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Danny Skywalker



The words couldn't be any truer. Freedom had finally been restored to a galaxy torn-up by corrupt leadership and war caused by said leadership. And the most corrupt of those leaders was the sinister Sith Lord known as Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Through his manipulative hands, the galaxy was plunged into a full-scale war which ended with him wiping out the Jedi Order, (the only beings capable of stopping this monster), and taking complete control over all life from the Inner Core, to the Outer Rim worlds as he founded the Galactic Empire.

Eventually, many beings banded together to form the Rebel Alliance: a group of brave fighters who sought to end Palpatine's rule in the hopes of restoring peace and democracy to the galaxy. In time, Palpatine was finally killed and a year later, the Empire surrendered to what was now the New Republic.

Among those who chose to fight was Luke Skywalker: son of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and first of a new generation of Jedi. The young Jedi was responsible for destroying one of the Empire's most dangerous weapons, The Death Star, the redemption of Darth Vader and essentially the death of Emperor Palpatine himself.

Afterwards, Luke began to rebuild the once great Jedi Order that protected the galaxy. He began this by searching for holocrons, documents, manuscripts, and other relics that taught the Jedi ways in the hopes of furthering his own knowledge on the Jedi so that he could pass it along to other future Jedi.

During his search, a young female attempted to assassinate him but was otherwise defeated. After a bit of effort on Luke's part, the assassin revealed herself to be Mara Jade, and that she had been Emperor Palpatine's personal assassins, (aka the Emperor's Hand), before the Dark Lord's death. Unlike other Imperial dark siders, however, Mara had a strong connection to Palpatine as she'd been trained by the Emperor himself and could communicate with him telepathically anywhere in the galaxy; no matter how far they were from each other. This allowed her to obey his every command anywhere and to full them no matter what. With this ability Mara Jade was able to hear Palpatine's final command, "YOU WILL KILL LUKE SKYWALKER," which haunted her to a point where it drove her to near insanity.

After hearing her story, Luke sought to help free Mara Jade from Palpatine's will as he saw her as just another victim to the dark side like his father was. Though hesitant at first, Mara eventually accepted Luke's help, becoming his first apprentice, even going as far as to assist the Jedi in rebuilding the order. She even assisted the New Republic in uncovering a few Imperial strongholds that contained artifacts from civilizations wiped out by the Empire and capture war criminals who refused to surrender after the war ended. Within four years upon meeting, the two force wielders had developed feelings for each other to the point where they soon became lovers and married.

Eight years after Palpatine's death, Mara gave birth to her and Luke's first child, a beautiful, red-haired baby girl, which they named Jazz. Two years after the birth of their first child, the Skywalker's had another baby, this time a black-haired baby boy whom they named Daniel, (or Danny for short).

During their time together Luke had established a Jedi Temple on Garatos: a luscious, uninhabited planet located within the Core Worlds; where he began training more Jedi. Unfortunately, Mara's visions of Palpatine continued to haunt her to the point where she attempted to kill Luke on more than one occasion but was stopped by her family. Despite this, Luke forgave Mara as he knew that what she was dealing with was a great challenge, one that he refused to give up on. Soon Mara Jade became filled with the guilt of what she'd nearly done multiple times, combined with the fear of what accomplishing Palpatine's last wish would mean for her children. A year after Danny was born Mara decided to leave her family behind for good in the middle of the night, leaving no trace as to where she'd gone to.

Though the loss of his wife was a major blow to Luke's heart, he still had a duty as a Jedi and father. He then set his all his focus on training the next generation of Jedi, along with raising his three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son; who began to show signs of growing into powerful Jedi like their father and grandfather before them.

Thirteen years after Mara Jade left:

Jazz grew into a smart young woman who strongly believes in the Jedi ways but prefers to see things in a more logical sense. Though this doesn't stop her from taking action, especially when her family is in danger. She's also known to spend most of her free time in the temple library reading anything that she could get her hands on. After their mother left, Jazz took on a bit of a motherly role towards her little brother, which annoyed him somewhat, though he let it slide since he knew she was only looking out for him. Like both her parents, Jazz is exemplary in lightsaber combat, being one of the top six students in her the New Jedi Order.

