Me: Hey there! This is my second story folks! My last one was just an experiment, but this time I;m going to take this as seriously as I can! This story is going to mainly mix the 2003 cartoon series with the 2012 series with the latter being the main story line. Now with that out of the way...

April 21st, 7:44pm… New York City – 2012

No matter what time it is in New York City, there will always be something happening. Even knowing this, the many millions of people in New York would never have even imagined that here would be four anthropomorphic turtles and six foot tall anthropomorphic rat living in one New York's many abandoned underground subway stations (that could only be found through the sewers and even then it would be easy to get lost). Plus they would've guessed even less that the five were a family, not just any family though- they were a family of ninjas.

The abandoned subway station that the five mutants lived in, had a very lived in feel, as soon as you would walk in through the turnstiles entrance, there for anyone to see would be a large concrete room with a small pit area that had built in benches with no armrests and a working TV at one side of the pit. On said side of pit and behind the TV stood a large metal sliding door that led to a makeshift laboratory of sorts. If you walked in a straight line from the turnstiles you would find a human shaped woolly dummy hanging from a small crane, and even further straight forward you would find a small hall with two doors on each side and each one leading to a bedroom. If you turned right from the turnstiles, you would find two rooms that face each other, on one side you would a small kitchen area with everything here that you would see in a kitchen; a fridge, a cooker, sink, other cabinets for other stuff and in the middle stood a table-sized block of concrete with pipes sticking out through the bottom and into the floor below and was surrounded by tall stools. Across from the kitchen stood a few steps going up towards the dojo area. The dojo had a large bonsai tree (one that looked like one anyway) that you would see first upon entering, the rest of the dojo had its wooden wall decorated with weapons stacks ranging from swords, spears, staffs, daggers, nunchucks etc., and finally at the other end of the dojo stood Japanese style sliding doors that led to another bedroom.

It was at the dojo that the family of five were in, and the four mutant turtles were having a training session in ninjitsu being overseen by the six foot tall mutant rat. The four turtles bowed to each other as they faced one other, they drew their own weapons from the belts that they wore and prepared to spar with one another. Each turtle ninja had distinctively coloured masks that made the four already stand out more than they had already. Besides from the differently coloured masks, each ninja turtles wore more or less the same things; elbow pads, knee pads, two of them wore belts for their own weapons whilst the other two wore belts and holsters for their larger weapons.

One of the turtle ninjas wielded pair of nunchucks and wore an orange mask around his eyes. His name is Michelangelo or Mikey as his brothers called him. He is a very happy-go-lucky turtle that loved pulling pranks, was very loud mouthed but was mindful (most of the time) about what he said. His personality alone could brighten anyone's day and the freckles on his green skin plus his baby blue eyes also helped to stand out more from his brothers. This ninja turtle stood across one of his slightly taller brother ready to spar.

The turtle in question wielded a pair of katana and wore a blue coloured mask around his eyes. This turtle ninja had the most concentration when came to fighting, was always about training, and was usually the more responsible out the four. This turtle's name is Leonardo or Leo to his brothers. Leo didn't have any distinctive features accept for his eyes which were a dark blue unlike Mikey's eyes.

The two were ready to spar with each other and with Leo's katana raised above his head and Mikey's nunchucks spinning, they charged at each other,


"Oh yeah! Michelangelo is the move!"

With a grunt, Leo swings his katana at Mikey's head, but Mikey reacts by effortlessly jumps other the swing and front flips onto his feet behind Leo, they turn to face each other again and Mikey spins and whips his nunchucks around his body in a Bruce Lee-like fashion.

"Ya don't know what ta do!" Mikey taunts. Leo simply charges again and swings his sword at Mikey's head again. And Mikey once again jumps over the swing and lands on his feet "I'm here!" Mikey says and Leo swing at his head again, this time Mikey ducks and rolls to one side, then stands "I'm there! I could be anywhere!" Mikey says excitedly but had to duck and roll again as Leo's katana came at his head again. "How can ya stop watch ya can't even see?" as Mikey says this, he moves his body around in a very excitedly cocky manner. He then charges at Leo, but Leo was ready for him. Leo at the last moment, thrusts the hilt of his katana into Mikey's side, and Mikey lost his balance as a result and dropped his weapons. Leo wins this sparring match, and Mikey falls to the ground, groaning. "Like that?" Leo says in response to Mikey's cocky question just seconds before. Mikey raised his right hand and said whilst groaning "…good one Leo…"

After the two had finished, Mikey got up and walked to the side of the dojo with his nunchakus and then the other two turtles prepared to spar.

