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"9S would you like to know how school live for humans had been?"

9S decided the following day, that he was not going to test out any more new Plug-ins in the near future.


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To [B]e a student

"9S, 9S wake up." A familiar voice called and slowly 9S opened his eyes to blue eyes that stared down at him. Confused 9S sat up and looked around. He blinked a few times to make sure that his visual sensors were not deceiving him.

Where was he? He was sitting at a desk for one person in a room that contained a number of these. Other androids were around him talking openly with each other and displaying emotions, some were even laughing. He also noticed that they were wearing some kind of strange uniform, it still had the YoRHa symbol but it wasn't in anyway a usual uniform. For one there appeared to be only to kind of uniforms, one for males and one for females. Also what was up with his sensors? They were not giving him access to any of his scanning functionalities. Why couldn't he pick up the signals of all the androids around him? There had to be a malfunction in his system.

"9S" A familiar voice called for his attention once more and 9S turned his head slightly. He gaped at what he saw. 2B was standing next to him her arms crossed. She was wearing the same strange uniform everyone else did and she wasn't wearing her visor, enabling for him to see her blue eyes clearly and causing a raise in his pulse.

"Y-you… 2B…?" He questioned slowly. The android before him arched an eyebrow as she stared down on him.

"Was that a question? Of course I am 2B" 2B stated and 9S blinked a few more times. She was still giving him a strange look and he suddenly felt slightly embarrassed.

"Right…" Good he needed to figure out what was going on. Where was his pod when you needed it? There were so many questioned he had. Maybe he could figure out how to contact the commander of what was going on here, were they even still on earth?

The 2B let out a sigh. "Let's go, we need to prepare for the next class after the break." She said tiredly going over to one of the desks and getting a hold of a bag.

"Class… uhm… okay." 9S answered unsure what was this class 2B mentioned? For now he was going to follow 2B, maybe he would be able to gather some information about what was happening that way and if it didn't he could still ask her questions.

"2B." A new voice called and the 2B turned to another girl. 9S's chair tumbled to the ground as he stood up in a haste staring at the new person in his view. A few other androids glanced at him but shrugged it off.

"Y-you are A2!" He exclaimed surprised, continually trying to summon his weapon in case a fight was going to break out. A2 was after all dangerous according to the commander and they were supposed to keep their distance.

The 2B looked at him like he had grown crazy before turning back to the A2, who was wearing the same uniform she did. It confused him why she wasn't also trying to summon her weapons.

"Please don't mind 9S behavior. He must still be half asleep." She stated, ignoring 9S staring at her.

"Falling asleep during lesson?" A2 questioned. "That's new. Usually he listens closely and absorbs knowledge like sponge water."

"I am beginning to think that 9S has fallen sick." 2B responded giving 9S a look that he recognized to be something akin to worry. Seeing that on a face made his pulse rise once more and he felt his face growing hot-

Wait… hot? Since when was he able to heat up the material around his face and feel it? Last he checked he wasn't able to do that, functions like that were of no use and would most likely be disabled.

A cool hand connected with his forehead and 9S blinked as he was suddenly very close to 2B. "Your face is all red. Please don't tell me you got a fever."

"N-no I am fine!" 9S stuttered out stepping away flustered at the contact and not sure why he was hearing a fast paced thumping in his ears. Why was he reacting this way?

"2B. Just bring him to the nurse office. I will excuse you two if you are not back after the break." A2 said as she eye 9S with slight concern but yet she was wearing an amused smile on her face.

"Understood." 2B answered reaching out towards 9S and getting a hold of his wrist.

9S let himself helplessly be dragged along by 2B. Her grip around his wrist was thigh and had something warm and caring about it. Even though he felt very confused he also felt safe. Maybe it was 2Bs presence. But he couldn't help the doubt of this situation… someone might have tempered with her memory… or his own… or in the worst case with everyone's.

Maybe it were the aliens that set this all up, forcing them all to live in a strange illusion created by them, created to extract information out of them or to catch them in an unguarded moment to destroy them all.

He needed to find a way out for him and 2B.

"Sit down here 9S." 2B ordered as she guided him towards a bed and he obeyed for the moment. "I will look were the nurse is. Rest here and do not attempt to flee."

9S gulped, maybe his suspicion was right. "F-flee?"

"Yes flee. I do not trust you to not just leave, because you are convinced that you are fine." 2B narrowed her eyes at him, causing 9S to flinch. It felt like 2B was scowling him.

"If you behave…" 2B started but paused unsure and glancing at the side not looking at him directly. "We can go to the mall… after school."

9S blinked he felt his face growing warm again. "T-the mall?"

"Yes. You did say you wanted to buy me a T-shirt." She turned back towards him getting closer and caressing his cheek. He watched her carefully as her mouth got closer to his ear. "So wait here for me."

