Rick and Michonne stood outside the hilltop house after collecting everything they could from the Savior outpost. Now they were preparing to leave for Alexandria.

"I don't trust Gregory he isn't fit to be a good leader he's a coward."Andrea said.

"Yeah he's an asshole I'll give you that."Jeffrey replied.

"I agree with you but we have to deal with him to get what we need he could make Jesus stop helping us if we don't play this situation the right." Rick said.

"I agree with you we should be careful with this."Michonne replied.

They arrive with the supplies unloading everything while Olivia took inventory of everything they brought.

Then everyone parted ways with Michonne and Rick going to their house to plan out the improvements of their community.

Michonne laid the drawn map of Alexandria on the dinning room table looking at all the improvements Reg had intended to implement.

"We need to focus on those unfinished parts of the walls it's a miracle nobody or walking managed to figure a way inside I also think we should douce the wall in flame resistant liquid so nobody gets any idea to burn us out."Michonne said.

"Sounds good what about the tower I'm thinking it might be a good idea to expand the wall to go around the tower so nobody can knock it down."Rick replied.

As Rick and Michonne kept looking at the map they continued to talk and write down plans for each section they wanted to work on with a complete plan in place they needed supplies and equipment to bump up security measures for their community.

Once that was done Michonne made dinner for them while Rick had taken the map putting in a drawer and went to get Carl and Judith.

Carl came in the house followed by Carl and Judith he took her to wash her hands after washing his own Rick washed his hands and proceeded to help Michonne afterwards.

Carl is setting the table while Judith sits in her highchair playing with her toy.

Rick and Michonne put the food on the table and they began to eat. Judith of course got more food on her clothes than she actually ate causing Carl to laugh and tease her calling her his messy baby Judith.

Rick and michonne shake their heads laughing at Carl and Judith.

After dinner Carl cleaned up the kitchen while Michonne gave Judith a bath getting her ready for bed.

And Rick took out a pad and pen and began to make a list of things they will need to get for the community.

Rick looks up when he hears a knock on the door seeing it's Hershel and Jeffery.

"Come on in is something wrong?"Rick asked.

"No Rick nothings wrong at all I've been watching Maggie and Glenn working on getting the garden up and running they are gonna make that whole patch of land nothing but a garden which is great for us."Hershel replied.

"Yes I really want to implement as much of what we had at the prison here so we can keep our people safe I'm tired of constantly coming close to losing people."Rick said.

"I know what you mean every living thing on this planet has lost someone I can't we know from Jeffery how hard Spain was hit by this and I'm certain other countries have faired no better but we all have a common goal in the end and that is for mankind not to be wiped out completely though we have come across people who have really not seriously thought what the world would be like if man was wiped out imagine what those terminus folks would do if they had no more humans to trick and kill for food they would most likely turn on each other other."Hershel replied.

"Your right about that Hershel which makes it all the more important to protect our territory Jesus makes a good argument about meeting the other communities and how it would serve us all to work together helping each other."Jeffrey said.

"Jeff in a perfect world that might be true this world was never perfect before everything went to hell in a handbasket we can't afford to let our guard down because that's how people die we have to see who can be trusted and who can't we already know Gregory cant be trusted he'd sale the souls of everyone at hilltop if it meant he could be leftto survive.

"And ill bet you Negan knew that about him look at how easily he gave into Megan's demands and how his own people turned on him trying to save their loved ones."We have to be more careful and smarter when we face these other communities that is the only way we will insure we all survive."Rick said.

"Let's table this for now I gotta get back to the infirmary."Hershel replied.

Hershel walked back to the infirmary while Rick and Jeffery sat on the porch.

"You know in spite of everything that happened you look happy the last time I saw you happy was before I left and then I came back heard what Shane and Lori did and to be honest I was damn disappointed in them."Jeffery said.

"I know I understood because they thought I was dead but then Shane tried to keep it going and that hurt me and pissed me off and I was angry with Lori because she was having Shane's baby and I held on to that with both hands until she died bringing Judith in the world and you know even if I didn't have to kill Shane there was no way in hell I would have allowed him to claim Judith especially knowing how crazy he became toward the end."Rick replied.

"Judith is lucky to have you and michonne she has so many people who love her and would give their lives for her."Jeffery said.

"I'm sure you and Andrea will be adding more Grimes to the world eventually."Rick replied.

"Yes we've talked about the future and what we wanted in our relationship we aren't rushing things but at the same time we are living in a day and age that more so than ever to marrow is not promised and every person alive is living their lives like it's gonna be their last."Jeffery said.