Danny began taking after both his father and grandfather as he developed a reckless nature, cares deeply about his loved ones, and has a knack for flying at a very young age of around four years old. Also like his father and grandfather, Danny is an extremely powerful force wielder and a master with a lightsaber. However, unlike the older Skywalkers' Danny is more laid back, not seeking all the adventures and desires of being a hero, instead preferring to stay on the sidelines if possible, unless lives are in danger. For pass time, he likes to hang out with his three best friends Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, and Lowbacca.

Sam Manson: a young female born fourteen years after the Battle of Yavin, (14 ABY), on the planet of Naboo. Sam Manson is the daughter to Senator Jeremy Manson of Naboo, and Pam Manson; founder/president of C.N.R.A.J, (Citizens of the New Republic Against the Jedi). Both of whom felt it important to take up a high place in society and were against the formation of a new Jedi Order. Yet despite this, Sam's parents reluctantly allowed her to join Luke's New Jedi Order, (only because she would've joined whether they approved or not, making them look like bad parents in front of the entire galaxy), though they didn't approve of her friendship with Skywalker's son. Sam, however, didn't care and developed an extremely strong bond with Danny Skywalker, not caring at all what her parents said, nor what the galaxy thought of her. In terms of personality, Sam is a rebellious sort to both her parents and the Jedi Order as she wears gothic clothes, (untraditional, or even common to the Jedi Order), as well as criticizes her parent's beliefs, (who sound/act an awful lot like most Imperial leaders). She also has a passion for all living things, but preferably nature.

Tucker, Foley: like his friends Danny and Sam, Tucker was born in 14 ABY, though not strong in the force like them, he still lives on Garatos due to how his parents set up a research outpost on the lush planet after the formation of the New Republic. He's what you'd call a wannabe ladies' man, as he's trying to impress every young, teenage, female he meets, but continuously gets rejected, due to them finding him a bit annoying. Because of his parents being highly successful biologists, Tucker is a bit of a genius as he inherited their intelligence, though he favours technology over organics matter; he's even said the following, "the coolest part of being a Jedi isn't the connection to that stupid force or whatever, but those sweet lightsabers that you get to build." That's offended both his friends, every other Jedi apprentice, and even Master Skywalker himself. Making him very unpopular at the Jedi Temple.

Lowbacca: born in 9 ABY, is the nephew of the legendary Wookie hero Chewbacca. Like his uncle, Lowbacca is a strong, brave Wookie who's an expert in piloting, mechanics, and has exceptional survival skills. He joined Luke's Jedi Order when Danny was ten years old and has become good friends with him and Sam. He hangs out with Tucker only because he's friends with Danny and Sam, but in truth, does not like him due to his rude comments about organic life and the force. Heck, if the Jedi didn't prevent it, he'd strangle the kid instantly with the force. Because few understand his Wookie language, (Shyriiwook), he was given a small translator droid by his uncle named Em Teedee who possesses a bit of a cowardly personality with etiquette programming, (sounds a lot like somebody we all know).In terms of skills as a Jedi, Lowbacca is an amazing warrior using the force to amplify his already amazing speed, senses, and strength; he's also amazing in lightsaber combat. Fun fact: Lowbacca has a bit of a humorous side, though he only shows this when around just Danny, Sam, Master Skywalker, or Ben Solo due to him not liking it when others, (such as Tucker), turn the joke around at him.

Along with Danny, Jazz, Sam, and Lowbacca, Luke has been training nine others in the ways of the force over the years.