9S force for the moment, unknown emotions circling in his system. He didn't even have the chance to say anything as 2B left the room in search for the nurse. The android in turn sat there stunned for a moment. "Was… was that really 2B…"

Finally getting out of his stupor 9S looked around the room he was in now. A mirror caught his attention. He was stunned to see that he was also wearing the same strange uniform that everyone else did. He also realized that his visor was gone. Carefully he looked at himself in the mirror his own blue eyes analyzing himself.

"What is this place… why am I here?" Turning 9S moved to leave the room. It took him a while but he found his way out of the building. He tried to recall his recent memories. He had been talking with one of the development units of the bunker about the newest plug-ins when he and 2B had been there for a quick check up. And as far as his memories could provide he had done a little research about human behavior before putting himself to rest to upload his current data.

That still didn't explain about his current predicament.

"This city… It looks a lot different than what I have seen on earth…" 9S muttered as he stopped to take a look at his surroundings. Soon his eyes fell onto one of the disguised terminals and he approached it carefully. "I wonder if it will work…"

He studied it carefully. The access display was replaced with an old fashion number pad. He doubted that he knew the right code to put in. Also he couldn't exclude the fact that this was some kind of trick to get information about the terminals out of him… but he could at least try to attempt hacking into it.

He held his hand out ready to give it a try as he was stopped by a yell. "9S!"

9Ss' head snapped to the side and he saw 2B running towards him. His first instinct was worry because just for a moment all he saw was 2B running towards him. His second reaction was to turn and to run. Whoever that was, was not his 2B. Yes she acted partly like her, she looked like her but she still was not his 2B. He couldn't trust her and he couldn't afford to let himself get fooled by her.

"9S! Stop right there!" 2Bs voice called for him in that commanding tone he was so used to and 9S closed his eyes running blindly now. Trying hard to ignore every want to listen to her.

"I said stop!" Something grabbed him on his upper arm. He fell down and something landed on him. Still refusing to open his eyes 9S felt how he was turned around and the weight on him lifted slightly.

"Nines. Look at me." 2Bs voice echoed in a pleading way that was new for him in his ears and he gave in.

Slowly his eyes opened and he gulped. 2B was merely inches away from his face studying him worried. Her eyes stared deeply into his own. The rapid thumping from earlier returned in his sound receptions and his pulse rose to knew states.

"Nines… why were you running away from me?" The android blinked. Panic arose in 9S as 2B was getting closer and closer, caressing his face with her hands not breaking eye contact once.

"Aren't I the 2B you wanted…?" 9Ss' eyes went wide, shock was written all over his face as he once again tried to understand what was going on. Was this 2B his 2B after all and what did she mean with the 2B he wanted?

She was now getting dangerously close and 9S felt the need to close his eyes…

Was this really the 2B he knew… was this, what he really wanted… no… no it wasn't!

"YOU'RE NOT 2B!" He yelled out his eyes snapping open as he sat up. Books tumbled down towards the ground and he looked around confused. "This is… my room?"

He was back in his room in the bunker. His pod 153 was floating near him for a moment longer before it started to tell him that it was time to meet up with 2B to return to earth, he only listened partly his attention more on figuring out what had happened.

"The plug-in… " It took a moment for the android to realize what had happened before he jumped out of his bed and walked in a fast pace towards the development department. Ignoring any fellow

"5D! Remove the plug-in!" He demanded the moment the doors towards the laboratory slide open revealing a bunch of Type D units working on who knows what. Only one Type D turned his head slightly yet not removing his attention from the chip he was working on.

The android, 9S had called out, frowned at him. "Are you not satisfied with the Dream Generator Plug-in 9S?"

"That doesn't matter. I just want you to remove this Plug-in." The Type S android glared at the Type D from behind his visor. 5D tilted his head laying down his tools and turning fully towards 9S.

"But you have been so eager to try it out for yourself. 3O, 11S, 7B, 13D and a few others seemed very satisfied." The type D countered not understanding why 9S wanted it removed again.

"Like I said, it doesn't matter!" 9S voice became a little higher. "Besides it did not work in the way it was supposed to."

"Alright, alright. I will remove it. Hold still for a moment." 5D gave in, getting to work on 9Ss' request. "I really thought you would like it. After all it generates a dream depending on the information you put in… wait… could it be…"

5D paused for a moment and studied his fellow android.

"Could it be what?" 9S huffed, impatient, he was still trying to ignore the lingering effects that generated dream had on his system. Dear god, how was he going to face 2B later…

"Did you find an input that generated a so called 'naughty' dream?"

"J-just remove it already!"

"Negative. 9Ss' dream does not fulfill the requirements to classify as 'naughty'."