On one side stood a turtles who wielded a six foot staff (taller than himself), and wore a purple mask around his brown eyes. His name is Donatello or Donnie as his brothers call him. He is undoubtedly the most intelligent than his other three brothers, though he does tend to think too much but that didn't mean he wasn't an impressive fighter. Another feature that made him more different to his brothers was that he was the tallest of his brothers and also had a gap in his teeth. As he stood ready, he expertly spins his staff and points one end of it his brother who stood unarmed.

The turtle responds by tilted his head to both sides of his shoulders and making the joints in his neck pop as a result. "Alright Donnie, put down the staff and turtle in question wielded a pair of sai but they were still held in his belt and he wore a red mask around his eyes green eyes. His name is Raphael or Raph to his brothers. He is the most hot-headed of his brothers by a very long mile and also had short temper that could go on for hours. He was also the shortest of his brothers but only by in inch (maybe less).

In response to Raph's statement, Donnie said, "Er, you that last time Raph and then you hurt me!" Donnie didn't look or sound impressed, but Raph simply stood ready to face his taller brother unarmed,

Yeah, but, less than I would have." Raph said as though it was the truth… which probably was.

"Yeah right." Said Donnie who then began his attack. He spins his staff and charges at Raph, he swings his staff at Raph's head who response ducks and rolls to one side and then quickly jumps back as Donnie smacks one end of his staff onto the ground where Raph had been just half a second ago. Donnie the jabs his staff forward at Raph's face who leans back to avoid the attack and then Donnie spins his staff above his head and then swings his staff down at Raph's head again who immediately steps to one side to avoid and then he ducks and rolls away as Donnie swings his staff at his head once again. Donnie spins his staff around his body and swings the staff at Raph's head who quickly ducks as the staff swings and misses him by a hairs length (not that they had any hair on them), then Donnie made a big mistake by swinging his staff down as he also blinked too long as he did so, and the moment he opened his eyes, he found that Raph had stolen his staff from. Raph then went from leaning on the staff to spinning it and the unceremoniously snapping in in two across his padded knee.

"Should've dropped the staff?" said Donnie and he knew he wasn't going to like what was going to be said and done next.

"Should've dropped the staff!" said Raph as he grinned and he knew he was going like the moment. He twirls both ends of the broken staff and steps forwards to Donnie who in response turns his back to him in order to retreat, but Raph was faster and after repeatedly hitting the shell on Donnie, who covered the back of his head with his hands, Donnie quickly blurts out "Okay, Okay! I'm down! I'm down! I surrender!" Raph seemed happy with that and dropped both ends of the broken staff and turned around to face Leo who stood ready to fight him. Donnie meanwhile had quietly walked to the side of the dojo and kneeled to join Mikey who was also kneeling to watch their brother's sparring match.

Leo and Raph bowed to each other with Leo saying, "Onegai shimasu." And in response Raph simply said, "Whatever you say." They then stood with Leo raising his twin katana poised and ready for their spar and Raph had drawn his twin sai from his belt and also stood ready to fight Leo.

Leo and Raph charged at each other and swung both their weapons at each other, the weapons clashed with a metallic clang, as both tried to overpower the other brother. Eventually, they break the stalemate and Leo swings his katana at Raph's head and Raph leans back to avoid. Raph then charges Leo who swings his katana down overhead at Raph, who ducks and rolls to one side and counters with a spinning kick. Leo avoids the spin kick to his head but in doing so brings his right arm up to block the kick but the kick was too strong for him and knocks his katana from his hand but was successful in knock Raph back a quick punch to his chest. Raph gets back up with both sai still in his hands and Leo charges at him and swings his katana down at Raph who blocks the attack with one of the twin sai, but forcefully swings his katana to one side and flung the sai away from Raph's hand. The sai flyies away and wizzes in between Mikey and Donnie who don't even blink even as it hits the wall behind them. The fight resumes and the two charge at each other for what would be the last time for this match, for as soon both weapons crashed into each other, Raph's greater strength won out as the clash forced Leo to drop his remaining katana and then Raph finishes him by grabbing his right arm and flinging him over his shoulder and Leo landed on his shell with a loud thud.

