I sat outside on the steps watching Craig and Clyde do skateboard tricks. Sometimes I wish I could do that stuff but they get hurt from time to time and I don't like that. I stare ahead and shake a little. Time for a sip of my coffee. It's warm in my hand against this June heat but it doesn't stop me from drinking it.

"Isn't it a bit hot out here for you to be drinking coffee?" I look up and see Wendy.

"You know I need it," I reply. I go back to looking at my best friends clowning around as Wendy takes a seat beside me.

"Are you ready for this so called cross country road trip you guys are doing?" she asked.

"No way," I replied. "I am super nervous. I am not use to being away from home."

"Try have fun Tweek," she says encouragingly. "You work so hard all the time. It would be nice to see you enjoy yourself before college." Wendy and I got close in 5th after Craig and I ended our fake relationship officially. Lucky for us our friends moved on from it and everything is as it should be.

"I will do my best," I replied. I can feel Wendy staring at me. "What Wendy? You know how I feel when people keep looking at me!"

"I'm sorry," she laughed. "I am just wondering when you will confess to Craig."

"What!" I exclaimed grabbing my hair slightly. "You are being ridiculous. What are you talking about?"

"You know what I am talking about. You are always staring at him."

"Yeah because he is always doing something stupid or reckless," Craig has broken his left wrist playing on that stupid skateboard. I am not going to even get into the shit he has done at school.

"I cannot argue that," she replied looking over at them. "I just think now would be a great time to tell him how you feel."

"I don't feel anything for him!" I growled. "You are over thinking this." Wendy pats my back.

"Okay Tweek, I know you better than you think. I will leave you be. Enjoy the rest of the party. I am heading home now." She stands up dusting off her jean shorts.

"Isn't it a little earlier to be leaving?" I asked. Wendy shrugged.

"Not really," she replied. "I have things to do tomorrow unlike some people." Wendy makes a face causing me to laugh. "Say bye to anyone who may actually notice I am gone." Everyone is so trashed right now I doubt they would notice that she is gone. I go back to watching my friends and drinking my coffee. Wendy has been bringing up this whole me liking Craig more and more lately. She started at the beginning of our senior year. Sure Craig and I are close but I was not in the mood to hear that right now.

I see Craig making his way over to me. He is dressed in his usual skinny jeans that actually do make him look skinner than he is. Craig is pretty tall standing at 6'1 and has a nice medium body build. He has on a tee but it being covered by the summer flannel shirt he is wearing. He takes off his beanie to scratch his head before putting it back on. He hates to be seen without his hat.

"What you doing all the way over here?" he asked looking down at me.

"I am watching you guys, waiting for someone to break a pinky," I replied. "You guys are drunk and skateboarding. Ugh so dangerous."

"Lighten up buddy," laughed Craig sitting down beside me. "My buzz is actually wearing off. In fact I need some more in my system. I want to be humming just a while longer." I roll my eyes at this. I don't really drink like that, it is a long story behind that.

"You know coffee does the same thing," I reply holding up my cup.

"I know you had a bad first experience Tweek but drinking is no so bad." We all experimented with drinking in the 8th grade one night in the summer. We were at Token's bored out of our minds and decided to raid his parents liquor cabinet. I was sick for days after that. I haven't tried the shit since.

"That stuff is for you, it's fine," I replied. "Enjoy yourself." We look at some of the kids wondering the streets talking or just playing around doing what stupid kids at my school do. I am surprised no one has called the police.

"Well I for one am excited about this road trip. I busted my ass working at Costco this past year saving up for it."

"Sorry I couldn't get you a job at the shop,"

"Don't sweat it. Besides the pay at Costco is awesome. I just hate dealing with the shitty people." I nod in agreement. I like living in South Park but the people here can be annoying. "My parents wanted to know why I didn't want to pay rent. I had to beg them to let me skip out on paying until September."

"At least you were able to do that," I replied. I sit there thinking about what would my parents do. They haven't even brought it up. I don't mind staying with my parents because they respect my space and I love them for that.

"I mid as well get my own place," vented Craig sitting down and leaning back a little. "I could never afford it. I might try anyway. Things have been really weird at home."

"Why don't you get a place with Clyde," I suggested. I figured things were bad because Craig never likes to be at home. He doesn't like to look weak so I have never tried asking about it.

"I would but Clyde decided he was going to stay on campus or whatever since it is covered under his scholarship. Lucky asshole." I chuckle.

"Gah, just remember his grades have to be above a B average to keep it. He could lose it at any time." Craig laughed.

"He struggled to maintain a C average. If not for him being good in baseball, he would be fucked." Clyde is excellent at sports, art, everything except the books. I just think he finds it boring is all. Hell I even find it boring but I did what I needed to for passing purposes. "Come inside with me while I get another drink." I stand up to follow him back inside. I am really not wanting to since it is all hot and musty in there. Yeah it's that many kids in there. We get to the porch and Stan burst through the door leaning over hurling into the bushes. Kenny is close behind patting Stan's back. I swear he can't drink but he tends to keep going back for more. I shiver recalling that drink night at age 13.

We squeeze our way to the kitchen which is not crowded by as many people as it was early. I stand there as Craig fixes himself another cup of whatever. I look around thinking some more on what I want my major to be. I was thinking pottery but I am also debating on art to. I may have shaky hands but my stuff always turns out great. I come out of my thoughts when Craig is shoving his cup in my face.

"Dude, no," I reply.

"Awww come on," begged Craig putting on his best puppy dog face. "Just a sip."

"Will you stop pouting if I do?" I asked. He looks like he is thinking about it.

"Sure," he replied. I take the cup glaring at him slightly. I take a sip and it's pretty good. Taste sweet and kind of like gummy bear candy. "Yeah you like that don't you!"

"It's okay," I replied trying to down play this alcohol beverage he created.

"You can keep that cup if you want," he said walking to fix himself another cup. I stare at the cup I am holding. Feels like he is giving me no choice. I start to drink it some more, stuff if really good. I didn't know alcohol could be so tasty. "I wonder where Token is?"

"I think I saw him sitting on the steps when we came in," I note. We head back towards the front of the house and Token is sitting where I saw him at. Him and Nicole just broke up so he is a little sad. She said she liked him but wanted to explore her life a bit in college. Token even shaved his head as a result of the break up. A little drastic but whatever helps him feel better.

"Token, how's it going?" asked Craig when we got close enough for him to hear us.

"The usual," he sighed. Token spotted the cup in my hand. "Whoa what is this? Tweek is drinking!"

"Shut up!" I exclaimed blushing. "It's something I am trying."

"I am not judging you," laughed Token. "So Craig I know you are buzzed but don't forget we are meeting up on Sunday to get started on this cross country trip. Be here at 10am, why do I even bother. Tweek make sure he is here at 10am."

"Okay," I replied. I looked at the remaining kids in the house. Lots of different things going on. Making out, dancing, talking, some people are playing drinking games. I shake a little before turning back to my friends. "Craig can we go back outside."

"Yeah, see you later Tok," Token gives us a head nod and we are back outside. I instantly feel better. I go and take my seat back on the curb and Craig joins me. I continue to sip on the drink and about half way down I start to feel it.