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chapter 1

The flyers were everywhere. Prom tickets were on sale. They were 15 dollars each. 30 bucks per couple. It was a lot for teenagers. They'd have to think about what to do, plus who to take, what to wear.

Arthur knew who he'd take. He'd been with Francine for a year. She had been his crush forever, since middle school at least. She'd been his best friend longer. He never thought he'd fall for her. Now they were in love. They were perfect for each other.

Prom was the obvious next step. Dinner before, then dancing. They'd have a good time. Francine could shop with Muffy. Muffy could then tell Arthur what to wear. It'd be easy.

Controlling Muffy's budget wouldn't be easy though. Arthur couldn't afford much. He worked at the movies, 10 bucks an hour. 20 hours a week, 200 bucks a week before taxes. He had to pay for his car though. Gas, insurance, maintenance. It was all on him. Francine came next. That didn't leave much. That didn't leave much for Muffy to spend. Arthur would have to think about including her. He didn't think he could afford it.

Arthur passed Buster in the hall, "Hey, prom tickets are available. Who are you going to go with?"

Buster blushed. He had no fucking clue. He didn't have any crushes. He doubted any girl wanted him. He didn't even really want to go. So he shrugged, "Probably no one. I'm not really that interested in it."

"Really? Francine and I are going. We could find you a date or something," Arthur offered. Buster was adamant, "No, it's fine. I really don't want to go. I'd rather stay home and read comics or something." But Arthur was also adamant, "It's prom! Yeah we're juniors so we'll get another shot, but it's once-in-a-lifetime! Come on!"

Buster gave in, "Fine, I'll think about it. But I'll find my own date." Arthur agreed, "Deal," and went to class.

When he got there, Muffy was gloating. Prom tickets were on sale. Her COLLEGE boyfriend was going to buy them. Her COLLEGE boyfriend was going to bring her. The girls were going goo-goo. The boys could care less.

When Buster got to his seat, he found Jenna. Jenna was like the boys. She didn't give a shit either.

Buster sighed, "Anyone begged you to go to prom yet?" he asked. Jenna scoffed, "Maria says we should all go alone, make it a big party for chicks without dates. Ridiculous. Prom is about dates, guys asking girls specifically. I don't even want a boyfriend anyway, so why would I want to go to prom."

"You're right," Buster agreed. "But Arthur wants me to go. He'll be going with Francine."

Jenna shook her head, "Pfft, he's always been all about Francine. She's already making a huge deal out of this, you know. Muffy wants to take her shopping, and Francine wants him to pay for the dress," Jenna gossiped. Buster gasped, "No way! She knows he can't afford that!"

Jenna shrugged. She wanted to say something but couldn't. Class had started. No more prom talk until the bell.

a-n: request by 50. started this last summer though. decided not to post it so it sat. she wanted a prom piece, here it is. hope you guys like it.