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Chapter One: Idiocy, Wagers, and Growing Up

"This job sucks," an ANBU sighed out as he leaned on a wall inside of a small room. Said room only housed himself, a crib, and a sleeping baby with whiskered cheeks. "I know the brat's head is being called for, but what idiot would infiltrate the Hokage Tower to kill him? It's suicide."

Beneath his Toad mask, a mask that carried a surprising amount of spiritual weight to it, a tic mark formed above his brow.

"And why was I the one chosen to watch him?!"

The baby shifted in his sleep, making the ANBU choke on his spit and quiet down so that the brat wouldn't wake up. Having seen plenty of fussy babies, thanks to his girlfriend being friends with plenty of new mothers, he didn't want to experience another one; especially with this brat housing a being of mass destruction.

He sighed again and crossed his arms as he continued leaning on the wall. "I know Lord Hokage wants the kid safe, but couldn't he get some newbie to watch him? I've been an ANBU for almost six months now," he complained. "I should be out with a squad or something…"

Let it be known that ANBU Operative Toad was a proud young man, having attained the position of a black ops member at the relatively young age of 20. The average age for ANBU was late twenties, so he felt pleased at his success. Like many ninja, he aspired to be one of those legends that parents would tell their kids and kids would dream of being.

He himself aspired to be like the recently deceased Fourth Hokage; who was known for his infamous space-time technique that earned him the moniker "Yellow Flash". Toad had even taken to studying the sealing arts and focusing on space-time techniques in the hope of outdoing the man's success.

His notes were never far from him, being sealed into a scroll that was strapped to his belt. Seeing as there was nothing else to do, he decided to unseal those very notes and resume his experimental seal. If it succeeded, then he'd be able finally be somebody; more than just another masked ninja hidden behind the scenes.

He got to work, his excitement and anticipation spurring him and making him hyper focused enough to make great headway in just a couple of hours. Checking the clock in the room, he saw that he still had a little over an hour left of his shift watching the kid. He looked back down at his work and grinned behind his mask, taking a moment to bask in his seal's magnificence.

"With this," he whispered to himself, "I'll go down in history."

His excitement was still at full strength, and it triggered the impulsive craving to use his seal; regardless of the fact that he didn't even test the thing in a safe, controlled environment. He ignored that little voice in his head telling him to wait, for it was silenced by his own eagerness.

Laying the sealing formula in front of him on the ground, he failed to notice just how long he made it and that the scroll rolled open across the floor and stopped on the other side of the crib. He went through a series of handseals that would help him in controlling the flow of the space-time technique, his grin never lessening behind his mask.

When the final handseal was made, he focused his chakra into the seal, which lit up a stunning blue that encompassed the room; making the baby Jinchūriki fuss in his sleep at the light's brightness hitting his eyelids. The ANBU ignored that as he saw the blue light swirl around the room, just as he imagined it would.

"It's working!" he exclaimed.

However, things quickly went south. Firstly, the glow changed to a mix of evil crimson and dark violet and he felt himself lock in place involuntarily. Second, sparks of pale gray lightning danced around the room; one of the sparks almost hitting him while another whizzed past the baby, barely nicking his hair and making him wake up with a wail at the sudden shock.

The wailing made the ANBU pale behind his mask, knowing that he was going to be in a lot of trouble.

His troubles were just starting, though. The dancing sparks began to multiply, and his inability to move left him vulnerable to dozens of them striking him and making him scream silently; such was the intensity of the pain. His pain left him unfocused, and he failed to see a red haze shielding the crying blonde baby from any further harm.

Finally, the sparks began to swirl around the center of the room, and the ANBU forced himself to look towards it through the pain. His eyes were wide at the sight of space in front of him twisting and distorting before cracks began forming in midair. The cracks grew and spread like spider webs forming at 100x the normal speed, and parts of them broke off and revealed a space of distorted light and color.

A vacuum effect emanated from the cracks, and the overzealous ANBU felt himself being dragged towards it along with the crib. Closer and closer he was dragged, as all thoughts of surpassing one of the most ingenious men in Hidden Leaf history faded away from his mind in favor of trying to survive; but it was a fruitless endeavor.

Just before his body touched the cracks, he whispered, "What have I done…?" before he knew no more.

