

"He took a pretty hard hit.

"Denise and Hershel need to look him over."Rick said.

"Yeah."Daryl replied.

"You wouldn't have gone through with it.

"You wouldn't have left him."Rick said.

"I would've, right up in a tree.

"I would've."Daryl replied

"No. I know.

"Almost as soon as we got to Alexandria, you got it.

"You saw- you...

"and Michonne, Glenn, you all tried to tell me.

"So shut up."Rick said.

"See that bright one?

"Yeah, that's the North Star.

"It's at the end of the Little Dipper.


"If you get lost at night, just find that star."Carl said.

"Hey."Michonne greets.

"Hey."Carl said.

"You have a good day?"Michonne asked.

"I guess so.

"I'm gonna take her in."Carl replied.


"I saw what you did.

"With Deanna."Michonne said.

"Yeah?"Carl asked.

"You should've left her or killed her."Michonne said.

"No, that's stupid."Carl replied.

"What's stupid is you being out there when you don't have to."Michonne said.

"You did the same thing. You didn't- you and Spencer didn't have to go out there, but you did."Carl replied.

"That's different."Michonne said.

"It's not.

"I wasn't gonna leave her out there like that.

"You wouldn't.

"You wouldn't. I know it.

"I couldn't kill her."Carl replied.

"Why not?"Michonne asked.

"Because- be-"Carl replied.

"You could've killed her."Michonne said.

"No, I couldn't. I wouldn't."Carl replied.

"Were you playing some sort of game out there?

"Did you think that-"Michonne said.

"No!"Carl shouted.

"Then why?"Michonne asked.

"Because it should be someone who loved her, someone who's family, and I- I'd do it for you.

"I would."Carl replied.

"Come here.

"Me, too."Michonne said.

"You know, I was thinking... back before we went out to the quarry.

"The morning after Reg and Pete.

"You said we shouldn't be looking for people no more.

"You were right."Daryl said.


"I was wrong.

"You were right."Rick replied.

"Sorry to wake you up."Daryl said.

"Who is this?"Denise asked.

"Come on, man, he's heavy.

"Oh, that thing, uh, didn't work out.

"It's this asshole's fault. Sorry."Daryl said.

"Lay him on the bed."Denise replied

"All right, take a look at him.

"He ain't staying, though."Daryl said.

"We'll see."Denise replied.

"It is pretty stupid of us to go out there, isn't it?"Rick asked.

"Yep."Daryl replied.

"Do it again tomorrow?"Rick asked.

"Yep."Daryl replied.

"Move."Michonne said.

"Hey."Rick greets.

"She's practicing in her sleep."Michonne replied.


"It's good to be home."Rick said.

"Yeah, you're telling me.

"Where's Daryl?"Michonne asked.

"Watching over a guy till some other guy can take over."Rick said.

"You found a guy?"Michonne asked.

"Crazy day."Rick said.

"You wanna talk about it?"Michonne asked.

"No, not right now.

"I just want to turn my brain off for a minute.

"You wanna tell me about your day?"Rick asked.


"Same thing."Michonne replied.

"What, you found a guy?"Rick asked.

"Not a guy."Michonne replied.

"Oh... got you something."Rick said.

"Is this instead of the toothpaste?"Michonne asked.


"Well, I do have a crate of toothpaste for you.

"It's currently at the bottom of a lake."Rick said.

"Oh, so you had a day."Michonne replied.

"Yeah... all on account of your dental hygiene.

"Have your mints.

"Wait- wait a minute."Rick whispered.

"Okay."Michonne replied.

Rick kissed Michonne with a passion that renewed his tired soul.

They knew if they stayed downstairs someone may walk in the or Carl would come down stairs.

So though Rick was tired he found renewed strength within surprising Michonne he swiftly picked her up in his arms.

Michonne didn't expect the move so she gasped in surprise.

Before they knew it, they were releasing pent up attraction to the point it wore them out upon euphoric climax.