Ben Solo: son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, making him the nephew of Luke Skywalker himself, and secretly the grandson of Darth Vader, (which he doesn't know about). At the request of his mother, Ben was reluctantly inducted into his uncle's Jedi Order in order to control his powers, and overcome the darkness he had within himself since birth. It isn't just the darkness within himself that he's struggled with, however. Both the light and dark sides within the young boy are always in battle with one another, a trait he inherited from his deceased grandfather. It's made him unstable at times and has caused many problems throughout his life. Aside from that, Ben does deeply care about his friends and family; always looking out for his younger cousins Jazz and Danny, especially after their mother, his aunt Mara Jade, left them in ABY. Even with his constant struggle for balance over his powers, Ben possesses an extremely strong connection to the force, having unlocked unique abilities such as stopping laser bolts in mid-air; an ability that not even Anakin Skywalker could ever master. He's also proficient with a lightsaber and with mechanics. Because of these traits, he constructed a blue-bladed, crossguard lightsaber, (a single bladed lightsaber with two mini blades near the top of the handle), at age thirteen, and quickly mastered the weapon with very little difficulty.

Hoss Ohfa: a middle-aged, male Bothan, Hoss has been in service to the Republic since he was a child, serving as a Republic spy during the days of the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars Hoss became acquainted with Senator Bail Organa after the later saved his life when a mission went terribly wrong, (the details of this mission remain classified). After the war Hoss became one Organa's most trusted spies, gathering information on those who did not support the Empire, as well as anything linked to all types of Imperial projects that could prove harmful to the galaxy. During the Galactic Civil War, Hoss had become the Alliance's top spy, leading many missions that resulted in the acquisition of information used in for some of the Alliance's most important missions, including knowledge about the Second Death Star, and how the Emperor was overseeing the construction of it. Hoss was the only surviving of this team and regrets not learning of how it had all been a trap; even going so far as to refuse a medal for his accomplishments in getting the Death Star information. A few years after the Empire's fall, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker began searching for beings strong in the force to train as a new generation of Jedi. This search included looking through records for anyone demonstrating unnatural abilities such as reflexes far quicker than that of most members of their species. During his search, Luke had come across many reports and records of Hoss possessing such quick reflexes, along with claims that he was able to keep himself hidden by manipulating others into thinking he wasn't there with his mind. For these reasons, the Jedi Master met with Hoss to test the Bothan for force sensitivity. After passing all of Luke's tests, the Jedi Master offered to train Hoss in the ways of the force and become a Jedi like himself. Knowing that the New Republic was going to need Jedi to maintain peace and order, Hoss accepted, becoming one the first to join Luke's New Jedi Order. Due to spending most of his life as a spy, Hoss rarely interacted with others, only speaking to people such as fellow student, Wulf, and Master Skywalker on a regular basis. Though his training as a Jedi allowed him to develop a connection to living things he still prefers to keep to himself. His training even allowed him to further improve his ability to hide from others to the point where he learned to conceal himself from others using the force.

Ember McLain: a blue-haired humanoid girl with ghost white skin. Information regarding most of the young humanoid's early background is currently unknown except for the fact that she was apparently born in 12 ABY, and is rumoured to be a descendant of a Nightsister. She first started receiving galactic attention when her music began to brainwash people into following her every command including robbing banks for her and punishing those who got in her way. It got to the point where the Senate had to send Luke Skywalker to deal with the young singer in 26 ABY. With the assistance of Danny and Sam, the Jedi Master was apple to apprehend Ember. It was then that Luke discovered that Ember was strong in the force; soon learning that she's received some basic training from an unknown darksider before this mysterious force wielder passed away. Believing that there was still light within her, Luke offered the young girl not only total immunity from her crimes but a chance to train under him and become a Jedi. Having no real purpose in her life before, Ember agreed and became one of the newest additions to the New Jedi Order. During this time Ember learned the basics of lightsaber combat, though it never Ember's specialty. Her abilities in sorcery, however, further improved under Master Skywalker's tutelage. She also developed a fondness for Luke's nephew, Ben Solo, for his inner conflict with his dark side and light side intrigued her a lot. A reason for this being that she also felt something similar in her, having used the dark side at an early age, and was only now connecting to the light side of the force. It is for this reason why she became one of his closest friends alongside Torin and another new student in only a short period of time.

