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STRQ Delights

"She's not making this easy." Taiyang noted disappointingly as all four adults stared down at the baby tucked away in her cot, swaddled in a pink and floral themed blanket. Even at this minute age, Ruby had enough hair to be gathered in a tiny pigtail, topped with a bow.

Ruby had been born ten days ago and brought home yesterday, from the looks of things she inherited every piece of her mother and absolutely nothing to hint at who the father was.

Granted, in this household - in this relationship; the answer was ultimately an irrelevant one but a persisted curiosity none the less. As was human nature. So after wrangling a grumpy hyperactive two year old into bed for her afternoon nap, the four adults of the household found themselves in the nursery for one excuse or another.

"And we're completely sure we didn't just spontaneously spawn a Summer clone by mistake?"

"Raven!" Summer hissed.

"What? Valid question. And Tai is right, she's not making this particularly easy." Raven

"Does it matter? We're all raising her together anyway." Summer protested.

"Yeah I know we are, but I'm still just a little curious which half of this marriage she takes after. The Xiao Long or the Branwen." Taiyang mused.

The next moment stretched on. Little Ruby was making adorable little sounds in her sleep while the adults watched in silence.


All three pairs of eyes landed on Qrow. It took a split second for the rest of the team to understand what he said.

"What? You two already have a kid."

"Qrow, no." Summer groaned, face in her palm.

"I have one of those?" Raven cocked her head to the side, giving a show of confusion before showing understanding and gesturing to her brother and Taiyang in turn. "Oh right - I have two of those."

Qrow glared at her while Taiyang folded his arms petulantly at the insult, Raven only smirked. "Oh I'm sorry, I thought we were talking about man-babies, not 'baby' babies."

"Hate, sis. All of it." Qrow shook his head at her while Raven winked back at him.

"Oh dear gods," Taiyang breathed, torn between chuckling or sighing in exasperation.

Summer groaned again, fixing Qrow with a firm look. "Qrow, you can't just call dibs on a baby."

Qrow shrugged, unperturbed. "I can and I have; dibs."

Taiyang gave a bark of laughter, Raven stared at her brother like he'd just grown a second head while Summer sighed again.

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