As they lay naked sleeping in eachothers arms they never expected to get dream visitations from Mike and Lori.

"Hello Rick."Mike greets.

"Who the hell are you?"Rick asked.

"I'm Mike, Michonne's boyfriend and Andre's father."Mike replied.

"Why are you visiting me?"Rick asked.

"I'm here because I have to explain something's."Mike replied.

"Like what?"Rick asked.

"When Michonne was talking to me after I died and you did the same with weren't figments of your imagination.

"It was us trying to help you bring you out of the Carl was able to do that for Michonne and she was able to do that for you."Mike said.

"Yeah, your right she did."Rick replied.

"That's one of the things I've always loved about her.

"Did you not wonder why you two had that connection from the moment you laid eyes on eachother at the prison."Mike said.

"I wasn't thinking clearly then."Rick replied.

"I understand, but allow me to tell you why."Mike said.

"Go ahead."Rick replied.

"You and Michonne, are meant to be and she will have children of your own and become a real true family."Mike said.

"You mean, we get married the whole nine yards?"Rick asked.

"Yes, because you two are what holds this all together."Mike replied.

Meanwhile Michonne was experiencing the same thing as Rick.

"Michonne, I want to thank you the day I died I made Carl promise me he wouldn't let this world corrupt him.

"He almost, broke that promise through no fault of his own but the circumstances he faced.

"You came, into their lives when they were nearly completely broken."Lori said.

"Carl saved me from myself."Michonne replied.

"Yes and in return you saved them.

"I loved Rick, very much and it killed me to think I would have to raise Carl without him."Lori said.

"I love them very much."Michonne replied.

"I can tell there is no better woman to take my place in their life."Lori said.

"I wasn't looking to take anyone's place when I met them I was still trying to figure myself out."Michonne replied.

"You need to know when you talked to Mike after he died it wasn't your mind it was him trying to get you through being without him.

"Rick Carl and Judith and all those friends that were made that's the beginning of a new family."Lori said.

"I know,they are our family which is why Rick and I are fighting to keep Alexandria safe."Michonne replied.

"Yes,there will be more challenges ahead but overcoming them was never a problem for Rick."Lori said.

Meanwhile back to Rick.

"Rick, before everything went to shit, I used to tell Michonne that I would see to it that she never had a reason not to smile."Mike said.

"When you love, a person you say anything and everything to show the depths of your love for them even if they are unrealistic."Rick replied.

"There is nothing wrong with two are going to make Alexandria strong.

"Michonne, is a good woman she deserves to be a wife.I would have married her myself had things been different but we both know how that turned out."Mike said.

"I know, she is a great woman I don't know how Carl Judith and I would have made it without her."Rick replied.

"That's because you two need eachother.

"And those people out there need you both."Mike said.

"We're barely hanging on here Mike."Rick replied.

"Normally this isn't, allowed but let me show you what future you can make."Mike said.

It was daytime Rick saw a very pregnant Maggie Michonne Sasha Beth and and Shawn Greene were a couple and they were thriving.

And all the leaders of all the surviving communities were a part of a council.

"This is what the world should be."Rick whispered.

"And you can make it so."Mike said.

"How can I?"Rick asked.

"Jeffrey, Jess, and Buck, had the right idea about collecting walkers if you keep doing that your enemies will be more focused on keeping themselves alive then trying to kill you."Mike said.

"That makes since."Rick replied.

"Rick, the fact is you and Michonne, are born leaders you came to this safe zone not knowing what you would find but when you saw what was happening you chose to really save these people."Mike said.

"I never volunteered to lead these people the role just fell into my lap."Rick replied.

"Some people, are born great others have it thrust upon them.

"This is a gift Rick use it."Mike said.

Meanwhile back to Michonne.

"Listen Michonne you and Rick are the keys to making a good life here for everybody here.I wanna show you something."Lori said.