Brakiss: a tall, blond, human male with strong loyalty to Master Luke, as he considers him to be his saviour from the dark side. To him, the light side of the force means everything to him as it brought out the good in people, and gave hope to those who were victims of the dark side. Brakiss was born two years before the battle of Endor to a wealthy family on Coruscant and immediately showed a strong connection to the force. As such, he was handed over to the Empire's Inquisitorius Program, and trained under the Second Brother. After the fall of the Empire all remaining Inquisitors went into exile in the unknown regions; all except the Second Brother and Brakiss, they hid within an abandoned Republic medical station from the Clone Wars where the former made sure to keep up to date on what was going on in the galaxy, including how Luke Skywalker was training on new generation of Jedi of Garatos. During their time in hiding, the Second Brother devised a plan that would result in Luke Skywalker's death and the annihilation of the New Republic. The plan was for Brakiss to infiltrate Luke's new Jedi Order as a Jedi Trainee, learn valuable secrets about the New Republic that could be exploited, then execute all the Jedi, (including Luke), when they least expected it. However, Luke's force powers had grown significantly stronger over the years as the Jedi Master was able to see right through Brakiss's deception the moment he arrived on Garatos. Though instead of turning Brakiss over to the authorities, Luke decided to accept him as an apprentice, sensing a light within the boy that could shine into greatness if properly guided. As time went on Brakiss began to slowly turn away from the dark side, questioning his true intentions for being on Garatos. After years of training, Luke sent Brakiss on a quest into the Dagobah system, where the young Jedi was finally able to break away from the dark side of the force. Upon passing his test, Brakiss returned to Garatos, revealing his true self, and everything he knew about the Second Brother to Luke, who in turn revealed that he'd known from the beginning that Brakiss had been a spy, but kept him around because he saw goodness within him. Now truly swearing his allegiance to the New Jedi Order, and the New Republic, Brakiss, (along with Luke), went to confront the Second Brother, who was furious at his now former apprentice. With their combined power, Luke and Brakiss were able to destroy the Second Brother, finally freeing Brakiss of the chains of the dark side forever.

Jacen Syndulla: human/Twi'lek hybrid son of famous war heroes General Hera Syndulla and the late Jedi Knight, Kanan Jarrus, (who'd died before his son's birth). Jacen was born one month before the Battle of Scarif and raised by his mother onboard her ship, the Ghost, with the help of her astromech Chopper. Jacen inherited many traits from both of his parents making him the perfect combination of the two. From his mother, he possessed a love for flying, a knack for fixing machines, (particularly droids and ships). Like his father, Jacen possessed a strong connection to the force, a curious mind, and a charming, but serious personality. And from both his parents, he possessed a kind, caring heart dedicated to helping others. Growing up, Jacen heard many stories about his father, which motivated him to join Luke's new Jedi Order when he was around thirteen years old. Before leaving for Luke's temple, his mother assigned Chopper to help keep an eye on him. She also gave the young hybrid his father's lightsaber, which Hera managed to recover during the Liberations of Lothal. Jacen became highly skilled in both lightsaber combat and force mediation during his training under Skywalker, becoming one of Luke's most promising students.

