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Chapter One

When the second of her sons became a genin, Uchiha Mikoto felt pride swell in her chest but she couldn't quite quell the dull ache that her empty nest left. Sasuke wasn't one to spend all of his time at home to begin with but now that he had his own team to train with, the little time he did spend at home, waiting around for his older brother, greatly diminished.

"Maybe I shouldn't have teased him so much by calling his training practice…" Mikoto sighed. Plucking a ripe tomato from a vine, she tried not to picture the the quivering excitement in her son's eyes when she laid out his favorite snack when he came back from training. He would always try to mask it with look of an indifference. Oh, teenage rebellion.

"Kaa-san?" Mikoto's ears perked up at the sound of a shoji door sliding and the tight voice of her pubescent child's voice. Looking over to their home's backyard entrance, Mikoto found Sasuke with his arms crossed in front of his chest, glaring holes into the floorboard.

He's in a mood isn't he? Mikoto chuckled to herself, trying not to show how adorable she found her grumpy child's pout. Wiping her hands on her apron, Mikoto stood up from her spot in the garden and made her way to her son.

"You're home early," Mikoto inferred, fighting the urge to ruffle Sasuke's unruly locks of dark hair. As he started entering puberty he fought against acts of affection, not wanting to be treated as a child any longer now that he was a genin. "Want to help me prepare dinner?"

"No!" Sasuke replied quickly, cheeks flushing pink. "I mean, no."

Mikoto bit her lower lip to contain the grin threatening to overcome her face. Why was her youngest so flustered?

"My, uh, team wanted to come over." Sasuke huffed, rolling his shoulders back, trying to keep an air of nonchalance. Mikoto rolled her eyes at her offspring's mask of indifference. He was trying so hard to seem cool, calm, and collected.

This isn't a trait he picked up from Itachi, is it? Mikoto shook that thought out of her mind. Her eldest son was a quiet young man but where he was soft and calm, he didn't possess the nonchalant and blasé air Sasuke was exhibiting.

"They are in our sitting room."

Mikoto squealed and clapped her hands together. Sasuke jumped at the sudden change from calm to excitement. Mikoto had been wanting to meet her son's genin team but never had the chance. She already knew about Naruto, her dear late friend Kushina's son, but she had never been able to catch a single peek at the third member of Team Seven.

"I'll go make tea!" Mikoto squealed once more and sped off to the kitchen to prepare snacks for her guests. Sasuke followed after his mother mumbling requests under his breath that his mother not embarrass him and that she didn't need to do much that they wouldn't be staying long.

"You really didn't have to make tea, Kaa-san." Sasuke followed at his mother's elbow as she brought out a tray to the informal sitting room. Despite his protests he assisted his mother by caring a second tray holding sweets and senbei. Mikoto didn't forget to include slices of his favorite fruit, sprinkled with just a bit of salt.

"Good afternoon! I'm─" Mikoto almost dropped the tray she was holding when she shuffled through the entrance to the sitting room. She had to hold in the squeal of delight trying to escape her throat when she spotted the twelve year olds sitting on cushions on the floor by her low table.

Naruto was his usual bright and sunny, fidgety self. He kept craning his neck around trying to catch things he might have missed when he came into the house. A fluttery feeling filled Mikoto's chest. He had his father's coloring but that was definitely Kushina's round cheeks. It had been so long since she last saw him and he was just as adorable as her own twelve year old son.

Sitting much more properly, back straight in a forced manner to show proper etiquette, next to the blond ball of sunshine was a young girl of the most unique coloring that Mikoto had ever seen. Rosy pink locks framed a creamy heart-shaped face and from under pale pink lashes, a pair of jade eyes looked up at her nervously. On a larger than average forehead, lines creased as pastel eyebrows drew together, stressed from the scrutiny Mikoto was subconsciously putting on her.


Mikoto snapped out of her daze and found her son sitting on a cushion next to the pink fairy, already having set his own tray down. Watching them all in a row next to each other looking extremely colorful as a unit, Mikoto let her hand fall to her chest.

Where's a camera when you need one? Mikoto's eyes twinkled as they darted from dandelion yellow to petal pink and then to midnight blue-black.

"Okay, well," Sasuke huffed, his eyebrow twitching in annoyance. His mother wasn't usually this daffy. "Kaa-san, this is Haruno Sakura. And you already know Naruto."

"Hey!" Naruto shouted from his spot, no longer interested in the decor. "Don't say my name like I'm some toss-in!"

"Haruno Sakura?" Mikoto immediately took a spot across from the pink, fluffy child, ignoring the rude outburst from the now irritated blond."What a fitting name!"

"Yes. My parents thought so." Sakura's voice was soft and silvery. She wrung her hands in her lap, unsure of herself as she sat directly across from her crush's mother.

Oh my goodness, she's so precious! Mikoto, still unaware of how nervous she made the rosette, continued to drink in the cuteness of the little spring fairy that graced her home with her presence.

"Wanna say that again, you jerk!?"

Mikoto was snapped out of her reverie by the shouting of the other member of her son's team. Her own son was leaning back on his hands and rolling his eyes at the actions of the other boy. In her daze she hadn't noticed that Sasuke and Naruto had started to argue.

"Naruto-baka!" Sakura hissed in a whisper. She tugged roughly on Naruto's ear trying to get his attention away from Sasuke. "We're guests here! Will it kill you to behave for once."

That was completely unexpected from the delicate looking child but all the same, Mikoto sighed dreamily. Even when angered the little girl was the cutest thing! Being energetic was a good thing and much needed in a home where everyone was always so calm and withdrawn.

Needed in a home? Mikoto's cheeks warmed up as it dawned on her that she was already in the process of adopting Sakura in her mind. But she couldn't help it! She loved her sons dearly and no matter how feminine Sasuke's pre-pubescent looks were, it was no substitute for a pretty daughter she could dote on. And Sakura was perfect! So pink and adorable.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Mikoto extended an invitation to her son's friends. Naruto opened his mouth ready to accept but Sasuke interrupted him.

"They can't. We're actually on our way to a team dinner with our sensei."

"Oh! Right. The mask," Naruto stage whispered and snickered. "It was nice seeing you again Mikoto-kaa but we really do have to go!"

"It was nice to meet you, Uchiha-san." Sakura bowed politely and scrambled after her teammates, leaving a forlorn Mikoto alone with cold tea and half eaten snacks.

"That's just too bad," Mikito murmured, dusting herself off and cleaning up. She couldn't keep the silvery notes of the twelve year old girl's voice out of her ears.

"What do you think of Uchiha Sakura?" Mikoto asked her husband as she prepared their futon, ready to turn in for the night.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" Fugaku choked on air. He hadn't expected another pregnancy now that their youngest was already twelve. He was ready to relax and spend the rest of his years watching over their sons as they became honorable shinobi and enjoy quality time with his wife.

"No," Mikoto sighed, turning on her side. "Just a thought."

Just a lovely thought.

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