one - she dreams

thalia dreams of him.

of family

of promises

and of tears.

she wonders if it's bad that she cries in her dreams

but her eyes are dry

when she wakes up.


two - family

when she talks about family he wants to bash her head in.

yes, he'd promised

but promises were meant to be broken.

he pretended

he didn't remember

that he had told them 'family'.

but he remembers




deep inside,

luke knows

that family is a luxury

he will not have.


three - broken

when he leaves

she remembers what he'd promised.


he had said.

he promised

and he smiled

and she fell for it

and now it's broken.

both her heart

and his promise.

they are both broken.


four - gone

she remembers

being a tree.

she couldn't do much of anything as a tree

so she looked.

she saw the way

that he looked at annabeth.

she saw the way that he looked

at percy, too.

like he was someone threatening him

like he had to go.

and from the moment thalia saw

luke trying to make percy go,

she knew

that he was gone for himself.


five - evaporated

she knows

that she dreams of him

but she can't for her life

remember the dreams.

she racks her brain in the morning

trying to remember what they were about

but a quick shower, and

it's all in the back of her head.

she feels

a little bit guilty

but then

she remembers

what he's done.

suddenly, the guilt

has evaporated.

just like the


of her dreams.



okay, i'm getting over my writer's block, promise. i have an idea for Throne and i'm about to begin writing.

other than that, please enjoy - this is my first thaluke story and i'm pretty happy with it.