Torin Wixstil: a tall, dark skinned, young human male, who's known as being one of Luke Skywalker's top students, Ben Solo's best friend, and the son of the famous historical writer, Serial Wixstil, (whose most famous for her stories based around both the Clone Wars, and Galactic Civil War), and Damon Wixstil, (head of security for the Corporate Alliance). Torin was born in 5 ABY on the world of Raxus. He grew up travelling with his mother onboard her yacht, the Galaxy's Jewel, exploring the galaxy as Serial always liked to gather new information about galactic history for use in her novels. Because of these travels, Torin's parents began to grow apart, and shortly after the birth of his baby sister Valerie in 14 ABY, they divorced with Damon retaking his family name Grey, and giving it to his daughter who he gained custody over. Afterwards, Torin lost touch with his father and sister, finding comfort in the stories about the old Jedi Order that he learned from his mother's research expeditions. During one of these expeditions, the Wixstil's visited Garel where Torin ended up using the force, (unintentionally), to save his mother from a very angry Barabel named Shallamar. Realizing that her son was capable of becoming a Jedi Knight, Serial spent a week making arrangement for Torin to be trained under Luke Skywalker on Garatos. Under Skywalker's tutelage, Torin has become a highly capable warrior, especially with the lightsaber. He possesses a strong, kind, caring heart as is proven by how he works towards helping others whenever possible and is a strong believer in redemption. Because of this, he's been able to help his fellow classmate Ben Solo with his constant struggle with the dark side. It is also because of Torin's caring personality that has allowed him to make friends with all the Jedi trainees in the temple; even the not-so-social Hoss Ohfa.

Johnny 13: a young, rebellious teenager with greyish skin, who was known for causing havoc and mayhem on the streets of Hosnian Prime with his girlfriend Kitty. Despite the efforts of local authorities, the young human/umbaran hybrid always managed to find a way out of trouble in mysterious ways that nobody, not even 13 could figure out. In 27 ABY Kitty was abducted by an unknown group of bounty hunters. Desperate to rescue his girl, and with his own underworld sources unable to help, 13 went to the local authorities for assistance; who immediately put the hybrid behind bars, not believing a word he had to say. It wasn't till Ben Solo arrived that things began to turn around for 13. After listening to 13's explanation of what had happened, Ben revealed that he'd been sent by his uncle, Luke Skywalker, to investigate the delinquent, due to how reports of his actions hinted that he was force sensitive. 13 then agreed to undergo tests to confirm the suspicions after Solo promised to get the authorities to investigate Kitty's abduction. Upon passing the tests, Ben offered 13 a deal, if 13 agreed to come to Garatos to train to become a Jedi, he would not only be given a full pardon for his crimes, but Ben would also see to it personally that the Jedi helped rescue Kitty. Seeing no better options, 13 accepted Ben's offer, becoming the first Umbaran, (or at least the closest thing to an Umbaran that is), in over 2000 years to join the Jedi Order. During his first year as a Jedi trainee, Johnny proved to be one of Luke's most difficult/reckless students; and because of his obnoxious personality, he earned very few friends such as Ben, Torin, and Ember. Nonetheless, his determination to save his girlfriend motivated him to continually work hard in order to master every lesson that Luke taught him. This impressed the Jedi Master, who saw great potential within his newest student. With Master Skywalker's assistance, Johnny powers continued to grow impressively, while also becoming a skilled swordsman. In the process, he successfully constructed his own with a curved-hilt lightsaber with a green blade.

Clighal: a young Mon Calamari female born on her species homeworld of Mon Cala in 11 ABY to Carper and Nolla. Nolla was the younger sister of New Republic Fleet Admiral, Gial Ackbar, thus making Clighal known by all as the niece of a famous war hero. Growing up, Clighal was never happy with the fame she received just for her relations to Ackbar, and not for her own actions. It was because of this that, (at a very young age), Clighal became determined to make a name for herself, one unrelated to her family's heritage. Her motivation moulded her into one of the brightest students at her age, skipping multiple grade levels in her people's education system; she even began to focus on choosing certain majors to study once she completed her primary education. By 23 ABY Clighal had chosen to become a healer and had already begun to study everything she could about the subject. When she began practicing her newly learned healing arts, a few of her instructors noticed how her treatments worked far faster than they should've. Word eventually reached Clighal's uncle Ackbar who contacted Luke Skywalker to determine whether or not she was strong in the force. Upon coming to Clighal's school and witnessing her healing abilities, Skywalker confirmed that she was strong in the force and offered to train her as a Jedi. Clighal eagerly accepted as this would allow her to still become both a healer, (better with the guidance of a Jedi Master), and someone who was more than just the relative of a famous war hero. She soon became best friends with Master Skywalker's daughter, Jazz Skywalker, who helped tutor the Mon Calamari in lightsaber combat as Clighal struggled with the subject at times, preferring to learn about the ways of the force and her connection to it. Like her uncle, Clighal cares deeply about the innocent beings of the galaxy and will do anything to help them.