Gray eyes stared down blankly at the wailing infant floating before them. They noted the whisker markings that would normally associate to the kitsune yōkai, but they knew that the crying babe was not a yōkai. He was human; one with chakra and a kitsune-like being sealed within him.

It wasn't hard to come to that conclusion, given how easy it was for the gray-eyed individual to sense energy; especially in the nothingness that was the Dimensional Gap. Personally, they preferred to call the place "the Void"; but that was beside the point. What was the point was that this child – this human child – was still alive.

Granted, the being sealed within the baby was more than likely keeping him alive, as shown by the red haze that refused to die down. Still, it was an unexpected interruption; one that was far more welcome than another interruption to their solitude. Just thinking of him made their gray eyes narrow in annoyance; which was saying something since they rarely, if ever, showed any sort of emotion.

Shaking out of their thoughts, the being reached down and grabbed the baby, holding it in small female arms without issue; even with the red haze attempting to corrode their skin. "Be quiet," a soft, feminine voice ordered as a dainty finger poked the crying boy on the forehead, giving him a magical layer of protection from the Void's nothingness that also pushed back the red haze.

With the threat of being erased no longer around, the baby began to calm down his cries. They were whimpers after a few seconds, giving off an occasional sniffle as bright blue eyes looked around the swirling colors that made up the Void. When they locked onto the gray orbs of his carrier, and savior, they seemed to light up with delight as he reached out to the girl holding him in her arms.

She rose a brow at this, finding it odd that he would go from sniffling to practically giggling just at the sight of her. "Humans are so odd," she commented blandly before her pointed ears twitched. Heavy air distortion was heard, and her eyes narrowed faintly as she turned around to see a massive red-scaled dragon that could eclipse a city if it wanted to. "What do you want now?" she asked, her bland tone having a hint of annoyance in it.

The dragon lowered itself and the Void reacted by making a solid surface for it to land on and rest. Its massive head looked to the human child, who was staring at the beast with innocent, childish curiosity. A brave little thing, this one; even if he was crying his head off mere moments ago.

"Where did this one come from?" the dragon asked in a rumbling, masculine voice that echoed across the Void.

The girl was never a fan of associating with the beast, so she answered quickly to get their chat over with. "He arrived in a distortion; more than likely from a space-time technique."

"And he was able to withstand the Gap's nothingness properties?"

"Obviously, seeing as he's still alive," she answered curtly, wishing for the annoyance to leave; and not just her sight, but the Void in general. "Anymore pointless questions? I was going to drop him off somewhere since he's interrupting my silence."

The dragon was tempted to roll his eyes at her words, but he was focused on what her plan was. "You would just drop him off without a second thought?"

"Yes. He's not my responsibility, and I only gave him the magical protection to silence his crying." She gave the baby a dull look that he giggled innocently at. "It was bothersome."

"Shouldn't you return the hatchling to his family?"

"I don't care where I place him, so long as he's no longer a disturbance."

"Rather callous of you, Ophis."

"I don't need to hear such judgement from a more bothersome disturbance like you, Red," she fired back, her annoyance showing in her tone and face. "If I had to choose between the two of you, I'd choose this human over you without a moment's pause."

An idea sparked in Red's mind at that, one that would probably be good for the displaced little hatchling. "Alright then, how about a wager?"

"Now you waste my time with pointless offers?"

"It won't be pointless when you hear what the stakes are," he pressed, giving her a knowing smirk that made her pause briefly. Good, he had her attention. "Seeing as you don't care where the hatchling ends up, and that you'd rather have him here than myself, why don't you raise him?"

A small brow rose at the question. "Are you really so brainless as to ask me that?"

"Hear me out, Ophis, before you decide not to do this. If you raise the boy successfully until he's old enough to be on his own, then I'll leave the Gap." He enjoyed how surprised she looked at his offer. "But, if you quit, if he isn't properly raised, or if he won't survive on his own without you, then you're stuck with me." And there was the blank look he was so familiar with. "What do you say? Do we have a deal, Ophis?"

Ophis looked him in the eye before looking down at the baby in her arms. Even now, his little blue eyes where bright as he smiled at her, giggling innocently. The sight made her feel something foreign within herself; something she wasn't sure how to describe, but it strangely helped her make a decision.

