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Chapter 1- Introductions

After the marriage of Aragorn son of Arathorn to Arwen Evenstar of the Elves, those close to them eagerly awaited the birth of their first child. Before the year was out Arwen announced that she was carrying, and all knowing as the elvish people are, announced the birth of a son. He came early but was still healthy and vibrant. A proud father named him Eldarion Telcontar.

When Eldarion was two, Arwen was expecting again. By the time he was three, he had an infant sister. This time it was the proud mother who named her daughter, Leyadriel Telcontar. The little princess was beautiful and was eagerly shown off to Elves known to the King and Queen.

Legolas Greenleaf saw the child and was noted as saying, when she was barely a year old, "Such beauty the world has never seen nor shall ever see again. She is unsurpassable."

However, when the third child was born strange things began to happen to Princess Leyadriel...

Her parents had expected a better reaction from their very elvish daughter then their born-to-be-a-Ranger son when they told them about the next child. She took the news wonderfully, impatient to have a little sister. Leyadriel was young but even so helped her mother make clothes and blankets for the unborn princess. But late at night, while her parents and siblings all slept, Leyadriel dreamed. At first, she dreamed and shadows would flicker at the edge of her young perception. But one night, the shadows were all she could see and they frightened her greatly.

She, shaking with fear, padded silently to her parents' room. Her mother's belly was swollen slightly and this made Leyadriel smile at her sister. Noiselessly, she walked to the side of her parents' bed, with her elvish ears she could hear three steady heartbeats and her own still racing from her nightmare. Though she saw no faces, the fear that gripped her heart would only be lessened by her mother and father.

"Adar, atar?" {Father, mother?} She whispered.

Her parents slept on. Leyadriel shock her mother's arm lightly and whispered her name again, Arwen's open eyes slowly focused but in seeing her daughter she snapped awake and furrowed her brows in concern.

"Leyadriel?" She asked but before she could continue, Aragorn rolled over sharply in concern and asked, "Mani naa ta?" {What is it?} Leyadriel was suddenly very self-conscious about her dream but she wanted to be near her parents. "I had a nightmare. May I sleep here?"

A relieved smile broke out on her mother's face and she lifted Leyadriel into their bed and tucked her between herself and Aragorn. Her father cuddled in closer to her and her mother.

"What dream scared you, little one?" He asked, thankful for small problems to solve now after a lifetime of complications.

"I couldn't see, they were all shadows." She answered as she snuggled contentedly into her mother and the bulge that was her sister.

"They're gone now." Her mother assured her, stroking her soft hair.

"I know." She smiled and fell asleep and fell asleep. But they weren't gone, they would never be gone.

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