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The next morning Danny joined the Titans for breakfast. Beast Boy and Cyborg were arguing over the food. A quick whiff of the air told Danny Cyborg had cooked meat. Bacon. Danny let his eyes travel to Robin, who was eating the bacon. It looked delicious.

Robin broke the argument with a simple, "Cyborg, this is great. How'd you make it?" Cyborg smiled back just as simply.

"I was experimenting a little," he began, about to explain the recipe he'd spontaneously concocted. Danny's hearing fizzled out.


experiment. Danny pressed himself behind the door frame, hoping no one had seen him in the first place. He was trembling. The walls were liquifying behind him and shrinking in, drowning him in the air- don't think about it, don't think about it-

He crumpled to the floor with his heart pounding in his chest. Oh no, I can't breathe, I can't…

The images flashed in his mind, with burning feeling all over his body to disorient him. He wasn't sure if the screaming was the past or the present, and if he could just breathe, he told himself, clawing at the collar helplessly. He couldn't remember why the collar was even on.

Oh no, he thought, frenzied, I'm back at the lab. Dear God, no. It was when the moisture on his face fell to his hands that he realized he was crying. Danny pulled his hair back, tugging at it in desperation. Where was he, why couldn't he remember?

A hand grasped his shoulder and he shrieked, shaking it off, his body shaking twice as hard as his voice as he pleaded to not be touched, he didn't want to be taken anywhere. Anything but that.

"Danny." A monotone voice, almost distant and yet laced with concern. Why couldn't he stop crying. Stop crying. He opened his bloodshot blue eyes and looked right into Raven's eyes. She had her hands tentatively in front of her, unsure of whether or not to reach for his shoulders to help the shaking stop. Danny kept sobbing. He felt more eyes on him and he bristled.

"Relax," she said with the same distant calm. "You're safe. This is the Titan tower. Heroes. You're safe here." He blinked the haziness out of his eyes and took in the walls.

The Titans tower. He tugged at his collar again, feeling all the pieces click in as he regained control of his emotions. He looked at Raven.

"Thanks," he said hoarsely, and she nodded before looking around him and saying a simple request:

"Give him space for now. He needs some time to himself." And then she stood up and floated out of the room, the incident past her and behind her easily. If his outburst had any effect on her it hadn't shown at all. He wiped his face and stood up shakily.

He was safe.

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