This is based off the plot idea of a fic I skimmed once where the Enterprise people were just kids and all human; basicly the setting for this story. I don't know the fic name or author, but I will say that I Did not think of this idea, the credit does not go to me. I did come up with the plot and scenes, but the setting was not mine. My thanks to the mysterious author who inspired this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or the setting. This goes for all chapters.

Chapter 1

Jim was bored. It was Kentucky in the middle of nowhere, and there was nothing to do. Kentucky was one of the the few places that still had intensely rural pieces of land and forests. It was something they were fiercely proud of, but right now Jim would trade all the stinking trees for one good movie. At four he wasn't really allowed to go anywhere by himself or operate the technology in the house. But there had to be something to do somewhere! But… nope. The universe was empty. His life was unfulfilled. The door creaked. Mommy was home!

"Jimmy I have a surprise!" Jim ran over sighing a little inside. He kind of liked being called Jimmy, but mommy called him that way to much in front of other people. Jimmy was okay when they were alone but… Jimmy was a little kid name. And Jim was a big boy. Mommy just didn't get it.

"Welum home mommy!"

"Oh, hey there, Jimmy I missed you! Oh guess what! You're going to get a friend!"

This was cool! A friend! There weren't many kids Jim's age around, and anyway, they thought he talked too much. Jim thought they stupid. "Who is he mommy!" He gasped in horror at a thought. "He is a he, right mommy? I'm not gonna be friends with a girl."

Mommy smiled and ruffled his hair, another thing she couldn't do in front of people. Jim would break her of the habit eventually though. "He's a boy. But he's from very far away. His name is Spock."

"That's a funny name."

"You know better than to make fun of other people for being different, Jim."

"I wasn makin fun! I was just sayin."

"Well you shouldn't say things like that, it could hurt someone's feelings. How would you like it if someone said your name was funny?"

Jim thought about that. He stood up and took his mother's hand. "I wouldn't like it much, I guess. Can we go see Spock now?"

"Mmhmm. Just remember to mind your manners."

They walked out the door, and Jim rolled his eyes. Mommy was always telling him to mind his manners. Of course he would! It wasn't like he could forget with her saying it a billion times. And he did. He just also said what he thought. Sometimes he had to go sit in the corner for that though. Jim was still contemplating the confusion of life and manners as they got into the car.