A grinning and victorious Raph stood above Leo with his sai back in his belt and his hands holding said belt, "Nice try." Said Raph and as soon as he said those words did a commanding voice speak out to the whole dojo, "Ya me!" the stop command was immediately obeyed as all four of the turtles scrambled to the middle of the dojo to kneel at the person who gave the command. The commanding voice belonged to the tall mutant rat. The rat in question wielding a jade walking stick/cane and wore a dark red robe that covered his arms and shoulders all the way down to his feet and his long tail could also be seen trailing behind him. The mutant rat had brown and black fur with streaks of white and a long white, thin and pointed beard. This tall mutant rat's name is Hamato Yoshi/ Splinter (though 'Master Splinter' is what the four turtles would refer to him), and he held the presence of a master martial artist and the skill of ten master combatants and the knowledge and wisdom of a sage.

As the four ninja turtles kneeled and bowed to their Master (father figure as well), Master Splinter complimented on their skill during their sparring matches, "You all did very well." Said Master Splinter and Raph was quick to add with, "But I did better!" Leo turned his head towards Raph with an expression as he thought "Don't brag!"

"This is about self-improvement Raphael, it is not about winning and/or losing." Said Master Splinter as he turned his head to face Raph.

"I know Master Splinter. But I won and they lost" bragged Raph and failed to notice as he bragged that Master Splinter was now directly behind him, but the other three noticed. And Master Splinter in response to Raph's remark gently pressed the tip his fingers into a pressure point in Raph's neck, causing a mix of slight pain and slight discomfort into Raph and completely changing his tone.

"OW! AH! AH! BUT WHATS REALLY IS THAT WE ALL DID OUR BEST! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!" Raph blurted out and the moment he finished, Master Splinter released his pressure point hold on Raph who had to use his hand to keep himself from falling forward. Master Splinter could only let out a slight chuckle at this.

The other three turtles would have also shared a quiet laugh amongst themselves were it not for the sudden loud rumbling noise and the slight shaking the entire home. Immediately, the four turtles stood with their Master who said the most obvious question that was everyone's minds, "Huh? What… is going on?" almost as soon as Master Splinter asked did the answer appear, and it was extremely unwelcome. The answer came in the form of a group of small robots using their triangular razor sharp teeth to eat through the walls and ceiling and into the dojo and simultaneously surround the five occupants of the dojo. The small robots had a small centre that had a pointed tail (few inches in length), large clawed feet (for humans it would be a foot size 8) and a large bulbous head with sharp, snapping jaws and yellow eyepiece on the top.

"What are those things?" said Leo and also drew his swords from his holsters and the other three followed his lead and drew their weapons as well.

"Whatever they are, they picked the wrong party to crash! NGAH!" at the 'NGAH' sound, Raph leapt into the air and thrust one of his twin sai into the head of one of the metallic intruders, rendering it useless now, and soon the others followed suit. The five ninjas dashed across the dojo fighting any robot in their way, Leo used his twin katana to slice his robotic enemies in two, Raph continued stabbing his metal enemies until they stopped moving, Donnie and Master Splinter used their blunt weapons as golf clubs and baseball bats to smack their enemies away and into walls, whilst Mikey smashed and dented his enemies with his rabidly spinning nunchuckss.