Just as Mike showed Rick Lori showed Michonne what the future held for her.

Overwhelmed she began to cry a soulaching as she did the first time she held Judith.

"Can this be real?"Michonne asked.

"Yes, because you Rick and the others are going to make it real."Lori replied.

"I don't understand, how we can."Michonne replied.

"You and Rick, know what is necessary for this to work."Lori said.

"Yes,we do."Michonne replied.

"Just hold on to that and everything will fall into place."Lori said.

"I will."Michonne replied.

In the dream world it was peaceful yet strange having been around the moaning sounds of walkers for so long the silence behind Alexandria's was a relief.

"You can give Carl and Judith a better life in spite of what the world turned into."Lori said.

"I try Carl, can be stubborn like Rick, but he's a good young man."Michonne replied.

"Yes, because Rick and Carl are more alike than they realise."Lori said.

"That's one, of the first things I noticed about them."Michonne replied.

"But it doesn't make you love them any less."Lori said.

"I may not have brought Carl, into the world but I love him just as much as I do my Andre."Michonne replied.

"Yes,and I can tell he loves you too.

"He's only ever been close to a few people Jeffrey, Shane, Sophia, and now you."Lori said.

"Yes, though he respects Hershel too."Michonne replied.

"I will always be greatful to Hershel for saving Carl for being the voice of reason for Rick and his advice that helped me."Lori said.

"Hershel is good at that but so are Maggie and Beth."Michonne replied.

Meanwhile back to Rick and Mike.

"The Michonne I knew and loved never saw the inside of the darkest places despair could take you.

"Watching friends and loved ones become sick or bitten and you are immune unless your bitten or murdered.

"It wasn't the life we had pictured Andre would grow in."Mike said.

"Yeah,but all we can is prepare them the best we can."Rick replied.

"Listen, I showed you the world you can provide for a reason,it won't happen over night you will always have to provide something in order for this community to thrive."Mike said.

"I know, which was why I had to get Deanna and her people to see that."Rick replied.

"Yes, they needed you to show them that they can't ever truly have their guard down."Mike said.

"Yes, though a lot of them hated me for it."Rick replied.

"They didn't, experience what you did if they did they wouldn't have been so free to relax."Mike said.

"That's true."Rick replied.

"Rick,Jesus, is the key to helping you bring about the changes you saw can happen."Mike said.

"No, he's the reason we lost all those supplies."Rick argued.

"Rick, the way the world is today it's hard to know who is good or bad that's why when Aaron set that water on the road you didn't take it. why you took him captive why you decided to take Alexandria."Mike said.

"I know I'm not willing to loose anymore people."Rick replied.

"It's a good thing, you all have been collecting walkers they will be a force against all enemies."Mike said.

"Yes,I realised that when Andrea told me about what the Governor had been doing and at Terminus."Rick replied.

"Carol using them as a diversion was a stroke of genius."Mike said.

"Yes,I wish I would have thought of that sooner."Rick replied.

"Better late than never."Mike said.

In Alexandria no one was aware of the dream visitations by Mike, and Lori, and Rick and Michonne weren't aware of how much time had passed.

"Yeah,but late in this world can mean death."Rick replied.

"Before all this everyday life held risks you didn't know if a friend or loved one would be a headline on the evening news or if cops would come to arrest or notify you something terrible happened.

"But in this world that becomes a million times worse."Mike said.

"We have, a lot of work a head of us if we are even close to building what you showed me."Rick replied.

"That's true,and trust me you'll see it work out for the everything you can get your hands on making as much as you can and going back to the roots of when this world was just starting."Mike said.

"Sounds like you should be leading."Rick replied.

" 's not my show it's yours and Michonne's I'm just showing you the way."Mike said.

"I see little bit helps."Rick replied.

"That's true and with all the experienced people you have here you can use their help to add to the defences as well as to the community."Mike said.


"Rick, wake up.

"We should talk."Jesus said.