Turning back to Great Red, she nodded once and declared, "Deal."

"Naruto, come here," Ophis called from the main room of a recently refurbished cabin in the woods near Mount Fuji.

"Yes, Ophis," a young boy replied as he walked in from outside. Six years with the Infinity Dragon had done wonders for him, considering how he could've been raised back in his home dimension.

He was a healthy weight and height for a boy his age, he had been instructed in various subjects by Ophis, and he already had a starting grasp on his chakra. He was currently wearing fur clothing that Ophis had made for him after dealing with a rather rude bear that decided to make a meal out of the young blonde.

The bear meat was also quite delicious.

"It's time for your next lesson," Ophis declared, having him sit on the couch in the room while she floated in midair, sitting on nothing with her legs crossed beneath her. "I've already instructed you on the three Factions consisting of Angels, Fallen, and Devils." He nodded once. "Now, we will move onto the yōkai. We'll start with the kitsune race."

"Like the kitsune sealed within me?" he asked for clarification, having been told of the Kyuubi when he was five.

"In a sense. But remember, the entity inside of you is not a true kitsune. It was just given that form when it was made."

"I understand," he replied before he made a request. "Ophis? Could we talk about the Kyuubi some more?"

She rose a brow at that. "For what purpose, Naruto?"

"I feel like I don't know enough about it, even with everything you've told me. I know that it a mass of chakra given a physical form and consciousness, and I understand that its power can be taken through the seal for me to use. But I don't understand why it was sealed into me in the first place. Why was I chosen to carry it?"

"And you wish to discover that reason? What if the answer isn't what you hoped for?"

He paused at that, looking down in thought. "…I still want to know."

She saw the desire in his eyes, and it made her give a soft sigh. "Very well. I will enter your seal once again before I bring you there with me. We will speak to the fox directly."

He nodded and bowed his head. "Thank you."

She said nothing in reply, using her powers to make an astral projection of her form that entered the boy's seal and appeared before the massive bars that held back the vulpine chakra mass. With minimal effort, she then had Naruto's consciousness form beside her and he looked around curiously while she moved over to the bars.

"Kyuubi," she called out, making a single crimson eye open within the darkness, "we desire answers from you."

A deep, echoing growl was the response.

"I could always erase you if you'd prefer," she offered, her expression and tone as bland as it had been for many millennia. "You may be powerful, but your power is limited greatly."

Another growl echoed out before shuffling was heard followed by thunderous footsteps. Stepping into the light, the Kyuubi looked down at the Infinity Dragon and the human beside her, narrowing its eyes at the sight of the child.

"Ask your questions then," it ordered, annoyance dripping from its tone.

Ophis turned to Naruto, mentally raising a brow at the minimal amount of fear or anxiety that came off of him; though she doubted that he understood what he was feeling. Growing up with an infinitely powerful that barely ever expressed itself would make a child ignorant of what it meant to feel anything, after all.

He stepped up to the fox, and the chakra being glared down at him as he did so. "Do you fear me, child?"

"I don't know," he answered honestly. "I find myself…hesitant to get any closer than I am now, but I don't understand why."

"Wonderful," the Kyuubi replied sarcastically. "A Jinchūriki ignorant to human emotion. Why must my containers always be so aggravating?"

"Containers? You had others before me?"

"I had two before you, with both of them sharing your ancestry. While I loathe humans, I will grudgingly admit that the Uzumaki Clan were a resilient bunch."

"Uzumaki? What are they?"

"They were a people who were nearly wiped out years ago. You carry their blood within you, even if it was only from one of your parents."

Ophis cut in and asked, "Are his parents alive?"

At this, the Kyuubi smirked. "No, they're not. I was the one who killed them when my real target," the fox locked eyes with Naruto, "was you."

"You tried to kill me?" the blonde asked, confused. "Why?"

"Because I knew that your damnable father wanted to seal me within you, and I wasn't keen on being trapped inside of my third prison. If you had been killed, I would still be free; albeit, not at full strength."

Naruto frowned at that, thinking over what he had learned. "What of your previous container? What happened to them?" Ophis queried.