But it became clear to the five ninjas that for every one robot they disabled, two more seemed to take its place as more of those small robots were entering their dojo through the holes in the walls and the ceiling and was also clear to Master Splinter that they were beginning to run out of room to fight, and so spoke out, "WE MUST LEAVE! NOW!" the four turtles immediately broke off from fighting their own enemies and then all five ninjas exited the dojo, thinking that they might have more space to fight in their much larger living room area. They were badly wrong. As soon as they exited the dojo, the five saw much to their horror that the small robots came as a small army, the army of small robots were eating through the walls and ceilings of every room in the Lair, from the kitchen to the entire living room and if could see through walls they would have seen that the robots were covering the whole makeshift laboratory and all of the bedrooms.

"Oh no! They're everywhere!" shouted Donnie and had to quickly smack another robot away from him with his staff as the robot was getting too close to his foot. The others had to do the same as well. This place had been their home for fifteen years but now it was looking like more of a warzone.

Suddenly the five could the abrupt sound of concrete cracking from above their heads and as soon as they looked up, the ceiling suddenly collapsed above their heads and down into the pit area that was their living room area, the debris crushed a few of the small robots and blocked the entrance to the laboratory.

"We have to evacuate! NOW!" Master Splinter ordered, but the four were reluctant to leave, Raph especially.

"But Sensei! This is OUR home! We have ta defend it and show those robotic knuckleheads whose boss!" Raph shouted, he absolutely hated the idea of running from a fight especially since they were being invaded.

"I understand how you feel, but we won't be able to save our entire home from these metallic monstrosities!" Master Splinter answered back and even though the four were reluctant to run away (Raph especially) they still followed Master Splinter out through the entrance/exit at the turnstiles for what would be the last time from their home (now completely ruined).

As they exited their home, the five ninjas saw that the small robots had littered the walls and ceilings of the abandoned railways and were eating through them and thus making the walls and ceilings unable to support themselves for very long. Seeing this, Master Splinter quickly ordered, "We don't have much time. Let us go! QUICKLY!" as soon as Master Splinter said this, the five ninjas made a mad dash across the abandoned railway that was now beginning to crack around them. They definitely did not have the time to fight the small they had come across as it would have taken precious seconds, seconds at which the railway might cave in on them, so instead they jumped over and dodged the robots they came across as they navigated their way through the abandoned railway that was very much like a maze. After living in the abandoned station for fifteen years, the five had often had to search the railways and the sewers for usable junk that could help make living a little easier and so new where they were in this railway maze. After successfully dodging the robots and running through to the end of the railway maze, the five mutant ninjas soon found themselves in a very old part of the New York City sewers that basically no-one else alive knew about. In this old part of the sewers, the five ninjas could see that the old sewer had very few of those small robots, and as they slowly wandered the sewer section, they smashed and disabled any small robot they could see before they destroyed the area.

Now with more room to breathe (so to speak), Mikey used the opportunity to blurt out everything that was on his mind, "DUDES! What the heck going on here?" Mikey shouted and as he did, the other four turned to face him, "What WERE those freaky robots? Why did they destroy our home and everything? Where are we going anyway? And-"before Mikey could shout anything else, Leo had sheathed his katana and moved in front of Mikey and placed his hands on his brother's shoulders to interrupt him, "Calm down Mikey! We've all got those same questions and fears right now. But right NOW we just need to follow Master Splinter to-"but this time Leo was interrupted by a very angry Raph, "WHAT?! No we DON'T! What WE need to do, is find whoever built those robots and SMASH HIS UGLY FACE IN!" in response, Donnie had sheathed his staff and raised his hands to Raph in order to try and calm him down, "Raph, please! We can't-"but Raph interrupted again, "Can't WHAT?! Fight our through a horde of destructive robots? WE just proved that we can!" but that statement was only half true and they all knew it, at this time it was Splinter who interrupted the beginning of the argument by stabbing one end of his cane to the ground and shouted "ENOUGH!" the sound of the cane stabbing the ground reverberated throughout the whole section of the sewer section and made all four ninja turtles stop and stand to attention.

"What we need to do now is find a new place to hide and call our new home for us to plan ahead. And also, as I have said plenty of times before Raphael, the first rule of being a ninja is 'Do no harm. Unless you have to do harm, then do lots of harm!' Or in other words, we do not seek out a fight unless it is absolutely necessary." Master Splinter said, and even though the four listened it was only Raph that didn't get the full meaning of his sensei's words.

