Chapter 2 : Catching Up

The story that Waetu had just told left me absolutely speechless. She had been through so much more than my little desert story, that it made my experiences look like a children's story. She had gone through the foothills expecting some simple wildlife problems, but she was presented with the demigod known as Lycan, a massive wolf with gray striped fur and most notably, massive blue wings. It had the ability to fly and produce lightning at will and was extremely dangerous. However, Waetu, being the stubborn Lyn she was, managed to conquer the beast and extract valuable essence from it's body. After her research on Lycan was completed, she was dragged into some dangerous affairs between the Talus Dominion and the Sky Haven Empire. She had to travel through the Misty Woods, always having to watch her back for any assailants who might be following her until she reached a besieged camp. The camp was under constant attack by the Talus Dominion and she was tasked with aiding the Sky Haven soldiers who were pinned down. Only adding to the fact that the fighting was constant and nonstop, the small swamp down the hill from the camp was haunted by the tormented souls of the soldiers who fought and died there.

My brain officially died when she told me that she was assigned to fight, and kill the ginormous beast, known only to the Lyn as Blackwyrm. It was a towering four legged reptile with immense power and was rumored to be unkillable. But with the help of my best friend and her dark magic, as well as more than twenty other experienced fighters, they were able to conquer the beast after hours of nonstop fighting. Out of the twenty five men and women sent to slay the beast, including Waetu, only five managed to survive the encounter and she grieved for days at the loss of her fallen comrades. Finally, after getting over her sadness, she traveled to the Highland Necropolis, where she was supposed to stop the Tyrian Cultists from experimenting with dark magic of their own. It was rumored they could bring the dead back to life and would turn them into malicious beings that would attack and kill anything in sight. She managed to finally stop the onslaught after days of battle and killing.

After all of the fighting, she was exhausted and finally decided she needed a much needed break. Calling upon the dragon mailing system, she sent me the letter telling me to meet her at the Mirage, and I had immediately dropped everything and began my journey to see my friend.

"Wow..." I said softly, "That must have been so rough on you... I'm sorry..."

She smiled at me, "Don't worry! It was all for the safety of the people in the Moonwater Plains and I couldn't be more happy to make sure they live happy lives."

I mirrored her smile and shook my head, "Always the valiant one, aren't you?"

"I wouldn't say that, maybe just kind."

Leaning back in my chair, I kicked my feet up onto the table and held my hands behind my head. Staring at the ceiling, I sighed and closed my eyes.

"I just need to rest for now... You already, and kinda creepily know that my feet are killing me," I paused, "And my body is in needing of some attention with all of these burns and scrapes."

"You want to go to my room?" She asked, "You can rest there."

I nodded and opened my eyes once more, "Yeah, I'll need that after such a long journey. How hypocritical of me to say after hearing what you had to go through, huh?"

Shaking her head, she stood up from her seat and brushed herself off, "No. You had to endure all of that on your own, while I had companions with me every step of the way. That has to count for something, doesn't it?"

I shrugged and stood up as well, "I guess..."

Beckoning me to follow her, I casually walked behind my friend, who was happily skipping her way towards the staircase lining the round walls of the Mirage.

"Wae?" I asked curiously.


"You do realize that those rooms are only for like... the richest of the rich... right?"

She laughed and I felt my face heat up, "Silly Lexi! I'll have you know that on my adventures, I acquired a small fortune! These rooms were nothing, especially for you!" With that, she turned around and made a heart with her index and thumbs in front of her chest. My face grew extremely warm and I knew that my cheeks were almost the same shade of red as my eyes. After a moment, she turned around and began humming a quiet tune as she continued to happily make her way up the stairs, while I cooly walked behind her.

I seriously don't understand how she can be so happy all the time... I thought to myself as she made her way to a double door and pulled out a key. Inserting it into the key hole, upon turning the key, the double doors opened, revealing a magnificent room with a king sized bed in the center. There were golden blinds covering the massive window to the left of the room and there was a regal looking couch with pillows that looked as soft as clouds from where I was standing. Laid on the ground was a magnificent carpet, made of a soft looking material that I couldn't quite tell what it was. Off to the right was a large wardrobe and a desk with papers, quills, and books strewn across it and some found their ways onto the floor.

"T-this..." I stuttered as I walked inside and gazed at how high the ceiling was.

"It's amazing isn't it?" She giggled.

I noticed something and I nervously gulped, "There's... there's only one bed..."

"Alexis! We're Lyn for crying out loud and it's a king sized bed made for Gon! I'm almost positive that if we slept in it, we would never make contact even if we slept in it for the rest of our lives."

"I don't know about that..." I said as my cheeks heated up once again, "I tend to move around a lot in my sleep and I don't want to make things any more awkward then they already are..."

"Believe me," She patted my shoulder, "During my service, I was forced to shower, sleep with, and live in close quarters with people of different races and genders. Nothing will make it anymore awkward than you think it will be!"

I bit my lip and thought about the whole situation, then I remembered something, "You know I sleep nude right?"

She nodded and smiled, "We've been friends for ten years, of course I know."

Sighing, I took off my jacket and threw it on the ground, "Well, I guess I'm going to head to bed, I hope you're okay with it."

She shook her head and took off her coat, "Believe me, I'm just as tired as you are."

Smiling, I began to under the leather bra across my chest starting at the clips in the back and after a moment, I let the material fall to the floor, letting my chest finally breathe.