"I was removed from them on the night this brat was born. His mother was my previous prison and I was forcibly removed from her before being unwillingly controlled by the one who released me. I vaguely remember destroying a large part of the boy's home before I was released from that control. The rest, you know."

"Not enough. How did his father seal you? What method did he use?"

"What good does knowing do for you? And why should I tell you any more than I already have?"

"Because the lack of knowing will distract him, and I don't need him to be unfocused," Ophis answered. "So, speak."

"Tch, damn lizard," groused the Bijuu. "The bastard traded his soul to a Shinigami so that half of my power would be taken from me. He then used a sealing technique to place me in the brat. Don't ask me what seal since I didn't bother to hear it due to trying to kill the brat."

Ophis hummed thoughtfully, turning to her blonde charge. "What are you thinking?"

"…I don't know. I feel something strange and it's focused on the Kyuubi for some reason," he answered, looking lost.

"Heh… Well, look at that; the brat's got his first taste of anger," quipped the fox. "Remember that feeling, boy. It's what you feel when you're mad at someone."

"Mad? What's that?" the boy asked, making the Bijuu bang its head against the bars.

"By the Sage, I'm going to lose my mind talking to this whelp," the Bijuu groaned.

"Sage? A user of natural energy is your deity?" Ophis asked.

"…You've gotten your answers. Leave me be," the Kyuubi ordered before turning around and returning to the shadows.

"Ophis?" Naruto spoke up, getting her attention. "What is anger?"

"An emotion," she answered, cutting the connection and having them return focus to the real world. "It's something that you feel and is usually instinctual."

"I don't get it," he commented honestly. "Was that something I was feeling towards the Kyuubi?"

"The beast was correct in a sense. You were feeling an emotion and it was associated with anger, which is a more negative emotion."

"There are negative emotions?"

"Negative and positive ones, yes. However, a negative emotion could be seen positively, and the other way around as well. For example, someone could be happy over the death of another, which is immoral in the eyes of many people."

He rubbed his head to stave off a growing headache. "This is hard to understand."

"I know. Give it time and you may find it easier to understand. But for now, we have our lesson to resume."

Taking a moment to calm his headache, he nodded and took his seat again. "I'm ready."

"Alright then, the kitsune are a race of yōkai that are in a higher tier of power. They're mostly known for…"

Ten-year-old Naruto was sitting in a tree, observing a family camping trip. In his pursuit of figuring out what emotions are, he took to observing people whenever the opportunity arose. Ophis was understanding of his desire and allowed it, so long as he didn't leave the forest they lived in.

Strapped to his back was a makeshift bow while a similarly made holster was strapped to his leg, holding a handful of arrows for him to use. When he had turned seven, Ophis had told him that he would be learning how to hunt and gave him various texts on the subject. From those texts, he also learned many survival tips such as fire making, foraging, and shelter crafting. Using those skills, he crafted himself two weapons; a bow and a spear. The spear itself was just a sturdy branch that had been smoothed of any rough patches and had a sharpened stone acting as the spear tip.

While unsuccessful many times at first, he got the hang of hunting within a month after Ophis dropped him off in the middle of the woods and told him to simply survive. He had been forced to learn stealth, patience, and deception during his hunts; skills that would be useful even outside of the woodlands.

As he observed the family, he watched the mother looking over a scrape that the youngest child got after he had slipped and fell. As he cried at the pain, the blonde noticed that the cries were quickly dulled when the mother kissed the wound and hugged the child.

"Strange… Do kisses and hugs really make pain go away?" he mused softly, thinking about the times he had been injured. He had been forced to endure the pain and patch himself up during his survival training, and before that, Ophis simply removed his wounds with her power. "Maybe Ophis will know," he assumed before he prepared to leave.

However, he stopped when he saw the adults laughing as their two children chased one another, with the older child poorly behaving like a wild animal and the younger child running away, screaming and giggling. It was such a strange visual to the whiskered blonde and he had no idea what to make of it.

Were the children mentally unwell? Were the adults controlling them somehow and being "amused" at their success?

He didn't know, but he found it as something else to ask Ophis about. So, he headed back to the cabin and arrived to the sight of Ophis doing what she always did; sitting in silence with her eyes closed, as if she were sleeping. The first couple of times he saw her like that, he thought she was sleeping and made attempts to wake her; but he realized that she was simply appreciating the solitude as she liked to call it.