"But sensei! Those THINGS destroyed our home!" said a very upset Raph and this time it was Leo who stood next to him in order to reason with his hot-headed brother,

"Raph, Master Splinter is right. Given the size of New York, it could very well have been a coincidence that those robots appeared in our home when they did." Said Leo but Raph did not take that lying down and argued,

"Leo, they didn't just destroy our home, they also destroyed quite possibly all of the abandoned railways too! Are you telling me that that was just a 'coincidence' as well?" Raph argued but Leo immediately answered back,

"Perhaps Raph, but even if you're right and we needed to find whoever did this, we still have nothing to go on and no way to know who could have built them!" said Leo and was about to argue again but at Leo's statement, didn't know how to answer back, and reluctantly gave Leo the win in this argument by staying silent. Seeing the argument had dissipated, Master Splinter had turned back around in the direction that they were going in and said,

"Come my sons, we must keep moving." Master Splinter walked ahead as he said this but the four didn't follow until seconds later, that by the time they did begin to follow that Master Splinter was way ahead of them but not out of sight.

But then more bad news arrived at the sound and feeling of more rumbling above they heads which got louder almost immediately and the ceiling began to crack and crumble away, "Guys, look out!" Leo shouted and as he did, the ceiling caved in with an unfair crash all around the four ninjas and created a small cloud of dust in the now small area the four were in. When the dust settled, the four ninja turtles found themselves surrounded by heavy debris that not only stopped them from going back the way they came from but also separated them from Master Splinter who was slightly ahead them, and upon seeing the rumble cave in at his sons, Master Splinter rushed to the debris and hoped to whatever god that his sons were alright.

"My sons! Boys! Are you hurt? Are you alright? Answer me!" Master Splinter said through the rubble and debris and hoped his sons were not hurt and could hear him. To his relief, Donnie answered through the debris moments later,

"Sensei! We're good. We're okay!" said Donnie but as he looked around, he saw that his brothers were fine as well, except now the debris had stopped them from going anywhere except for the large hole in the ceiling where the rubble was before it collapsed. "Except now the only way out for us is up through the hole in the ceiling!" Donnie said through the rubble.

"Alright my sons. If you four are to progress to the upper level, then our two paths should eventually cross at an old drainage junction near South Point." Master Splinter said and Donnie and the others understood.

"They should cross if we keep going in a straight line without turning." Donnie explained.

"We'll meet you there Sensei." Said Leo and with that, the four turtle ninjas climbed up the debris to the upper level of the abandoned sewer.

When they reached the top to the next section in the sewer, the four took a moment to look around; behind them besides the large hole in the ground was a large stone wall that blocked from going back and it meant that the only way to go now is straight forward. Before they could progress however, Mikey took the opportunity to burst out some of his excitement, "DUDES, this is so cool!" the other three turned to face Mikey as if he had grown a second head and it was Raph who spoke out to answer first,

"What about this makes you think that this is 'so cool'?" as Raph said the words 'so cool', he lowered his voice in mocking tone and even though Mikey knew about the mocking tone, he didn't care at the moment.

"Because dude, this is like our first adventure together! I mean sure we could have done without the killer robots but still!" said Mikey but Raph then crossed his arms across his chest.

"Oh sure… it would be 'so cool' if we had a home to go back to." Raph's statement had abruptly knocked the wind out of all their sails including his own but then Mikey piped up.

"C'mon dude! There are a lot of abandoned places large enough to call a new home! We're bound to find one at some point!" Mikey said and this time it was Leo spoke next.

"C'mon guys, we need to move on now. We will find a new place to call home when we rendezvous with Master Splinter. So let's go." Leo said and as soon as he did, the four turtles turned to progress forward. The only direction they could go for now.

After a few minutes of walking and silence, the four turtle brothers now had a problem. Those small robots had done more damage to the sewers than they initially thought, as was evident that the way forward had now been blocked by a large hill of heavy debris that looked as though it wasn't going to be moved anytime soon.