Michonne takes Judith puts her in some pajamas and puts her to bed heading downstairs with the baby monitor in hand.

Once she goes downstairs she sits on the couch just sitting there not saying a word she hears Rick and Jeffrey laughing on the porch standing up she goes to the door walks out on the porch Rick Jeffery turn to see her staring at them.

"Hey sister in law."Jeffery greets.

"Hey Jeffrey how are you?" Michonne asked.

"Im good after everything that happened surprisingly I'm feeling great actually Rick and I were just talking about things when we were kids."Jeffery replied.

"Really Rick doesn't talk about that much."Michonne said.

"It's been a stressful time for all of us not exactly prime time to talk about old times but I should tell you more about the Grimes family since you and Andrea are getting ready to be a part of it."Rick replied.

"Oh really I thought we were already part of it." Michonne said.

"Of course you both are but I mean officially one day we will marry you and Andrea which will officially make you both Grimes woman."Rick replied.

"I like the sound of that."Michonne said.

"Yeah so do I."Rick replied.

"Yeah I agree things with Andrea have been really good."Jeffery said.

"She's gone through a lot just like the rest of us when Amy died it completely changed her she went from the woman smiling and laughing with her sister at the quarry to nearly losing her mind when Amy died she sat next to Amy's body wouldn't let anyone near her so we could stop her from turning but Andrea almost shot at us Amy ended up turning and Andrea put her down after saying goodbye."Rick replied.

"She told me about that when she started to trust me."Michonne said.

"Yeah me too but I'm glad that's behind her now we've all had to make peace with our pasts one way or another and this in my opinion is a good way of doing that. All of us coming from different walks of life coming together to create new families."Jeffery replied.

"It's like grandpa always told us a family can be more than your flesh and blood they can be anyone you love and care about like you do you flesh and blood family because love overrules bloodties."Rick said.

"You grandpa was a wise man I can see that you both inherited his wisdom."Michonne replied.

They sit in silence for a while then they part ways Rick and Michonne going to bed.

The next morning Rick and Michonne wake up to the smell of food cooking and mumbled voices and Judith laughing.

Rick and Michonne freshly dressed go downstairs to see Andrea Jeffery Carl and Judith sitting at the table Jeffery holding Judith in his lap bouncing her on his knee as he feeds her.

"Jeff your gonna make her puke bouncing her while you feed her." Andrea said.

"I'm not bouncing her hard Andrea she's fine."Jeffery replied.

Rick and michonne don't say anything while watching the scene before them.

"Good morning brother sister in law."Jeffery greets.

"Good morning."Rick and Michonne reply in unison.

"Hey you guys did you sleep well?"Andrea asked.

"Yeah surprising we did."Michonne replied.

"That's good we could all use a bit of normal."Andrea said.

Jeffrey finishes up his food puts his plate in the sink wipes Judith's mouth puts her in her highchair kisses Andrea goodbye and goes off to help Buck Jess Abraham and Noah work on more sections of the wall.

Rick michonne eat breakfast talking to Andrea Carl takes Judith upstairs Rick them kisses Michonne grabbing his notes as he goes to meet the other guys.

"So what have you got planned for today?"Andrea asked.

"Well patrolling of course the guys will be working to close those open area's and Eugene has some ideas about what else we could use to protect the community which is really good for us."Michonne replied.

"Eugene was talking about cameras around the community kind of like what was at the prison."Andrea said.

"Yeah and bars on the storage room door and windows to keep outsiders from breaking in."Michonne replied.

"Yeah he was talking to Jess about building a bunker to store supplies as well he got the idea army fort/prison."Andrea said.

"Yeah Rick and I have been brainstorming on all we can think of to protect this community."Michonne replied.

"Yeah seems everyone in our group has suggested things even Father Gabriel has thought of somethings he thought would help."Andrea said.

"Really?"Michonne asked.

"Yes he wants to make sure the children are safe just as much as we do."Andrea replied.

Michonne and Andrea continue to walk when they see some iron being placed on the ground and Eugene getting ready to make barred frames out of it.

And they see Glenn Maggie Shawn and Lacey digging trenches around the garden plot to prepare for the underground sprinkler and wood frames they were going to outline the area with.

"Hey Michonne Andrea can you help us lift this part of the wall please?"Tobin asked.

"Yeah we'll be right there."Andrea said.

While they did that Rick was helping Tyrese hold a newly made Iron bar frame to one of the storage room windows.