Wulf: a massive, black-furred, Shistavanen male born on his species homeworld of Uvena Prime around 2 BBY. A few months after the first Death Star's destruction, Uvena Prime was invaded by the Empire, who took its inhabitants, (including Wulf), off-world, and forced them to work as slaves; assisting in the construction of the second Death Star. During the Battle of Endor, a rebel strike team lead by Hoss Ohfa, (who'd discovered the Shistavanen's enslavement aboard the second Death Star when acquiring information about the superweapon), infiltrated Death Star in order to rescue as many of the slaves as possible. The mission proved to be a success with over half the slave population managing to escape the battle station before its destruction in a mixture of commandeered shuttles, and escape pods. Though sadly not everyone survived as there were some that perished during the revolt and afterwards when the battle station exploded. Among those casualties included Wulf's family, leaving the young cub an orphan. To his luck, Ohfa, who'd personally freed the young cub from slavery and had escaped with him in the same escape pod, immediately adopted the Shistavanen after learning of his family's death. Though due to the war far from over, and his skills as a spy were still needed, Ohfa left Wulf in the temporary care of an old friend who resided on Bothawui, (Hoss's homeworld), till after the end of the war. Once the Empire was defeated, Ohfa took the young boy on as his protege, showing the ins and outs of surviving the galaxy while gathering information useful in the New Republic's efforts of maintaining galactic peace. When his adoptive father was inducted into the Jedi Order, Wulf was allowed to come live on Garatos as well. Wulf quickly demonstrated his own connection to the force to be strong like Hoss's and was thus accepted as one of Luke Skywalker's first apprentices. Personality wise, Wulf possesses many similarities to his fellow classmate Lowbacca in terms of how they both possess fierce, raw/destructive power within themselves, but with a kind heart for those they consider their friends. The only difference is how Wulf expresses is happiness in a more loving way by licking or hugging people when they help him out, (or when he's just happy to see them); whereas Lowbacca prefers to just nod when he's happy, only hugging and shouting his happiness when something extremely awesome happens.

Within these thirteen students lies the potential to change the galaxy in ways both good and bad. Though Master Luke Skywalker can teach them all about the force and how they should use it responsibly, the final decision on which path they follow with their gifts remains up to each and every one of them alone. What path they will choose… remains a mystery to even themselves at this point in time. All that can be done at this point is to wait patiently and trust in the force.

First off, a special thanks to Wolfking0811 who was the only one to participate in my contest to choose a character from Danny Phantom to be one of Luke's new Jedi. He voted for Wulf, the ghost wolf who was forced by Walker to track down Danny.

A special thank you goes out to Resistance Pictures for giving me permission to use the character Torin Wixstil from their fan film "STAR WARS: The Birth of Kylo Ren" on YouTube.

Now, this modified prologue combines the Luke Skywalker's twelve Jedi Knights thing I'd been planning, but instead of twelve fully trained Jedi, we have the thirteen students Luke was training before the Force Awakens. Changes had to be made after Episode 8 came out in 2017. I also know The Last Jedi revealed that Ben Solo's first lightsaber was just a regular, single bladed lightsaber, but since this is technically an AU sort of story I thought I'd go with a cross guard lightsaber for the sake of it. Plus the lightsaber really fits into Ben's personality.

Also while the story will follow as much of the canon stuff as possible, there will be some major differences throughout it, especially with the Phasma novel.