"Great… can't go forward, can't go back! What are we supposed to do now?" Raph said and fortunately for them, Mikey had spotted a ladder a moment ago but rather than use the ladder and see where it went, Leo reminded him that they had to go in straight line if they were to rendezvous with Master Splinter. Until now that was.

"Well Mikey, it looks like you'll get your wish after all…" Mikey beamed as Leo said those words.

"Awesome! We're lost already! This just makes our first adventure more… um… more… well I don't know what the word is!" Mikey said although the word he was struggling to find was most likely 'adventurous' and the other three ended up face-palming at Mikey's lack of brain use.

As the four turtles turned back to approach the ladder going up, Donnie was the first to voice his concerns,

"Er… Leo… if I'm right, then this ladder will take us to working seer sections. In other words, there may be maintenance workers above…" Donnie said but Raph didn't seem to take notice as he was already on the ladder and climbing up.

"Raph wait! We need to stick together!" Leo said but Raph just argued back.

"So? Then come on! The only way forward now is up there." Raph said and then Mikey proceeded to follow him up the ladder with Donnie following once there was space on the ladder and finally Leo who was just a tad reluctant.

The four had not expected the ladder's exit/entrance to be sealed off, but that didn't deter Raph. He stubbornly pushed against the apparently heavy cover but Raph wasn't going to let a piece of metal stop him, he pushed with as much might as he could without losing his grip or his balance on the ladder. The other three were about to turn back down the ladder but then the screeching sound of metal moving could all four of their ears (even though nobody could see them), and eventually Raph was able to push the very heavy seal up and over the exit and then all four climbed up and into the next section of the new working sewers.

Donnie had taken a moment to examine the seal, although he didn't doubt Raph's incredible physical strength, he knew that even a big and bulky bodybuilder would have had trouble moving that seal. But after examining the edges he had voiced his conclusion to Raph and the other two who were listening,

"Hey Raph, it's a good thing that seal was rotting around the edges. That's why you were able to move it. Otherwise even an explosion wouldn't have budged it." Said Donnie and then the four proceeded onwards.

"Okay guys, we stick to the shadows here. There could be humans working in these part of the sewers. And also we find another that goes down not up again." Said Leo and then the four went on to explore.

After a few more minutes of exploring for a way back down, it became apparent that thanks to the bars and walls of the working sewers meant that the four were walking in circles and always finding themselves back to the same seal that they had come from.

"Guys, we're only going in circles now." Leo said as he was now getting a bit annoyed at their predicament. But Mikey just let out a gasp of excitement.

"You know what this means right?" Mikey asked and the other three turned to him expecting something dumb for him say but what Mikey had said next was surprising to say the least,

"We need to go up to surface now! Isn't that awesome?!" as soon as Mikey said this Leo retorted,

"WHAT? No! No! Master Splinter was very clear time and again that we cannot be seen on the surface!" Leo said as his face looked a bit more annoyed than usual.

"But Leo!" but before Mikey could say anything else, Donnie and Raph had already moved to support Mikey's suggestion much to both Mikey's and Leo's surprise,

"Leo I hate to say it but Mikey's right." Said Donnie and then Raph had added, "Leo, I don't really wanna agree with Mikey on anything, but I don't see any way forward other than up to the surface." Said Raph and after a minute of silence and quiet thinking, Leo reluctantly agreed.

"Okay fine. But I stress that we cannot be seen at all! We stick to the shadows and make our way to the drainage junction near South Point. No detours." As Leo said this, the other three whooped and jumped up in excitement. Leo however was dreading when they would have to tell Master Splinter about this, "Master Splinter is so going to kill us!" Leo quietly thought to himself but then proceeded with his brothers to the next ladder with a manhole cover on top (only took a few seconds to find and get to).

This was definitely the next step forwards in their first adventure and even though three of the four turtles were smiling and not hiding their excitement, Leo had to agree that he was a little excited too.

Me: Hello Readers. I hope you liked the beginning! I felt like I needed to give the turtles a push onto the surface, but I am sorry I destroyed their 2012 version of home so please don't hate me too much, it does help push my story forward and next chapter sees a clash of the first episodes of both cartoon series.