"Alright hold it still" Morgan said. He went about screwing the sides in place with his electric screwdriver

It wasnt long before all the windows had bars secure they were close enough so that no one could stick their hand in to bust the windows or to unlock them from the outside.

"Oh wow these look great guys thank you."Olivia said.

"Your Welcome."Rick replied.

Morgan and Aaron go over to where the hole for the bunker will be they then with the help of Rick Daryl and Abraham outline the ground.

Then they began to place the center blocks it was a large job they had a big thick door on the ground ready for when they were going to place it. Then Eugene proceeded to place the wood planks building the stair frame.

Once that was completed he would pour the cement steps.

"This bunker is gonna be huge."Daryl said.

"That's the point we are going to need an extra place to store stuff when the main place is full Olivia can keep track of what's in here as well we will hook up security cameras in there as well."Rick replied.

"Yeah it's gonna take a lot of material's to build it."Morgan said.

"True but it's worth it."Abraham replied.

Carefully they worked to stack the center blocks layer by layer being careful not to hit the cement stairs as the went.

It wasn't long before a wall was starting to form.

Off to the other side was sheets of metal that was going to be fitted over the bricks when they were dry and the wall was fully completed they made sure the metal was reinforced as well as the doors the wanted to install lighting and camera's and made sure that Olivia would be able to get in there if she needed to restock the main storage.

Morgan places a ladder by the stairs so they could get out of the hole without issue this was gonna be a longer job then putting the bars on the storage room windows.

Michonne and Andrea as well as Jeffery Jess and Buck join the others working.

"Hey Uncle Jess can you set the light over here?"Daryl asked.

"Sure Daryl just one sec."Jess replied.

Once the light is set in place Daryl begins to add another brick to the row cleaning off the left over substance that holds the brick in place.

And they continued to work until lunch and then dinner time. After they had done quite a bit of work Rick and Michonne returned to their home where they prepared for bed.

"We got a lot of work done today and it's only up from here."Rick said.

"Yes we did Rick and we'll have more to do tomarrow."Michonne replied as they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning after breakfast Rick and Michonne said their goodbyes and went about their duties.

Rick walks toward the bunker site. Seeing Jess Abraham Daryl Buck Jeffery Tyrese Morgan Aaron and Eugene.

"After this is built I was thinking we clear out the sewer below us and use that as a means of escape and also a sneak attack I'm hoping it leads farther down the road beyond the gate we just half to make sure that people can't use it to sneak attack us."Rick said.

"That's a good idea but can I make a suggestion?"Eugene asked.

"Sure go ahead."Rick said.

"We put camera's along the whole length of the tunnel and set some traps down there that only we can set off maybe but in some silent alarm features that will go off whenever one is triggered."Eugene replied.

"If you can set that up go for it we need every advantage we can get."Rick said.

"I can do that."Eugene replied.

"Good when we finish building this and get the sewers taken care of I want you to go around and inspect the community and see if there is something more we can do to keep this community safe."Rick said.

"Sure thing."Eugene replied.

After that no one said anything for a while and building continued to go smoothly some worked on the walls while others worked on the floor beneath their feet. Thick sheets of Iron metal walls still sat on the side waiting to be placed when the floor dries boxes of metal shelving sat next to that and freezers would be brought in for any items needing cold storage. They would be going back to basics preserving all the foods they could in order to make it last and that included any meats Daryl Buck and Jess brought back.

They even planned to have a materials storage for any building or repairs anything needed would be kept there.

It would take time and a lot of hard work to get everything where they wanted it and be completely happy with the progress.

As of now though they were a long way away from that but they would get there.

The framing for the bunker floor took less time to set then the walls but all they had was time.

Two groups worked steadily to build the bunker once the brick shell was completely done Abraham Jeffery and Morgan began to work on the Iron sheets welding them in place making sure they were completely secure.

"We are making great progress with this."Rick said.

"Yeah we are just wait until it's done and filled up once we get more supplies in."Jeffery replied.

"I think it would also be wise to get supplies from medical supply stores and clinics so Denise and Hershel's supplies never run out."Jess said.

"We should also get gardening supplies as well to that we have everything we need for it."Tyreese replied.

While the guys worked on that Michonne Andrea Sasha Rosita Barb Lacey and Tara were outside the walls of Alexandria gathering stray walkers and setting booby traps along the outside of the walls.

"Jess and Buck should be happy with these."Sasha said.

"Yeah they should its not like we are gonna take them back if not."Andrea replied.