"Finished observing?" she asked, opening her eyes as he entered the cabin.

"Yes, and I have some questions about my findings."

"As expected. Ask."

He described what he had observed first so that she knew what he was talking about before asking, "Does a kiss and a hug really stop pain?"

"Of course not," she shot down immediately. "However, the actions carry an emotional power to them. The child felt safe after his mother did those things, which convinced them that their pain was exactly what it was; insignificant."

He nodded at her words. "Emotions are powerful things," he noted respectfully.

"They can be used to make one stronger or be used against someone else. Someone can force an emotional response out of another, making them vulnerable. At the same time, an emotional person can find themselves bringing out a strength they never knew they had."

"I see… The more I learn about emotions, the more questions I have."

"It's to be expected. Emotions are tricky and illusive things. It's difficult to understand them all in their entirety."

Nodding again, he then moved onto his other observation. "What would cause the family to laugh and show happiness with those strange actions the children were doing?"

"It's a form of enjoyment that many races like to partake in. For adults, they normally find themselves enjoying the sight of children at play. As for the children, it's the activity itself that is enjoyable," she explained.

"Playing… Enjoyment… More things I don't really understand," he replied with a frown.

"What are you feeling?" she asked, finding herself partially invested in his emotional growth.

"Annoyance at how little I truly know… I'm a human, so these things should be simple for me to understand; but I don't. It's…frustrating," he admitted.

She nodded at his answer. "Good. Frustration is a type of anger, and it's a natural emotional response to what you're experiencing. As I said, give it time and you'll understand your emotions deeper. For now, we have your next lesson."

"What am I learning today?" he asked, appreciating the subject change.

"I'm going to start your lessons in history. We'll be focusing on important moments for each of the factions, starting with the Great War between the three. It was this war that lead to the death of the Biblical God, as well as other significant figures."

"He's grown," Red commended to Ophis. Only his head was visible thanks to him projecting a powerful illusion so that he could observe Naruto beside his fellow dragon. "Physically, at any rate. He's still got some ways to go emotionally."

"The wager was for him to be raised so that he could take care of himself," Ophis reminded him, never taking her eyes away from Naruto as he practiced using his chakra. Currently, the ten-year-old was producing a small sphere of pure chakra in his hands, and was working on enlarging and shrinking it at will. "He's figuring out his emotions on his own."

"You and I both know that emotional growth is not something that can be done on your own. Even you didn't really start to understand your own emotions until I started living in the Gap."

"You don't have to remind me," she shot back, frowning in annoyance. "I'm not the best source for him to learn from, and the beast within him projects nothing but negative emotions. If he was to understand emotions better, he'd need to be around other humans, but he has no experience with that."

"And whose fault is that?"

"Don't patronize me, fool. I've never had to raise anyone or anything before. You would have the same problems as I."

"Perhaps, but you can't deny that he's not ready to go out in the world."

The duo saw Naruto stop training with his chakra sphere and work on control, as seen by him attempting to stand atop a small pond. It was something the boy discovered on accident and found himself interested in. It was also somewhat difficult due to how water constantly moved and required constant adjustment of his chakra.

"He needs someone to form a connection with; someone who can bring out the parts he has yet to understand."

She frowned at that, thinking over his words. While she normally would just ignore the bothersome dragon, she knew that she was still having difficulties with Naruto's growth. "I need to think on this. Leave."

Red gave an amused huff at that as his image faded away. As soon as he left, Ophis saw Naruto turn to her. "Who was that, Ophis?"

"An annoyance that I hope to be rid of soon," she answered before tensing faintly when she felt the aura around Naruto change.

"Feh," the Kyuubi snorted, using Naruto's body as a medium to speak through. "I don't see why you haven't just destroyed that sack of scales. If he's such an annoyance, why do you tolerate him?"

"Because, beast, our power is equally matched. It'd be a waste of my time to attempt anything when nothing would change."

"Well, you could always break the seal on the kid," the Bijuu suggested with a fanged smirk, which looked unnatural on Naruto's face. "Surely, you've felt my power for yourself, even with it sealed away in this excuse of flesh and bone. All you need to do is rip off the seal, set me free, and I'll help you out!"

She narrowed her eyes at the excitement in the beast's tone. "And what will happen to Naruto once I free you?"

"Who cares what happens to him so long as you get your silent world back? Are you really going to let this opportunity go?"

Eyes still narrowed, she said nothing and stared down the possessed child's red eyes. "What will happen to him? Answer me."

"Why do you care?! He's just a brat who's wasting your time! Forget about it and FREE ME!"


"WHY?!" the Bijuu roared, chakra making the shout echo outwards in a soundwave. "Why are you placing this brat above what you want?! He should mean NOTHING to you!"

She was silent for a moment, observing the possessed body pant with the explosive shout. "…Normally, you'd be right. I wouldn't care about the well-being of others and would accept a chance to remove Red from the Void."

"Then why aren't you-?!"

"But I've invested too much into this boy," she cut the Kyuubi off, making its crimson eyes widen. "He's a human, sure; but humanity has shown itself to be a race full of potential. A potential that dwarves the likes of Angels, Fallen, Devils, and other factions. I prefer my silence, but," she closed her eyes and gave a faint smirk, "the boy has…grown on me. It wasn't something I expected to happen; but it did. As such, I won't just throw away something I've put my own efforts into; even if it's a mortal."


"Based on your reactions earlier, I assume that Naruto would be killed upon your removal." The Bijuu said nothing, staring at the ground with Naruto's hair shadowing his possessed eyes. "If that's the case, then I will not free you. If I want to get rid of that annoyance that inhabits my home, I will do so with my own efforts." The boy's fists clenched and shook. "If that means watching over this boy and continuing to raise him, then I will do so; because it was something that I took part in."

"…I'd have thought you wouldn't think twice about letting this brat die for your cause," the Kyuubi finally replied, ceasing the shaking of Naruto's fists. "I suppose I'll just have to find another way to free myself from this flesh prison. Still," it raised Naruto's head, letting Ophis see the fanged grin and gleaming crimson eyes, "I suppose the brat won't be so useless with a dragon taking him under their wing. This may actually stave off my boredom; if only slightly."

"It's not for you, beast," fired back the Ouroboros Dragon. "It's for my cause…and for the boy."

Chuckling, the Bijuu kept up its grin. "I never thought that an emotionless being would find themselves bonding with someone; let alone this brat." Control began to return to Naruto, and the Kyuubi gave one last message. "He won't be able to help you with his own power. Sooner or later…you and he will need me. And I'll be waiting."

With control given back to him, Naruto stumbled forward to reorient himself due to a dizzy spell. Shaking his head, he took a breath and gave Ophis a dull look. "It always leaves me with a headache whenever the Kyuubi decides to speak up." He massaged his head for a moment before asking, "What did it say?"

Ophis walked over to him, placing a hand on his forehead to drive away his headache with her power. "It offered me a deal to help me get rid of Great Red; the annoyance I spoke of earlier."

"I see," he noted, relieved at what she did for him. "Did you accept it?"


"But why not? Isn't it something you want?"

"It is, but it was at the cost of your death," she answered, speaking truthfully. He blinked in surprise, making her frown faintly. "It wasn't something I was willing to accept. You're someone I've placed too much time into. I'm not going to waste it."

He looked down thoughtfully. "But then…how will you get rid of Great Red? Am I going to help you?"

"In a way," she replied with a small smirk. "In time, Red will leave on his own and it will be because of how you will have grown."

"And when he does leave…what then?" the boy asked, a slight pause in his query.

"You will stay with me until I deem you ready to go out into the world." She raised a hand and placed it on his head, looking him in the eye with her smirk in place. "You're under my care until I say so, Naruto; so, prepare yourself."

He felt a strange warmth from her hand that moved through him, settling in his core. Without even realizing it, his lips twitched into a smirk that almost matched her own.

With a nod, he replied, "I am prepared, Ophis."

"Good. We will start immediately, then. The years before now will be nothing compared to what I plan to put you through; I guarantee it."

Within the seal, the Kyuubi smirked at what it heard through its host. "This may be fun…" it mused with a chuckle that echoed throughout the seal. "Make the brat into a vessel worthy of the greatest Bijuu, Ouroboros."

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